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Hi , Its sardaar, its first story.

That was month of marriages.I had to attend a marriage of our family friend, who was also our neighbor for a pretty long time. They were also our distant relatives. I was not too keen to attend it. However, because of our family friendship I had to go. After done my business things, I left for their place. By the time I reached their residence, it was about 10.20 pm. Uncle welcomed me and called aunty. She was lightened up after she saw me. Both of them thanked me profusely for coming. I had dinner chitchatting with them, and after they forced me to spend night in their house and he took me to a flat opposite theirs and said I could sleep with the other guests there. As both of us searched for a place to sleep, we could not find any. He then called Aunty and told her about the problem.
Aunty then asked me to accompany her and we went back to their house. We went from one bedroom to another and ultimately found a place. It was a bedroom without any beds but the mattresses were laid on the floor on which about eight people were sleeping side by side. In the really dim night lamp, we saw at one end of mattresses there was some place next to a small child of about 2 years sleeping. Next to the child was a girl/lady sleeping on her side with her face towards the kid. To avoid embarrassment to my hosts, I convinced them that I was comfortable and accepted to sleep there. Aunty came with a sheet and handed it over to me saying because of the mosquitoes she had kept both the ceiling fans in the room on. I said goodnight to my hosts and retired. They went away. I took my mobile and set an alarm for 7.00 Am. It was 1.07 a.m. Moving the sleeping child a bit, I pulled up the sheet to my neck to avoid mosquitoes. In the process, I also covered the child. Therefore, the child and I were sharing a sheet. The baby was also under another sheet that the lady had on them together.

In the darkness I wondered who the child was and who was sleeping next to him, but I could not. I could only make out the fairness of the face of the lady/girl sleeping next to the baby. I could not get sleep as the ceiling fan, was making some irritating noise. As I lay awake, the child next to me shifted upwards and he pushed the pillow down. After about two mins, as I thought of the child wetting the bed and my situation if that happened, I felt a leg on my leg. An electric current ran through me because, I could make out that the leg was of a female. I thought it was accidental. It rested on me for some time and then started moving up & down.

I could feel the warmness and the smoothness of the naked leg. We had formed some kind of V shape and because the baby was between the female, and me I could not see her face. The leg was now on my thighs and the lady was actually slowly massaging with her foot. I was getting excited. I stayed in the same position. The leg now again moved up. It was positively hot now. My cock started stirring. However, my mind was not accepting this. Before I could react, the knee of the leg was on my hard cock and it was pressing it. The thighs were touching. I decided to enjoy. I shifted downwards a bit and made it comfortable for the lady to press with her leg. She too shifted down and I knew she was awake and was deliberately doing it. She then placed her hands on my hard COCK and started feeling it. I have nice 7 inch. cock that is just the right thickness. I could not resist.

I open my pant buttons , held her hand, and through the underwear sides, put it on my cock. She instinctively held it and started moving her hands up and down. She moved her thumbs on its top and tickled the slit. She moved her fingers down and expertly massaged my balls. I do not know why, but on the same morning, I had shaved my pubic hair. She seems surprised not to find any hair. She continued to expertly massage my balls and cock. All this was happening under the blanket. As she continued to use her fingers, something snapped in me. I did not want to do it. I had a bout of sudden righteousness and I took her hand off my cock and pushed it away. I turned on my side with my back to her. Now I felt and heard some shuffling and the night lamp went off. Suddenly, one hand again was on my underwear. I turned to feel the girl lying right next to me. She had moved the child behind her. The sheet covering us was now thrown away. I could see the glow of her fair limbs. No sooner had I turned, she put her had to my face and turning it towards her put her lips to mine. The lips were full and moist. It was great feeling. Her wet lips, warm breathe and her smell was intoxicating. She expertly used her tongue and I responded. As I kissed her, I moved my hands on her back and found that she was wearing a nighty. I pushed the nightie up and moved my hands on her buttocks and squeezed them. My! They were fleshy and firm, not exactly round, but felt immense. I pushed my hand inside her panty and kneaded her ass. I kissed more passionately. She started to respond and kissed me back. For some time we just continued kissing each other with me rubbing her ass and squeezing it.

Posted : 19/02/2011 1:34 am

Then while continuing to kiss her I moved my hand on her boob and squeezed it slightly. She moved her head back and let out a low moan oohhhhh. I fondled her boobs from over her nightie. I kept kissing & inserted my hands inside her bra and felt the smoothness, softness and warmth of her boobs with my palms. The boobs were nice and big, if not huge. Compared to her ass they were more rounded, supple and firm. She moaned again AAAhhhhhhhh . After a while I undid the hooks on her back and removed her bra. She carefully kept her bra above her pillow. The whiteness of the boobs was visible in that darkness. The nipples on the tips of her fleshy boobs had grown hard and pointed. Now I started kissing her on her neck, below the ears and moving really slowly downwards, I placed my lips on her nipples. I jutted out my wet tongue just a bit and moved it on her nipple. She moved her hands behind my head and pulled them towards her. As I opened my lips and squeezing the tits, she pushed her boobs right into my mouth. She then used her hands to pull away my pant . She threw her legs over my waist and pushed the another boob into my mouth. She was moaning and making some low hissing sounds Oohhhh eeeeeeee ssssuuuuuuu AAahhhhhhh . They were all drowned in the loud ceiling fan noise. She then very quickly pulled her panty off and tossed it next to her clothes. I could now feel her wet pussy on my navel. She had a shaven pussy as I could not feel any pubic hair. To confirm, I pushed my hand between and used my finger to feel the lips of her pussy.

She again let out a soft aaaahhhh ssssssssss and bit my lip. She was wet. Using the palm stuck between her and my navel she started moving up and down, rubbing her clit on my fingers. I teased her by inserting and moving the fingers just inside her pussy lips and rubbing her cunt lips. She squeezed her thighs really tight. I knew she was enjoying my every touch to her pussy. My hardened cock was thru my U/W touching her ass crack and her slight movement was massaging its top. She pulled down my u/w and took it out from my legs using her hands and her feet. It remained entangled in one of my legs. She pushed my undershirt (vest/banian) up and made me remove my hands out and it remained in my neck like a brace. She then released her grip and getting away from me a bit for a moment, felt my hard cock and spitting on her fingers, curled them around it. It started getting harder as she pumped it for a minute and then pushed her cunt on the cock. Holding my fuck-pole in her hands she tried to insert it in her love pot. I arched my back and moved it away from her.

I inserted my index finger right inside her pussy and moved it. She was all hot wet and sticky and slippery inside. I then inserted another finger. As I rifled my fingers inside her, she gave a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh and gripped my hand and squeezed her thighs, trapping my fingers inside. I could not move my palm, but continued to move my fingers and she came. With another loud ooooooooooohhhhh she crashed her lips on mine and pushed her tongue in. I could feel her pussy contract and grip my fingers inside. The fingers were now all drenched in her juices. We lay in the same position for some time kissing each other.
As she released my gripping hands by opening her thighs, I quickly moved them on her clit. Plucking her pussy lips with my thumb and middle finger, I used my index finger on her clit, driving her crazy. She was thrusting herself on my fingers. She forcefully removed my hands. As I was guessing what she was about to do, she came over me and sat on my crotch. Her moist pussy lips enveloped my cock that was oozing the precum. Lubricated by her own cum, she rubbed her clit on my cock. My hands were now again on her ass, kneading and squeezing them. Her silky thighs resting on my thighs, I again attended to her pointed nipples and sucked them. Using her hand, she pushed my cock in her hot dripping cunt. She emitted a aaaaaahhhhhhh. sssssssss, as my tool slipped slowly in her dripping cunt, and started rocking… However, I stopped her. I could feel her pussy, though wet was still tight. Arching my back, and lifting her a bit, I started pumping her slowly. She rested her knees on the mattress and her ass was suspended in air. She responded and tried to grip my hot cock inside her for my every up thrust. As she lifted her head, I moved my fingers on her lips and she used her tongue licking my fingers and salivating them on it and making them wet.

I stimulated her with my hands on her ass by really pulling away her ass cheeks and using my wet finger on her ass hole. She could not stop and whispered..faster …faster ooohhhh plzzzzz in my ears. I increased the speed and she locked her lips again with mine. As I continued to pound her, she kissed my ears and let out a string of aaaaahhhh ooofffffffff ooohhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhh sssshhhh uuuummmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh and as the tempo of fucking reached its peak, she sank down on me, pushing my arched back on the bed and lay there. She came again, and I could feel her cum running down my still erect cock, sunk into her convulsing pussy. As I waited to let her enjoy her sensation, she kissed me again and moved away from me. I was about to pull her when I felt her turn and move in 69 positions.

Before I could understand what was happening, I felt the wetness of her mouth, her hand wrapped around the hardness of my cock, she was using her tongue and her lips on my hard cock. Gripping my pole with her fingers, she was doing it like a pro. I could not restrain myself. I lifted my ass and fucked her mouth. My hands were again on her ass cheeks squeezing them. I could not stop now. Her lips tightly clasped the root of my throbbing cock. She threw her hand around my buttock and pushed her mouth hard into my crotch my cock throbbing deep inside her mouth. I knew I was not going to last this time and went stiff. She took her mouth away from my hot rod. I groaned and shot my hot frothing cum on her face and her naked breasts. Some cum dripped down my cock and she started licking it. I pushed her away from my cock and she again turned towards me. I kissed her and felt the taste of our love juices, and her saliva. We continued to kiss, as I again started to fondle her boobs. We would not stop kissing and me fondling her breasts and her tits, squeezing them with my fingers.

After kissing for some time, she again went to 69 position and suspended her pussy on my face. Holding her hips, I ran my tongue over her soft thighs, dribbling my tongue with my saliva. Her shaven pussy was giving out a nice aroma. I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, and shot my tongue out to explore her pussy lips. She started gyrating her ass. I licked up with my flattened tongue but did not slid into her. I went back and sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. She then changed the position and turned herself on her back in the same 69 position. I was now on top. My tongue moved in and slipped deep and hard into the folds of her pussy. I used my tongue on her clit; My mouth was feeling her juices. Slowly I swirled through her dampness & teased the pussy by shoving it inside her hot love hole. Using my tongue, I pushed her clit and slowly moving up circled her clit with my dripping tongue & slid my lip up and down over her clitoris.

Sporadically I moved my tongue into her pussy and delicately licking of her clit. She was now pushing her buttocks up urging me continue to do it. She let out low moans and sighs as I tongued her pussy, gripping my head in her thighs.In the meanwhile she ran her tongue along my half erect cock’s length and then slowly opening her mouth wide open, took it in her mouth massaging my balls. My cock started hardening again. I could feel her hot breath on my balls. She took hold of my hardening penis and pulled back the fore skin exposing the swollen head. Using her lips and tongue expertly she concentrated on the head slipping it in & out of her mouth and then proceeded to take the swollen head into her hot mouth using her tongue to lick all around the head, concentrating specially on the underside of the head. Her one hand was squeezing the base of my cock and the head was getting bigger ad harder.

She then caressed my hairless balls with her tongue taking each of them in her mouth and sucking on them while still maintaining the up and down motion of her head. While my penis was being sucked and hardened, I squeezed her boobs and tongued her cunt. At last she could take it no more. She turned again from 69 to face-to-face position and pulled my head and kissed me. It was a deep kiss, and each of our tongues entwined relishing each other’s juices. She was now pushing her cunt up to me imploring me to screw her. I too could not take it. I positioned my cock at her steaming hole opening and pushed it deep in. She let out aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh in my ears.

I placed my hands on her boobs and pinching her nipples, increased my speed. She started rotating and shaking her ass for my every stroke. My GOD! It was an awesome sensation, which I had never experienced. I was experiencing waves of pleasure and I really humped the babe with all my vigor, forgetting the thudding sound it made which was felt as small shocks on the floor as the bed was on the floor. I was now madly kissing her boobs as she did not stop her shaking of her ass, and I was about to explode, when she let out a oooooommmmmmmmmmphhhhhh and wrapped her legs on my back, pulling my hair and scratching my back with her another hand. I stopped quickly and took my tool out of her and pressed its base to stop myself form jerking. I now sat on my haunches and taking her feet on my shoulders, inserted my fingers in her hot cunt. I could feel her juices overflowing. With my curled fingers, I started giving her the G-Spot massage. She was cold to my finger movement initially, but started warming up.

As I continued to apply pressure and in between rifle my fingers in and out, she started her patented gyrations of her ass, pushing it up, and squeezing my head between her legs. I used my other hand to cup her boobs and massage them. I increased my speed, and she came, she had an orgasm, which came with a loud moan aaaiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeo ooooooommfffffffffhhh that was heard over the racket the ceiling fan was making. I swiftly threw her legs from my shoulder and locked my lips with her and stifled her moan. My fingers were experiencing the flooding of her pussy with her love juices. I withdrew my hand and moved to her side. She was giggling uncontrollably. After some time, she inserted her own fingers inside her pussy and using her juices, she commenced the stroking of my cock. I then turned her on her side and lifting her leg up, I inserted my cock in her dripping snatch, and started stroking her. As I banged her harder and faster, I was also pounding her fleshy ass. The stoppage in the fucking earlier was great, as the sensations had to build again to enable me enjoy thrash the girl with my strokes. As I could not get my pleasure, I turned her on her back and mounted her in the missionary position. I could now fuck her really fast and I increased my humping speed. In addition, suddenly, the electricity went off.

The fans went silent and I could hear the squelch chuck squelch chuck squelch chuck sound our fucking was making. Hearing those sounds, I got really charged up and excited but slowed down my speed. I then put my lips on hers, and kissing her mouth, her earlobes softly, I enjoyed my love sounds, which were now Sqquuuueelch chhhuuuukkkkkk. She was also nibbling my ears and breathing hot air on my ears. I then mounted her, just like one sits on a bike, with her legs together between mine and increased the tempo. The squelching sound was now deadened but the sound of our thighs and crotches crashing thump thak. Thak thump on each other was sensational. She again started her ass gyrations and I stiffened. About to explode, she pushed me away and held my cock and directed my cum on her tits and stomach. As I laid down on her exhausted after a long and really enjoyable fuck, I could feel the stickiness of my own juice on my bare chest. She ran her hands on my sweaty wet bare chest and I kissed her boobs softly and tasted the sour taste of her sweat and my cum.

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The clock struck five and I was surprised that we had fucked for almost 4 hours. She was glistening with the sweat and cum on her. As I continued to kiss her softly on her lips and her boobs, she whispered ..Thanks.. in my ears.
Suddenly the baby woke up with sobs. She quickly separated from me, moved the baby between us in a flash and covered herself with her sheet. I too remembered that my pant was near my pillow; I quickly grabbed it, pushed it near my waist, and turning on my side, pulling up my rug, pretended to be asleep. She patted the baby and comforted it. The baby went back to sleep. Then she got up gradually, trying to find out whether some one else had also woken up and took her clothes. Standing up, she wore her clothes, came over to me, kissed and went back to her place to sleep. I again fondled her breasts, massaged her pussy for a moment and as the sleep overcame me I fell sound asleep till the alarm went off as set at 7.00 waking me up. My reaction was to see who the lady/girl was who gave me such a lovely enjoyment and pleasure. However, alas, she was not there. Everybody had woken up, the mattresses were rolled and only the baby was sleeping next to me, smiling sweetly in the sleep. Till today, I do not know whom I fucked gloriously on that day, as all my attempts to find out whom all were sleeping in that room on that day got varied responses.

Posted : 19/02/2011 1:38 am