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Meri pyaari munni  


Hi this is Ozzy back again with another beautiful encounter at my place in Mumbai. This happened to be Munni – my Bhangan – the Jhadoowallii – the beautiful garbage collector. Munni used to come regularly to my building to collect the garbage from each flat.

Munni was young, married, around 22 years, was always clad in a tight salwaar kameez. She used to wear sexy payals. Munni had enormous melons, had a shapely body. Munni’s arse was fantastic, real firm round and tight. She was about 5’4”, the normal woman height, but was dark black in color.

Whenever she used to ring the bell I used to run to the door to give the garbage bin. In fact I used to daily wait for her to ring the bell. Then when Munni used to bend down to pick up the garbage bin, I could see her cleavage and get a full view of her melons. Seeing her melons used to make my pink cock erect. I am a fair well-built guy. Munni used to give me that erotic smile whenever I used to look at her. I also used to give her some money on the quiet whenever no neighbors were looking. Infact Munni used to ring my doorbell last after collecting the neighbor’s garbage.

Whenever I used to be coming from outside in the morning, which I used to do, before Munni came up to my flat, I used to touch her, sometimes caress her arse and Munni used to giggle.

Fate was with me, as suddenly my folks went to the native place for a month and I was left all alone at home. I used to leave for office around 10am. The next day before Munni came to collect the garbage I pulled my 29” TV near the main door and put a VCD from my collection, which I have quite a bit. It was a desi pornographic CD with an Indian Maharashtrian girl being fucked by two men. I kept the volume low and then the doorbell rang, Munni was standing for the garbage; I opened the door and kept it ajar and went to fetch the dustbin. When I came back Munni was staring at the TV, watching this fucking movie. The scene was that this girl was sitting on top of the man with his cock inside her and she was sucking the other man’s cock. As Munni bend down to pick up the garbage bin my hands caught her hand and as usual Munni giggled, this time she shoved her tongue at me. I pulled Munni closer to me; her eyes were glued on the TV screen. Munni slowly freed her hand. I asked Munni “Aa na Munni andar.” Munni told me “Abhi nahi… main adha gantha mein aauingee maagar paaisa layungiii Rs.200/-” I was in my lungi, which was already like a tent with my cock protruding and trying to tear my lungi. I was getting horny. I trembled and said “Munni paaisa doonga magar jaldi aana…”

At around half an hour later the doorbell rang and there she was, Munni standing at the door. I quickly opened the door and Munni came in and I shut the door. Munni was wearing a White Salwaar Kameez. As soon as I shut the door I guided her to my bedroom. Munni walked sensuously to the bedroom swaying her buttocks.

Once inside the bedroom I gave her the required cash and pulled Munni towards my arms. I started licking her ears, kissing her neck and then kissed her and shoved my pink tongue inside her black sexy mouth. I slowly turned her around and unhooked her salwaar and pulled it out. Munni in turn started removing my T-Shirt. Munni was wearing a peach color bra and then I slowly bent down and kissed her navel and with my teeth unhook her pyjama. Her pyjama became loose and fell on the floor. Munni was wearing a matching panty. Munni told me to stand up and she pulled my lungi down. I was not wearing underwear and my pink cock jumped out free. Munni looked at my bald pink cock and let out a sigh “Saheb …. Kitna sundar lauda….” Munni put her hand down and started caressing my cock. In the meantime I unhooked her bra and her enormous melons were free, I bent down and started licking Munni’s fat nipples, squeezing her breast. Munni left a slight moan. Then I slowly laid her on the bed and with my tongue rolling down her stomach, caught her panty with my teeth, then rolled my mouth over her panty and started nibbling at the cunt with her panty still intact. Munni was now slowly breathing heavily. I slowly inserted my finger thru’ her panty into her cunt. Munni was already moist, hot and wet. I then removed my finger, which was wet, and slowly shoved my tongue inside her cunt. Munni arched her body and ejaculated.

I slowly turned around and put my legs between Munni’s face while I lay on top of her with my head between her legs – a 69 position. Munni slowly started licking my thighs, sucking my balls then slowly held my cock in both of her hands and started running her dark pink tongue on my supari – cock head. I was also moaning. Then Munni ran her tongue down to the base of my cock and back to my supari. Then slowly Munni took my cock inside her mouth. Here in turn, I pulled her panty with my teeth and removed the same. Munni had a perfect black body, her cunt was hairy and the aroma was really fantastic. I ran my tongue from the base to the top of her cunt. I started finger fucking her while I nibbled at the clitoris. Munni buckled and shot her cum on my tongue. Mmm… her cunt tasted so beautiful.

I now got up and inserted a cock ring, which I had got from USA, on the base of my supari. The cock ring was made of leather, which had artificial hair around the rim. I had to rinse this cock ring in a pan of hot water for a minute and then the cock ring would slacken and I then slide this ring over my cock head then this cock ring which tighten over my hard erect cock.

I now slid my bald hairy-ringed cock inside my Bhanghan – Munni’s hairy black cunt, Munni started screaming “Ozzy Saheeeeb, ahhhhh chood mujhe. Chood mujheeeee. Kyan khubsuraat hai saheeb aapkaaa lund. Joor se chood saheeeb” I was also screaming.” Munni mereeee pyaarii bhangan majaa aahaa gayee meri kali bhangaaan kya choot hai tera kya sundar hai tera choot chooooossseee mera safeed launda.” Munni started ejaculating.” Ozzy Sahebbb mai tera lauda paar paani chhoodta.” She held me tight, her fingernails started scratching my back as she buckled and started ejaculating. Munni put her mouth on my nipple and started biting them. I screamed”Munni kaat mera nipple phaad de.” I kept shoving my hard pink ringed cock inside her sagging, hot cunt. My hard cock was dripping with Munni’s Malai…

I removed my hard cock and again went down and spread her legs and shoved my tongue inside Munni’s hairy black cunt. I again started licking her wet cunt. Munni screamed…” Ozzy saheeb goosaaa teraa jeebbb merraa chuuuut mae…eeee.” And again exploded with her cum inside my mouth. I did not stop but kept tongue-fucking my beautiful Bhangaaan Munnii. I lifted her thighs and licked her from her anus hole to her cunt, kept repeating this and she kept screaming, “Ozzy saheb, chhaat meraa chooott ghusaaaa Teraa mera gaaaand meeee” and again Munni ejaculated.

Now I screamed “Munni mera upppaar chhhadoooo.” Munni climbed on top of me, put her legs apart and guided my pink bald cock inside her hairy wet, hot chooot. Munni kept screaming “Saheb chood mujhe kitna mootha, safeed lauda hai.” Munni kept moving up and down, my cock moving in and out of her hot lava cunt. I bent down and took her black hard nipple in my mouth. Munni kept screaming… I could not hold on much longer. My cock was bloated and my balls were getting tighter. I said”Munni chuuuusssse mujhee paaaani nikalna wali. Hai.” Munni like a true slave slid down and went to my hard cock and took my entire cock inside her mouth. I screamed and screamed and suddenly both Munni’s and my body started arching and getting tight and I ejaculated inside her black moist hot mouth. Munni’s black face also had my hot white cum and she bent down and took my balls in her mouth, then went back to my ejaculated cock and licked all my cum. I kept moaning.

Both Munni, my black bhangaan and I, the fair whitish guy lay on the bed holding each other for some time. After a few minutes of hugging Munni, my pink bald cock was slowly rising. Munni was fondling my cock, running her black fingers over my cock. I now removed the 6inches vibrator and spreading Munni’s legs slowly started the black vibrator. Munni looked with amazement and said “Ozzy Saheb…..yeh kya khilona hai….” I told Munni “Yeh aapke leya, yahii badi auraaatoo ka choot ka khilona hai…nakli lauda….” And shoved the vibrating vibrator inside her moist hairy cunt. Munni squeaked with delight. The vibrator was humming and I slowly kept inserting in and out of Munni. Munni arched her back and kept ejaculating. I removed the running vibrator and shoved my tongue back inside her wet, warm cunt. I kept licking all her cum.

Now I pulled and parted both Munni’s black thighs and started licking her cunt and then the crack between her cunt and arse hole and then plunged my tongue inside her black tight arsehole. Munni screamed with joy. Suddenly I felt Munni caressing my buttocks. Munni pulled my arse towards her and I obliged by sitting upright so that my arse hole was facing her mouth. She parted by arse and shoved her finger and started moving her finger in and out of my arse, and then she inserted two fingers inside my arse. It was fantastic feeling of Munni’s finger fucking my arse. Then Munni removed her fingers and started licking them saying ….” Saheb….Saheb…. Aapka gaand….kya swadish kai, kya gaand hai Saheb…” Saying this she again parted my buttocks and shoved her dark pink glistening moist soft tongue inside by arse hole. I started screaming telling…” Munni…oh Meri Munni… chat mera gaand…. Kali Munni, meri pyaari Muunii…. Maaza aah raha hai. Then slowly I applied some Johnson baby oil on the vibrator and gave it to Munni and slowly with the vibrator on and humming she slowly shoved it in my arse hole and at the same time she started licking my balls, sometimes taking each ball in her sexy mouth. The vibrator was going in and out of my arse. I had never done this before and it felt really nice and I was moaning. I then bent down and started licking Munni’s black thighs and again parted her thighs and tongue-fucking Munni. Munni buckled and started moaning. Infact both were moaning and panting. Munni removed the vibrator from my arse and shoved her tongue deep inside my arse hole.

I now told Munni that I want to fuck her “Man-On “position, the “Kerala Women’s favourite”. I lay down flat on my back with my pink bald cock throbbing erect and Munni parted her black thighs and guided my cock inside her hot furnace cunt. Munni gave out a moan” Aah….Aah…..”I slowly started arching my body shoving my cock inside her cunt and Munni responded by moving up and down. We both were fucking in a rhythmically way. I pulled her down and started kissing her, shoving my tongue inside Munni’s mouth. Then took her black nipple, which was hard and erect, in my mouth, sucking it. Caught hold of her breasts and started kneading it. Munni screamed and started ejaculating over my bald cock. She held me tightly and started nibbling my ear lobes. I started moaning telling “Munni…Munni…Mera abhi…..paanii….chootne wala hai jaldi se lauda mooha mai lai Munni…. Munni responded. She got up and turned herself in a 69 position and took my hard rock cock inside her mouth while shoving her black cunt towards my mouth. I started licking her hairy cunt. I moaned and trembled, at the same time Munni started biting my cock head. “Ugh…Ugh…..” I moaned and started ejaculating inside her. Munni shoved her hot cunt on my face and started cuming. I licked her cum and we both arched our bodies. Munni ran her moist tongue down my shaft licking the cum, shoved her mouth and sucked my cock dry of my hot cum moaning

“Saheb… aaah… mmmm” while I kept panting “Muuniii… Munni…. Chooossee mera lund….aahh…chhhat mera andwa maaza aaaraha hai Munni…

Then we got up and Munni giggled “Saheb…jaana hai…jhaadoo maarnee…” I caught her and pulled her close to me and kissed her shoving my tongue inside her then bent down and started sucking her breast while my hands squeezed her black sexy buttocks. I told her moaning “Munni ….mera safeed lauda lekar jhaadoo maar na …” Munni said moaning…” Saheb tera mast lauda se me jhaadoo marungee magar mera choot mai hee marungee…”

Then I told Munni” chaal jaldi se naaha leange” and both of us nanga, Munni black sexy fleshy body and I fair whitish, well-built guy. I put the shower and slowly Munni started holding my cock moving her fingers over my lund. My cock started getting erect. I started licking her ears and shoving my tongue inside her ears, then licked her breast, shoved my tongue and licked her hairy armpit. Munni slowly held me around my neck and lifted her legs and my erect pink hard bald cock went inside her cunt. Munni wrapped her legs around me and we started fucking in a standing position. I pushed her towards the bathroom wall and kept moving in and out of her black hairy cunt. She rested her mouth against my chest with saliva flowing down from her mouth as she was panting and moaning. My hands were holding her black buttocks while moving my cock in and out of her moist hot cunt. Suddenly we both trembled and Munni moaned “Uughaa… Ughaa…” and bit my nipple and started ejaculating. I also moaned and squeezing her buttocks tightly screamed”Munni… Munni…” and shot my hot malai deep inside her.

Now Munni does have that glow in her whenever she comes to pick up garbage. She is now 5months pregnant, our child, and our secret. She told me that she wanted a child from me. Munni looks even sexier with her pregnant looks and I am waiting to fuck Pregnant Munni very soon and this makes my bald cock erect.

In case any women, especially the black ones, bhabhis, widows, ayahs, maid servants, nuns, nurses, waitress, air-hostess or she-males (I am eagerly waiting to fuck one) wants to have my bald and beautiful cock can contact me

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