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Just a business trip Ch. 02  


I walked in the house and saw Sharon sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone. She waved as I walked though. Her parents had left yesterday and would arrive mid morning tomorrow. She had taken the week off and had spent the weekend and today giving the house a thorough cleaning. The house was always clean, but it was one of those ‘mom is coming things’. I grabbed a beer and sat down at the table as she finished with her phone conversation. “OK, cutie. See you tomorrow. Love ya, bye…”"Mom called this morning.” I looked at Sharon and raised my eyebrow questioningly. She shrugged. “I still don’t know anything more, but she asked if I still kept in touch with Kim.”"What the…” Now I was confused!”I told her that I talked with her from time to time, more now since she had gotten divorced, and with her parents passing and all. Mom wanted me to see if she could visit this week, because she wants to talk with the two of us. Something about getting some things straightened out. So that was who I was talking to when you came in.” She paused and took a sip of her wine, with a puzzled look on her face. “Still don’t know what is going on, Jon, but she’ll leave in the morning and should drive in by lunchtime.” “Did you say anything to Kim about…you know…” Sharon shook her head no. “What about your mom? Has she mentioned the other night?” Again she shook her head no and shrugged.
We talked through dinner and into the evening and neither of us had any idea what was going on. I had taken the rest of the week off myself, so first thing the following morning I was sent out to mow the lawn and trim. I had just finished up when the air horns sounded on the motorhome, and I waved them in. I guided Frank back alongside the garage and helped him get connected up to the house system, while Esther disappeared in the house to find Sharon. Finishing up we went on in the house and I excused myself to go shower and then headed back to the living room “Hey Jon!” Kim had arrived and jumped out of the chair and hurrying over gave me a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. “Hi Kim! You’re looking great!” I quickly hugged her and turned towards the kitchen. “Be right back, it’s beer time!” Actually I had to be alone to compose myself! It had been a long time since I had seen Kim, and I had never thought of her ‘sexually’, but after what I had learned the past few days between her and Sharon, her hug had produced an instant hard on! Kim is a big girl, well not big but tall, I stand six foot and she is only a few inches shorter. I didn’t really dislike her, but she had never been one of my most favorite people either. I had always thought she was ‘bossy’. Maybe it was due to her height as compared to other women; Sharon had said she was always taller when they were growing up, or maybe from being an ER Nurse for years. Either way I thought she was ‘bossy’. Kim didn’t have an hourglass figure, but was nicely proportioned. I had seen her a number of times in a bathing suit (which were always on the conservative side). Whether in a bathing suit or blouse she always showed off the cleavage, as if daring you to look at them. Her tummy was flat and backed up by a nicely round ass, with tanned and toned legs. Her brunette hair was highlighted and bounced softly off her shoulders, a bright smile and brown doe-like eyes.
Now I stood in the kitchen still feeling the hug; the crushing of her full breasts against my chest, the soft scent of her perfume and shampoo. She wore a blouse with the usual three buttons undone, tucked into a pair of slacks, that seemed to accent her nicely rounded as cheeks. They were the type material that as she walked, pulled across her pussy tightly enough that I thought I had seen a hint of pubic bone, then hugged her long legs. Thoughts of her and Sharon naked together and caressing and fondling one Another wouldn’t leave my mind! Getting a beer I struggled to get myself together and rejoin everyone In the other room.The women were talking about all that had been going on in their lives. Frank looked up at me and rolled his eyes. I held up my beer and motioned towards the yard and turned. He grabbed his beer and followed me out. I had built a wet bar on our deck and hopped up on one of the stools, Frank got a couple more beers and sat on one of the stools. We sat drinking beer as Frank explained the purpose of their visit. I sat and listened, periodically getting up and bringing another beer for us. It was true that for years they had swapped, but only with one other couple. . As he talked of their experiences together, I began to guess who he was speaking of. So I wasn’t overly surprised when he told me that it had been Kim’s parents. They had taped some of their evenings and had brought them along. Esther had just told him, over the past few days, how she and Kim’s mom had agreed to expand their daughter’s educations, so Kim had an evening with her mother the same as Sharon had. It was also much of their doing that both girls had attended the same college and had been roommates. Kim had been much more open with her mother about what they did in college. Nothing was ever said to Frank or Kim’s father, but the two women had spent many afternoons together as she shared with Esther what Kim had told her. They had agreed nothing would be said to anyone until one of them had passed on, which was why Esther had brought everyone together. “So everything I have been telling you now, is basically what Esther has been telling Kim and Sharon. My cock strained at my shorts as Frank shared with me all that he had learned. “Damn Frank! What happens now?” He saw me glance down and see he was having the same problem. He chuckled. “The past few days has sure put some new lead in the old pencil. Haven’t had to take the ‘blue pill’ everytime to get it up.” He smiled, “I don’t know what happens now, that is all up to Esther and the girls.” He slid off the barstool. “i’ve got to take a whiz,” and headed in the house.”I agree. I’ll use the one in the garage.” As I returned to the patio Frank had just stepped back into the kitchen, and silently motioned me into the house. Sliding the screen door closed behind me he took my arm and pulled me towards the living room. “Maybe we shouldn’t have stayed outside so long…”
We both stood in the archway and stared! Clothes were strewn across the furniture, and the down comforter from our bed was spread on the floor. The three women were lying naked on it facing away from us. From the tousled hair and scent of sex that permeated the room, we had missed something! Esther was lying with Kim and Sharon cradled on either side of her, with her hands caressing a breast. Kim’s fingers traveled lightly from Esther’s breast to thigh, with Sharon doing the same from Esther’s other side. Frank and I had the same thought at the same time and began taking our clothes off. We stood naked, Frank’s thick cock sticking straight out, and mine with a slight curve pointed upwards. Sharon heard us and looked over her shoulder at us. Her gaze centered on our hard pricks then she looked up at me. Smiling she spoke quietly, “Honey, I think you mentioned the other night that you wished it was your cock going in Mom’s pussy.” She pulled lightly on her mother’s thigh spreading it wider. I walked over and stood between Esther’s thighs. Kneeling down I held my cock and moved forward until I could feel her pubic hair tickle the sides of my cock and the tip parted her swollen outer lips. Slowly I entered the older woman’s warmth, and as my balls rested between her open thighs she forced her muscles to tighten around my shaft.”Oh yes! Frank knows how i’ve wanted this since the other night.” Esther pulled her legs back until her feet rested flat on the comforter, her knees pointing at the ceiling. “Sharon, slip a pillow under my hips. I want it all!” Lifting her hips Sharon pushed a pillow under her. Putting her hands on my hips she pulled me deeper into her sex. “Gawd yes! Oh yes!”
She held me tight and as I looked down between us I could see my cock completely buried and the gray hair surrounding her wet slit intertwined with my own thick dark brown hairs.Frank had followed me and knelt beside Kim, his hands roamed over her full breasts, gently pulling on her nipples. Running a hand down over her naked wet slit she smiled up at him. He smiled back at her and spoke softly, “Get up on your knees.” Precum dripped from his cock as Kim moved. His hands caressed her asscheeks as he positioned himself between her spread legs and moved closer.”Daddy, wait!” Sharon scrambled over towards him. “I want to do this!” Wrapping her fingers around his hardness, she took his dripping cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched as she took almost half his length into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down two or three times before she released him. “i’ve waited for a long time to do that. You taste so good…”Frank’s body visibly shuddered. “Ohhh fuck!”"It’s so thick Dad.” She smiled and holding him ran the tip up and down along Kim’s cunt. “Fuck her…” She pulled slightly and Frank moved forward, his cock stretching and filling her.”Oh damn! Oh damn!” Kim’s eyes widened as Sharon, her fist wrapped around the base, helped Frank feed his cock past Kim’s outer lips. Putting her hand on his ass she pushed him forward until his cock was lodged deep inside her. “Yes, fuck me! Oh please cum in me!”Sharon released his cock and lying down on her back wiggled down between Kim’s arms until her head was right beneath the stretched lips of her pussy and her father’s slowly pumping prick. Kim’s head dropped between Sharon’s open thighs as her tongue worked between the outer lips and began circling Sharon’s hard clit.
This had all happened in just a matter of seconds and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Feeling Esther move I looked back down at her. She too had watched and now her fingers had worked their way down between us, and using two fingers to open the outer lips, her middle finger began rubbing her own hard clit. “That’s it Frank. Fuck her just like you used to do her mother!” Esther’s muscles were contracting and releasing my cock. “Fill her pussy with your hot cum! Yes! Do it!”The slap of his thighs could be heard as he slammed against Kim. “Oh fuck Esther! She’s going to cum!” Kim’s moans were muffled, as her mouth was tight against Sharon’s cunt. Sharon had her arms wrapped around Kim and she was licking feverishly on the other woman’s clit. Pausing only long enough to lick the underside of her father’s cock as he pumped in and out of Kim. Sharon’s thighs held Kim’s head firmly as Kim’s orgasm began. Her screams continued as she attempted to push down against Sharon’s mouth and back against Frank’s pistoning cock at the same time.” “I’m going to…I can’t hold…it!” Frank growled as he watched his cock fucking Kim’s stretched hole! Sharon is milking my balls! S!!!” “Yes baby! Do it! Your father loves that…pull down on his ball sac while he’s cumming! That’s it. Good girl!” Esther finger moved faster over her clit and with her other hand she gripped my arm. “Fuck me now Jon! Fill my old cunt with your hot cum! OH FUCK! I’m going to cum on your ..You could see the muscles in Frank’s ass spasm as he began shooting his load, taking long full strokes in and out of Kim’s cunt.” Sharon’s head fell back onto the bed and her hips lifted to Kim’s mouth as she climaxed. “ohh gawd-d-d-d-d-d-d…” Sharon’s body slowly began to relax.

My balls slapped loudly against her upturned ass as I started filling her. I could feel her fingers moving between us as she jacked off her clit. But what had taken us both to release was what we were seeing happen beside us.Frank having expended his load had gone almost immediately soft and his soft prick slipped out of Kim’s full cunt. Cum dripped down onto Sharon’s neck, moving her hands to the back of his thighs she pulled herself back until it fell onto her breasts. His cum coated cock hung limply against his balls, and without any hesitation Sharon sucked it fully into her mouth. She greedily, and noisily, licked his flaccid prick clean.Fully spent I fell back as Kim rolled onto her back next to Esther. Cum flowed from both of them making wet spots on the comforter. Trying to catch our breath, we watched mesmerized, as Sharon sucked her father and gently cupped his balls in the palm of her hand. Finally Sharon released him and Frank sat back next to me, Sharon’s head resting on his thigh.The room was silent as Esther spoke quietly, “Why don’t we have some dinner. We brought five or six videos and maybe later the girls would like to see one.” She smiled.Sharon glanced at me then looked over to her mother. “Before you leave this week there is one thing I want…” Esther nodded her approval as Sharon took her father’s cock in her hand and smiled. I looked around at the naked bodies and took my own spent cock in my hand. My gaze focused on Kim and I smiled as thoughts went through my mind of just all that this week would bring.Contact me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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