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Maa ki gaand pe piss kiya

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Hi readers I am new in this field. but I am old in fucking and sex experiences. Let me introduce myself. I am a mather chod, sucker of asshole, fucker in each hole of girl’s .my name is chandan ,I live in delhi. with my family. In my home my papa, my mom, my sys, my brother, my bhabhi is there. And I really tell u maine insabo choda hai. My brother lives in us with his wife, my sister studying in medical. I am studying in Delhi private engg. College. As my college is near to my house so I live in home. as my father is businessman so he many days be out of country. And that how I will start to fuck. My mother first. As only I and my mother are there in home most of time ,so we are very friendly I always share my private things with her, before joining the engg. College I never think about my mom as sex goddess. But first let me tell u that my mom ki sex ki sari feelings puri nahi ho rahi thi as my papa aksar outside hi rahte the. One day it happen I come back from my college more early ,at around 10.30 am ,when I reached the home I have seen that door is opened , wo I entered without knocking ,then I think that mom will be inside ,so as normal I have closed, the door, then I go to my room, I heard water falling ,I be sure that mom is bathing then I heard some moaning when I gone near the door it’s also slightly open and mom is lying on the bathroom floor, but she don’t see me ,as she is facing to the shower ,and totally nude and rubbing her pussy with her finger, I feel nervous and go to room, and closed my room I was trembling beca first time I have seen any women as nude, mom ki nangi body mere head me ghoomne laga ,phir me so gaya, after some one knocked my door ,it is my mom, then we both done lunch, lekin meri nazar ab bar bar mammi ke boobs per jane lagi. Main jab kabhi bhi mammi ko dhekta to only unki gand aur boobs aur choot hi dhikai dete the. As I am going to engg. College,waha per to ladke openly sex ki bate karte the aur muth marene ki bate kara karte the.mere ko bhi interest lagana laga, i make a frien rajiv,he is very much chodu of girls. He shows me porn magzines i have seen naked girls, and how they be fucked,seen sex postures ,it’s very enjoying laga then first time i have feel ki mera lund me kuch ho raha hai,tab rajiv ne bataya ki ye har ak ladke me hota hai jab wo jawan hone lagta hai aur btaya ki ye thbi sant hoga jub tum ese rub karoga,then i have strated muth marna.every night i masterbate then slepp ,it is become my lust to think about girls and mom as sexy nude and imagine that i am fucking each of them and i masterbate,daily .then i have staretd to stare on my mom, when she sleeps i see her body her boobs ,going up and down, and masterbet this way it is keeps going till four months during witch, i have read many sexy stories of mother and son incests and many arousing stories, my dick also becomwes large in size then me and rajiv masterbate togehter sharing our fantasies, he talks dirty things about my mom, and enjoyed it then i say when i will fuck my mom, i make him also to fuck her so he becomes my good friend, we also see porn movies on his comp, after some time i also have buy a comp and started seeing pondy in my own room, one night i was seeing a porn movy then i feel that someone seeing from the key hole and i was sure that mom is peeping because nobody else was there in the room that was my chance i started to seduce her, i open my jip and taken my erect lund in my hand and started to mastrebet and i change a xxxxxx movie in which a elder woman is being fucked by a boy and she is moning. Next day i have seen a wonderful chang in mom atitude ,and her two top buttons of her blouse is open giving a glimpse of her tits , now i started more and more fantsy about mom, and i told that time is coming when we will fuck my mom togher, he was very happy, between which in colleg we got project, and what i have got got noone has got and for what i have to go two times in week to panjab it is a five hour journey by train, i go after my classes comes late night . So mom says me its not good to suffer so late night in train because there may be gundas which create problems for general public.then i told her “mom u don’t worry there at night noone in boggy except him,because it is last train at late night and starts at from amritsar.”then mom says” then ok”.

One day mom says that her friends saying that they have done shoping from amritsar and it is much cheaper , so she insisted as i have seen amritsar so she will go with me.that she will go panjab and do shoping and i said ok, on monday its is holyday in my college , i said “lets go today i have time. We become ready at 10 am ,i have wore tight jeans and shirt,mammi wore salwar and kameej of red colour, then we go to amritsar and first we have taken rest in a restaurent then gone for marketing but till evening mom has not taken any thing we are just roaming edhar udhar, then we gone a garments shop, after 3 h bargaining she has taken some sarees blouses and some underg arments and she was very chosy about her panty and bra, in that shop only girls are there so i got hard in my lund then i adusted my lund and mom has seen me doing this and smiled. Then is 9.30 pm, we went to station and bought to ii class tickets, there was very few persons was there then train comes and we went to our boggy .our boggy was like that there is no interconnection between with other boggy because late nght only that old train runs,because tts don’t need to chek tickets ,when we entered the boggy five persons were siiting in one compartment , we gone in other compartment then mom becomes annoyed she said” u were saying that there be no persons in boggy “,i said that” ye log 10 minute me utar jayenge agle station par”.aur vaisa hi hua wo after 10 m utar gaye, then speeds up very fast ,mom walked aroun all compartments and then come to me said”ha u are right they have leaved”. Then she asked me when the next station comes ,i said” trian will iony stop after 3 hhours on next station .and train keeps on speeding .then mom say that she wants to try the new clothes. I surprised and says”ghar chalne ke bad dhek lena”,she said”tum mard log nahi jante ho ki aurto ko naye kapde pahanane ka kitna sok hota hai”then i took out the bag in which her undergarments and saree was ,she took it and goes to the loitrin side and asked me to come there as she says that she is scared of dark. Yet in that side enough light is. Then i sit on front of her she stood on the gate side .first she removed her kameez,now she is standing only in salwar and in her blouse, i got hard in my lund , then she removed her salwar also, ab who mere samne nearly nangi khadi thi and also noticing a big bulge in my pant we smiled, then she removed her bra and also panty and throw it to me ,it make me more aroused now i am going out of controlled,meri chodni wali pari mere samne nangi khadi hi so mera lund bhi tambu hota jara tha,phir bhi meri ma innocent ki tarah behave kar rahi thi, tab wo mere pas akar boli wo blue wali panty nikalo ,mene nikal kar dedi, (meri ma ka nam maya hai,ab se mai use maya kahunga)maya ki garm sas mere face pe ase lagi jaise me use chod raha hu, phir bhi maine apne pe contorll rakha.phir usne apni panty pahni, wo bhut tight thi,aur thik se bur ko cover nahi kar pa rahi thi,phir maya ne phucha “kaisi lag rahi hai”maine kaha “ye to choti hai”.

“to pas se ake dekho kitni choti hai”,main maya ke pas gaya”ye to teri bur ko bhi nahi cover kar pa rahi hai” to maya ne kaha ” iseleye to le hu,aur isme kya karabi hai teri paint bhi to tere lund ko cover nahi kar pa raha hai, isleye to tambu ki tarah tana hua hai” maya ke ase words sunkar mera jo dhoda hesitation tha wo bhi chala gaya, aur maya ne kaha thik hai”agar ye thik nahi hai to main ese utar deti hu,lekin tm bhi apne lauda ko freee kar do”tab maine apni paint turant utar di aur apna lund ko hath me lekar hilane laga. Aur maya bhi puri nangi ho wo ak slut ki tarah mere ko dehne jagi.aur apne lips ko bit karte apne boobs dabne lagi aur main bhi uske samne hi muth marne laga,to maya ne pucha ki “tum kab se muth marte ho”"jab se tumko nanga dekha hai “to wo apni cunt ko rub karne lagi. Maine pucha tum kab se “muth marti ho”"jab se tere papa ne choda hai”"to kya ab wo nahi chodte hai”she becomes much bolder,main apna hila raha tha aur main bhi pura nanga ho gaya.aur aur maya ke boobs dabane laga.wo boli”jab se tere papa ka buisness large hua hai wo mere ko satisfy nahi kar rahe hai,isleye main muth marti hu”, she asked ” kya tum mere ko chodega “maine kaha “maine to tudhe bahut dino se chodana chahat tha bus hilakar rah jata tha”"to ab roj tere se hi chuugi ,bol kaise chodega”"meri fantasy hai ki maiin tere sath gandi gandi bate kar kar kar chodu, kya teri bhi kuch fantsy hai”"ha mai loitrin me chudna chahti hu”tab main use pakdkar uske mame dabye aur cunt me ungle ghusakar bola”such such bata kitne bar chudi hai” maya boli” jab main 16 sal ki thi to mere classmate ne mere ko mere ghar pe choda tha”"to phad diya hoga usne tere ko.acha teri bur kaisi hai kya usme bhi ungli dalti hai”"ha matherchod tera lund bhi dalungi,ab bahut bate kar liya ab chal mere ko chod”"sali randi ab apne bete se chuddddddddddd”mai aur maya loitrin me ghus gaye phir maya mera lund pakadkar chosne lagi aur boli mere ko piss karna hai “maine kaha mere muh me kar usne mere muh me pisab kar di .phir mainekaha mere ko bhi piss karani hai ,esbar mai use bahar laya aur bola”is bed pe so ja mai tere ko apne piss se nahawahuaga.”phir maine uske muh per ,uske gand me ,bur pe,chuchi pe,piss ki, phir se hum loitrin main aa gaye”ab mere ko mat tarsa ab chod me mughe” “mai tere ko jyaja peresan nahi karonga kyoki tu meri ma hia chal tang ugha per phle mere lund ko khada to kar tu meri randi banane wali hai to meri liye nach kar bhi dhika de”phir maya apni gand hil hila kar chuchii ragad kar loitrin me hhi nachne lagi aur mere lund ko muh me dalkar mere lund ke do balls se khelene lagi maine bhi uske boobs dabane laga aur chuuci ko bite kiya to wo boli”kya bus upar hi maza lete rahoge kuch niche bhi karo “”accha meri randi “phir maine apni ak ungli ukse bur me bhi dal di aur uske bur se bahte rus ko chaka”teri bur to bahut rasli hai”maine kaha.”ha bahuto dino se kisi se nahi chudi hai.”unse kaha.”oooooooooooooo mere lund ka pani nikal raha hai”"to mere muh me dal de mai pi jayugi “maya bilkul real whore ki tarah ho gayi thi ,mai aur bhi aroused ho gaya ki jiske liye mai muth marta tha aj use choduga,aur mere lund ka pani uske muh me chod diya ,dhoda bahut uske boobs pe aur face pe bhi laga diya,vo boli”tera lund ka juice to tere papa ke juice se bhi mota hai”phir mera lund shrink kar gaya. Main kaha “ab tu mere lund ko phir se khada karegi thabi chodne me maza ayega” ,wo boli “bol teri rand tere liye kuch bhi karegi”,maine kaha”pahle to apne ko meri rand bol,ye sunane me maza ata hai”,sali boli”mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,usse roz chudungi ukska lund choosungi”phir maine loitrin ki deewaro par dekte hue kaha “dekh kya kya bana hua hai ,ak ak karke enka matlab samjha,meri rakhel”aur mai uske boobs per apna lund ragadne laga aur uski bur me do ungli dal di…maya boli”aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur ghumayo mere bur me ,wo lund aur bur ka photo hai,usme lund bur me ghusta hai,wo lips lund ko choose rahe hai,aur maza kar rahe hai” phir wo mere lund ke forskin ko uper karke uski choch chatne lagi aur mera land pole ki tarah khada ho gaya”ye to 9 inch ka hai ,jaldi se mere master apni kuttia ke bur me apna rod ghusa do” usne apni tang basin ke sahare uthaya aur maine apne lund ka pic uski bur pe ragane laga.achanak se train aur tej hui aur dhakke se mera lund pura uski bur me chala gaya”oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aur jor se s chhhhhhhhhoooooooooodo mujhe meri chut bur ki pyas bujha dooooooooo”main aur tej tej uski bur ko chodane laga “sali bhosdi ki tera chut se nikla tha teri chut ko chod raha hu”hum dono extreme me the mere lund aur uski bur ka pani se suki chut wet ho gayi thi.”aur chod mthercho phad dal sale apni ma ki chut me ghus ja”,aur wo apne cunt ko ragad bhi rahi thi.

Achanak se train slow hone lagi aur ruk gayi,maya ne kaha “sale harami tune kaha tha train 3 h se pahle nahi rukegi to kaise ruk gayi”main suke bur me pel hi ja raha tha,maine kaha “ye jarur koi chota station hoga ,line nahi milane se ruk gayi hogi”to tu koyo ruk raha hai”, tabhi boogy ka door khula ” maine loitrin ka door band kar liya aur apna lund bina puri chudai kiye nikal liya ,mai dhekraha tha ki mammi puri khus nahi thi,maine kaha”dhek ke ata hu phir chodunga”aur mai apne kapde pahan kar bahar nikal aya,dekha tt a 60 sal ki budhi ko boggy me bhaithakar chal jata hai,aur train phir se spedd pakad leti hai,lekin wo budhi loitrin wale door ki taraf hi muh kar ke bhithi thi,iseleye maine soch ki thik nahi hai ki kisi ko pata chale,ye sochkar ki ghar me mammmi ko chodange waha pe to kio nahi rahega .mai loitrin me chala aya,mammi apni akhe band karke teen ungli se in out kar rahi thi,maine mammi ko sab kuch bata diya ,wo bahut guss hui “is sali ko abhi ana tha thik se mai chud bhi nahi payi,” aur apna salavar aur kameez pahan kar bahar chali ayi. Mai age tha ,chudai ki vajah se maya ke bal bikhere hue the ,bindi bhi gir gayi ghi,to wo budhi comment marte hue boli”beti ,apni salwar ka nada to thik kar train me bhi chudas lag jati hai aur kisi se bhi chudte rahti hai aj kal ki ladkiya” mammi uski taraf muh kar ke gusse se boli”mai kisi se bhi chudi ,tere ko kya pherek padta hai,sali ak to yaha aka sari chudai ka maza barbad kar diya,ab salah deti hai,aur ye mera beta hai,jo mukhe chod raha tha ,aira gaira nahi” wo budhi boli”sail, randi,tere ko apna beta hi mila tha gand marwane liye”"hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mera beta hai mere ko chodta hai ,tere gand me koiyo kujali ho rahi hai” tab meri ma aur bhi jaya gussa ho gayi aur jor se mere ko bulay”ccchhhhhhhhandan,bete ighar aa sali ki bur bahot kujala rahi hai to ab mere ko iske samne ho chodega”aur meri paint koh di aur mera lund nikal li aur apna salwar nikal ke budhi pe phekte hue mera lund apni gand me ghusa diya,aur maine bhi jor laga kar chodne laga,aur ye sab dekh kar laga ki budhi be horny ho gayi aur apne sare kapde nikal kar mammi ki bur niche se chatne lagi”mai es mamle me bahut expert hu jisse chahegi usse chudyaugi tuje “phir maine us budhi ko bhi choda aur mammi us budhi ka cunt chossne me maza le rahi thi, mai bhi kus tha ki muumm i sab se chuengi”mammi sab se chudegi na nahi to ye budhi bolegi ki tere ko chudwane bhi nahi ata,”mammi ne kaha “ha bete sab se chudegi teri ma ,” aur kuch der tak hum teeno akdosre ko chodte rahe ,phir budhi ka station a gaya vo apna pata dekar utar gayi wo sonagachhi ki randi thi pahle,aur boli ki jab kabhi bangal ana to apne bajar me hum ko kush kar degi. Phir hum log bhi apne kapde pahn liye aur delhi station per utar gaye,aur taxi lekar ghar chale aye ,taxi me bhi mai uske bur se khelta raha ,aur wo mere land se,ghar pahute hi hum ne 1 h tak ak dusre ko chumte rahe ,maine uski bur ,cunt chati,aur usne bhi mere lund ko daso bar chata us rat.aur phir main use do din lagatar chodta raha ,college bhi nahi gaya,chuod kar sote phir uthate phir chudai karte .in dino me mammi ne kah diya ki wo kisi se chudne ke taiyar hai.ab wo real rakhel,aur randi ban gayi hum log hamesa nange rahte the ghar me ab se ,koi aa gaya to kapde pahnete the,aur jab kisi ko bhi man karta tha chudne ka apne comp per blue film laga kar chudai karte the,maine mammi ko har tarah se choda ,nahate hue ,khana banate hue ,hagte hue,piss karte hue,ak din me bis bar chodta hu.

Posted : 11/06/2011 12:31 pm