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Meri bajuwali Aunty  


Hi all the readers of this site.My name is Ashutosh & want to share a
real life experience with all you guys out there.This happened 2-3
weeks back.I have a couple as my neighbour.This included a beautiful
aunty named Richa.She was 10 years older than me.She was around 30.I
was 20.But she was one helluva sexy lady.She was tall,had a really
sexy figure of around 36-26-38.She had niceround ass & big firm
boobs.which used to hang out of her Salwar.She always used to wear a
salwar kameez & just looking at her made me horny.She also had a long
hair right upto her waist.I always used to fantasize about her.We
were good freinds & they were freindly neighbours.Some time back
trouble erupted between the relationship as they were m! arried for 2
years but didn't have a child.Both doubted each other & hence trouble

I got my golden chance one evening.Nobody was at home.I was all alone
at my home.She was alone too & was watching t.v. at her home.Her
husband used to come late at night after work.Suddenly she called
me,"Ashu, pls. help me,My tools are in the upper deck,will you come &
take it down for me with the help of the stool."I replied,"Sure Richa
aunty,I am coming".I locked the door & went to her apartment.I stood
on the stool & asked where was the tool box.Suddenly I saw that she
locked her door & gave me a smile.I ignored & asked her again where
was the tool box.She came near me & replied,"You have got it right
here" I didn't understand what she was saying.

Suddenly she touched my dick.I got a shiver! down my spine & quickly
jumped down from the stool.I shouted,"What r u doing Richa Aunty?I am
ur neighbour & u are a married woman"She said ,"Just Shut up.I want
to just have fun with you.'She continued,"I am an Unsatisfied woman &
u are just the man who can satisfy me,SEXUALLY"I got scared &
said"but" She said,"Now if u speak a word,I will scream and say to
eveybody that u have come here to rape me.Then she held my hand &
took me to the bedroom.

There she locked the door & pushed me to bed.Then she took her
Duppata down& I could see her boobs to a good extent.She saw that my
eyes fell on her boobs,She Said"Now what do you think?" I replied " I
cannot control myself Aunty" She said 'Now thats like a good boy,Come
on lets enjoy& don't call me aunty,Call me richa"Then she unzipped my
pants & took my dick out.She said"You got quite a large dick"I said
just Suck it Richa"She took it into her mouth & began to milk it with
her juicy lips.She bagan to suck it madly.I replied "Richa u r just
too good.I want to take off ur clothes & play with ur silky hair.She
replied"With pleasure Darling.I am all yours,Just make me sweat with
Pain."Hearing this I couldn't stop myself>I we! nt up & gave her
boobs a nice squeeze & undid her hair.It came falling down in my face
& i began to play with her hair.She was in pleasure & said "Aur Daba
mere bowl ko,Mujhe nanga karke chod."Hearing this I began to undress
her.I took off her dress & tore off her Bra & panty.She
said,"Haan,bas ab mujhe chod,Mujhse aur control nahin hota."

Then I pushed her to bed & began to lick her pussy & squeezed her
boobs.She was screaming,"Haan aur zor se daba,Mere chut ko
chaat,Mujhe dard pasand hain,Mujhe apna cheek nikalna hain,Mere chut
ko chat.Mere chut me apna ungli daal,Mere chut se cheek nikal"I
baegan to lick her wildly after sometime she came on my face.I bagan
to lick her juices.She said"Bas ab aur nahin hota Mujhse,Apna land
ghusa mere under aur chod mujhe.Tere itna bada khamba mere under daal
aur mere chut ko aaram de."I did just that & began too fuck her.

She was screaming
chod mujhe,mere chut ko phaad daal.Aise hi chod mujhe,Aur dard de
mere ko,Mere aur under daal tere land ko,Phaad daal mujhe,Mere ko
tera hi baccha chahiye,mera pati namard hai,woh muhe kabhi aisa nahin
chodta hai, Chod mujhe ,dard d! e mereko ko ,mere chut ko phaad
daal"Hearing this made me more horny.After sometime,I screamed "Richa
mera cheek nikalne wala hai,Mare land ko chus"She said"Mujhe tere
land ka sara pani mere muh ke undre chahiye,Main iske liye pyasi
hoon"After some second I cummed on her mouth,She drank each &
everydrop of it & gave me a big kiss.We kissed passionately for half
an hour.Then she took me in her arms, & said"You gave me the time of
my life,Itna achha chudai mere do saal ke shaadi me nahin hui hai.Aaj
se tu mera pati hai,Main teri biwi hoon,Main teri raand bankar
rahoongi,trei rakhel bankar rahoongi,Jab tera jee chahega mujhe aake
chod ke jana aur jitna ho sake dard dena,Ye dard mere liye aaram
hai,Mera chut pe tera naam hoga,Mera pati bas ek gair mard jaisa
hoga.tu hi mera asli pati hai aur jab chahe aakar chod kar jaana.Yeh
tera Jism hai."After that we fucked many a times.We even married
secretly & had a suhaag raat with her.She is one hell off a prost!

Posted : 01/10/2011 5:25 am