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Measuring Mom’s Blouse


It was a cold Friday evening. Mom suggested some shopping. I am also bored. I said “okay mom, get ready we will have dinner outside”. She was lying on my lap after an afternoon cuddle. She was clad only in her see through sleeveless nighty. Nothing underneath. Nowadays she is on minimal cloths inside. It is unpredictable when and where she or I find it time for an intimacy.

She is spontaneous. And she takes advantage of the occasion to satisfy her exhibitionist thirst before the not so frequent beggars, Milk boy, news paper boy or even the maid who comes thrice a week for cleaning jobs. Mom is a hypo allergic person. She is alien to dust. She can’t stand it. So she causes a bulge on the maid’s eyes with her un conventional dress while her son is around.

She took a quick shower. When I entered our room I heard the hair blower grunting. She was plain in her beauty. No clocks at all. She asked me to take the undies from the ward robe. I picked up a black lace Bra and matching skimpy Black boy shorts for her. She wore it. And I clasped the bra in the front. It was front open. She picked a peacock off white faux georgette

Chudidaar and bottle green same fabric Khamiz, wore a pair of silver metallic stilettos put a golden net shawl around her neck. Which did cover anything neither by its nature nor by the way does mom wear it. . I put on my Hanes forest green check classic Boxers, an indigo acid wash Levi’s jeans and a crew neck Calvin Klein grey t shirt, wore my Clarks Loafers. And we are ready.

I took the car from the parking basement. We drove to the city center. Parking the car we strolled around the mall and bought a few dresses. Mom selected a few pair of undies and a black net sari and the matching blouse piece. By 9 we finished the shopping and other entertainments. Mom exhibited her all glory throughout the shopping. A couple of times people were confused about our relationship. Some thought we are married couple. But my age never suggested that she is my wife. So people were confused.

After finishing dinner in a fine restaurant mom suddenly remembered that she didn’t gave the blouse to the tailor. She had a regular tailor nearby home. But maybe she wanted to try someone else. We strolled through the streets. We found a tailoring shop for women. We entered. Two ladies seem to be working there were about to leave when we enter.

Another one at the counter flipping pages of a book looked like accounts or measurements written in it. Mom put the packet before her. By this time the two ladies pushed off saying Good night to the lady at the counter. She replied them and take moms packet. All of them had their eyes glued on Mom’s melon sized titties.

The lady at the counter Greeted Mom.
“Good Evening Mam, how can I help You?”

“Evening!. I need to make my Blouse for this piece”

“Okay Mam, do you have a sample or shall I take your measurements.”

“Oh sorry!, I don’t have a sample. You take it now”Please wait a moment Mam, let me close the shutter half way down, otherwise people will keep coming. we are finished for today. It’s closing time okay , go ahead”

Thank you Mam”
She went to pull the shutter down. In the process, when she raised her hands I saw her medium sized bosoms raise. It was nice!, cute boobs . may be 36 C. Mom pinched on my dick softly. She noticed me staring at the lady’s boobs. I giggled. She was wearing a sandal color Pencil Midi and a Brown color linen shirt.

She wore same color Bra. She was medium built, beautiful lady. Her midi has a slit behind. It caused her inner thighs to show up when she walk. She was whitish fair complexioned. The dress was of course of taste and she conveys an aura of elegance.

She came back and took the tape. She stood before mom a little confused. Mom asked her the reason. She said. “Mam , you have to remove your top. Since it’s Khamiz, the measurement it will be not accurate if I take on this, Mom said “its okay I will remove the top”But Mam the dressing room is already locked and the key is with the ladies went past you when you came here”.

So what?, I can remove it here, since we are the only people here, it’s not a trouble, is it”?But Mam……..” she paused and looked at me. Mom laughed and said he is my Son, he have seen me a plenty, you make sure no one else will enter ”

Okay, then , I will pull the shutter completely down.” She was a little puzzled and went to close the shutter. She pulled it all the way down and latched from inside. She came back. Her jaw dropped at the scene. Mom was clad only in her lace Bra and the skinny semi transparent off white Chudidaar. She gave her Khamiz to me, I threw it to my shoulder and sat there as if nothing happened.

She gasped seeing the enormous boobs my mom has got. She took the tape and started taking the measurements and note it down to the book on the table. After finishing the process, she asked mom whether she would like to see some sample designs to choose from. Mom instantly agreed.
She bought a basket full of blouses. Mom chose a few from them and asked her if she can try it on. The lady agreed. “If the size fits, you can try it Mam!.

She nodded. Mom selected a few of her size and started wearing it. One was a kind of blouse having a very ancient design. They don’t have clasps. Instead they have two extended thin ribbons at the front. You need to tie it like the old fishermen women used to. It was a very sexy piece. Mom complained her it shows off the bra cup. She replied “it is not worn with a bra Ma’m”.

Oh I see ! “Mom removed the blouse. And the next thing Mom did caused the lady draw her jaws and me having a rage in my crotch. She removed her bra. She is naked at the top now. And she wore it. She tied the knot. The lady said
“your bosoms are Big , Ma’m”“Yes, in fact it is too big to carry, I seriously think a reduction surgery.”

Why Ma’m , its sexy “ saying this she rubbed Moms boobs casually. Mom was in the middle of removing the blouse. She had just untied the not when the lady touched her boobs. She left it like that as if she is engaged in the conversation. She started saying her inconveniences due to the larger size and the way people stare at them etc. the woman once again rubbed mom’s titties. And this time she took longer to with draw her hand.

Mom said ”you have a sexy pair too. Only what’s necessary”. Saying this Mom cupped her tits. She glanced at me through the corner of her eyes. I pretended I am looking somewhere else. Mom rested her Palms on the Tit and continued fondling them. Mom knows how to make a woman aroused in a couple of Minutes. She did that magic. When I looked at them, Moms palm was vanished in side her shirt. Two buttons were open. She is cupping and fondling Mom’s boobs now. She seems much Bolder now.

She seems she doesn’t mind my presence. Mom drew her closer. Mom unbuttoned her shirt completely. Now her shirt is hanging at both sides. Mom squeezes her tit above her brown push up bra . she is also squeezing topless mom. I got a stiff Boner. Mom pushed her head down unto her Boobs. Sensing the bid she bent a little and started sucking Mom vigorously. I was wondering how fast mom got her laid.

My boner was struggling inside my boxer. I decided to watch them anyway. Mom removed her chudi bottom and as well as the woman’s shirt mom is only on her very thin boy short. And the woman is in her unclasped hanging bra and Midi. Mom rolled her midi around her belly and started stroking her cunt over the fabric of her panty. She also pushed mom’s boy shorts aside and started fingering mom.

And through the corner of her eyes she looked at me seductively. I think by now she may have sensed that we are an incest couple. She made mom lay on the table, removed her shorts and threw it to my face and started to lick mom’s cunt looking at me. With one hand she also stroked herself. Mom started to moan by now,

I pushed the thin shorts into my mouth and sucked it like a candy. She was more aroused by the act. Without stopping the licks she bent her hands backwards and unzipped her midi. And removed it. She ran her finger thru her arse. I just stood up and went towards her. I sat behind her arched body and started licking her arse and cunt. She moaned.

I continued. A few minutes passed. Now moans of both ladies became louder.
I sensed her pelvic muscles are writhing. I knew she is about to cum. I expected her coming increased the motion of my tong. After a couple of minutes she came in my mouth. With loud gasps. My Mo looked up and saw me behind her. She winked at me and giggled. She laid her head on moms crotch like that for some time.

Mom kept patting her head and hair. After a couple of minutes she stood up. And kissed me. Mom told her: he did you a favor. Now It’s your turn to return it she laughed and knelt before me. Undid the button of my jeans and unzip the fly. Pulled the jeans half way down. And took the soldier standing in attention through the fly hole of my boxer. She massaged him with her eyes before gulping him.

He vanished in her mouth. she deep throated my entire length. After a few minutes I pulled it back and asked her to lie on the table. She laid and I pulled her legs wide and kept those on my shoulders and slowly entered her. She sighed ahhhh……zzzzhhhh……”I started slow strokes. Mom sat on her face. And she worked on mom’s cunt with her tong. A little later she started replying my strokes. We brought it into a rhythm. We fucked hard and deep.

She told me “oooooo…..I am coming” … I asked her ” can I cum inside you? She asked me back “do you have any problem? “I said “No”.Then why ask. Shoot it in” I grabbed her leg tight towards my body and rammed her like a bitch. She is rolling her head to both sides. She stopped eating mom. Mom is fingering herself now. And with one hand squeezing her boobs. I was on the edge. I screamed…. ”aaaaa……rrrrrrghhh……zhh……….

And I came in loads and loads. She was very content by the feeling of her cunt filled with my hot cum. She inserted two finger in to her cunt and sucked it. And looked at me with a lustrous smile. After a while she worked on mom and made her come too. Mom didn’t want me to fuck their she wanted her to lick her to orgasm. We all dressed up. And returned. We dropped her n her home while we return. And we went home. That night I and mom have a very good splashing orgasm.

Posted : 11/06/2011 12:30 pm