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Meri Galti pe huyi Maa ki Chudai  

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My mom is 46, she’s health, white and has really a nice figure compared to other Indian woman.
She’s slimmer than most Indian woman.
She’s got nice milky white cups on her chest.
She’s got the biggest ass you can imagine in an Indian woman. I always appreciate her decency outside our home.

One evening I was coming home from my classes which end by 7.45pm. I skipped a road signal in which I was about to get into an accident, as the police station was just on road. They saw me.

They immediately stopped me and took into custody. They wanted around 2500rs for penalty as I broke the rules. I said I don’t have enough money they started abusing me. There were 3 police men. They started to hold my collar. I asked Kom if she could convince police to leave me. She talked with them, as soon as the phone got finished, they said bring out the bike. They told me to go home and they’ll follow.

They told me “your mom will give us the money we’re coming home to take it” I was relaxed when I heard this. So they followed me home. My mom opened the door. They immediately crossed me and they entered home without even asking.

They started complaining about me. I was really embarrassed. My mom was a shy woman. She wore a shalwar kamiz that night and it was pretty decent. Still I could see one of the black. Police man laid his eyes on her. I could see it. But I didn’t do anything as I was scared myself. My mom was wearing a sort of dupatta on her head. I was able to see the lust in those ugly police men for my beautiful mom. They asked for money, but mom said she doesn’t have enough cash at home. That angered the men even more.

My mom was hopeless, they started abusing my Mom too. I was angry, but I couldn’t help as it was late too. They asked her how can she repay them. Mom said she’ll do anything for them to leave her son alone. That asked her if she drinks.

As any woman she immediately said no, so they asked me to bring a full file of rum and chakna. My mom got angry, as I Don’t drink, they gave me money. I went outside and I was very nervous for what might happen when I’m not there. To my surprise, when I returned they were laughing and enjoying the time. They gave my mom 4 peg of rum, she never drank before. She was out of control in just 30 minutes.

Afterwards the police men started appreciating her beauty. She acknowledged it and said thank you officer in a very slutty way. I knew that my mom was hungry for sex as my dad only used to come once every year only for a few days. That made me worried, they even got me high on 2 peg, but those 3 men were alright as if they do it every day, they started smoking bidi and gave my mom too, by this time her dupatta fell off. She was talking vulgar with them. This is where I started to feel little numb as I don’t drink too.

They started touching my mom, afterwards as I learned one of them was “Ramanuj” 2nd man was “Pritam” and last one was “Prabhat”. They started kissing my hot white mom on her body and on her lips. They undressed her.

There I saw myhijabi mom in her bra and underwear in front of me. She was enjoying it. They were all blacks with fat tummy and ugly faces, while my mom was fully white and beautiful, they went wild on my mom saying “you’re a whore, now I will fuck a whore with my dick” said ramunuj. That scared me off, but my mom was enjoying their anti-comments. They all were pure Marathi while my cute mom was a conservative woman. They tore her bra into two with their muscles, they made her kneel down and such their uncircumcised black long dicks at once in front of her son. I was watching it all but min didn’t care, she sucked their dicks like a vacuum cleaner.

Then they made my mom do ugliest things in different positions in front of me. They made her suck their Assholes in front of me. She enjoyed it. They were saying “fuck you youslut” my mom oh she was all red after fucking all of the dicks all night long. They all moan like hell all night. I was amazed to see my shameless mother fuck some dicks for money like so less. She was screaming “fuck your whore” I was so embarrassed but I started enjoying it in a few hours as i realized my. Mom really. Needed it.

They cumshot on my mom’s breast and she licked every bit and drank all the sperms. They fucked her 3 holes at once, it was just another thing to watch mom really in the motion of sex with men.

Afterwards she was addicted to drinking. Those police men always came here to have sex with my mom. Sometimes she did fuck all 3 men, and sometimes they used to come and fuck her while she’s praying

She’s now their little white whore. Now even my mom craves for this dicks. They make dirty comments while having sex. I was shocked myself to see what my mom does to herself, they fuck her armpits too. Her armpits were always wet and always fresh and smelly.

Posted : 10/09/2020 10:17 pm