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Me and My Love Shahbaaz  


I am Kiran and I am 23 years old. I live in Karachi. I am 5' 5" tall,
black hair, big black eyes. I have figure 36/24/32. Shahbaz is my
boyfriend and my love. He is 25. He is 5' 10". The family of Shahbaz
is quite religious and they don't allow boys and girls to meet each
other. But Shahbaz thinks differently.

He likes me since our school days. He was two years senior than me.
My MOM was the Head Mistress of the our school so that made him
hesitating. But after passing out from the school, one day he stopped
me when I was going from school to home and he said he likes and
loves me very much. I felt same thing about him so i accepted his
proposal, but I was frightened from my mother. After 2 years I got
pass out from school as well. After taking Admission in Inter Arts I
rarely went to college. I tell you here that I have 6 people in my
family (including myself). My father (who worked in a Bank), My
mother (Who is a Principal of a school), my elder brother (who is in
Europe for last 3 years), Me , my younger sister (Who studies in
school) and my sick grand mother.

Well Shahbaz's father have a Grocery shop and after passing the Inter
Commerce Shahbaz is doing private B.Comm. and also working in his
father's grocery shop. We were never be alone. In fact we didn't get
any chance to do that. I have fantasized about him since the first
time I meet him. One day when all my family members left to their
work I called Shahbaz and asked him to come home. He agreed without
any hesitation. After 15 minutes he was in my home and I was in front
of him. At that time usually me and my grand mother were at home and
my grand mother use to sleep at this time. Shahbaz thanked me for a
wonderful opportunity and so sweetly asked if he could kiss me. Our
lips met and as our tongues met, we started getting tied up in a very
passionate kiss.

He began caressing my back and my waist, teasing me with his
fingertips. We were sitting side-by-side at this time and I decided
to make things easier by climbing on top of his lap, never breaking
our kiss. He massaged my bulky boobs. I reached below and lifted off
his shirt, marveling at his body. At this time I suggested to move to
the bedroom. He put me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom,
sprawling me across the bed. My hands rested on his shoulder blades
and pressed him against me. While looking into each others eyes,
began to unbutton each other's shirts. When our shirts were undone, I
stare at his exposed chest and ran my hands over his muscles and
pushed his shirt off his shoulders. ( Shahbaz have lots of hairs on
his chest and he have a beard on his face ). I watched how his eyes
followed his hands from the rise of my bra, across my shoulders and
down my arm. I circled my arms around his waist and pressed hard
against him. I felt his rising bulge against my navel. I kissed his
neck and shoulder while he reached around and played with the clasps
of my bra. He released the hooks and drew his hands up to my
shoulders where he eased the straps off. I stepped back and the bra
fell to the floor. My big nipples were flushed and rising.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, harder than before. His
hands were on my arms, his kisses lifted my chin. His knees bent and
he was kissing across my throat. His hands slid across from my arms,
to lift my breasts up to his kisses. His breath on my left nipple
made it rise even further to greet him. He kissed the nipple softly
and spread his lips over it. Gently he suckled it, while his left
thumb encircled my right nipple and he squeezed both firmly. I threw
my head back and moaned. Shahbaz was sucking my breasts wildly like a
child. I felt the hardness of the hairs of his thick beard on my soft
breasts. That was really giving me enormous pleasure. He kept sucking
my big breasts for 15 minutes wildly and i was enjoying and moaning
with pleasure, while he was sucking and licking my breasts i kept my
eyes close. He drew his attention to the now aching right breast
where he flicked his tongue over the erect nipple. He swallowed this
one more deeply and ran his tongue around the nipple while in his
mouth. He released my breasts and his fingers traced a path down my
firm stomach and he hooked his fingers into my waist band. His kisses
followed the path of his fingers, stopping only to flick his tongue
into my navel. He followed my waist band around to the back. By now
he was down on one knee. He undid the knot of my shalwar. The touch
of his fingers on the fabric of my now exposed panties from the front
sent a shiver through me. Still kissing my smooth belly, he lowered
my shalwar up to my knee, where one by one, I stepped out of the
legs. His hands ran up the sides of my legs, his thumbs trailing
across the inside of my thighs. His kisses went lower to the
waistband of my white cotton panties. I was suddenly aware how warm I
was between my legs.

Posted : 07/10/2011 10:23 am

He ran his hands back over my ass and! he kissed hard against my
panties. Than he put off both my shalwar and panties, now I was
completely naked in front of him. Than he turned around ,hold my hips
and start licking my asshole. I was moaning with pleasure as Shahbaz
hold me tightly and giving me enormous pleasure of my life, I was
aware of his breath against my crotch and I itched to feel his
kisses. He was moving his tongue up and down along the line b/w my
ass cheeks and I was feeling myself very erotic. He lowered his other
knee and leaned into my pussy. His hands ran to the backs of my legs
and then up to massage my ass cheeks. He planted kisses after kisses
on pussy and along the hair line to either side. I instinctively
parted my legs a little more and his left hand came back around to
the front. He felt my moistening lips and gently pressed them between
his fingers. On the way back, he pressed harder against the opening
and I felt his finger begin to slide in. But he didn't press deeper.
While he was licking my soft creamy pussy I was feeling the hardness
of his facial hairs. I laid back on the bed, lifting one knee into
the air. I shuffled over a little to along him to get on the bed too.
We kissed. He ran a hand across my belly , along my thigh and back

He lower his head and flicked his tongue over my nipple once again.
They almost hurt from the excitement I felt. He drew the nipple into
his mouth, and rolled his tongue around it. He squeezed my breast,
filling his mouth even more. He let go and moved his mouth across my
belly. His hand slowly parted my thighs. His head lowered further
till his mouth was over my cunt. His tongue reached out and opened my
moist wings. His fingers caressed the inside of my thighs. His moist
tongue ran up and then quickly down the length of my cunt. He pressed
my wings wider on his way back. He spread them once more and his
tongue began to probe deeper. I felt his chin press against my clit
as he pushed his tongue into my wet hole. His fingers played along
the hair line and I instinctively raised my knees ! up. His hands
curled forward and squeezed my expose d ass cheeks. I couldn't help
myself when I raised my cheeks off the bed a little. Neither could I
keep my hands off his upturned ass. With my right hand, I was
massaging my breasts, while with the other I reached out and ran my
fingers over his cheeks. His legs parted and I reached between them
to caress his balls.

All the while, he's licking and probing my cunt with his tongue. I
notice he has one set of fingers spreading my wings wider and teasing
my hot hole around its rim. He switches his tongue's attention to my
aching clit and he begins to lap it like a dog would water. His
finger begins to enter my pussy and I thrust my hips up gently,
letting him know I want him Now Shahbaz really wanted to insert his
erected cock in to my soft pink pussy. "Do you want to be on top?" he
asked,. "Yes". I couldn't believe what was happening. This was a
dream for me. We hug each other and rolled over. I placed my hands
against his chest and raised myself up while bringing my knees
forward. I closed my eyes from the sensation of his shaft sliding
deeper into my hole. His hands folded around both my breasts and
teased the tits with his thumbs. I began to rise up and down, a
little bit further each time. The sensation of his cock sliding even
deeper was too much at one point and I had to rest with my ass cheeks
on his legs. He took a hold of my hips and pulled them forward and
then pushed me back. He left it for me to take over and his hands
stroked my legs and across my belly. I swung my hips forward and then
back onto his cock. "Oh", I said. The new movement was pushing his
hard shaft against my trembling walls at a different angle and I
could feel his b alls pushing against the crack of my ass. I was
feeling something come over me; I reached out and put my hands on his
chest for support. My hair fell forward as I lifted myself up and

I brought myself down hard this time, driving him impossibly deeper.
He squeezed my breasts hardly. "Oh, God" I whispered. "Come with me"
he responded. I rose again and again. My breathing and screaming
became louder. Shahbaz was really enjoying my screams so he made his
pace faster. That really excited me more and I moaned more
loudly. "Hurry up Shaby please... I Love you Shaby I Love You... I am
yours .. fuck Me Fuck me hard Darling I am yours.", I called out. I
impaled myself once more and ground my cunt around his cock. He
thanked me and put his distant kisses on my head. Slowly I became
aware of his penis ( ) shrinking and retracting out of me. We laid side
by side for a few minutes, my head on his chest, my fingers playing
circles on his chest. I asked him if it was good, and he kissed my
forehead and whispered it was very exciting. He excused himself to
the washroom to wash up. We stayed in bed and took a sleep for an
hour. Both of us were in the same blanket and having no clothes on
our bodies.

I was at front and Shahbaz was at my back, he hold me tightly and
circled his hands around my stomach. We took a wonderful sleep for an
hour, but Shahbaz had to go to his shop. We took bath together, where
he kissed, licked and pressed my boobs for 15 more minutes and I
enjoyed it too afterwards we laid in the bath tub, Shahbaz was over
me and I felt that he was getting excited once again. I wanted
another fuck from my Darling Shahbaz, so I quickly hold his penis and
started to suck it like a lollypop, suddenly I saw his penis was
getting bigger and bigger and I felt that it looked more bigger and
fater than before. It was hot as well, that made me nervous a bit,
because it would be more painful for me when I take that in my cunt.
Shahbaz realized my feeling and sweetly kissed on my lips and in
order to disperse my attention and vanishing my nervousness, he took
me in his arms in a way that my legs were around his belly and I
locked my feet on the top of his hips and I circled my arms around
his neck while he hold me with my hips and we kissed each other on
lips and than Shahbaz lifted me till his mouth became parallel to my
flashy and creamy boobs.

They were also waiting for him to take them in his mouth. I was
feeling the hardness of his thick beard on my soft boobs but that
feeling was simply inexpressible and I was feeling myself in a
heaven. I hold his hairs in my hands from back and pushing his head
towards my boobs. I was extremely happy as I was in the hands of my
Love . That activity vanished my nervousness and then Shahbaz put me
down on the floor of bathroom and laid over me and inserted his fat
cock inside me. When his cock reached inside me I felt that my cunt
had torn down, because I was virgin and I had very small space in my
cunt to ground his cock. But Shahbaz didn't noticed my pain and he
laid over me, hold my hands in his strong and heavy hands and he put
his mouth on my mouth (started the french kiss ) so my screams
intensity got mild. I think it was smart thinking by him because
after all I had to make me and my cunt used to of taking his cock
inside me (after all we will have to be together for w hole life). So
initially it was extremely painful but after sometime I got adjust
his cock inside my hole. Then it turned out to be very pleasing for
me. Then he put me in his arms and sat on a stool I was on his lap
and his cock was still in my clit, he was pushing me up and down by
my hips and periodically he was sucking my boobs as well.

Than he put me once again on floor and continued with his goings.
After a while he cumed and he put all his cum inside me. Because it
was our planning. (Actually my parents were not in favor of our
marriage, and they rejected the proposal of Shahbaz 3 months ago, so
in the end we decided to opt for this way, so as a result I would
give birth to the child of Shahbaz and that would compel my parents
to agree on our marriage). So he did exactly that, I was feeling
little bit of pain, so Shahbaz put me on his lap and give me a deep
and strong hug.

The grip of his strong and heavy hands was so tight that my flashy
and bulky boobs were rubbing strongly against his hairy chest. That
turned them down red. As they are so fair in complexion. We kept in
that position for sometime and during this he periodically kissed me
in order to show his love for me. I love him too and than we took
bath and after wards we dressed quietly, touching and kissing each
other periodically. We held hands all the way, and kissed deeply
before He left my house.

Posted : 07/10/2011 10:24 am