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Lorry Driver ne Maa ko Khoob Choda  

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Let me come to story ,, my family consists of my dad mom and my brother … My dad is a busy person who is always involved in his office work.. My brother went out of country for his higher studies, and I am still studying.. This incident happened when me and my mom was traveling to our home town…it was a sunny day me and my mom packed all our stuff and kept in car and started moving,, I noticed mom was looking sexy that day she was wearing a pink saree with sleeveless blouse , and her cleavage was clearly visible and her tummy was looking juicy and I can’t resist looking at her assets.. She was looking like sexy goddess ..
After traveling after a while I noticed one of the cars tier was flat… I stopped the car… I looked around for help as there was no one in that area me and mom was worried … And we wished for help… As it was turning dark mom was terrified… And after a while a lorry stopped next to our car … There was 2 guys in that lorry both are aged and looked dirty. One of then asked what happened??? I said Tyre gone flat we were seeking help…

The guy said are you alone???

I said I am with my mom she is inside the car..

As mom hear the conversation he came out the car and stood next to me!! It was dark the only light visible is the moonlight !! She was looking like a sex bomb!! The guy in the lorry was like wow!!! His jaws dropped and he started explaining me and my mom to not to worry!! As they also headed towards our home town .. They offers us to give lift… As me and my mom has no choice we agreed and started traveling with the lorry guys !!

One of the driver started to explain about how beautiful she was mom was kinda liking it ,,,, then they talked about her physique surprisingly mom was smiling at there comments … I can clearly know that both drivers were horny and want to fuck my home!!

Even my mom was bit aroused by there sexy talk…then I noticed the guy sitting next to my mom started rubbing moms ass from behind slowly.. I was shocked that mom dint react to it.. She was enjoying it!!

I was very curious to see where it’s gonna end.. Then both the drivers started cracking some dirty joke at which mom was laughing with them… Mom was turning slutty and turned on…
I was enjoying the scene!! It turned dark and the drivers decided to stop and sleep that night and move in the morning!!! I thought mom will not agree for this but she was okay with it… Then we stopped in a remote place , it was very dark and kinda scary place…
While getting out of the lorry I noticed both the drivers were making some signs to my mom secretly… For which my mom replied afterwards…I was surly know that there will be some action… Then I pretended that was tired and sleepy ..

Me and my mom were sleeping in front of the lorry and drivers were in the back of the lorry!!!

Then late night one the driver from the back put his hand through and called mom to join them with a naughty smile… As I was pretending sleepy I could see mom said wait she trying to go back without me noticing !!

Then mom got down and went behind the lorry of the driver got down of lorry and helped mom to get in .. He grabbed her from back and pushed her inside by rubbing her ass !! Mom moaned aaaahh!!! What you doing ?? And 2nd driver pulled her in .. Mom was horny and asked the drivers why you called me ..

Posted : 10/09/2020 10:19 pm
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One of the driver said we couldn’t sleep because of you darling your dicks are waiting to fuck you !! From the front I could see everything mom was scared and said my son is here he is gonna feel about it.. So the driver said don’t worry he will never know he is sleeping.. The second driver grabbed my mom from back and started kissing her neck passionately … Started squeezing her juicy navel mom was horny and started moaning plzz ahhh stop my son gonna wake up,.. Aaahh!!! But the guy closed moms mouth with is left hand and started caressing all over the body!!!! The turned my mom and started kissing her lips mom started responding to it she was into it after kissing for 5 min …

He took my moms hand and starts rubbing his dick… Mom got hold of his cock and started stroking.the other guy removed,..he was very muscular and has 8 inch dick .. He started squeezing moms butts from behind inn her saree … Both the drivers started pressing her boobs hardly mom was moaning heavily ,, he pulled her pally down and started licking her cleavage … The other guy removed his clothes he had 9 inch cock ..

Both the drivers ripped her blouse and bro and presses her boobs hardly mom was Lk ahhh aooo ahhh !!! Take it in your mouth both started sucking her boobs!!! Then removed the down part of the saree and started licking her legs !!!
Then both said suck your cock darling can’t wait to feel your mouth on our dick… The pulled mom down and started mouth fucking mom!!! After a while driver said lets fuck her !!mom said noo not here my son gonna wake up he is sleeping in front !!! Son the guys decided to go into the woods .. So mom said okay !! One of the drive lifted mom and carried her nearby woods .. I was disappointed and I don’t want to miss this the main course !!! My dick was bulged and even I wanted fuck my mom!! I got down of the lorry and I was hiding behind a tree and watching mom getting fucked by stroking my hard dick!!!

First driver took a blanket and spread on the floor !! The guy lifting mom slowly made her lay on the ground ..both started licking all over body mom was moaning ahhhoo yeses !!!she stared stroking dicks of both and sucking them passionately … Driver removed her panties slowly mom was ahhh aoohh !!! Lick my pussy yessss!! Ahhhooo .. He spread her legs wide and started licking heavily !! After licking her pussy for 3 min mom was moaning with pleasure !!! Ahhhho plz fuck mee plzz!!! One of the driver spread her legs and took his dick in hand started rubbing in her clit .. Mom put it inside fuck mee ..

He started pushing his dick slowly give some gentle strokes!! Mom was out of control was moaning ahhhooo yeass fuck mee!!! now increased his speed started fucking her vigorously !!! He cum inside moms pussy he was tiers even mom was tired !!! Then the second driver who has huge dick turned mom over and started fucking her from back !!! Mom couldn’t take take that huge cock in her pussy she was screaming with pleasure aooohh yess fucckk mee don’t sttop!!!!!
He then fuck her for about 20 min and collapsed on mom and started kissing her slowly …. Mom was happy because of great fuck!!! All three came back towards the lorry !! i ran back and Pretending sleepy.. All three dresses up and mom came back to the front and slept … I the morning woke up normally like I dint see anything and we reached our hometown !!!

How I seduced my mom to sex In my next story soo hope you guys enjoyed it !!!!! Thank you
after all the fucking scenes with the lorry drivers ,, me n my mom reached our home town .. Which is a small town and not much populated area..
As there was a village festival going on.. The whole village was colorful ,,all were dressed good ,looking good !!

Mom n me reached our house in the village started saying hello to all our relatives the main part of the festival about to start .. Mom n me has to get ready soon as possible.. After awhile we finished with our bathing.. Then I was ready and waiting for my mom and suddenly she arrived !!! Ohhh my good she was looking damn sexy .. I wanted to fuck her In front of everybody no matter what happens.. I couldn’t take my eyes of her ass n boobs… She was wearing transparent saree through which her navel is clearly visible n her blouse was soo deep ohh my I badly wanted to fuck my mom!!! I started thinking about what happened last night with the lorry drivers… It was like a movie .. My best part of my life..

And after awhile we all went to the feast which was awesome,, all the thirsty men in the village was looking at mom like they wanted to fuck her to death!! I was very much enjoying the scene!! As the place was crowded I was behind mom standing ,, my dick started growing because of her back view .. Moms ass was soo curvy I wanted to lick that ass all over..then I started touching her ,, feeling her body a bit.. And then touching her ass .. That was turning me on.. I badly wanted fuck her..

Soon the festival was over .. It was still noon… As there was nothing to so ,,,I was planning how to seduce mom.. I wanted to take her somewhere where we have some privacy.. As I knew there was a farm house of ours like 20 km from the village.. I tought like this is gonna be the right time to seduce her n fuck her…

I asked mom , can we go to the farm house .. So mom was like I am tired Rohith can we go tomorrow… I said mom plzz let’s go there are lots of lovely animals in the farm .. You will be relaxed .. C’mon mom …

Then she said okay n she said wait let me change my saree … I said no mom you looking good in that saree … Mom smiled and said really Rohith .. Thank you!!!
I said all the men In the village was staring at you all day … Mom looked at me and smiled … She was looking like a slut .. I knew she wanted men to stare at her assets.. She enjoys it when ppl look at her in a bad way!!!

Then she said okay then let’s go!! While we traveling I thought of making some fun… I said to mom , I couldn’t sleep last night in that lorry .. There was lot of strange noises I heard … Mom even you heard ??

Was was so terrified ,, she started sweating . What noises Rohith , I dint hear nothing,, I said it much be from the bushes near us… Mom was scared to hell ,, she dint even replied to me!!

I said what happened mom ,, why your looking terrified .. Something wrong mom,, mom said nothing just feeling tired rothith ,, relax mom we are almost there.. You can rest there.. Then I said those noises may be made by animals I think.. Mom was little relaxed by hearing that,,, she said may be .. Your right Rohith …

Then we reached the farm house.. As there was nobody in the whole area I was happy that I can atleast make a move to seduce my slut mom.

Mom and me started walking in the farm .. As there was soo many animals like dogs,, rabbits and some birds while was taken care by one of relative… Soon person who takes care of these animals came to me ,,, his name was chandru,, we talked for a while n as I wanted some privacy I knew chandru was alcohol addictive I gave some money and said as it is your village festival ,,, goo chill with your friends he was very happy and he left…

I was soo scared to talk to my mom about sex … I waiting for the right moment .. As we were watching some dogs .. Suddenly two male dogs started mating with the female dog,,, suddenly we both was embarrassed by that mom told you should not watch all those Rohith let’s go inside the house… As I finding a way to talk to her dirty… I said mom the female dog is just like you getting fucked by lorry drivers…

Mom was angry on me started shouting .. What rubbish are you talking Rohith .. I said mom I have seen everything that happened between you and that drivers… Plz don’t try to pretend nothing has happened… Mom was shocked and started crying , she ran into the house … I dint felt bad bout it,, I was totally into sex mode… I was like this is the chance I never gonna miss it..

I went into the house mom was in her bedroom..crying with her face covered … I sat next to her and said I am sorry mom… You can share anything with me about your sex life … I know dad could not satisfy you … I can understand .. I have seen everything happened yesterday … So mom said please don’t tell anybody about it.. I said I am not going to tell anybody about it.. And I hugged her from back and kissed her in her lips .. Mom was like what are you doing Rohith.. This is not gonna happen between us … I said mom I want to tell you something … I badly wanted to fuck you from long time… If you can fuck with that strange lorry drivers then it is fair to get fucked my me … Mom said no Rohith you are my son.. Plz try to understand plzzz

I said plz mom give me a chance to satisfy you… You don’t have to share your sexy body with strangers … I can make you happy… Mom remained silent I couldn’t wait for a moment .. I pushed her on to the bed .. I started kissing her lips.. Mom was like noo ahh rohaaaa stoahh!!! I started kissing her neck licking all over her face.. Mom was reacting to my kisses she started kissing me… And started hugging me tightly …
Rothitaa aaahhh ….

I moved my hand slowly down and started rubbing moms pussy on her saree … Mom was out of control she was moaning heavily… I was like mom you are a slut… I I’ll fuck you to hell .. Yeass rothith ahhh rub my pussy …

Then I removed her pallu and licking her cleavage … She smelled great … It was like a dream … I ripped her blouse and started pressing her boobs hardly…she took my hand and carresed her boobs… Then I went down to her juicy tummy.. Wow!! It was so soft I started licking her navel… Mom was moaning ahhhhh yessss Rohith you are good boy…. I then started biting her tummy…. Then I flipped her and started squezzing her ass with both my hands in her saree … Mom ass was soo chubby I wanted eat them,,,

Then I slowly moved saree up mom was wearing a black panties with some flowers on it … It was great , the panties was already wet I could smell the aroma of the juices ,… Started licking her ass on her panty … Then I removed her panty … It was great desi pussy… Had some private hairs on it … I spread her ass and started licking her ass hole,,, and rubbing her pussy .. Mom was enjoying it she was on cloud 9.. She was moaning ahhhhh omg Rohith lick your moms pussy ohhhhaa!!

I flipped her over and spread her legs wide and licked her pussy for bout 15min… She cummed her juice all over my face..

Then I made her stand and removed all her clothes …she was a goddesses … She then started rubbing my cock on my pants … I removed my pants … Mine was a 7inch tool… Mom was shocked to see my dick … It bigger than your dad Rohith.. And she started sucking his sons dick like a whore … I was mouth fucking her to her trout … She was gagging she was stroking my penis hardly … I was out of control I cummed inside her mouth she spat it all over body…then made her sleep on the bed and started fingering her pussy… She was ahhoo Rohith you are a bad son… Yeass Rohith it feels good ahho!!!

Mom could not wait she started shouting fuckkkk me Rohith … Fuck your moms pussy plzzz … I then spread her legs and started rubbing my dick on her clit … Put it in son I am dying to feel your cock in my pussy I was aroused by that I was very happy that my mom is asking me fuck her… I decided to show her real heaven.. I started pushing my dick slowly into her pussy … Her pussy was still tight after all these years after marriage … Daddy must have fucked her 10 times maybe…

Then slowly my whole dick was inside moms pussy I hugged her tightly and started stroking lightly… Mom was moaning ahhhho Rohith you are the best fucker… Fuck me harder … Then the started my pace and started stroking hardly… I could see my moms boobs was bouncing … I grabbed her boobs and fucked her for about 20 min … Then I flipped her and spread her ass and inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking mom from back… Yeass Rohith. Fuck fuck mee.. Ohhhahh !!!

The whole room was sounding slap,, slap ,, pachh, pachh!!!after like 20 min… I was tired I slept on her back and kissing her cheeks n lips… Mom are you tired ?? I said yes mom.. Mom made me sleep and she was on me and started fucking my dick…. Ohhhha my god was was a whore she was riding me like a horse… After sometime I bounced on her back and started fucking her hardly … Then I decided to fuck her ass… Then I said to mom spit on my dick she spit on it ….

Then I placed my dick at her ass hole and started pushing it… It was so tight my dick was halfway through … Mom was in pain she was like remove your dick it’s paining… This made me to fuck her ass hardly I then started stroking my dick until my whole dick is inside her ass,,, mom was in pain… She was shouting it hurts rohithh ahhhhoo!! I started fucking her ass hardly my moms shouting made me fuck her harder …
After fucking her ass for 15 min … I was cumming I cam inside moms mouth and made her swallow it !! Then we both hugged and slept for half an hour … Then we took shower together … As it was turning dark I informed all my relatives that me and my mom will stay here tonight … We I’ll be coming tomorrow…. Then the whole night was just paradise …. I fucked mom till morning…

We had some time chatting ,, drinking wine I … Mom started explaining… About her sex adventures with ,, other strangers like lorry drivers,,, I badly wanted to know the story… The first time she getting fucked by the tailor uncle next to our house…. I was shocked to hear that mom has fucked with Ramesh uncle who is a tailor…

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