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This is my real life happenings with my so called mausiji who is the sister of my aunt. When I was at the age of 15 years she was going to be married and the guy who was appointed to marry him was my mom's brother my 'mama'. So the home appointed to do all the rituals was my. The marriage was going to be after 15 days as we were from both the sides the brides and the bridegroom's too there was a lot of mishaps to be performed there and the story is a part of it too.
As the gal was residing at our home we were just like friends. my sister and me and my friend mausiji used to sleep at night at terrace b'coz it was the time of hot summer. We all three used to sleep in such a position that mausi was in mid and we both sided her. Days passed and at third or four day I noticed that she started hugging me, as it was my tender age and the rise of my teens I felt a lot pleasure of being hugged amongst a beautiful pair of breasts.
The hugging pleasure was so great that maine pehle kabhi mehsoos nahi kiya tha.hum roz yun hee chipakte the as my dick at that time was not of good length aur mujhe sex karne ka knowledge bhi nahi tha so it was getting bored of just hugging and mausi ne agle raat hee kuch naya kiya. Hug karke jab meri neend lag gayi tab maine adhi raat ko apne growin par kuch mehsoos kiya ye meri mausi ka hath hee tha aur mera chotu us samay jo ki keval 6'' ka tha apni puri lambai par tha aur mausi ki haathon se buri tarah raunda ja raha tha. Par meri himmat kuch aage karne se jawab de rahi thi. to maine hee darte darte apna hath unke peth par is tarah rakh diya ki unko lage ki mai unhe as usual hug karma chahta hoon but to my surprise unhone mera hath liya aur apni choonchiyon par rakh liya meri dum phir se jawab de gayi aur mai kuch der ke liye nishkriya(without doing anything)awastha mein leta raha jabki unke haathon ke dwara lagatar mere lund ki bhajiya ban rahi thi she was giving me a lot pleasure with only her hands as it was the first contact of any external hand other than mine touching my dick. Tab kuch der ke baad meri taraf se kuch na hote dekhkar unhone mera hath apne chunchiyon par firana(caress)shuru karvaya bada maza aa raha tha, as she was not wearing any bra and was just in salwar-kameez to nipples par haanth padne se maza doguna(twice) ho raha tha itna sab hone ke bad mere andar kuch courage aaya to maine unhe cheek par kiss kar liya and to my surprise she replied me with a nice French kiss for five minutes. Then after it she again caressed my lund and made me mad. Phir maine himmat karke unke kameez ke andar haanth dal diya aur dheere se unke doodh dabane laga as she was pretty virgin she started moaning softly and I was feeling as if I was in heaven. Phir unhone mera haanth liya ar dheere se ek kiss dete hue mere kaanon me kahan ki ab mera naada(string of the lower)kholo aur andar haanth dalo aur maine unki aagya ka paalan karte hue haanth dal diya panty ke andar and to my surprise wo to ekdum chikni choot thi hath ferne par aisa laga ki ye to choot nahi velvet ka bana organ hai. Phir unhone kaha ki ab mera pazama utar kar ise chato.maine pazama to utar diya par chatne me shy aur awkward laga socha ki yahan se to urine pass karte hain to ye to ganda kaam hai par unhone nahi maana aur jabardasti mera sir pakadkar mujhe chatne par majboor kar diya as my sister was also sleeping aside of her so due to fear of her awakening I didn't resisted anymore and started licking the nice n velvety flesh par andar ched chatne mein ajeeb lag raha tha sath hee sath wo mera lund bhi chat rahi thi as it was a perfect 69 position aur mai jhadne wala the to mujhe bhi chatne me maza aa raha tha.aur dheere dheere se siskiyan le rahi thi jisse maza doguna ho raha tha mmmmmmommmm ommm..mmmmmmmand no sound was being created by me soon I was cummed and she drank away all the cum as it was my first ejaculation mujhe bahut maza aaya aur maine unse poocha ki ye mujhe kya hua to unhone kaha kit u khatam ho gaya to maine kaha ki who gira kya tha to wo boli kuch nahi…..maine phir se unke doodh dabana start kar diya and to my surprise my sick again started standing hardly she again took it into hand as she was completely experienced lady she understood my feelings as I too was a virgin but didn't she allowed me to fuck her pussy as she saved it for her soon brand new husband. Then we both slept and the morning was as usual as before treating each oher as we didn't knew that what happened at previous night

So guys n gals how much did u liked mine real story? Now I am 19 years old and I have trespassed the virgingity of my maid working at home 1 months ago by making her learn how to take a french kiss and three months earlier I have fucked the same gorgeous mausi at her home when I was in kanpur for a visit. I will offer the stories of both the two very soon but I am in hunger of urs replies as it is mine first story and will be very much appreciated if u all point of my mistakes so friends .

Posted : 22/10/2011 12:51 pm