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Mommy ki Chudai ki  

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When Malati went to her elder son’s house, he was not in good mood at all. Madhav was already 26 and he lost his wife after only three days into marriage due to accident. His effort to find new gfirl to marry him had been failing. He was living alone with his cook. Malti who was 45 then was very upset about the condition of her son. After dinner she tried to talk her son into becoming patient and wait for few more years to find a girl.

Madhav started arguing with his mom and told in a fit of rage that while he was not finding any solution to fulfill his sexual urge, she was simply trying to convince him. At one point he lost his cool so much that he asked malti what he should do about his persistently raising manhood. Malti was shocked to her such a blatant expression from her own son. Not knowing what to do, she told him to shut up.

Now madhav lost all his coolness and shouted at her that she has to satisfy his urge right now. She was totally shocked to her this and did not know what to do. Madhav angrily came near her and grabbed her by her shoulders and told her,” common, you have to lie down under me and allowed me to mount you for having started all these” Malti told him that he cannot do that because she was his mother.

Madhav told,” you might be my mother but my cock now can not do without a cunt to drill into and since hers was the only one available, he can not control his prick anymore. Saying so, he rudely put his mouth on to the lips of his mother and held her tight to his body. Now malti was totally scared and begged him to release her. Instead madhav put his hands on her big melons and started crushing them. Tears started rolling from her eyes.

Without bothering about her protests, madhav put his hands on the crotch of his mom and told her to simply lift her saree and show it to him. She wept and refuced. Now Madhav pushed her to the wall and thrust his throbbing manhood over her saree and crushed it on her crotch.Malti was very tense but then at the same time, her body was responding to her sons touches all over her body. Her cunt was now dripping. Madhav suddenly released her and then she thought it was all over. But Madhav had other ideas.

He pulled out his manhood which was erect like a poll and told his mom to hold it. She refuced.Since ther were nobody other than his cook malti did not know what to do. The cook did not come out from his room due to fear. Now madhav started putting his hands under her saree and started lifting it. Malti told her son not to do that as it was against all dharmas. Ignoring all these madhav fully lifted her saree and now just pulled away her loin cloth. Ashamed malti tried to run.

Now madhav became real angry and told her that things would be very grave if she did not oblige him now as there would be nobody to help her out. Malti got scared and scaled down her resistance.Right now mahdav was watching her cunt which had thick hair all over that. Gleaming, he put his hands on her cunt and started to rub it. When his fingers touched her gap, it felt the wetness. He jumped in joy and told,” Hey, you bitch you say that it is against dharma to lie under me but now you’re your bloody cunt is fully wet and inviting me. You are just like a dog bitch.

Come lie down and spread your legs under me”
Madhav pushed her down on the mat and with his legs spread his mothers legs. Her white thighs Malti by now was sure that she could nothing but accept the reality that her sopn might actually fuck her.When her legs were spread, her black hairy cunt got opened and madhav could see his redness of her inside.

He threw away his lungi now and started stroking his huge manhood. Mlati glanced at it and was shocked to see the size. Madhav got between his mothers thighs and was about to put his prick into his own moms cunt. She told,” Madhav please don’t put that inside” He immediately shot back and asked,” Now tell me where I should not put it” If you say that you have some chance” Now malti told,” pl don’t put your prick into my cunt” Madhav shouted what kind of mom you are who speaks about her cunt in front of her own son.

Comon lift your leg high in the air so that your son can mount you .become the wore of your own son. Your cunt is tired of seeing that aging old prick of dad. Now it is time you enjoy this young manhood. Malti’s body was responding to all this but she somehow controlled herself. Madhav now pierced her mothers cunt with his manhood and started riding her. Malti never imagined that she would be lying naked under her own son. Now madhav tore open the blouse of his mom and started crushing her big melons.

After a while he bent down and started kissing malti on her lips. Now she also lost her control and started responding to his movements.Now when he told her to lift her legs she obliged and crossed it around his buttocks.After few minutes of heavy fucking, madhav reached the climax and started spraying his cum into his moms womb from where he had come.
After that madhav got down from her and immediately told her sorry and begged her to pardon him.

Or else he will commit suicide next day. Malti felt that since nobdy had seen all this she would keep quiet and told him that it was ok and admonished him that he should never do that again. Madhav told alright and he slept. At midnight malti felt madhav coming to her bed and when enquired he told that since he had done it once, now there is no harm in doing it again and told that he will sleep along with her. She could not say anything and resigned to the fact.

Madhav put his hands under her saree and started caressing her cunt. When malti become wet, he told that this time they should do it the real way and forced her to through away all the cloth.both mother and son were naked and now madhav turned around started licking moms cunt. She also responded by sucking his prick.This went on till morning and both were tired like anything. And by morning Malti had become the slut of her own son!

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