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Making love with iss reder  


Hi ladies, couples, aunties, bhabhies, well u all know me, but for my new readers i like to introduce me as sunny, the play boy, 5.9” tall, 8”dick, brown eyes , brwn hirs. Yahoo messenger id can mail me and ill give u my contact no with which interested females, couples can contact me call me any time cuse i m on rest for few days, i have many experiences with hot and sexy females, housewives, couples etc but the experience i m going to narrate was one of the best i ever had, so i m here with a new incident in my last story at the end i had asked for any girls or aunties , who would like to enjoy life can contact me through my email . I know there are soo many females who are not satisfied sexually but i was not sure whether any one of them will try to contact me because its not easy to have faith in a stranger . 2 days after posting that story ( my life my words ) , i opened my own posted story on iss and click on comments . I was surprised to see there was a comment from a female , praising my story and asking whether its real or fantasy . Her name was shweta ( not real ) . But there was no means i could contact her . Then next day i got an email in my inbox . I hurridly opened it and found that it’s the same girl shweta . In her mail she again asked me about my experience with suni . So i replied her via mail and told her all she wanted to know . Then next day i got her mail thanking me for sharing my experience with her . Then wrote her that everyone has some experiences in life and i feel experience is made to share with someone . Also i asked her about her experiences and at the bottom i given my mobile number and told if she ever wish to talk to me then she can . I was not sure whether she will call or not . Then i startd waiting for her mail or call but for next few days nothing happen . I thought i have lost her . But after abt 1 week on sunday noon i got a call . I picked it . I said hello but no one responded . When i repeated 2 – 3 times then a sweet voice came . It was shweta . She hesitatingly remind me abt her and i quickly said that i remember her . Then v talk for a while just normally . I asked abt her family but she didn’t told me and said that she will tell at the right time . I didn’t mind that bcoz i know that its not easy for a girl to have faith in anyone so early .

After that v talked for next 3 days , she asked about me and i told her . Now she started to have some faith in me . Then one day shweta told me her real name and told me to keep her details secret . I asked her why then she told me that actually she is married . And this friendship of ours can destroy her married life . I promised her to keep it secret . After that day v started to talk more freely . One day while v were talking in night ( her hubby was on night duty) she said to me that these days everyone says that she looks happier than usual . She said that this change has come into her life since she is talking to me . I said thanks to her and asked why she use to b unhappy usually . She kept quite for some time when i repeated my question then she said in faint voice that actually she has been married for 6 yrs now but still has no child . Also her hubby is so busy with his work that he don’t care much about her . Then without asking she told all her story . I told her to b calm and b happy . Life never remains same , u don’t worry ur life will also change . Then i started talking about other stuff .next day when v were talking i casually asked her to meet some where , for which she readily agreed but she told what will she say to her hubby . I said she can tell him that she is going to some market. . She said that she afraid of her hubby so much , if he came to know that her wife has a male friend than surely he will divorce her . Than i asked her ok u tell what want ? ‘ i mean how and where v can meet’ . She then think for few seconds and than said u can come to my home this saturday for lunch or dinner as my hubby is going out for tour . I asked her isn’t it dangerous to meet at home . She said no its safer than meeting outside place bcoz no one comes to their house bcoz of her hubby’s nature . So i agreed and said that i will come on saturday evening for dinner .readers , till that time i was not having any lust for shweta . For me she was a very cute and nice friend . Than the saturday came and i was very excited to meet my new friend . In the evening i dressed up in jeans and cool tshirt . And left for her place , which was few kms away from my house . I reached there and called her & told her that i am near her house , should i ran her bell???? She told me that no need to rang bell as she has left door unlocked . She told me to take care that no one c me coming inside . I did exactly hat and secretly entered into her house . It was a beautiful house , with every expensive item . I locked the door from inside and than called her name , suddenly i felt that there is someone behind me . I turned and found a stunning beauty . It was shweta . My eyes were wide opened seeing her she was like an ice cream which is made to eat only . Her figure 36 28 36 was simply gr8 . As i moved towards her she said hi to me and for my surprised she first hugged me tightly . I also did the same . Than v sat in the drawing room and started talking . While talking v were also watching t v . First she was sitting in front of me but after some time she started tv and came to sit with me coz tv was on her back . I didn’t mind that . Her arms touching mine and her tights also touching mine . V were talking normally but after some time i asked her , that she is so good looking but one thing i feel is missing there . She asked me what ? I told that why she always seems to be tense . I told her that her beauty will increase many times if she keep smiling all the time . She smiled looking at me and put her hand on my hand and said that u are the best friend i have ever found . I felt while holding my hand shweta was slowly rubbing and playing with it . Suddenly something came to my mind and i said that i wanna ask u something but i am afraid that u might get angry . She told that come on sunny , u r my best friend.

You can ask anything . So by her words i got courage and asked with a light voice “ shweta , can i kiss u “ if u wont mind . She looked at me for a second . Scared by her eyes i said don’t mind it just came to my mind and i asked . Don’t get angry abt tht . But surprisingly she said ok u can . Now v were just few inches away . She placed her cheek near me so that i cn kiss it . But i wanted to kiss her lovely red like rose lips . Soo i first told her to close her eyes coz its not easy for me to kiss her while she is looking . So she closed her eyes . Now i hold her hairs from back and moved her lips towards mine . Just before our lips could contact she opened her eyes but it was too late now . Within a fraction i put my lips on her and was kissing her gently , she first did nothing but within few seconds she also started responding . Our kissing was getting hotter now . I had left her hairs as there was no need to pull her towards me now . Her hands automatically were now on my back . After sometime i felt that she is getting wild with this kissing session . Soo i stopped than v separated . I said her sorry , she said hey it was so good . Why u feel sorry . She said it’s a long time since she had kissed like that . Surprised by her , i asked ur hubby don’t do anything to u?????????? She told me in sad voice that he don’t have time for me . Also she told me that they had sex just once in last 2 months . While telling this she started crying . I put my hand on her shoulder and patted her lightly to console her . When she stopped crying i took a promise from her that she will never ever cry again . My hand was now slid to her back over her tshirt . It was really good to feel her back , sliding my hand all over while consoling her . Suddenly my hand went to the bottom of her tshirt and when i tried to slid it up again it went directly inside her tshirt . For the first time my hands were on her bare back and what a feeling that was . Her skin was smooth like silk . I once saw at her face , but she didn’t resisted . Now it was clear to me that she needs enjoyment and satisfaction so i decided to help her as she was now my good friend . I was sliding my hand all over her back inside her tshirt . Suddenly she hugged me and now i put both m hands inside her tshirt and started messaging . She kissed me many times . And then in a light voice she said to me “ lets go inside” . Till that time i was also aroused so i just took her in my arms and she guided me to her bedroom . Her bedroom was a really nice one having a big circular bed with soft mattresses . There was dim light in that room and very nice fragrance was also there . I think she had done all that arrangement bcoz she was having prior intentions to enjoy with me as her hubby don’t satisfy her . I was a bit nervous because i have never had sex with any married lady .i told me to wait for a min , she will b back in 1 min . Then she went outside room and returned having some cds in her hand . I asked ast cds, she told me that she has a secret fantasy of having sex while watching blue film . Then she said lets not waste time now and quickly started one cd on tv . Up to tat time i was also became fully aroused so i followed her to the tv and stood just behind her . When she turned after turning on the cd player , v both collide but no one tried to separate . Then both hugged tightly and then i pull her in my arms and took her to the bed . Now she was lying on bed looking at me . I first removed my shoes , then my tshirt and then i got over her and started kissing slowly from her shoulder to her neck and then her cheeks i was kissing as if i were sucking her flesh . Due to my wet kisses she got aroused soo much that when brought my lips close to her lips she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me towards her and started smooching . I also was going out of control . Soon i removed her tshirt and also opened her jeans too . She herself removed her jeans completely and was now just in her pink lacy bra and red panty . She was looking like a sex godess at that time . I quickly grab her and started kissing her chest area and then i opened her bra strap from behind and with my mouth i took her bra off her body . And what a gr8 pair of boobs were in front of me . Her boobs were 36 d cup size . So tight and with light brown nipples and big areola . I started sucking her boobs like a hungry child and she was moaning during this time . She was also looking at the movie and that i feel was getting her more excited . Suddenly i felt her hand on my cock . I understood that she want that now.

I saw in the movie the girl was sucking cock so i quickly opened my jeans and without any hesitation asked her to do the same thing that girl is doing in the movie . And for my surprise she was more than ready to do that . Feeling her interest , i asked her that does her hubby don’t do this thing to her . She said he don’t have time for me . He only fucks in missionary position for a short time and then sleeps . Then without asking me she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it .my cock was getting hot and bigger in her hand . Her hands were so soft that i thought if her hands r this much soft then how soft her mouth would be ? After messaging my cock for 5 mins she was now ready to take it in her mouth . Till that time i removed my cloths completely and also her panty . Now v both were fully nude on her bed . Then i sat on the edge of her bed and she sat on floor in front of me , with her mouth near my cock . And then she first kissed my cock tip lightly . With the touch of her lips my cock became more erect . Then she took about 2 inches of my cock into her mouth . Her lips were wrapped around my cock and in a flash she tool my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop . I was in heaven so she was . She was eating it like a bitch coz she had been hungry for sex for so long . She was hurting my cock with her teeth in between but i didn’t stopped her bcoz i want her to enjoy as much as she want . It was about 11pm night . Although i had to return home but v both were so involved that i had decided in my mind to stay with her whole night . Now as she sucked my cock for some time , i felt pressure in it , i understood that i was going to cum now . I tried to take my cock out of her mouth but she didn’t let me take it away . I told her that i am about to cum now . She said so what?? U waana cum ? I never stopped u , u r free to cum anytime u want . U want it now so do it right here . Saying this she again took my cock in her mouth and within few seconds i cum in her mouth . She tried to drink but was not able to drink it all as some on my cum leaked out of her lips . Now my cock was again normal size . She left it now and v both went to bathroom , there i took some water to clean my cock but she didn’t let me clean it and instead she cleaned it with her tongue and lips . In this process some more cum i jerked into her mouth . Then she cleaned my cock and also herself with water as some of my cum was also on her face and her boobs . After cleaning she took my hand to go to bedroom again . But now it was my turn to act and i did it . I pulled her towards me inside the bathroom and closed the door , she understood what i wanted and was ready for that . Now i first took her my arms and said in her ears that it’s the best time of my life with a girl . She in return whispered in my ear that “ i never thought that i cud get a friend like u , who can do anything for friendship “ . Then she asked me that cn i ask for a promise ??? I said ya sure . She said that u promise me that this night will remain in between us only and i will never tell anyone abt it . I thought abt it for a sec then told her that i can not promise that . She asked why ? I told that i wanna share this experience with iss readers but i promise you that i will never ever tell her true details to anybody . It a promise . After which she said ok . And then v hugged tightly with my hands rubbing her tight round butt . Also just then i started shower and now v were under shower totally nude . While rubbing her ass i slid my hand to her pussy and felt it was all wet . When i touched her pussy she pressed my back tightly . Seeing her reaction i put my one finger into her pussy and played with her pussy . Then i slid my 2nd finger and with some difficulty it also entered inside .

Now i was moving my finger in and out and shweta was moaning with pain and pleasure . Her voice was making me even more hornier and i started doing that fast and after some time she cum on my hand . Then i removed my hand and she took my hand in her hand and licked her own juices from it . Then i stopped the shower and took her to the bedroom . And she sat on the bed . I said to her that ur hubby fucks u in missionary position and u r bored of it soo i wont fuck in that position . She smiled at this . I asked her how she want it?????? She hesitatingly told tht she like doggie style most as she has seen in many movies but her hubby never tried that . It was 12 past midnight . I sat her in doggie style and placed my cock on her love hole that was begging to get fucked . I first rubbed it lightly between her pussy lips which made her scream in pleasure . Her eyes closed and just one word came out of her mouth , common sunny fuck me now , i need u inside pls . As she said this i pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight . When half of my cock was entered she was in soo much pain . I stopped there for a while so that her pain becomes less . After few seconds when i felt that she is now ok , with a forceful jerk i pushed my whole cock inside . Due to this sudden insertion she almost cried and few drops of water fall from her eyes . I was not feeling good as she was in pain but this pain she had to bear for sometime if she want to get satisfied . So she did . I kept my cock full inside for some time and slowly i started jerking it in and out . Gradually i increased my speed and shweta was also cooperating by pushing her ass towards me . My cock was touching her inner walls and my balls were touching her ass cheeks with every shot . While fucking her i was enjoying her body also . Pressing her boobs , pinching her nipples etc and she loved it . After some time i lost control and suddenly jack off in her pussy . I said sorry to her bt she said no worry she has contraceptive pills . Then as v both were exhausted so v slept nude in each others arms . During night 3 times v wake up and every time i had to fuck her . In the morning v got up late and then v decided to take bath together . In bathroom also v fucked under water and believe me that was the best moment for both of us . After that i had some breakfast and then left for my home . Before leaving she said to me that u are the best friend and the best partner for me . I love u more than anybody . I also said that i did because my friend needed that . Then i returned home and lied at home that i was in office whole night . After few days shweta called me , i picked her call and found her sobbing . I asked the reason , she told me that her hubby is transferred to mumbai and so she also has to shift with him there . I told her that don’t worry , everything will b alright . Also i promised her that whenever i came to mumbai i will definitely met her . Then after few dayz shweta was gone….so sexy and hot ladies how do u like my story, and if u also interested in having friendship with me u can mail me or u can come online on yahoo messenger at

Posted : 12/06/2011 10:12 pm