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My Daughter's Teacher  


Last week my daughter had some problems in school and we got a
intimation that the parents had to meet the principal. As my wife was
busy I went alone and met the principal. The principal asked me to
wait and sent an intimation for my daughter's class teacher to come

Very soon I heard a sweet voice, "Hello, Sir May I come in?" I turned
around and was stunned at that beautiful looking lady standing there.

She was about 5'7," had long, dark black hair, very bright, black
eyes, and, I guess her measurements were 40-26-36. Up to that time,
she had the biggest, hugest NATURAL tits I had ever seen, except for
a few porn photos. I knew I wasn't going to speak to her much about
my daughter, but more about HER!

The principal introduced me to her as Ms. Lalitha and asked us to sit
in the visitor chamber to discuss. We entered the visitor's chamber
which was meant for 4 people but we were just two of us.

Ms. Lalitha moved and sat close to me and, I figured I was going to
have a tough time sitting so close to her. She had a habit of
crossing her legs when she sat, and, I almost died from the view. I
was obsessed with just glaring at her and her body, and, I never
tried to hide it.

I was 25-years old, and my experience told me that she wasn't
married, but, it passed quickly as I continued to ogle her.

"Ok ... what is the problem?" I asked.

"mmm…nothing much but your daughter has been coming late to school
for the past 7-8 days and her home work is not complete so I just
thought that I needed to meet the parents in person to discuss about
this. Is there any problem?" she asked

"Well…actually her mom is in her mother's house and….." I had not
completed my statement she interrupted, "Oh I see…may be your late
from your office and that is the reason"

"Yeah" I said, "I really do know what to do" I said

She thought for a while' " Well, I have a solution, only if its
acceptable to you" she said.

"Please go ahead…" I said

" After School, maybe she can come to my house and I will see that
she completes her works…and maybe later on someone can pick her up"
she said

I nodded and readily agreed. "Yeah why not?" I said. I wanted to
speak more but she told me that she had a class coming up and she had
to leave

"Can I have your address so that we can discuss" I said

She laughed, " Here is my address. Can you come over tonight about 8
o'clock?" she asked as she gave me the slip of paper.

"Y-y-y-yes," I sputtered and I could detect a slight smile to her

I left the office by around 7.30 PM and reached Ms. Lalitha's place.
I walked to the front door and rang the buzzer. When the door opened,
my cock immediately jumped to attention as she stood there, one
luscious arm on the edge of the door, dressed in a tight-fitting
sweater and a skirt that hugged her curves deliciously.

"Please, Mr.KC... come in," she said as she waved her arm.

I walked in her house, somewhat nervously.

"Could you please be seated... I'll bring some tea. "

I settled down into a soft cushion on the couch, noticing some school
awards she had won. I heard her steps as she came into the living
room carrying a tray which had cups and saucers and a kettle of tea.
She sat down on the couch, right next to me. I could feel beads of
sweat starting to emerge at my scalpline.

"I don't know if you take sugar or milk," she said as she gazed at
me. I grabbed the kettle and poured the tea into our cups. "Thanks"
she said with a smile as her rosy lips parted.

"Well Madam, Please tell would you like to go about" I asked.

"mmm…As soon as the classes are over I will bring her over to my home
and she will complete her work and stay her till you come and pick
her up, is that ok?" she asked. I nodded affirmatively. "What could
be you charges" I asked

She smiled, "Well….I am a divorced lady…so what will I do with
money…" say this she moved over on the couch real close to me,
turning her body to somewhat face me. She put the flat of her hands
on the sides of my face and I saw her moving her face closer and
closer... until... her soft lips folded over mine. I squirmed, my
cock getting outrageously hard!

My arms, tentatively, wrapped around her, the flat of my left hand
under her armpit. I could feel the portion of her tit wrapped around
the side of her body. I could also feel she wasn't wearing a bra!!
Her right hand traveled down to my leg, and, she softly squeezed it,
before moving it up toward my crotch. I squirmed again as she
continued to kiss me with more intensity. She was leaning me, back,
back, back, until she was almost over me, her kisses getting hotter
and her fingers wandering until she felt the girth of my cock through
my trousers. As she rubbed it, she became hotter, and, I groaned.

She broke the kiss and with no hesitation, her hand moved to my zip-
per and I could hear the familiar sound of it as she drew it down.
Then, she unhooked my belt buckle and, instinctively, I raised my
hips so she was able to slide my trousers down my legs. I groaned
again, louder!

As she manipulated my hard, throbbing, thick cockmeat on the outside
of my briefs, it suddenly popped through the fly of the briefs, and,
stood straight up! I saw her eyes widen, as she gazed at it,
saying, "My goodness look what we have here!"

She was obsessed with looking at the huge, unusual tip of my shaft. I
know she was wondering what happened as she could see the crown had
sunk down into my shaft making my cock appear like the open end of a
pipe. And, when her fingers traveled my length, she drew them over my
huge, huge balls, and, she was again, very surprised. My balls are so
big, they overflowed her fingers and palm.

As her hand fondled and rolled my balls and jerked along my length,
she looked up at me, smiling, and, she said, "I know what you are
thinking KC! I know you want to slide that grand prick right up
between my Huge Tits, and, you want me to roll them all around your
loving cock... right?"

"OH God, YES!! But.. I won't last, Lalitha!"

"I know you won't last, but, you are a real stud and you will
recuperate!" She backed off and staring right at me, I watched, in
near disbelief, as she crossed her arms and lifted her sweater up and
off of her. My eyes were glued to two monstrous, fleshy, hot tits,
the nipples already up and hard! She moved so that she was between my
legs, her knees on the rug in front of the couch! Then, she did
something which almost made me spurt right there and then. She
pressed the inside of her upper arms against the outside of her
breasts, pressing them together, leaving a long, long cleavage line,
then, she rocked, side to side, and I gasped as her big twin beauties
shook as she moved.

She paused and reached down, behind her, to a small drawer in the
coffee table. She brought the small bottle up, and, opened it,
pouring some liquid on her huge tits. She capped the bottle, put it
on the table, then, brought her hands up to her breasts, working the
oil into her tit flesh, in all ways, smiling at me, as she knew this
was driving me crazy.

"This feels good... but... your cock is going to feel sooooo much
better!" she said sexily. Using her hands she spread my legs wide,
and, still wearing my briefs, but, my shaft through the opening of
them, she moved closer to me. She had to raise up a little off the
floor and holding her breasts wide apart, she thrust her chest at me
so that the backside of my cock rested against her. I began to pump
and as I did, slowly, with her hands on the sides of her tits, she
began bringing them closer... and, closer... closer! My eyes widened
as I noticed the insides of her tits very close to the sides of my
long length!

She was looking down, watching her breasts come closer and closer to
me, and, then... I began to feel, just a little, her titmeat!

"OH GOD! OH GOD! I'M... I'M... I'M... not... going... to... not...
going... to... last!!" I hollered out!

Realizing this, in one quick move, she completely folded her meaty
tits all around me!

"Fuck them, KC!! Fuck them!!" she hollered.

I pumped, then, I pumped furiously! My balls were over-flowing with
sweet, hot, abundant gism! I knew they were going to release their
huge load any second now! GOD!! Her tits were out of this world! So
hot,... so meaty... so HUGE!!

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" I groaned as she whipped them up and down my
length, she, loving how the tip spread her tits and came into view,
then, as she raised her tits up, disappeared again! After doing this
some several times, her head was bent and she opened her lips as wide
as she could letting the tip slip in between them! Her mouth stayed
on the tip, sucking... sucking... sucking... her hands whipping,
faster and faster, her big, heavy tits up and down my shaft!

"Look... out!! Look... out!! I'm... gonna... gonna... OH MY GOD...
gonna... cummmmmmmmmmmm!!" and she braced for it as she felt the tip
thicken between her lips and she was ready as the first, long, thick
spurt left my balls, raced up my shaft, as I could trace it's heat,
and, gushed into her mouth!

Lalitha gulped quickly to get more room in her mouth and as she did,
the 2nd one blasted over her tongue and impacted against the back of
her throat! She swallowed, each time, but, it reached a point where
she could not keep up, and, her mouth filled until I could see
strings of my cream working out between her gripping lips and the
sides of my shaft!

15 seconds... 20... 25... 30... seconds later and... still... my
shaft bucked and bucked, releasing unbelievable amounts of hot,
sweet, male sperm! Lines of thick cum ran off her chin and fell on my
cock and briefs. 32 seconds... 34... 36... and, at the 38th second,
my shaft ended it's big delivery. Lalitha quickly gulped and sucked
my sperm off my shaft, moaning as she did so. She licked my length,
as I watched her flat tongue slide along my meaty, veiny shaft! She
backed off.

"God... I never knew a man could produce so much," she said with
excitement and she noticed my shaft was still up, hard and
pulsing. "We will have to go upstairs," she said.

"Ummm... Lalitha? I love the feel of silk on me when a woman is
wearing or using it. " I said.

"I'll remember that... you come upstairs in about 10 minutes... ok?"
She raised up, licking her lips, saying, "Best damn cum I have ever
eaten," and, I watched her as she got to her feet and headed for the
stairs. I took a long breath, saying to myself, 'Damn... I never
expected this!'

I waited about 10 minutes, and, as I stood up, grabbing my pants, I
laughed at myself as my cock, still very hard, bobbed, as I walked. I
went up the steps, and, followed the light coming from her bedroom. I
walked in, seeing the large bed, with pillows on one end, and,
noticing her bedspread had been rolled back. I pulled my briefs and
shirt off, then, climbed on the bed, loving the feel of the silk
sheet against my body. My cock pulsed and I could see pre-cum
building up in the large hole at the tip. There was a light on her
end table, casting a low-emitting glow over the bed. Beyond the bed,
I could not see much but I could hear her in the bathroom from a door
at the other end of the room.

Then, I saw the door open and she stepped through it. I could only
make out a shadow which was moving toward me. When she came into the
light from the end table, I was agape, watching her striding toward
me in a long, very silky, light blue slip.
She turned, with her hands on her hips, letting me see her big,
shapely cheeks through her slip. Then, she turned again, facing me. I
couldn't speak as my eyes went to those humongous tits! She leaned
for- ward, placing her hands on her upper legs, and, my eyes went to
her tits which were hanging... so far... down... pushing against her
slip. I gazed at them... then... she rolled her elbows against the
sides of her tits, while still bent forward and she knew what my
reaction would be to see her tits bunch up, presenting a long
cleavage line.

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:24 am

"See how badly, KC... these tits can't wait to wrap around you and
love you?" she said sooooooo sexily. "Are those big balls filling up
with lots of sweet gism for me?" she added.

"G-G-G-G-God!!" was all I could say as she gazed at my now very, very
hard, and, very, very thick shaft, now sticking way up like a tower.

She began to dance and twirl on her toes, the slip flaring until it
was up at her waist, and, I caught glimpses of a very wet, red patch
of hair. With her back to me, she began to roll her hips, very
slowly. Then, she rolled them faster and faster... and, my hand went
to my very excited prick! She bounced them to the left... then, to
the right.. and, her body moved like a hula dancer, her tremendous
breasts swaying... her hips jutting... first one, then, the other.

"OHHHHH... M-M-M-M-My... G-G-G-GOD!!" I moaned as my eyes were wide
open, riveted on her.

She climbed on the bed, saying, "Next time I'll show you how an
Arabian woman dances to excite their mates. Then, I'll use the
technique when we make love. " She smiled as her eyes went to my
crotch, watching my hand jerk the long, pulsing, thickly-veined pole,
the tip purple and angry looking.

"Don't jerk it too much, baby... as Lalitha wants those big, big
balls so full of sweet, yummy gism, they will flood me!" She moved
like a cat on the bed, on hands and knees, her huge tits under the
slip, shifting from side to side. As she came closer, she put her
hand on my leg and spread it open. She did the same with the other
one. "Lalitha needs a lot of room for what is about to happen," she
said breathily.

Using her hands, she spread her tits wide apart. Then, she motioned
for me to start pumping. We both watched as I rolled my hips and the
big, open tip slid along her cleavage line. Higher and higher it slid
until I felt her tongue swipe at the big tip. I groaned and she

Then, she slid the flat of her hands to the sides of her massive
breasts and she moved her hands back. Slowly... very slowly... she
began pushing at the sides and as I pumped, I watched, in awe, as her
tits started moving closer to each other. I was sweating profusely at
my excitement as they moved closer! Up... down! Up... down! Up......
down! over and over again as her tits were very close to the sides of
my shaft! She must have applied body oil in the bathroom as I could
feel my shaft being lubricated, hotly, as it slid along her chest!

"Hold on, KC! Hold on! Here comes Lalitha's hot tits!!" she moaned
and I couldn't believe my eyes as they began to just barely scrape
the sides of my shaft! She closed her eyes in pure ecstasy as the
insides of her tits began to feel my hot, meaty shaft as she whipped
them up and down my length!

"OHHHHHH... God!! I'm... not... I'm... not... oh geeeeeszzz! I'm...
not... going... to... last!!" I hollered out as my super- filled
balls rolled the gism which was inside of them! I knew it was only a
matter of seconds, and, my balls and cock would purge what was inside
of them! I went to put my hands on her tits, but, she pushed them
away. "No, KC... let ME do it!!" she moaned!

I extended my arms out on both sides of me and my fingers pulled on
the edges of the mattress as I pumped!

YOU'VE GOT, BABY!!" Lalitha cried out! More and more, the inside of
her tits pressed against the sides of my cock, and she looked me in
the eye, knowing the pleasure she was passing to me!

"UHHHH!! UHHHH!! UHHHHH!!" I groaned, in rhythm with my thrusting
hips! She looked down, and, watched, as she began to roll her huge
tits around my shaft, delighting in seeing how easily her tits
accommodated my thrusting shaft! The mattress and bed spring squeaked
each time I pumped and at this point, I was driving my full length
through her hot breasts! Each time I trusted upward, her tongue
whipped and rolled, rapidly around the unusual tip, and, when I let
my hips settle back to the bed, she rolled her tits up my length
until the tip was at the very bottom of her charms! Lalitha rolled
her shoulders forward in her attempt to get as much breast-flesh
around me as possible.

"Fuck them, KC! Good Lord... fuck them!!" she urged and I began to do
that in earnest! Faster, faster, my shaft slipped up and through her
tits, then, down... until the tip was almost free of them.

"I'M... I'M... I'M... CLOSE!! I'M... GONNA... OHHHHHH... GOD...

Quickly, Lalitha rolled her hot tits down my shaft and she managed to
just be able to get her lips around the open tip! Each time, after
that... that I pumped... her head came down with my cock as she main-
tained her hold on the tip with her mouth!! 'God... I thought...
she... WANTS... me to cum in her mouth!!'

Then, my big, full, heavy balls gave up it's first release... and I
felt it race hotly along my shaft! A second later, it gushed from the
open tip, still just inside Lalitha's mouth!

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!" I hollered out as the first jet of
steamy, sweet cum pounded against the back of her throat, and, she
quickly consumed it by swallowing! She pressed her tits even harder
against my shaft, wanting to provoke more... much more... of my baby-
making fluid from my pulsing cock!

She had hardly consumed the first release when another shot from the
tip... and, another... and, another!! 10 seconds... 15 seconds,...
20... 25... and, it reached a point where she couldn't swallow it all
as I watched her cheeks begin to bulge!

She allowed some of my cum to escape her lips where it rolled down
her chin and fell onto her hot tits! She continued to swallow,
fast,... as my non-stop releases lightened the load my balls were

28 seconds... 30... 32... and yet more escaped me! She began to use
one hand to hold her tits around me, through the use of her palm and
fingers, while, with the other, she bundled some of her silky slip
and she fondled and rubbed my balls with her silk-filled hand! She
was shocked when her action urged even more columns of hot gism from

I grunted and groaned like a wild animal as the amount of gism I was
giving her... reduced... until she managed to get the last drop from
me! Although my balls were empty, my prick remained very hard!

"God... " she said, "... you are still hard! I think you can cum
again!" she observed, in awe! "Well... that's okay with me, KC,
because I happen to love the taste of your cock and cum!"

She backed off of me for a time, and, using one silk-filled hand on
my cock and balls, she tilted her head and sucked up the gism still
on her massive tits! "I've got to eat more of that delicious cock
dessert!" I was hard, but, her talk was making me... HARDER!! I love
a woman who is not afraid to talk dirty. Her lovely hazel eyes were
staring at my own, and, she had a look which showed she was intent on
doing more to me. Now, she began to use both hands, with both hands
filled with silk. She fondled my huge balls with one hand and jerked
my cock with the other. DAMN!! The silk felt sooooooooo
goooooooodddddd! As she jerked me, her tits bounced up and down, up
and down!

She began to wiggle, on her knees, closer to me until I felt the
bottom of my shaft rest against her belly and lower chest. She looked
over, making sure her slip was close by her. Now, she was fondling my
big, huge balls faster and faster. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" I groaned and she
knew my gism was starting to fill my balls.

"Are you ready for another tit-fuck, KC? Huh?? Are you ready?"

"Good GOD... YESSSSSSSS!!" I answered very hotly!

Again, putting the flat of her hands on her breasts, she spread them
wide apart, inviting me to start pumping! Slowly, I did... and she
looked down, watching the big, open hole at the tip, watching it
start to fill with pre-cum! She began to bring her tits closer
together and, my eyes opened wide as very soon, the sides of my shaft
began, lightly, to feel the insides of her breasts! It made me pump
faster! Closer, closer, she brought them
together! "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!" I groaned, over and over. Watching
those big, full, hot tits move, more and more, against my shaft!
Then, with her fingers extended, she began to fold them around me,
smiling sexily, as she did so! She got them around me, nipple-to-
nipple!! I was gritting my teeth, and, howling like an animal as my
shaft was completely encircled!

I watched Lalitha lick her lips as she glared down into the big hole,
loving how it filled, to the top, with pre-cum!

"Does KC have lots and lots of sweet sperm for me?" she asked and,
she knew that kind of talk really turns me on. "Fuck them, KC... Fuck
them!!" she urged. Faster and faster, I pumped, and the bed started
to shake! "YEEEESSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSS!!" she groaned, 'you're going to
give me a... a... tit-cum!!"

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:24 am

sing her hands, she flattened, as well as wrapped, her huge tits
around me! It gave her a long, deep cleavage line, and, it was mind-
boggling to see and feel how they looked! With each thrust upward,
her mouth was right there, her lips open, to take in the large tip
and gaping hole and she was able to give it a quick lick before
receding back down through her tits! I pumped harder, and, she urged
me on. My balls were now chock-full, and, she reached for her slip,
holding her tits around me with one hand. Next thing I felt, was, her
silk-filled hand, cupping and fondling my big balls. Lalitha was
always pleased to feel the weight of them as she knew it's burden
would be spurting down her throat!

I had tit-fucked my wife about 8 or 9, but, it was always done with
the me straddling her. True, it wasn't so hard on her this way, but,
it was difficult for her to keep her head tilted to be able to accept
the man's gism. Tit-fucking the way Lalitha and myself were doing it,
left her in complete control, and, this was why Lalitha liked doing
it this way. When this was over, I knew, in the future, this is the
way I would be doing it, hoping, of course, the lady enjoyed it also.

Those snapshots were to set the stage for me to be totally fixated on
ladies' breasts. I mean, I enjoy all forms of straight sex, but, this
obsession I have about ladies' breasts, were to govern my sexual
actions the rest of my life.

moaned. 'Squish... squish... squish,' was the sound of meat sliding
through and against meat, and, it only raised our sexual excitement.

"CUM KC!! CUM!!" Lalitha urged. I knew it wouldn't be long now. The
tingle in my balls were at it's strongest, and, usually, when this
happens, my juice is not long in squirting.

It was incredible, seeing how large her tits were in comparison to
the rest of her body. I kinda new, there would be few times during
the rest of my life that I would enjoy breast-balling to the extent I
was now.

warning her. Faster, she whipped her encircling big tits down and up
my shaft! "UUUHHHHHHHH!!" I hollered, and, Lalitha knew I was
extremely close to exploding!

"EMPTY THOSE BIG BALLS, KC!! EMPTY... THEM!!" she said and she
continued her dirty talk.

"Spurt... that delicious... nectar... down my... throat!! SPURT IT

RRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!" came out of my mouth like an alien from another

The sensation began by overtaking my entire body! It was like every
nerve ending was alive to it, and, the wonderful euphoria of my
climax swept over me, making it hard to breathe!!

My shaft... kicked... between her tits, and, I was so far up her
body, the big tip was rubbing against her cheek! She, immediately,
moved it inside her lips, and, as she felt the first, monstrous gush,
Lalitha exploded as well! It seemed like we were in complete sync
with each other when my cock jumped to release it's burden, making
Lalitha's climax coincide with my own!

This went on for 45 seconds, as she fondled my heavy, but, lighten-
ing balls and when it was over, if it could be measured, it would
show that I had released close to 13 ounces of heavy, thick, smooth,
sweet gism.

Afterward, Lalitha shook her head in disbelief when she realized
virtually no man could produce so much sperm. She folded her hand
around my cock, saying, "You are still very hard, KC!"

"Lalitha... I want to deposit a load like the last one, inside you!"

"Oh God... yes!! Yes... KC!!" She moved so that she was lying right
beside me, and, on one elbow, I moved my head and kissed her! Very
softly, at first, but then the intensity of our kisses increased. She
whipped her tongue in my mouth, bit, lightly, my lip and then we were
french-kissing, ( ) both of us eager to make our union a reality.

I moved my hand down over her big, humongous tits, rubbing the tit-
flesh, and, pinching her nipples. Then, I moved my body so that I was
over her. She spread her legs wide to allow me to start the love-

As I gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, I felt her hand down
at my crotch! She placed her hand on the big tip, and, slowly, and
carefully, she moved it against her slit, her juices spreading all
over the tip. She moved it up and down, and, side to side, as she
pulled on it, and, both of us gasped at the same time, when the huge
tip spread her cuntal lips and slipped inside of her.

She pushed with her right hand to roll me over. I realized she wanted
to be on top. I obliged her, rolling over onto my back, while still
reigning kisses all over her face.

"Fuck me, KC! Go nice and easy and feed every single lovely inch to
my hungry pussy!"

I did this, and, our bodies writhed on the bed, inch after inch
slipping along her tight, gripping cuntal walls! More and more, I
pumped it to her! She felt some pain, but, it soon gave way to a
feeling of unabashed ecstasy. She loved it as my veiny shaft slipped
into her, rubbing her g-spot, and, automatically, her depths were
milking my dick, wanting more in her! I was about half-way inserted
into her, and, her probing fingers told her what was remaining.

"I... want... all of it... KC! Every inch!!" she said, also wishing
she could take my balls, too! The pace picked up as the bed- springs
sang it's lovely tune, our bodies thrashing, pumping, taking...
Deeper... deeper... I rolled my hips, my cockmeat continually rubbing
her g-spot! It wasn't long and Lalitha exploded.

I could feel her juices rushing all over my shaft until it began to
leak out of her! GOD! Were we pounding. She rode me while on her
knees, and as I pumped up, she brought her hips down and back. Then,
as I settled back to the mattress, she moved forward and up, both of
us loving it as we felt your sweet pussy reluctantly giving up it's
hold on me. For a woman who had been around a bit, I marveled at how
tightly her walls gripped me! I could have exploded at any time when
this was going on, but, I wanted to hold off until I knew she was
ready to cum herself!

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:24 am

Being on her knees and hands, I so loved watching her huge, meaty
tits swinging with each movement she made, and, I couldn't help but
get my lips around her hard nipple and start sucking! I alternated by
just sucking on the hard bud of her tit and swallowing as much of her
breast meat as I could handle, and, loving all of it. The bed shook
under us as our bodies met and drew apart... your tight walls of your
pussy gripping my shaft like a vice! She was close to exploding yet
again and I wanted us both to cum together!

"OOOHHHHH... KC!! Your cock feels soooooo good! Feels sooooo good!
Fuck me, baby! Fuck your Lalitha!" she hollered out and she knew such
talk was a big, big turnon for me!!

I could tell by her movements, she was getting close and I could
tell, too, by the copious amount of her juice which was spreading
along all of my prick! As I pumped, I made sure the top of my shaft,
all the way to my thatch, rubbed against her clit! Again and again...
more and more... having my hands on her hips, I moved her so that her
clit con- stantly rubbed against and made contact with my
cockmeat! "UH! UH! UH!" I moaned... my mouth every once in a while
capturing her very hard nip- ple and sucking on it!

ME, BABY!" Lalitha cried out! I rolled her over so that I was on top!
I folded my arms around her, and, moved my hands down to her ass
cheeks! I was controlling the action now... she felt so good,
gripping her cheeks, pumping my shaft so deep within her! She cried
out each time I bottomed out - each time my balls snuggled against
her pussy! Then, I with- drew a couple of inches and with my hand
around my cock, I worked my shaft in circles, and, she moaned loudly
as the big open tip rubbed the walls of her depths! I knew my precum
had filled the big hole at the tip, so, I withdrew my cock all the
way. Then, I pressed the open tip against her clit, and, she could
feel my hot, hot precum leaking against it! I put pressure there,
enabling the nub of her clit to slip into the hole! I put pressure
and worked the tip in small circles so as to allow her clit to feel
the walls of the hole in my cock to agitate her g-spot, hastening her

ME!! CUM IN ME!! EMPTY YOUR BALLS IN ME, KC!!" she cried out, and, it
was at that point I reinserted my shaft... all the way!! Her hips
pumped out of control as she whipped her pussy all along my shaft!

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!" I bellowed, and, I felt the first, thick
column of cream leave my balls, tracing it as it rolled down my shaft
and burst into her, soaking her womb!! Together, our bodies whipped
and gyrated, as the explosion took place with both of us!

CUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!" and column after column followed each
other racing down my length, exploding from the big open tip, and,
mixing with her own juices!! As it continued, we both could feel our
juices pumping out between the walls of her pussy and the sides of my
shaft!! I strained to keep my entire shaft embedded deep within her!
How this woman loved it! How she loved it!! As did I!! This wondrous
25-year-old, hugely-busted, erotic woman was letting it go... letting
her immense sexuality take over! She experienced multiple or- gasms
as my climax was passing the 25 second mark, my juices springing
forth as powerfully as did the first release!

"UH!! UH!! UHHHHHHH!! UH!! UH!!" emanated from my deepest depths as
column after column sprung from my hot shaft!! My body straigtened
and as it did, I could feel those immense, meaty tits pressed against
me! Lalitha folded her legs around me, rubbing her heels against my
ass cheeks, and, she was prompting more cum from me! Her legs
tightened and squeezed my body hard! She raised her head and bit my
shoulder, drawing blood! Her nails raked my back leaving narrow blood
lines! My hands were down on her ass cheeks, manipulating her body in
such a way where her entire depths sucked and drew on my
shaft! 'Slap, slap, slap,' was the sound of our bodies smacking

My heart pounded in my chest as more and more hot cream escaped my
pulsing shaft! 28 seconds... 31 seconds... 33 seconds... and, at the
37-second mark, my big balls were completely empty! I stayed right
there, on top of her, kissing her face and lips softly! Lalitha could
feel me inside of her. "God, KC... you're still hard!" she said in

"See what you do to me?" I said. "You handle me in such a way whereby
I cum and cum and cum... almost non-stop!"

"I don't know about you, KC... but... I am exhausted!"

"Maybe I better go," I suggested.

"Whew... would you mind? We can always get together again," she said.

"Sure... but, when?" I asked.

"Tomorrow night?"

"Okay... I will drop my daughter and come back, okay?" I asked.

I swung my body out of bed, dressed, and, made sure she was covered
up before I left. She was sleeping soundly.

When I went in the house, my daughter was watching t. v. I went over
to her and kissed her on the cheek.

I went upstairs and into the bathroom. I stripped down, and standing
in front of the mirror, I noticed a chunk of red meat with bite marks
in my shoulder. Then, I turned around, and noticed the long, narrow
blood lines on my back. I put some antiseptic on the shoulder wound
and put a band aid on it. I wiggled into my pajamas and hit the sack.
My cock was still half hard, and, as I thought about what just
happened, it got real hard again, but, I went to sleep.

Again, I straight from the office I went to Lalitha's house and rang
the buzzer, and, she opened the door looking absolutely scrumptious
as she stood there with a big smile on her face. I stepped inside. My
Daughter was standing with her. I took her and went towards my car
and turned back and winked at Lalitha and she winked back and smiled.
I dropped my daughter and sped back. I again rang the buzzer and she
opened immediately.

She shut the door, and, came up to me, looping her arms on my
shoulders and she leaned her head against my own, giving me a long,
soft, highly erotic french kiss. She led me by the hand toward the
stairs and we climbed them, walking toward her bedroom. We went in
the room and she turned, helping me undress. She had scented candles
lit throughout the room and the big bedspread was turned down. She
had light blue, VERY silky sheets on the big bed. Lalitha was wearing
a transparent veil and nothing else. God!! Her big tits pushed that
veil out sooooo far! I also could see the shape of her hips, her flat
tummy, and, long, meaty legs!

Now, I was nude, and, my big, thick shaft was as hard as a diamond,
poking out in front of me. "C'mon, KC... let's get on the bed. " I
followed her and she made sure I got on the bed on my back! She gazed
at me... biting her lip, then, she got on the bed, and, on her hands
and knees, those big tits hung down so far they could almost scrape
the mat- tress! I gulped, loving those tits like nothing else in my

She, on her knees, grabbed the veil and raised it up and off of her
exquisite body. Then, she looped one leg over my head so that she was
straddling my face. I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them,
loving, so much, the feel of her flesh! She hoisted her upper body so
that she was facing my feet, and, slowly, she let herself down and I
could feel the big titmeat rubbing against my abdomen. She moved her
knees farther and farther apart, letting her dripping pussy come down
right toward my mouth! I raised my head and gave her two quick flicks
of my tongue against her hardening clit! God... how I loved her ass
and pussy! I could hardly wait to get at it!

"Eat me, KC! Eat that hot cunt that wants sooooo badly to be in your
mouth!" she voiced.

I could feel her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and she was
gently jerking it! "Mmmmmmmm!!" I heard her moan as her eyes gazed on
it. "Oh, poor KC needs this cock to be in my mouth! Yes.. Lalitha's
mouth is sooooo ready for that hard shaft, it's balls that house so
much sweet, thick cream!"

I was squirming and I so loved the feel of those silky sheets against
my balls! Once in a while, her hand would move to my balls and she
would cup and fondle them.

"KC's balls are filling up! Yes, KC... your balls are going to be
full, soon, of that wonderful, tasty baby-making liquid you produce
in such high quantity!"

With my hands on her ass cheeks, I began by lunging my tongue at her
sweet pussy, whipping it against her clit, getting harder by the
second. Then, I moved one hand off her ass, and, began to prod her
clit with my finger while I inserted my tongue in her hot, wet cunt!
Her ass bounced, and, bumped against my face! Then, I could feel her
tongue going all around the big, open, unusual tip of my cock where
she wiggled the very tip in the large hole! Her hands were on my
balls, fondling, cupping and weighing them, while her tongue whipped
all around the crowny ridge of the end of my cock!

"Does KC want his cock down Lalitha's throat?" she asked sexily! I
gasped, not knowing she could do that!

"Y-y-y-y-esssss!!" I managed to utter.

"Well... hold on, sweet man! It is about to disappear!" she answered
and with that, I felt her lips start to slide down my length! With
one hand on my shaft, guiding it, she filled her other hand with the
silky sheet on the bed and began fondling my balls!

"OOOHHHHHH... soooooo heavy, baby! Filling up with sooooooooo much
cream for Lalitha!"

"Yes, Lalitha... yes!!" I stammered!

Lalitha wiggled her tongue into the large hole! She worked the tip
back and forth against the smaller hole at the bottom of the large
one! She could feel my precum ooze out and she immediately lapped it
up! Then, she swirled her tongue all along my length, on all sides,
to get it nice and wet with her saliva so it would be easier to slide
down her throat walls! She knew she had a challenge and with it being
so thick, she wondered if she could get it down her throat! She
concluded, at first, she would take it bit by bit!

Meanwhile, she was pumping her hips, driving her pussy right into my
mouth and, eagerly, I took as much of it into my mouth as I could!
There were a lot of slurping and sucking sounds as our 69 got more
intense and frantic! With the flat of my hands on her luscious, full
ass cheeks, I was able to help by pulling her pussy, hard, into my
mouth! My lips and tongue were working her hot cunt flesh and she got
hotter and hotter, hardly able to keep her mind on sucking me and as
her cavernous mouth worked my shaft, I, too, was having a hard time
concentrating on the pleasure I wanted to pass to her!

Then, she stopped what she was doing... raised her head, her mouth
coming off my shaft!

"Tell you what, KC! You eat me up, and, I'll just pay attention to
the pleasure you give me. Then, when it is time for me to eat you up,
we will do that, but, in another position... how's that?" she asked.

"That... would be just fine," I answered, then, I resumed what I was
doing. She, suddenly, moved her body away from me, saying, "Get up
here, KC... put your head on that pillow," she suggested, pointing to
the pillow at the head of the bed.

I did as she instructed. Then, she got on her knees and moved up my
body. She looped her shins around the top of my shoulders, and, with
that, I put my hands up and placed the flat of them on her lovely ass
cheeks. I pulled her to me, and, she moaned as she felt my tongue
licking the inside of her thigh.

"That's it, baby! Get a good grip while I pump this hot cunt right
into your mouth!"

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Here I was in the bed of
this very voluptuous woman, who was a sex fiend. She wiggled closer,
her body poised over my head while she looked down. Then, she leaned
forward a little and folded her arms around the pillow under my head
and pulled up on it, mashing my mouth against her pussy lips!
Eagerly, I smacked my lips against her pussy lips, opening my mouth
so I could suck them in! When I did, her body flinched! I sucked and
drew them in like a vacuum!


We both heard my lips smacking and sucking her! I was chewing her
pussy lips like a big Alaskan bear chewing on fresh meat! I couldn't
get enough! Her hands were turning white from pulling my face up
against her body! And, I could feel her shiver each time my tongue
tip licked her clit!! I rolled it back and forth... up and down...
and, gave her fast, quick licks against her clit, pausing every now
and then, to lunge my tongue in her depths!

Yessssss!! Yesssss... you fucker!!" she cried out! Her body was
pumping now... literally fucking my face! She rolled her hips back...
then, forward... then, back... then, forward... her face con- torted
like she was in the torment of sexual ecstasy and delight! Her pre-
cum was oozing abundantly, now, out of her pussy and right into my
mouth! I could hardly wait for the main course to be sucking down my
throat! I picked up the pace, wanting her to cum soon! And, from the
way she was moving, I knew it wouldn't be long.

She kept moving her arms and hands as if she wanted to get an even
stronger grip on pushing her pussy against my mouth! My tongue danced
all over her vulva... my teeth scraping her pussy lips... my lips
pressed all around the outside of her pussy lips!

"OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she
screamed aloud, then, her body came to a halt, and, I felt her juices
riding over my tongue toward the back of my throat and I started
swallowing! Her sweet pussy was... vibrating... in my mouth and I
swore she came just like a man... her juices continued to flow out of
her while I continued to down every drop!!

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I munched and chewed on her pussy... ravenous with desire... I wished
I could just get all of Lalitha's pussy in my mouth to do with as I
wished. Lalitha came... again and again and again... and... when it
was over, she pushed herself off of me and rolled to her side,
exhausted. I moved along side of her kissing her neck, gently...
grabbing her hand and placing it on my shaft. She willingly obliged!
She rubbed my length, then, had presence of mind to reach for her
silky slip so she could rub my shaft with it.

She was lying on her side... her arm and hand behind her, her silk-
filled hand rubbing my shaft and balls.

With closed eyes, she said, "Oh yes... KC loves this... don't you
baby? And, soon, KC is gonna love his cock being completely down
Lalitha's throat! Will you cum for me there?"

"You bet I will, Lalitha," I answered firmly.

"I can only imagine, right now, what it is like. Feeling all your hot
gism racing into my belly!"

She raised up and moved so that she was poised over me... her head
facing my feet! She slid her upper body side to side and I gasped,
feeling her huge tits rubbing against my abdomen! Right then, I
wanted to tit-fuck her again, but, the prospect of feeling my shaft
down her throat was too tempting.

I reached for her leg to move it over my head and she stopped me,
saying, "NO, KC! I want you to totally enjoy what I am going to do!"
she insisted.

She moved her arms so that the flat of her hands were under my upper
thighs. Then, I felt her tongue licking all around the big, open
hole, and she would pause to dip it down in the hole and swirl it all
around! I moaned and she smiled. Over and over again, her tongue
raced all over the big tip and she would flick it against the
underside, making me bolt with pleasure.

Then, she flat-licked my entire length, on all sides, before
returning to the tip and bumping the tip of her tongue down in the

"KC? I want you all the way down my throat when you cum, baby!" she
said firmly, then, she opened her mouth real wide. I tilted my head
to the side so I could see in the mirror on the wall at the foot of
her bed. What a sight as she brought her wide-open lips in contact
with the sides of the big, open tip! Slowly, I felt my cock go in her
mouth, disappearing as it did so as I looked in the mirror! She took
it until it bumped against the back of her throat! I gasped!

She paused, getting her breath! Then, she continued, and, my big body
jumped as I begin to feel the tip slip into the constricting walls of
her throat! Smoothly, her mouth continued downward, and, the sides of
my shaft could trace the walls of her throat as it sunk down deeper!
Her fingers began to press against the bottom of my thighs as she
wanted me to fuck her mouth like a pussy!

Down... down... down... my big, thick, veiny shaft slid until I be-
gan to feel her lips press against my balls and thatch! She moved her
head down harder... shaking it side to side... as if she wanted my
balls in her mouth as well! I could really feel my hot cum churning
in my balls now! She removed one hand from my thigh, brought it back
and searched for my hand. When she found it, she brought it to below
her neck, and, it was her way of telling me where the tip was. GOD!!
It was in her esophagus, right at the start of her chest!! I could
hardly believe it! Then, quickly, she raised and lowered her head,
letting my cock feel the slickness of her throat walls! Down... up...
down... up... down... up... and, she could tell the way my body was
reacting, I was going to explode!

One more time, she raised her head to get a fresh breath of air,
then, swooped down on it again, not stopping until her lips were
tight against my balls and thatch!

My body shivered and jolted... my hands turning white from gripping
the edges of the mattress! My face winced, as if in great pain, but,
in actuality, in tremendous ecstasy! I could feel the entire length
of her throat walls gripping, milking and palpitating against the
sides of my shaft! She exaggerated her movements of her big tits
against my abdomen, knowing how much I love that! Both hands returned
to under my upper thighs, her fingers pressing, pressing, her way of
telling me to fuck, hard, her mouth!

Almost brutally, my hips rose and fell, but, the harder and faster I
did this, the more she loved it! I was real close!!

GETTING... CLOSE!!" I hollered and it only served for her to in-
tensify her deep oral actions! I could actually feel the big, open
tip way, way down her esophagus, and, I knew, when I exploded, it
would spurt hard into her stomach! This is what she wanted!

She withdrew one more time... got air... then, swooped back down it
it! In less then a second, I knew, it would be time! I began to feel
the first, long, thick, hot column leave my balls and start to race,
hotly, up the vein in the bottom of my shaft! She felt my shaft...
thicken... against her throat walls! It was then, so wet and hot...
she exploded... her juices sKCing out of her pussy lips, and,
starting to run down her thighs!

"AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!" bellowed out of me like an animal out of con-
trol! Her eyes opened wide when she felt the first column jet out of
the large tip... flying... into her belly! She began having multiple
orgasms, as column after column, separated by a second... bolted...
from the big, open tip, still lodged, deep, in her esophagus, and, it
thrilled her to feel the sides of my shaft, so tight against her
throat walls! It excited her to feel my shaft... lurch... with each

"UUUHHH!! UHHHH!! UHHHHH!!" resounded from my lips with each long
release! Again and again and again... my cock jumped... and, she
closed her eyes, in love with what she was feeling!

18 seconds... 21... 24... 27... and, she backed off so that the open
tip was pressed against her throat in the back of her mouth! Her eyes
opened wide, once again, as my releases continued and how she loved
the very sweet taste of my abundant gism! Her pussy leaked, and, her
juices continued to flow! Her lips pressed the sides of my shaft,
and, quickly, she gathered up her slip and pressed it to my emptying
balls!! Suddenly, I was invigorated with much greater desire and the
silk on my balls fired up yet even more cum, as my balls continued to
relinquish it's unbelievable burden!!

Some 43 seconds later, my cock gave up the last of my gism, at least,
temporarily! But, she stayed at it... sucking up and swallowing every
single drop! Then, she withdrew my shaft... licking it all over...
and, her mouth moved to wherever excess gism had escaped, and, she
licked up every drop she could see! I lay there, panting, feeling
like I was in the midst of a coronary, it had thrilled and excited me

When she was through, she laid back, and, I was beside her, my hand
on her leg! She raised her head, looking, and said, "My God, KC...
how do you stay hard like that?

"Because I am with you," I answered.

"Good... stay like that because there is a lot more we will do!" she

"What?" I asked.

"What? How about you putting that big thing... all the way... into my
ass, and, coating my bowel? How about you tit-fucking me, upside-

"Upside-down?" I asked.

"Yes... you straddle my head and facing my feet, drive that big,
luscious hunk of meat down through the top of my breasts! When you
do, arch your stomach as much as you can so I will have room to wrap
these big things around your shaft! This will also give me the
opportunity to suck and lick those big balls!"

'God!!' I said to myself, 'this woman is something else!!'

"Remember, KC.. when doing this and you are ready to explode, get on
your back real quick, so I can get between your legs and wrap these
big tits around your cock and be able to have you thatt spunk right
in my mouth!!"

I knew this was going to be a long night, being with someone so

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