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Meera ko Choda  


Hi guys, this is a story of how I seduced my neighbor who is a married women, well I’m sandy from bhavnagar, age 24- good looking. Next to my house stayed an bengali couple- the husband(Supratim) & wife(Trina) of age 34 & 29 resp.he works in a private company & travels a lot. The wife is a beautiful women, cute & sexy- 34-29-36. But never I saw her in a wrong way until things changed. I used to visit their home regularly & play with their 2 year old kid.& was friendly with both of them, but the wife doesn’t talk much.but as time passed she too changed. One day whaen i was playing with their kid , i heard some unuszsual sound from their bedroom & i know the Supratim is going for a long trip. I tried to listen to the noise- it was uhh, please not now, some moans by Trina.

I peeped thru the window & saw a very erotic seen. Supratim was kissing Trinas navel, & she was in a saree but the pallu was felt down. The sight of her boobs with just her blouse aroused me & she was moaning in pleasure as Supratim kept on sucking her navel. Then after some time they came out. After this whenevr i saw Trina, i became hot. I kept on masturbating thinking of her sexy body. After this, i satrted being at their for most of the day & she was very friendly with me as her son liked me much. 1 day we palnned to go to plaza & in the bus i pressed my dick nicely on her asss as if it aciident, sometimes i even brushed my hand in her hips as the bus was crowded. That day i was really hot. I decide to seduce her today. As her was tired, he slept very early . Myself & Trina were talking for a long time. That day she wore a black saree with black blouse which was damn sexy to her. Iwas planning how to start the things. Then she started cooking, & i touched then & there accidentally as if i was helping her in coooking. We had dinnerthen & iwas feeling nervous, hot how to fuck this sexy women..

Then luck was on my favor-Trina came with a cupsets which we bought today in the market & told that she wants to keep it in the topshelf. Then i said ok Trina, she put a stool in front of the cupboard & asked me to stand on it & place the cups. But i quickly decided my plan, i refused to her idea & advided it ‘ll be easy for her to keep the cups & i can hold the stool till then. My gorgeous sexy god then stood on the stool,and treid to keeop the cups . That time , i was able to see her big boobs from down with the blouse. It made me hot & i wanted tio suckthem, squeeze them. I then saw her deeep beautiful navel which was visble as she tried to reach the top. I couldnt control myself. I kept my face near to her ass & breathed heavily & it was hot.she sensed that. Then i placed my hands on her waist to help her to come down.while doing so, i insertedmy finger in her navel as if it was accident & kept my body very close to her so that i can feel her boobs on my chest when she comes down.i guess she also became a bit hot as she was very close to a guy other than her hubby. After getting down, she tried to leave, but i didnt leave her. Instead i said, Trina u r very beautiful & sexy, she was very shocked to hear this. But meanwhile i hugged her around herwaist. She started shouting, sandy what r u doing, but i started kissing ion her face, neck lips, i didnt listen to her shouts, but i was getting more & more fast. I just came down & kissed on deep navel.

She started saying, please sandy stop this, this is not right, i’m married. But i didnt listen. She satrterd pleading, pleaaaseee sandyyy, i’m maarrrried , i dont want to cheaaaat myyy hubbby. But when she was saying this, her hands were not protesting as before-. I sensed that i’m turning her down. I said- Trina, ur sexy & pushed her to the wall, locked her hands with mine on the wall , with my legs i saeparated her legs and pressed my dick on her thigh & made her to sense my dick. Meanwhile, i was kissing herboobs after remoivng her pallu with my teeeth. There is the glorius moment , i wished , my sexy girl infront of me without pallu.i pressed her boobs with my cheeks,and she moaned , pleeeeeeeasssseee- sandaay, don”tt dooo thisss, i’mmm married , & she was struggling for words. I know she is completely under my control, but doesn’t weant to cheat her hubby. I sarted to suck her boobs with the blouse & bra. She now started moaningg , likeuhhhh, vinaay math kar, dontttt, my kid might wake up. I said – dont worry Trina, he is sleeping. Now i pressed my chest on her breast. & kissed her neck, licked her face. I tried to opened her blouse, but she refused. Then to agian induce her sex mood , i feircely started sucking her navel like a mad man. She satrted screming in pain, pleeeeeaassee vinaaay, uffff, pleaseee dontt, do thisssss, my hubby may comeeeeee. I said- Trina, dont worry , ur hubby is out of station. & sucked her navel.

Now she was just maoning and pulled my head very closew to her navel and moaned- vinnaaaaaayyyy.igot up& staterd squezzing herboobs with my hands & pressed my hand hardly on her cunt. She left out a cry— ohhhh, vinnayyy, ohhhhhh, plz, i cant doooo thissss & her eyes were closed in pleasure. I told her the, commo0n Trina- i know u dont want to cheat ur hubby, but ur so beutiful that i cant resist. I’ll show u heaven today dear. Then i tore her blouse as i was behaving brutally- she said ohhh, noooo. & i trie dto hide her boobs with hands , i removed them , & opened her bra,,& saw the big bboobs- her nipple was very hard. I sucked her nipple , bite them, & sucked her boobs. She was simply moaning- vinnaaayyyy, common , suck itttt.. I took her full breast in my mouth & sucked them, then i removed hersari completely, her petticoat & panty & saw the cunt which i wwas longing for. She was very shy to be in nude infront of a man other than her hubby, but that made her horny. I just threw her on the bed, spread her thighs & start licking hercunt. She couldn’t bear the pleasure.

She pulled my hair in plesure & was maoning- ahhhhh, cooomn vinnnay, suckkkk it., lick it , vinnnnnay. Then ir realised his hubby never licked her cunt & she was new to this. I just kept on sucking until she exploded her juices, i licked my sexy womens honey.she had an orgasm. Methen i removed my pants, & she was quite shocked to see my huge dick.i brushed my dick on her pusssy. She started begging me, vinnay- commoooon, enter me, fuck meeevinnay, press ur big cock inside me. I asked is this bigger than ur hubbys. She said yes.while she was saying so, i sudeeeenly entered her and screamed in pain- i moaned – triinnnna, & she was screming, plz nooo vinnnayy, be slloooow, it s paining verrry much. Then in another big press, i enterd her fully, she shouted in painn- maaaaaa, then again i gave a jerk, she moaned, ahhhh, again a jerk , she moaned ahhhh, vinnayy, i slowly started hitting her with my dick- & she was moaninng- ahmm, ahhhh, vinnayyy, yesss. Plzz dont stoppp, be fastt, Vinay- u have a huge cock, common, be fasstt.

I beacme faster & she started biting my hands in pleasure. Her legs were locked around my waist & we two were riding fatsly. Finalllly, i fuckkedd her very fats, sjhe was always screaming & i exploded my semen after gaving 4 deeep thrust. Then i kissed her cheeks & said, ur sexy Trina. She hugged me & kissed me. Nowadays, i fuck her too often.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:17 am