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Meri Saroj Bhabhi  


Saroj and her hubby moved in to a flat on the same floor when I was about 16. They were married just a year ago. I used to call her Bhabhi. She was 20 that time and not very attractive. Skinny as ever, long hair but fair. I did not pay much attention to her at that time. When she got pregnant with her son, I realized that her boobs had grown much much bigger and she had put on a lot of weight.

The first time I began lusting for this beautiful woman was when I saw her breast totally exposed when she was feeding her son. She was wearing a nightgown and her top buttons were undone with a massive boob hanging out. She did not realize that her son had stopped sucking her nipple and she kept talking to me. I just could not take my eyes away from that beautiful boob with large, pink areolas. In 2 minutes she covered her breast and left me with an ache in my balls. Those days onward she only wore a nightgown but never wore any bra, as she had to feed the kid. I would always hang around while she did the washing or sweeping so that I could see her tits and very often I was lucky. She kept a steady diet, exercised and soon her tummy was back to normal but her hips were nice and round and her tits huge. It was a real pleasure to see her thin nightgown sticking to her tits after she had finished washing clothes and had spilled water over herself. There would be nothing left to the imagination. Sometimes I would feel like ripping off her gown and making passionate love to her there and then, but we would be having a mundane conversation going. Our conversations would sometime veer towards sex but not too intensely. I would have a hard time controlling my erection, as I don’t wear underwear at home.

Soon I started jerking off with her clothes that were drying. The smell of her clothes was such a turn on for me. I struck upon an idea and very discreetly started tearing off a couple of buttons from her nightgowns so that the next morning I could get an unrestricted view of her ample bosom. Guess what???? It worked and she didn’t even realize it. Now with her slightest movement I could see her tits proudly jutting out!!! If I saw her nightie was slightly torn from the sides I would tear it even more. I was going nuts day by day but we were on very friendly terms so I could not even think of approaching her. Moreover she was the conservative type who would probably scream RAPE !!!! And that was not a very good thing to happen to me as I had an impeccable reputation. Her hubby was a businessman and was not at home most of the time. He did not mind me hanging around as he thought I was just keeping her company. How wrong he was!!!!

One day I got the chance of a lifetime. I had come home late as usual and went to the place Bhabhi hung her clothes to dry so that I could shake off. I saw a figure slumped along the way and I saw that it was Saroj Bhabhi. She was unconscious and I remembered that earlier she had told me that she was not feeling well and was taking some antibiotics, which must have left her dizzy. She must have come out to take her clothes back and passed out I guessed. I tried to revive her but she just groaned and lay there. She was wearing a new button down type, thin and silky gown that gave me an instant hard on. I quietly ran back to my place, changed into my shorts and T-shirt and went back hoping she was still there. To my luck she was!!!! I half-heartedly tried reviving her but nothing happened. This was too good to be true!!!! I took off my shorts and slowly………very slowly, opened the top buttons of her gown. I bent down to inhale her sweet feminine scent and took out both her boobs. God! Were they beautiful! They were like ripe melons just waiting to be mauled!!!!!!

This was the first time I got to see her boobs properly. The way she was lying had made her gown ride up and I could see her neatly trimmed bush through the gaps. I was in heaven!!!!! I was totally nude and hovering above the woman of my wet dreams. I put one leg over her sleeping form and slowly rubbed my hard dick and balls over her gown. I began getting more adventurous and leaned forward. I placed the head of my dick on her lips and slowly started rubbing it. She suddenly moved a little and I was ready to run to the hills!!!! Seeing that she was still not awake I gently licked her nipples and then placed my dick between the valley of her tits and pressed her tits sandwiching my cock between her massive globes. I could hear her moaning silently but unconsciously as milk oozed out of her boobs. I was ready to come over her tits, but I was careful not to, as that would be dangerous. I wore my shorts and placed my arm under her neck as if I was trying to lift her so that it would seem natural if she awoke. I got her into sitting position with my leg bent behind her for support. I thought of taking her back home but my dick shouted NO!!!! My dick came out from my shorts and was very close to her lips in that position. I thought id try something else. Her mouth was slightly open so I gently inserted my dick into her mouth. Her head was on my lap and I had to press her cheeks slightly to get my dick inside. I moved in and out slowly till I couldn’t control and then wrapped my dick with her silky gown, bent down to kiss her as I came. I just hoped she would not notice the stain in the morning.

I got her into standing position and bent my legs a little to lift her up. The top of her gown was open and her tits were hanging in front of my lips. My dick was still hard so I got it out and lifted her gown while I was carrying her. I placed my dickhead on her slit so that it slid across her pussy as I carried her and also took her tit in my mouth. I took her to her place and saw her kid peacefully sleeping. I knew that her hubby was out of town. I placed her ass on the bed and leaned forward to make her lie down. Her legs were on either side of my hips and when I leaned forward, my dick went straight into her pussy, which was ohh sooooooo wet!!!!!! It took me a moment to realize what had happened and I stood still, marveling at the way her pussy had accepted my horny tool. She looked like the goddess of love with her long silky hair strewn all over and the moon shining over her half naked form with my dick embedded into her wet hole. I wished I could capture this scene and I reluctantly took out my dick, ran home to get my handy cam. I wanted to make the best of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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During the next three hours I captured her on camera in various positions and she only moaned a couple of times. Boy was she knocked out. I was really making love to this angel who I had only fantasized about. After cumming again over her tits (I am really obsessed with tits) lips, ass and in her sweet pussy, I took her panty which was lying nearby and gave her a sponge. Then I buttoned up her gown, kissed her lovingly on her forehead and I left for home. It was nearly 4.30 am now. I smoked a cigarette and hoped that I wouldn’t get caught. Anyway I saw her in the morning and she looked like a freshly fucked bride with the rays of the morning sun highlighting her hair and her body. As usual I ogled at her tits which were on display. She came over to me and said she was not feeling well. She had a strange feeling but she did not say more.

Now the taste of the forbidden fruit began to bring out the devil in me. I wanted to have this pussy for breakfast lunch and dinner as well. After a week I went to a public phone and gave her a crank call. I told her that I was a business rival of her hubby and had seen her and wanted to fuck her. She slammed the phone down on me. She seemed upset when I met her but didn’t say anything. This went on for 4 days till I told her that I had hired detectives and secretly shot her in the nude and to prove it I would send her one snap. This got her really upset and when I met her she couldn’t explain to me what was going on. She had never encountered such a situation. The next night I slipped one snap under her door and called her in the morning. She was sobbing. I told her that if she wanted the snaps back she would have to meet me in the passage of the flat, wearing only a nightgown with all the buttons undone. She refused as she knew that I normally come home late and was scared that I would see her. I said nothing doing and she finally agreed to meet her hubby’s so-called rival who was threatening her. When I went up that night I saw her standing with her gown open. It was dark and she couldn’t recognize me. She thought it was the man who was blackmailing her.

"please hurry up and do what you have to as I don’t want anyone to see me like this!!" she said

This was the line I was waiting for and went up to her and said "Bhabhiji what are you doing here in this state?"

she recognized me and didn’t know what to say. She was totally confused.

I said “Oh so you were waiting for someone I suppose?”. “Cant be your husband cause he is out of town!”

“Yeess…..nooo.. I…i….mean ……..!” she stammerred

Her gown was still open and she started blabbering about someone threatening her.

“Don’t hide it Saroj!” I said. It was the first time I had called her by name!

I told her that she was just trying to cover it up as she was caught. I refused to believe her and she came into my arms crying bitterly. Her tits were pressing against my chest and my dick was rubbing against her thigh. I ran my fingers through her hair and gently kissed her eyes. I put one hand inside her gown and held her close to me feeling her body trembling.

I said "its ok sweetheart, you have your needs to be taken care of and you are bound to go to someone if you don’t get it from your husband."

She didn’t know what to say but just kept quiet as she didn’t have any option. She was willing to play my game. I told her that she didn’t need to go elsewhere as I was always there for her. I praised her beautiful figure and she slowly relaxed. I walked her to her flat with her gown open and that gave her a thrill. It turned her on knowing that we could get caught. I told her I wanted to please and satisfy her. I took off her gown and took of my clothes as well and she dutifully lifted the clothes and carried them inside her flat. She bent over to fold them and I went behind her and placed my dick on her ass and started rubbing it. I reached out in front to hold her tits. The thrill of doing all this with her consent was too good to be true. There was no tension and no worry of being caught lusting after this gorgeous woman or jerking off on her clothes. I lay her on the bed and dove down to the gates of heaven. She was in ecstasy when I licked her clit. I teased her for a few minutes till she pressed my face to her crotch and begged me not to stop. This was the first time someone licked her clit. With her hubby it was just wham bam thank-you ma’am. She began moaning softly blabbering something about how good it felt. She then tightened her legs around my head and came violently. I ran my dick over her tummy, then her tits, till it was at her lips. She refused to suck me off as she had never done it before. I told her to close her eyes and relax. She never knew that she had unknowingly blown me before! Soon my dick was in her mouth. She gagged a bit but then it was ok. She went on to give me the best blowjob of my life. She even drank my cum. I was in no hurry to get over with it so I positioned myself at the entrance of her wet pussy and slowly slid it in. this was even better than before! I could feel her cunt gripping my dick as I lay on her. I wanted this to be a fuck she would always remember so I hugged her and whispered sweet nothings into her ear while licking it. At the same time I was gently stroking her pussy with my dick and I had my hands full with her boobs. We fucked for half an hour building up our passions to frenzy. I had to kiss her lips to prevent anyone from hearing her moans. We hugged each other and simultaneously had an earth shattering orgasm.

I lay upon her, both of us sweating, we didn’t move for a few minutes. She told me that this was even better than her wedding night. Since she was not a virgin she offered me her virgin asshole! I couldn’t believe my luck! This shy, conservative housewife was turning into a wildcat! I wet her asshole with the cum from her cunt and slowly but easily slid into her tight asshole! We lay side by side like spoons and I grabbed her breast while slow fucking her rump, which I had always admired. I was nibbling at her neck and inhaling the sweet smell of her hair, till I started to feel my balls about to burst. I came in her and we just lay there till my dick plopped out of her asshole. We were drifting off to sleep when we heard her son crying. She just got up nude picked him up and began to breast-feed him while I sucked on another nipple. She then put him to sleep. We had a leisurely shower, soaping each other and getting turned on again. I always wondered how she would look while having a bath and here I was, bending her soapy body down and entering ( ) her slippery cunt from behind. We dried each other and I helped her to bed. After kissing her goodnight, I dressed and went home.

The next morning, she saw me and was ready to run inside. I ran inside after her, caught her and asked what the matter was. To which she said that she had mixed feelings about what happened the night before and wanted to stay away from me. I had my morning hard on ready for this. I ripped open her gown, pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. She started pushing me away and said what we were doing was wrong. I reminded her about her so called affair and by the time she realized it my dick was again inside her wet pussy. Boy was she turned on!! I guess it was just the guilty feeling that was worrying her. I knew it would pass and soon shed be mine forever. I started a slow fucking rhythm while telling her that it was ok and everything was alright. Just as I was about to come the doorbell rang! FUCK!!!!!! Talk about bad timing to get the day started! It was the milkman and the door was open. Fortunately we were in the other room. The milkman was calling out to her and there was I with my dick in her cunt, refusing to let go of her. She yelled at the milkman to wait a moment while I grabbed her tits and slammed into her. Surprisingly the fear of being caught turned he on so much that she came seconds after me. My cum was dripping down her legs while she managed to close a couple of buttons on her gown she grabbed a vessel lying nearby and went to the door, not knowing that the milkman had a clear view of her tits hanging down before him. From my hiding place I could see the poor guy stammer something and try to hide his bulge. He spilt some milk on the floor and with trembling hands gave her the vessel back. Boy I’m sure that he would have a fantastic day ahead of him! When Saroj came back I told her to bend in front of the mirror and she realized what I was getting at. She was ashamed but the thought of unknowingly flashing at the milkman turned her on so much that she dragged me to the bedroom and sat on my dick which was hard again! She was riding me this time and it felt like a totally different woman was fucking me. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise and milked my cream. Now I was sure that all her second thoughts about our new relationship had been flung out of the window.

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:32 am