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Mom and me  


I living in an Indian village named kavundapadi it is situated in southern state of India State name is tamilnadu in our culture incest is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life. I never thinks it happens in my life.

When the situations changed in my life I am 21 and my mom was 44 she is very sexy in that age 5 .1 ft. Height and 70 kg weight with big size boobs and heavy large as cheeks it is jiggling when she walk I looks it jig-jag moves from her back., it is hard on me every time I see that.

Just more about my mom, She had a housewife and her skin was wheat colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, big mouth full of teeth and striking black eyes. Long and well shaped nose and small and sexy lips and cute redden cheeks and above mentioned boobs and structure that anybody looks she his cock will hard on without any sexual thoughts when I turn to mature (I mean sexual feels grown my mind) I Imagined my mom as my sexual partner I masturbates every time in my bathroom or bedroom with her fantasies

The first time I saw her naked body was in an unexpected situation one day it was a Sunday My Dad and my sister had gone out of our cousins wedding anniversary. So me and mom alone I am in my room time was 11.30 pm my mom finished her kitchen work and go to take her bath (when she takes bath she sings any movie song slightly ,That is her hobby)I heard her sings from her bathroom I have long last desire to see her naked body. It is time for that. I got up and put on my half pants and T-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door.

I slowly walked down the hall as I directed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath. Ho! It is getting blood pressure me my head is shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body. Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her long black hair cascaded over her back.

I felt dizzy and confused. This was my own Mom here. But she was naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my half pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath. She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First, she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I had not realized that my half pants were now around my ankles. As I watched her breathe heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my half pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I did not want it to go too fast.

My head was swimming with the vision of naked Mom as she washed. Accidentally I leaned forward and stumbled though the cracked door. Mom looked up at me holding my rock hard cock with nothing but a T-shirt. Her eyes were shocked at first then angry.

“W-W-What are you doing?” She shouted

But I was stunned because of her full naked body to facing me

Again she shouted “W-w-what do you want?!”

“I’m your mother. Go away go this is your mom! Oh! God what is this she cry and take her bath towel with shivering hands and sat on the couch
Finally, I returned my normal stage then I suddenly know what is happen here I felt suddenly ashamed for what had happened I ran out of the bathroom and to my room. I quickly dressed and tried to get out the room. There was Mom blocking my way. Her face was flushed. Her bathrobe shut tight covered her body.

“you, what I just did was wrong,” she said firmly, “I am going to have to tell your Dad what happened.”

“What? What? No. No! Do not tell Dad! Please Mom!” ‘Mummy, I would never do this in future’. I had tears streaming from my eyes.

Ok it is by my mistake “Oh god!” She exclaimed “I am so sorry; I have forgotten you at home. Oh my god I am so sorry!” She was crying and was having a hard time looking at me.

She told me ‘son this is quite natural, when a boy turn to teenage. Why you will not do this. But do not do this too much. It might be cause of harm to your good health’. He remained silent. ‘Honey, you can finish the job, as you wish. I am leaving.

I could not sleep all over that night. Only I was thinking of my mom’s naked body. How I can stop myself, stop thinking of this? I know this is strictly forbidden to have sex with own mom but I am doing lot of forbidden things, this will be a little addition with those-I tried to convince myself.

The next day, all are gone to out when mom I and alone mom seemed to be escapist from me. I caught her at lunch and we ate together. Then I went my room to have a nap and at that time, she followed me. ‘Can I have some chat with you,?’ ‘Yap, sure you can’. ‘How longer you are doing this?’

‘For two years’. ‘Have you ever had sex with any girl?’ I ashamed, ‘No’. ‘Then whom do you imagine when you do this’. I kept silent. She ask again but he remained silent. Then she asked ‘any film actress?’ ‘No’ I replied. ‘Any sports girl’ ‘Nnnn’. ‘Any girl from your friends?’ ‘Nn nnnn nnnnnno’. ‘Then please tell me darling who is in your dream? More than one girl?’ ‘No Mummy, only one. She is not a girl at all, a lady’. ‘Then who is that?’ ‘I am sorry Mom, it can’t be told. I could never tell it’. I became suspicious. ‘Okay my sweet honey, let’s come to an agreement. I would never mind letting her name, whoever she is’. After a long silence my voice banged into my heart ‘its you Momma’. She lost all controls over her and hugged me with her chest and started crying. ‘I am sorry Mom, it hurts you. But I did not want to say. Please forgive your kid’. She could not have any reply but only cry hugging me. Then I stated in a mood of confession that I used to peep in her bedroom when she had started providing services at her home. ‘I can’t think of other ladies as I love only you Momma’. I think these words make her horny ‘I love you my little chocolate, I love you more than my life baby’. Meanwhile she felt that my tool became erected but she did not let me understand that she had felt. She put my mouth to her breast over the blouse ‘suck your Momma’s breast like you did in childhood, suck those, bite on those’. Surprisingly I started unbuttoning her blouse and bra and kissed her huge and hard nipples. I took one in my mouth as much as I can and sucked and tool another in my palm and rubbing. She felt that her pre cum juice licked up to her knees. ‘Suck me baby, suck harder. Bite those. Take me to the seventh heaven. Oh baby, suck, Oh yeah oh God, what a pleasure’. ‘Momma, you taste so good, I had never thought’. ‘Taste me more Hon, more and more’. She caught my giant over my boxer and then pulled down my boxer. ‘Hon, I want to suck your cream roll’. She took my giant into her mouth I suddenly felt her lips wrap around my cock. And sucked artistically. She pulled her lips off my shaft with a pop.

“I want you to lick me and get me wet. Then you fill me with your cum.”

Sure mom the hairy thing between your legs is swollen again. Is it swollen because you’re thinking about what a mom you’re going to be?”

“Yes, baby. Thanks to what you just said, my pussy”s getting ready for some heavy-duty lovemaking.”

“Can I feel if it’s wet?”

“It’s wet honey. Go ahead, you bad boy, you can put your fingers in me. Ohh, that’s nice.”, “Pull your fingers out of mom’s pussy now, darling and see how wet they are.”

“Ooohh mom,” “You’re wet!”

“Ooohhh mom. I love it!”

“Would like a drink right from my pussy?”

“Ooohh YAAA, mom!”
“Now cup your palm while I rub myself. Aaahh! Uuuhhh! Aaaahhh! “

Aaahh! Yes! Yes!”

“Do you want to be the first mutherfucker to suck my cunt tonight, dear?”

“oh yes, mom!”

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With that, she spread her knees and presented me, her son with the fleshy expanse of her flawless inner thighs, widening as they converged on her hairy mound, her organ of lust–her contribution to various gatherings, which always became the main focus for all the other debauchees.

“Here we go, baby; here we go,” she gasped as, with her jugs swinging over my neck, she drew my face into her thatch. “Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Open your mouth, dear! That is right! That is right! That is right! Yes! Ooohh God! Ooohh God! Suck it! Suck it! Oohh my God! Ooohh my God! YES! YES! YES! YES!”

I grabbed her ass and felt that these were squeezed. ‘Oh yeeeeeeeeah baby, I am coming, hold me son, oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’. I felt an explosion inside of my mouth. Mom fired with a huge load in my mouth. A tons of load and I drunk all of those and filled my belly with own mom’s juices. I took every drop of her cum.

After the orgasm finished she tired with widen her legs I see the juices comes slowly from her lovely hairy pussy that I wish to see many years it is in my front of eye I wouldn’t believe there I was came I licked now and I liked the salty taste flooding my mouth.

A few Minuets after We both went to the bathroom and got fresh. Then we lay on bed. She started kissing me on lips and then chest nipples. She told Me Love you so much my son I forgotten you very late no I never fail to spot you to any girl It made me hard-on again. I squeezed her nipples and sucked both.

I kissed her belly, naval and again tits. She was moving to the extreme of joy. She untied her bathrobe. She smiled to me ‘Come on hon. You momma is for yours. Please acquire your asset. Come on hon. Destroy me with your massive rod. I cannot wait baby, come on’. She grabbed my giant and placed it on her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and guided my cock head into Her hot wet twat.
“Oooooo fuck me good son!”

I stroked slowly at first. It made a little pain her but she laughed to see my inexperienced action. ‘Bring it out darling and burry it slowly’. ‘Okay momma’. I took my cock off and again pushed it slowly inside of her wet pussy. She moved her ass to take it completely inside. I started pumping with a slow rhythm and a sweet sound was coming from her wet pussy with my every stroke. ‘Oh, Ah, baby fuck me, fuck me until I die’ she was moaning. It made me more excited ‘take it momma, your little pig is for you momma, take me in full, take darling momma’. She grabbed my ass with her legs

I penetrated her deeper and deeper. Once I hit the hilt of her pussy, I started to increase my speed. I reached around to grab her tits as started to fuck her like a wild animal. I started to grunt. She was moaning and squealing. ‘Kick hon. Kick faster, crash my breast, and kill me my sweet flesh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me babe, ffffffffffffffffffuck me’. It took around half an hour. . I quickened my manipulations on her clit because I wanted her to cum before I did and I was going to cum soon. The second I felt her walls clench onto my dick, I heard her scream, “Cum inside me son cum NOW!!”

But it is sin I know a son fuck own mother and also cum in her cunt where he came so want to cum in here mouth but how I say to her she is in the top of her orgasm she don’t allow me to back the rod. I slowly stopped and look her eyes she is partly closed her eyes here lips are shivering and murmuring son mmmmmmsoos son fuck me cum in to me I want your seed in my womb oh fuck then suddenly she opened her eyes what son why stop I want you seed in my cunt I

Want its hot feels in my inner walls. But mom I like to cum in your mouth Mom. I want you to swallow my sperm I never cum in mouth of girl or Woman. But honey I want to cum in my cunt that’s only enough to finish my lust my cock is till in her tight cunt she move and back her hips that is any time explosion in her cunt “‘Honey, boar my pussy and move into my womb where you were come from.

Fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck hard ., I’m going to heaven oh . Oh yeahhhhhhhhh, Oh my god, what a pleasure . More fuck, more, faster my baby move faster, faster, faster Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooooooooo!’ so I am moved my shaft like a 100 hp mechanical engine and I felt a wild storm inside of her pussy. It felt like a mortar shell came out from canon. She also felt that she told me in her murmuring voices. She feels her cunt as a fire pot she sounded hrrrrrhrhhm like roaring hrmrmmmson fast fastffffffffast hereeree comeeeeeees mrmemeeemeson her hips up to me my shaft full length in her cunt she up my whole body to air and suddenly down to the bed. And widen her legs the pussy juices flood leaked and spray to my bottom belly in the two side of my cock gap of her pussy. I started stroking faster. I felt that I was also on the blast. ‘Mommaaaaaaa, oh momma. Take your sons seeds. Momma I am coming. I love you mommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. What a pleasure you gave me momma. Hold me tight, hole me, mommmmmmmm’.

We laid on each other’s arm exhausted. I got real satisfaction from my own mom the heavenly journey with my own momma.

That is the beginning. We started fucking every days and nights whenever time available. She taught me secrets of sex, arts and positions of fucking, behaviors on bed and many more.

In the very early morning of her wedding day, I gifted her a grand pleasure. Though it was new for her as well. She allowed me to fuck her virgin ass for two times and for around one and half-hour. It was undiscovered to me that how pleasant it would be!

Today is my momma’s wedding day I want to present something special to her because her man is not here Now (Sis and Dad gone out for one of our cousins anniversary previously I said that) I am the man of her pussy and whole body. This time a special treat I will give her early morning I waken up and wash the face, brushing and other daily routines done then go to kitchen there is momma-preparing break fast for us. She turned to me and asked me are you had a good sleep honey. Yeh. Mom it is a deadfall sleep long days after thanks a lot momma. Same as me too honey. “Happy anniversary Momma” I grabbed her big tits and kiss her lips like lovers. Oh than my dearest loving son, “What thing you kept me to as wedding day present. It is Surprise momma if you want this time I am ready. Sure, my son honey. Give it me. Ok shut your eyes momma she closed her eyes suddenly I lift her skirt she opened her eyes What you want hone this early morning what the prize you brought to me. Momma that try to shown for you

What is my little child you want your momma pussy early morning yeah very need momma OK She lift and remove her dress and grab my hand lead to her bedroom. Then she lay down the bed and widen part her thighs there her heaven door is open for my rod the reddish colored thick lips invite me to fuck my cock is like an steel rod I won’t to wait I remove my underpants and T-shirt then climbed on her body. Oh honey no first fuck first take some outer play then only take it in your momma pussy it is the order to fuck a woman moved down to her pussy its musky smell kick to my head I like the smell of her pussy.

I leaned over and licked one lip, then the other. She was so wet already but I had to eat this marvellous thing. Mom began to whimper, anticipating my hunger, her hands found my head and she began to run her fingers through my hair coaxing me to start feeding Her pussy tasted so well. I lapped at it like a kitten and ate it like a starving man. Her writhing form told me that my ministrations were just what she wanted and I had to fight to not grab my pulsing cock. I stuck a finger into her wet hole and then two. I could tell she was close to orgasm so I picked up the pace with my fingers and my tongue. When I felt the first clench of momma pussy, I locked onto her clit. I ran my tongue along her puffy slit, in the process stroking her clit with the tip, and began to lap at her inner thighs slowly licking the every trace of her wetness sticking to her thighs. I could feel the mind-blowing fragrance of her sex. I licked the slick hair covering her cuntlips, enjoying the taste of her juices. I loved eating pussy especially momma pussy tasted heavenly…that’s what I felt…probably because one don’t get a chance to suck his own mommas pussy…or probably it was more forbidden than any other pussy I had licked so far.

She screamed, “OH MY GOD!!!! I am cumming, I am cu—mming NOW!!!!! Faster, faster, faster, FASTER!!!!!” I could barely keep my mouth on her as she bucked around. I had to grab her legs and hold on for dear life just to finish the pleasuring I had started. My tongue again travelled back to her pussy lips, sucking her bigger than average clit. Mother squealed with delight. I took her clit between my lips and nibbled at it…mother moaned and her body twisted with delight. Suddenly, her body stiffened…her legs clutched my head strongly…her body quivered with a radiant abandon. Her moan was so loud Finally, after what seemed like hours, she pushed gently on my head. Her cunt pulsated uncontrollably and she filled my sucking tongue with her fresh honey. I greedily sucked every drop of it. She tasted so good that I wanted to continue but. When her orgasm subsided, she body went limp. She released her grip from my head and lowered her legs onto the bed. I withdrew my head and looked at her…my lips were smacked with her heavenly juice, which I was guzzling thirstily. “That’s wonderful” I smiled at her, “Dad is a very lucky man, and I am also” She smiled back at me…breathing erratically…her eyes gleaming with strange glow.

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Then I told her “Turn mother.” I force her body on her sides and adjusted myself behind her. In the new position, I was facing her back…my cock poking into her anus. My hands slowly travelled to her buttocks, gently squeezing and releasing her tight melons. Her ass cheeks. That is large sized with orange colored I liked her ass cheeks when she walks its Jig –Jag Movement oh how many times I masturbate dreaming about her ass. Now it is fully naked in my eyes front I cannot believe They were taut and spongy. Again, I brought my lips over her one ass cheek and slowly bite it and licked the channel of ass and my tongue taste the salty taste of her anus I like it kissed her ass cheek hard. My one hand left her right ass cheek and slowly travelled over her thighs…

She moaned lightly. I lifted her leg and gently placed my cock on the ridge between her ass and cunt…my cock head touching the anal door. “Mummy I’m goanna fuck your ass. I rubbed my cock head along the ridge.

“No…no…!” She resisted. “Not there.”

I laughed at her anxiety. “Don’t worry… Momma it is one of other experiences give to you “ever Dad fuck your ass”? She said she loved taking it in the ass but her husband my Dad thought it was dirty and as long as he was taking care of her pussy, she did not mind. Now though, he was not doing his job so she is seeking relief and that when I do her ass she will play with her pussy to make herself cum. I told her it was okay with me, my cock had not tasted and asshole but it sure sounded interesting.

My fingers caressing her anal entrance. I greased her wrinkled hole with my spit and forced my index finger into her tight rectum. Her anus responded by squeezing around my intruding finger. Hooking my fingers into her hot crack of her ass,

Lube my cock and her ass up; got on all fours on the bed and told me to let her take my prick so she could guide it into her ass. She put my cock at her asshole, I pushed, and it did not go in so I pushed hard and it went all the way in and her virgin asshole was as tight as hell. Momma began to cry in pain when she turned her head back and saw my large rod pumped to the entrance of her tight virgin asshole being tormented by the 8 inches. But that just turned me on more and eventually the roughness grinded out and mom found the ass fuck very pleasurable and in between shrieks of pain and moans of pleasure momma screamed

“Oh honey…..y, your hurting me!”

But do not stop it I like the movement in there do not stop and pump it faster
The encouragement is give me too strength fuck so I am move faster and faster
Mmmmmhhh hhhrhrhrhohhhonnnnynnyn just like these sound come from her mouth I think she is closed her eyes I do not bother about that only concentrate in my mommas super big ass fucking I like the ass fuck it is better than her pussy.

“Deeper honey even “Don’t stop son. She yelped a little, and then said it was fine, fuck her hard and I proceeded to fuck her lights out. , I really enjoyed her ass; it was hot and real tight on my prick I pumped in and out while slapping her ass cheek.

Hoooooo! Yeaahh! Ohhhhhhh dear honey it is wonderful don’t come now faster and faster its continued half an hour she is still in doggy style I make her orgasm three or times she is any time collapsed to bed I know that I am controlled to cum I thought she never forgotten the ass fuck in this day special anniversary gift for her. She loves it she never forgotten this day. I will come in ant time but I Want to cum it in her mouth I want see my cum tasted she very deliciously so I slowly stopped the ass fuck and remove my cock from between the large ass cheeks my cock is full cover of her rectum fluid and it is creamy colored and it dropped our bed sheet she turn to me and asked what happened honey

Nothing Momma I want to cum in momma’s sweet mouth so I take just a second my seed your sons seed come do you want it in your mouth momma “Sure my son I want it in my mouth, pussy ass and all over my body put it in mommas mouth honey I want it swallow I a am so happy She stuck her hot tongue out and she touched the tiny peehole. She wet it with her saliva licking the bulbous head from one side to other. Then she opened her lips wide and took the cock head between her hot lips.

My cock knob is shining like 500 volts bulb she gulped the cram drop from my cock and slowly sucked

“It’s so beautiful…so thick!!” She whispered trying to measure the circumference with her grip. She slid her hand up and down the whole length of the shaft, from my thick thatch of jet-black hair to its glistening head.
I forced my cock deep into her sucking mouth causing her to gag for a moment.


Then I eased my cock and drew it backward. Relaxed, she groped the base and took the remaining length inside her mouth.
Momma reached below the jutting cock-shaft and cupped my pendulous balls in her hand, caressing and squeezing them as she suck on my cock.

“Lick my balls… mommamm I grunted. “Take them in your mouth.”

She obliged me by taking one of my balls inside her mouth and sucking it hard letting hot waves of pure lush through my body. She ran her tongue across my entire scrotum, as she took each ball into her mouth and washed it around. Satisfied with her effort she again diverted her attention to my cock and took it in her mouth.

I desperately wanted to cum in my momma’s mouth. She sucked and licked with growing passion, squeezing my cock forcibly to release the drop of precum that might have built at the tip.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth. Drink it…every drop of it.”

I pumped my cock deeper in her mouth. My whole body became tense with pleasure and then I began to ejaculate in my momma’s loving mouth. Continued sucking my cock with ease without letting any drop ooze out of her lips.

Slowly the force of ejaculation subsided and my cock ceased throbbing inside her mouth. She continued sucking my softening cock. She looked at me and I gave her a satisfactory groan.

Then she gave it one final kiss and let go my cock out of her hungry mouth. She opened her mouth showing her tongue covered with my spunk. I drew her back in my arm and planted my lips over hers and buried my tongue deep inside cum filled mouth. I loved the feeling of eating my own cum from my own mum’s mouth

We enjoyed the feast until there was nothing left to suck. Finally, we broke the kiss.

“Ohhh…m mum,” I exclaimed. “You’re a great cock sucker.”

,” I exclaimed. “You’re a great cock sucker.”
It is my duty honey you give me a wonderful anniversary gift so I return some to you that is all.
“ now time is for break fast come on honey she went to the bathroom without any clothes her ass cheeks trebling like two big size watermelons ohhhhh its size is getting erecting to me again I want to eat that her ass cheeks.

I am the very lucky son in world it is a fantastic momma have got me with large boobs and very nice cunt and lovely large ass what momma is mine. I have not any any woman’s in my life she is enough to me. Thank god to give she as my momma.Then after a year i went to job in other state i take my momma with me and now we both were enjoying every day in weekends we both ill naked full day and enjoy it full…………

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