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Girlfriend ko choda


hi this is aditya from delhi, you can call me adi I am a 25 year old guy and have a very good personality with master degree in computer science, my height is 5.8″ any girl, bhabhi or aunt who wants to contact me can contact ”” I want to share my experience with my girlfriend, her name is Riya, I met her through a friendship website. I talk to her and we decided to meet at a point when I reach there she was standing there and WOW what a beautiful she was her height is 5.4″ fair color her boobs are rock solid and looking very gorgeous, her figure is 32-26-32, she is 21 year beautiful girl, I was in my car, I call her on her mobile to ensure she is the right girl and she response and we greet each other and set back into my car and I drive it she said I am not believing that I am meeting you just we talk yesterday and now I am with you then I said yes this world is so small and what we want we are going to get, she was smiling and I take her to budha garden and meanwhile I bought some flowers and chocolates for her and it was a hot day and chocolates were melt, I give it to her and we sit in the garden and I offer her that chocolate and she asked how I will bite it then I take some courage and put my finger into the chocolate then take my finger into her mouth she take it in her mouth and lick it very well and I was feeling she is licking my penis then I kiss her she didn’t oppose and then I took her in my arm and began to press her boobs she was enjoying it very well we spent around 3 hours there then i drop her to near her house. Suddenly my friend decided to go mansurie and I inform her that I am going there but my heart would be with you and our group reaches mansurie. There was a very pleasant atmosphere and I call her and said that I am missing her there very badly and you must be with me here, she was exited and I said if she was with me then I must have sex with her then she said kaise I said pehle to tumko baho main uthata phir tumhe chumta tumhare shirt ke buttun kholta aur tumhare boobs chumta unhe sehlata tumhari jeans utarta then tumhari Rani(chut) ko chumta apni jibh usme dalta and she was moan on the mobile after that conversation and we talk a lot of time then I came back to delhi and I call her to meet me she was agree and I take her to my friend flat fortunately that time my friend was not there and I have the key of the flat as I have it usually as friend lives on the rent and i take her in, we sit on the bed I start to kiss her and said jo maine phone par kaha tha wo sab karna chahta hun she was not giving any answer and start the A.C. and said aaj to bahut garmi ho rahi hai to maine apni shirt uttar di as i used to go to Jym so I possess a good shaped body aur phir uski goud main let gaya and uski ankhon main dekh kar use kaha tum bahut khubsurat lag rahi ho aur uska hote se apne hote laga diye aur unhe chusne laga and she was responding very well tab maine uski shirt ke buttun khole diye our uske boos ko bahar nikal diya she was wearing a pink bra and her nipple were very hard maine unhe sehlaya aaur unhe kiss kiya phir apne haath uski pith par le jakar uski bra uttar di aur uske boobs ko chusne laga she was getting exited then maine uska haath apne Raja(lund) per rakha and she didn’t oppose then maine apni jeans bhi uttar di aur uski jeans bhi ab hum dono ne sirf underwear pehen rakhe thethen maine music chala diya ki ” baho ke darmiyan do jism…(pyar) mil rahe hai” and we are enjoying that moment very much now she was realy hot and usne mere Raja ko bahar nikal liya aur use dekhne lagi maine use kaha ki ise muh main lo usne liya aur kaha ise muh main nahi kahi aur hona chahiye maine kaha ha Rani ye usi ke paas jayega par thoda sabr karo tab maine chocolate nikali jo main pehle se hi apne saath laya tha aur uske sare badan par melt chocolate laga di aur use chatne laga she was feeling very hot aur tab maine kaha ki ab tum chato aur maine chocolate ko apne Raja(lund) par laga diya aur use kaha ki ab use chato tab usne mera Raja apne muh main le liya aur kaphi der tak chata ab to main bhi bechen ho gaya aur usse kaha ab main tumhari Rani se milne ja raha hun usne kaha roka kisne hai tab maine uski rani ko chata aur apne Raja ko uski Rani se sata diya aur dheere dheere jhatke marne shuru kar diya and she was enjoying it very well and tab maine apna pura lund uski chut main baad diya tab wo chillayi ki mar gayi tab maine kaha jaan abhi khuch nahi hua hai aur dheere dheere apne shot ki gati tej kar di karib 10 minut baad hum dono satisfied ho gaye aur wahi par let gaye uske baad maine 2 baar aur wahi karm dohraya tab tak sham ke 6 baj chuke the tab hum waha se nikle usne kaha adi aaj main bahut khush hun . Iske baad bhi maine use bahut baar choda ye sab baate dubara bataunga agli story main.

Posted : 18/02/2011 1:23 am