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Meri pehli chudai at 20  


Dear friends, i am 27 years old married women who had sex experience at age of 20 when i was alone at home with my younger brother who is 4 years younger than me.we were alone at house from 2 days and would remain for one week as our parents were gone abroad with my older sister for her admissions in UK.those were days of extreme cold and second night my brother karan– asked me if he could sleep with me on my bed as he is feeling lonely and scared. I said ok but told him to take seperate blanket as i sleep with only panty and no other thing. He said ok. He also used to used to sleep naked in his bedroom. This thing i knew because i find him naked every day when i go to awake him in morning moreover we all ( i.e. My mom, dad and we children ) are used to change clothes —— even undergarments in front of each other. That night i woke up at around 11.30pm and find him shivering in one plain bed sheet. I lightened up room and said ,’
Where is your blanket?’ he said it got wet when i drank water and he had no courage to go to other room to get other blanket. I said ok come in my blanket. We were both naked and slept hugging each other whole night. Other day was Sunday! When i woke yup i saw him awakened and his Lund was in full flow! I said what are u thinking ? He said sister u are amazing! Can i fuck u? Look at my penis it is dying to fuck u in ur mouth and pussy…I was amazed to see his courage to propose me but i felt little thirsty to suck his Lund so i drew off my panty too and begin sucking his penis. After sucking for 30 min. I said please bhaiya! Now fuck me hard. He first sucked my breasts and then took jam and pull over whole body over me and then sucked my whole body then started biting my pussy! After all those pre activities he fucked me hard three times and we slept naked for 6 hours that day! When i woke up he gave me food . We both ate it and again started doing sex. We had dozens of times sex in whole week and i enjoyed that very much next story next date bye

Posted : 21/06/2011 8:39 pm