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Meri Punjabi Bhabhi  

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My name is Sameer and I am 26 years old.this incident happened when a month back, there was a newly married couple in our neighborhood, the guy was in Army,

we all called him Kulwant Bhaiya, and his newly married wife bhabhi, We were the only people with phone in our whole neighborhood, and people used to get their important calls over our home, and I would call them for the phone.

Kulwant Bhaiya spent some 2 months there and then left for his Army job, leaving his wife alone there. I always got along with bhabhi, as she used to ask me to buy her things from the market like sugar, flour etc.

One day Kulwant bhaiya called for her and asked me to call her so that he can call back in 15 minutes. I went to her home to call her and as usual, I never knocked at the door and went straight inside from the side door because I knew

that she never closes the side door for the air purposes, in the hot weather. I just went inside and was stunned to see that seen. She was standing in front of the TV all naked and a XXX movie was on. She saw me at the door and got puzzled what to do?

Now she started to find some cloth to cover her, she didn’t have any cloth so she picked up the cover of the sofa, and covered herself. She said in a freighting voice “Kya chahiye?” I said nothing more than ” telephone for you” and ran home.

She came after 5 minutes and answered the phone and before leaving for her home, she said to me ” sam., Mere paas aao, Mujhe kuch samaan la ke do market se please.” I was scared and was afraid if she will tell my parents or someone else about what I saw…

So I went with her to her place and She handed me some money and asked me to buy some Chocolates from the market. I returned from the market with chocolates and the change and gave them to her, she refused to take the stuff,

she said that this chocolate is for me and I can also keep the change, I was happy but still scared from the earlier act. She asked me ” sam, ek baat puchoon?” I said ” Haan pucho” She said ” Jo kuch tumne dekha, kisi se kahoge to nahin”

I said “Nahin bilkul bhi nahin, Muhe to darr tha ke aap kisi se kah dogi” She said “pagal ho kya? Main kisi se kyon kahoongi? Vaise tumne kya dekha?” I said ” Maine sab kuch dekha” Now she started asking me what exactly did I see,

and made me say every thing I said “maine aapke boobs dekhe the. She said ” aur kya kya dekha?” I said “aur aapki who dekhi” she said ” who kya dekhi?” I said “who aapki nighty ke ander hai who dekhi” she said don’t be shy,

did you see my “choot” I was surprised to hear that but at the same time, I was all aroused, she was able to point my prick getting big in my shorts. Now she started looking in my eyes held my shoulder with her one hand and said “jo kuch tumne dekha kya tumhen achha laga?”

I had no answer to it although I was dying to say yes. She asked me again, so I answered yes, now she asked me if I wanted to see it again, I said nothing but she got the idea that I do want to see it. She said if I don’t tell anybody about us two,

she will teach me a lot of things, I said ok. Now she took me into her living room, and started the XXX movie again, I was so hot to see it and just touched her shoulder, she said don’t worry, I will show you my body now, and with this she hugged me

and I felt her breasts pressing against my chest she felt my Dick on the front of her, I was moving my hand all around her back and moved towards her breasts. Now my one hand had her one breast in it, I was not able to look into her eyes and was looking down,

She said have you ever kissed any girl ? I said no, she said let me teach you the kiss and with this, she started kissing my lips. Now we were kissing hard and started removing our clothes at the same time. In minutes we were naked and I pushed her on the sofa,

and climbed on top of her, she said that my body was hot, I sucked her nipples for few minutes and now she said, come on Divakar ” bedroom mein chalte hain” We went to the bedroom and she opened the drawer and took out a pack of condoms,

and gave me one, I put on the condom and now I had no patience, I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her, she spread her legs and opened her choot for my dick to enter, I slid my dick in and I was in a different world now.

Such a beautiful woman was in a bed with me… I was about to come and told her that I am on a climax, she said don’t worry and come inside as I already had a condom on. I came inside, the moment I came inside her, she held me so tight from my arms,

that I could see her finger printed on my arms. We did it about 3 times and she said that I can come to her whenever I feel like doing it. We continued doing it for about 3 months till her husband came back and after that she moved with her husband.

Posted : 13/08/2020 10:08 am