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My Cousin Fucked His Chachi – Part XIII


I had a very nice time at Patna with my aunts (Rani Mami and Nitu mami) and my cousin (Tannu) already narrated in my earlier parts. During the summer of 1998, I decided to take a trip down to Purnea, (our Native Place) for a holiday to see my mom and my only sister as narrated in earlier part. I had another enjoyable affair with my Nimmy aunty. I fucked her in all possible positions (for two days) despite the presence of my grandmother till she left for her in law’s place next day morning. She couldn’t muster courage to face my mother.

My mother had overheard her confession regarding my father when she was narrating her true story about her sexual affair with my father (Nimmy aunty’s elder brother) to me last night. Both of them were very close friends earlier and my mom trusted her very much.My mother was shocked to hear the entire family secret that was spelt out by Nimmy aunty last night. My mom was in a peculiar position as she could neither digest nor share the secret with anyone. She was afraid that it would tarnish my late father’s image.

Next morning, unable to bear the shock she fell sick. We called a doctor immediately. He checked upon her and advised her to be hospitalized. We took her to nearby hospital and got her admitted. My only sister had to stay with her in the hospital to look after her. I went to see her in the hospital, she looked a lot healthy. The doctor told me that she is suffering from a deep shock and had to stay in the hospital for another day or two. In the evening my grandmother, (which is my father’s mother) came to see her.

My grandmother was a widow and she lived with her daughter (my Nimmy aunty). My grandmother saw me there and felt happy. She gave me a tight hug which crushed her sagging boobs on my chest. She told my mother not to worry about me. She asked me to stay with her while my sister would look after my mother in the hospital carefully for the two days. Mother nodded her head in affirmation. Later on we went home. Nimmy aunty had gone to her in laws place to look after her mother in law who was also sick and would come after two days.

Since grandmother was alone in the house I was asked to stay with her. She never went out of the town and was 60 years old. She is very conservative and religious old small town lady. Despite her old age she was very active in her daily routine and was well built and strong with nice looks, white in complexion, she looked not more than 45 yrs. We had our dinner and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning feeling very horny. My dick was erect due to morning erection. I ventured out in the courtyard and saw my grandmother carrying on daily chores of the house without her blouse on.

She had this habit of performing puja without any stitched clothes on her body. Even the material of saree was so thin that everything was visible underneath. It looked as if the saree was transparent. Her heavy boobs were very tempting. I longed to touch it. Whenever she lifted her hands to spread wet clothes on the wire her two globes were visible like two mountain peaks. I decided to fuck her before going to Patna but how that was the problem. Her ripe age was not a deterring factor. I thought “Half a loaf is better than none.” My grandmother saw me looking at her but she did not reprimand me instead smiled at me.

She said referring to her boobs “Mannu what are you looking at? Go brush your teeth. I will remain in the house full day and you will have an entire day to look at me.” I felt shy and went into the bathroom to clean up. I masturbated in the bathroom thinking of my grandmother. When I got out I saw my grandmother lying on floor. She was semi nude. Her saree was bunched up to her waist and the maid servant was giving her an oil massage.

Her boobs were peeking from sides. She was nude from waist upwards. I stood behind her without making any sound. Her back was spotless despite her old age. Her legs and thighs were like two granite pillars. Seeing her back I got an enormous erection. Then the maid felt my presence and covered grandmother’s back with towel indicating my presence to my grandmother. My grandmother along with the maid saw the huge erection in my shorts and smiled.

In the evening I was feeling bored remembering my sexual exploits with Nimmy aunty. She also had gone to her in law’s place. I was left with no option but to masturbate. I didn’t bring my porn collection with me. My grandmother saw that I was feeling lonely so she also felt bad for me. She asked “Why are you feeling upset? Don’t worry your mother will come day after tomorrow. Let’s go to see a movie in the theater. That will lift your mood up a bit.”

I agreed to her suggestion. I and grandmother went for a film in the theater. It was an old movie. While we were standing in the queue she was standing too close to me. Her boobs were constantly touching my back. My back was also rubbing her thigh and butts. My elbow some time rubbed with her boobs and she was always holding my hand and shoulder. This was making me hot and horny. And sometimes she would deliberately press her boobs from the back on me.

After some time I also turned around and I was face to face with her my forearms were touching her boobs, my erected rod was touching her butts and thighs. Sometime later I also got bold and kept my hand on her shoulder. She did not react or object to. Any way we entered the theater. The theater was almost empty. We got our seats in a corner. She started telling me about her late husband. His story about how he was & how she got married and how she was missing him for the last 10 years and how she is alone and how she wanted to live with someone.

I asked her “Come to Patna and stay with me for some time. You can stay as long as you like. Ask your daughter. She won’t object.”By that time I had started living in a rented flat. She agreed and she held my hand and kissed my hand. I put my arm on her shoulder and told her “I like you and love you; you have to come to Patna. I will take care of you just like my father your son would have done.”

She agreed, but told me “Your mother will never permit me to stay with you.”I assured “Don’t worry I will seek permission from aunt and mother.”I put my head on her shoulder and was seeing the film. After the intermission she put her arm on my shoulder and started rubbing my arm and she started kissing my left face. I came to know that she needed me and she wanted a nice passionate fucking.

She had seen me fucking Nimmy aunty and had scolded us for that and now she herself is interested in fucking. It infers that after seeing our fucking, she also wanted to be fucked. I put my left hand on her right thigh and stared rubbing. She helped me to do it. I moved my hand a little upwards and reached her pussy side; she moved her thigh and held my hand between her thighs. Then I hugged her and we kissed each other. I caught and squeezed her old and gold breasts. She hugged me tightly.

I slowly moved my one hand to her belly and let it slide towards her pussy. She lifted her knee and kept one leg on the chair and gave me a little room to lift her saree up. I bunched her saree up to her thigh and my hands were inches away from her hot pussy. Like all small town woman she was not wearing panties. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. I reached the pussy mound and inserted a finger in to her pussy. It was oozing and wet. I started fingering her pussy which she did not object. She let out a moan.

My grandmother extended her hand and pushed it inside my trousers. She unzipped my pants and took my cock out of its folds. She took my cock in her hand and caressed the purple hood. It sent an electric current up my spine. She squeezed the rod and started stroking it. She bent down and sat between the chairs and kissed my purple hood. She gobbled the cock and began sucking it in the theater“I want to fuck you in all your holes, grandmother. If it is going to be your sexy mouth to begin with it is fine for me” I said

She mumbled inaudibly, “Wonderful dear. Go on enjoy and let me enjoy”. Then my grandmother leaned forward opened her mouth and took my cock inside her mouth. Then her tongue slowly began to suck my cock running up its length inside her mouth. I felt the pleasure running through my entire system. Grandmother’s wonderful mouth and tongue were doing excellent job on my cock.

She held my balls and began squeezing them gently adding more pleasure to me. I was in heaven. I groaned loudly out of pleasure. We were afraid someone in the theater might hear us. That prompted my grandmother to open her mouth wider and push her head taking more of my cock inside her mouth. She then started moving it in and out of her mouth.

She held my cock’s bottom with her hand and began jerking continuing sucking upper portion through her lips. I watched her move her head to and fro down my big cock with full lust. I just couldn’t concentrate on the screen anymore. I wanted a big release. I decided that it is time to fuck her mouth. I said “Ok grand ma. I feel like releasing. Let me have a fuck”.

I took my grandmother near the wall and made her sit, her back supported behind by the wall not visible from any corner of the theater and sat before her on kneeling position. My cock stood erect near my grandmother’s face.

She opened her mouth eagerly, held my cock by her lips and had that pushed inside her mouth, I held my grandmothers head by my hands from behind and started fucking her in the mouth. Her mouth plugged by my thick cock looked big ‘O’ shaped. I fucked my grandmother in the mouth in the darkness of the theater. My grandmother’s reactions clearly showed that she enjoyed my cock fucking her in the mouth.

I was using her mouth like her cunt. After some time I could feel my cock almost reaching down my grandmother’s throat. My grandmother’s hands reached around and held on to my hips and caressed that. I continued fucking my grandmother’s sexy mouth with increased speed which had an immediate effect. I could sense that I am about to ejaculate. I tried to warn her of the impending action but before I could say anything I came.

I groaned loudly “ahhhhhhhh,… Ahhhhhhh!” and pressed my grandmothers face tight against my thighs, as my big cock got started releasing the load inside my grandmothers mouth. My cock shot off jets of semen three times.

Then I felt huge out flow. My entire body looked like floating in the air. I could see my grandmother gulping and swallow my load. My grandmother kept on sucking the cock like a hungry baby. She wanted the taste of every drop of my semen and so sucked my cock dry. After some time I had to withdraw my soft cock from my grandmother’s mouth. Suddenly the movie was over and we left for home. I was left high and dry. We reached home by an auto and I was hard all along. My grandmother also added to my misery.

She kept squeezing my cock over the trousers. She just couldn’t remove her paws off me. I was also fondling her boobs taking care that my actions are not viewed by the auto driver. We reached home within 15 mins. We rushed inside the house and bolted the doors. My grandmother began removing my clothes and in no time I was standing nude before my grandmother.

I asked “Take off your dress.”

She said “Why shouldn’t I let you have the privilege.”

I agreed my grandmother removed her saree and opened her arms and called me, “Come on my darling lover.” I kept my head over her shoulder and arms around her; she hugged me, and kissed a lot.

She was just three feet from me; we were both on the bed.
She asked me, “Do you like to see me fully nude? Keep your attention on me, then only you can get complete view of my boobs which you were searching for since morning.”

I replied positively. Then she left me and told me to sit comfortably. She started opening her blouse hooks and removed her blouse. I was expecting to see her breasts but she was wearing bra. Then she gestured me to open the bra in which I helped her. She smiled and kept her blouse and bra aside.

She was nude before me; she hugged and kissed me again. We were sitting facing each other she told me to have a good look over her. Aaah ! She was looking very beautiful, my breaths were abnormal for the whole time, and I saw her beautiful breasts.

Even at the age of 60, those were almost erect , round and perfectly shaped, I couldn’t stop watching.

I told her “You are great as you have done so much for me.”

She told me “Yes because I am responsible to take care of you, your food, your health and your every need by your mother’s order.”She also told me that she was afraid that she might lose me also like she lost my father (her eldest son) because of her. So she did everything for me.
I said “Thanks for all you did for me.”

I moved closer to her and I kissed over her shoulder & neck. She was also reacting positively, and she was not opposing any of my action. I lay over her lap (thigh) and my one arm was around her waist and the other one over her shoulder.

She welcomed this position and gave me great kiss. As she bent down to kiss me her breasts touched me. With some hesitation I touched her breasts, oh !aaah ! What a sweet touch that was! Her breasts were hot and almost hard, her nipples were tough and erect almost half an inch long and thick like finger. She was also getting pleasure from me so she didn’t oppose me. Suddenly I fondled her breasts lying on her thighs (lap).

I started sucking her breast. Her big breast was exposed calling my attention. I was playing with her breasts and nipples, using my hands and mouth. I used my hands and mouth expertise to fondle, squeeze, and suck my grandmother’s breasts and nipples. She let out a moan. “My other areas also need your attention son.”

I couldn’t disobey my grandmother. She looked more beautiful naked. We again resorted to kissing including lips with our tongues exploring each others mouth. My grandmother then lay down on her back on the bed. I saw her cunt bushy with lot of soft hair. My hands went between my grandmothers thighs and was playing in her cunt and after sometime in her ass. She had very sparse hair on her cunt.

Her butt was very smooth. My big cock quickly became erect and was fully hard again. She held my cock and pulled it in her mouth. My grandmother gave few strokes, licks and sucks for my cock. I wanted to fuck her. I knew that my grandmother too wanted a fuck.

“Ok Grandma” I said to grandmother “Let my cock explore your wonderful cunt. Let me fuck you.”My grandmother lifted her legs up and spread them wide in invitation. I moved in between my grandmother’s legs. She moaned as I rubbed my cock head up and down my grandmother’s wet cunt lips. My grandmother lifted her legs up into the air.

She kept her knees raised as I rubbed my cock at the tip of her cunt. Then I inserted my cock inside her cunt and started thrusting forward. Slowly my long thick cock went inside my grandmother’s cunt inch after inch. When finally my entire 8″ cock was inside her cunt my grandmother groaned loudly. She was making so much noise that I was afraid she might wake up our colony. I asked her keep her volume low.

I began slowly fucking my grandmother, pushing my cock deeply inside her cunt on every thrust. Every time my cock goes deep, my grandmother would moan. She was moaning in pleasure, enjoying her getting fucked by her darling grandson whom she had groomed in his childhood 12 years ago.

My long, thick cock got disappeared in her deep cunt making slush noise. Then I started fucking my grandmother faster with long hard strokes. Taking out my cock and then pushing entire length in one go. She moaned “Push harder, faster, ram it in me. Break my bones. Where were you before, I was thirsting for a cock and you had such a big one hidden in your pants. You motherfucker, fuck me, fuck me…”

With pleasure increasing my grandmother wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as I continued fucking her deeper thrust after thrust. My grandmother’s hungry cunt enjoyed every inch of my huge cock.

My grandmother began moving her ass up and down matching my thrusts. She wanted to take my cock as deep as possible inside her cunt. After ten minutes I felt like shooting off. My grandmother too was on the verge of coming. She was yelling, “Ohhhhhh… Dear Mannu wonderful fucker, dear, fuck me with your big cock… Ahhhhh fuck me, fuck your bitch grandmother, my bitchy cunt wants your big cock, go deeper in my cunt, fuck me.”

My grandmother screamed, gasping for air “Oh, yes, yesssssssssss… Fuck me… Dear fuck me… Oh, yessssss Mannu your cock is reaching such a depth in my cunt your grandpa’s cock never reached. You fucked my daughter now fuck me. That is superb dear. Yesssssss! Oh, wonderful fucker dear I’m cumingggggg… Yessssssssssss!” she screamed, holding me tightly with her arms and legs.

“Oh dear! I too feel like coming. Are you ready grandmother? Can I unload inside your hole” I asked.“Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes dear, let me have it along with mine” I heard my grandmother telling “Right time to shoot off cum… Cum inside my cunt… Shoot your cum in me! Shoot in the hole from where your father had come in this world.”

Suddenly I felt my cock bulging indicating that it is going to shoot off. I pushed my cock all the way inside my grandmother’s cunt. My cock started shooting the load, as my grandmother lifted her ass and kept pressed on my thighs and moaning heavily.

My cock was releasing load continuously inside my grandmother’s cunt what looked like an endless flow. Nearly after ten seconds both of us calmed down and I fell on top of my grandmother exhausted. After two hours of rest my grandmother and I again started playing the game of romance.

I asked my grandmother “I want to enjoy your lovely alabaster like smooth ass, Grandma, Will you let me fuck your lovely ass?”My grandmother thought for a moment then said “Ok dear let me enjoy a fuck on my ass. I have never been fucked in my ass. But the problem is that your cock is too big and needs applying lot of oil and be gentle to start with.”

I went to the cupboard and brought coconut oil bottle.

I said “We can use this and it will not hurt you.”

My grandmother turned over and placed her forehead on the edge of the cot and was on doggy style .She lifted her ass up and spread her legs wide. I applied lot of coconut oil as a lubricant to my cock and my grandmother too applied oil inside her ass.

I came behind and sat between my grandmother’s legs in a kneeling position, pulled her ass cheeks apart and placed the head of my big cock against her asshole. Then I pushed my cock inside my grandmother’s ass slowly.

As her ass hole and my cock were well lubricated, even with some difficulty I was able to push my cock inside my grandmother’s asshole. She experienced mild pain but tolerated it. Then I began to fuck my grandmother’s lovely ass with my big cock.

She was writhing in pain and moaned, “Take it out. Please take it out. It is very painful. You will tear my anus. I will never forgive you for this. Take my cunt anytime you want but spare my ass hole.”

But I did not heed to her request as I knew by my experience that the pain will subside after few mins. The tightness of her asshole engulfed my cock. Her anus sphincter enclosed my cock and gave a different type of pleasure.

My grandmother who was feeling pain till that moment also began getting pleasure. She clinched her hands on the bed sheet. After few strokes my grandmother told me that pain is reducing and pleasure is increasing.

After few more strokes she told “Thank God; Mannu, the pain is gone and I am having only pleasure now.”

I began to fuck my grandmother’s ass faster and she began responding moving her ass front and back to get maximum of my cock inside her asshole.

She was mumbling incoherently, “Yes. wonderful my master fucker keeps fucking ohhh…dear keep fucking your bitch grandmother. She wants your cock in every hole. that is wonderful dear fuck my ass ahaaa Yes. Yes!”

My grandmother began to enjoy my cock sliding inside her ass. Each time my thighs met her ass, she screamed in pleasure. With each stroke, I increased the speed. I got the indication from my cock that it is on for a release.

As I continued fucking my grandmother on her asshole I asked her “Tell me, grandmother I feel like cumming. Shall I release inside your beautiful marble like ass?”

She replied, “Yes dear cum in my ass! Fill my ass with your hot semen shoot off inside my ass Mannu dear.” My grandmother desperately wanting a relief through a climax at the same time enjoying my cock working inside her asshole. My grandmother began grinding her ass against my cock, taking it as much as she could deep inside her asshole.

My grandmother moaned in pleasure as I drove my full cock deep into her ass and kept pumping Harder, Deeper and Faster.

At last with a big moan, both of us reached climax together, as my big cock exploded inside my grandmother’s asshole and began filling her sexy ass with usual heavy load of my semen. Again we collapsed together totally exhausted.

For about ten minutes both me and my grandmother remained lying flat with our eyes closed .Then I pulled out my cock from her ass. My grandmother turned around and we embraced each other. After few gentle kisses we slept naked hugging each other extremely tired.

We woke up in the morning still naked. It was the time for our maid to get home. We rushed to the bathroom but were shocked to see that the maid was already waiting outside yelling at the top of her voice for us to open the door.

Our disheveled attire, cracking voice and nervous looks gave us out. There was a distinct smell of sex in the air. She immediately guessed what was going on and why the door was not opened on time. She gave us a knowing smile with a raised eyebrows.

She asked, “Tell me madam, were you enjoying your grandson alone? That also without me? I also have the right to the path to his pole. I have also played with him when he was a child of 2 years. How could you forget me?”

Grandmother said,“Ok Ok you will be suitably rewarded but keep your mouth shut. We have to go to the hospital. We will talk about it afterwards.”

She protested, “No, Madame. It was I who had pointed out that Mannu has big banana and we should seduce him and so we both will share him between us. And now that you have stolen him. I will not bear it.”

I was shocked to hear this. It means they had planned earlier to seduce me. I looked at my grandmother with a knowing smile. She got irritated by the statement of the maid.

Grandmother said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Your needs will be taken care off but this is not the opportune time for this. Now let me go to the hospital and keep your mouth shut.”

We got ready and went to the hospital on an auto.The doctor gave us good news. They were ready to discharge my mom. We quickly arranged a taxi and took mom home. We were very happy.

At night after dinner I was accommodated in my room with my grandmother. My sister was sleeping with my mother to give her medicines. They fell asleep very quickly.

Me and my grandmother were in no mood to sleep. We were sleeping in the next room on a cot but unfortunately it making noise whenever we were moving. It was very disappointment for us.

I extended my hand and squeezed her breasts. My rod was hitting her butts. She turned and kissed me. We were kissing and hugging each other.I indicated her to start fucking.

She refused saying, “ Your mother will kill me and she will never allow me in to your household. Do you want this to take place?”

I had to subside. Then I asked her to give me at least a hand job. She agreed to jerk my cock with hand and make me cum.

Slowly she started to enjoy my kiss and she started to slide her tongue inside my mouth. Simultaneously she started to play with my balls and rubbed my cock with her soft fingers.

As soon as I parted my lips apart from her she was moaning and told me that she is ready to have sex with me, if only I would not tell others about this.I agreed to it and again kissed her while she played with my meat. She than told me to open her blouse and suck her tits. I obeyed her and started to open her blouse, as soon as I open her blouse, she held me with her hands through my face and inserted my face to her tits which was speaking out to come from her bra’s.

She whispered, “oh my poor baby! i need you, suck my tits, oh my son open my bra.”

And again I obeyed her, and opened her bras. Now she was lying topples in front of me and with no second thought I buried my face in her creamy, warm and almost hard tits. I started to massage her boobs and after a second I took a whole boob in my mouth and started to suck her hard.

She was moaning vigorously, while she played with my rock hard cock. Then with her hands on my head she told me to suck hard like a young baby sucking her mom’s breast. She was taking care of not raising her voice. I started to suck more harder and rougher, and she started to moaning feverishly and asked me to slow down.

But I continued with the same amount of roughness, she started to beg to let her tit’s of from my mouth, but I continued to suck her hard and harder…

After a moment I took my mouth away from her sweet melons and ordered her to take her petticoat off. She agreed, and rolled up her saree up to her waist. She had never shaved since last several years.

Then I kept my hand on her pussy and inserted my fingers into her pussy. She was moving her butts up and down. I with my pressure started to finger fuck her. Her pussy was so soft and warm that I can’t explain it to you. She begged me to slow down but I inserted my third finger in her opening, as her pussy opening was quite big and wider.

Then I told her to take my meat in her mouth, she hesitated but slowly she took my cock in her hand. She sat near me and did that which was requested by me. Damn! Good that was as soon as my cock came in Contact with her warm mouth and with her tongue revolving around my cock.

She started to suck deep inside her throat vigorously with her hands backing up my foreskin and sucking with roughness.

I begged her, and told her to, “please grand mom let this slow down ”

But this had no effect on her and I was helpless, but at the same time it was feeling very good. I immediately pulled my cock from her mouth, as I was coming. I came and poured out my fluid on her face and boobs.

The above relationship which began 12 years back continued and still continues secretly. Even now at the age of 72 she loves and wants sex and gets actively involved. In fact at times I found her more entertaining than many women younger to her including my wife. That is the reason our relationship still continues and may be there for few more years.

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