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Fucked Radika in front of Husband & made her pregnent  


[align=justify]Hello Everyone :hello:
I would like to share with you the hot experience of my life..
hope you like it..

[align=justify]I am robin 27 from Hyderabad. I am not a hunk, but caring and friendly person. A young guy looking around for unsatisfied hungry women to experiencing a real good time in Hyderabad. :trick:

[align=justify]The experience I am going to share happen on 29th Jan 2013. This exp is lil longer please be patient in reading.

[align=justify]Here it goes, after my first publishing of my experience with a married lady, I started to receive response from many wife’s, especially whose husbands are away… among them a couple has contacted me,

They have introduced themselves as Pramod -36 & Radika-31  married for 12yr (both not real names, but with this name they introduced) from Delhi. They both work in a reputed company and are in a very good status. Initially they have expressed their liking of my previous experience and appreciated the way I have narrated, we had formal introduction and went off for the day.

In the chat Promod expressed that they are married for 12yr but they did not have children. When enquired about medical conditions, he hesitatingly said the fault is with him, I felt sorry for him bud did not care much about it, as many ppl vent oh wrong things happening with them. Later on in our chats Promad introduce me to his wife Radika, to my surprise they both has come live on cam. I was wondering what this couple is up to….

They both were in night dresses, they both seem happy & exited talking to me, they have requested for my cam, since I don’t have cam, I expressed the same and suggested that I can share picture & my contact number, they can call me and check if I am real only then they can continue being on cam or else it’s ok with me…

They both were still on cam, Radika bough her mobile, dialed and handed phone to her husband, Promod said Hello and after confirmation, he hung up on call.

Let me describe Radika - fair, tall, round chubby face, huge breast, have a tilak on her forehead, jet-black hair and has a cute smile on her face. She looks like a modern lady, yet very humble to her husband, that day we had just a normal chat Promod then shared their real mail ids of both and bid good night for the day.

The next day was turning point; I had call from Promod asking me to come online at 9Pm, and also had SMS from Radika also. I was lil concerned why would they both ask me separately!When I went online Promod said that he is in other city and Radhika is in Delhi, then we have started conference chat and both of them turned on their cams.

I was kind of going inpatient and lil crazy too looking at Radika and her dressing… I have asked them directly what are they expecting from me in a polite manner. ( following is the actual conversation )

Robin( Me) hey guzz, whatupp, what are you expecting from me 

[align=justify]                    exactly!
Promod      : robin, you know that we don’t have children for 12yr, and also

[align=justify]                  stated the reason..
Robin( Me) : yeah….
Promod       : and, after reading your story radi got so excited that day we

[align=justify]                  had wild sex after a long time forgetting our problems…
Robin( Me) : oh wow, that’s a great complement bro.. thank you so

[align=justify]                   much.. but what problem!!.
Promod     : our parents want us to get divorced, as they don’t know the

[align=justify]                 reason of we not having children…
Robin( Me) : What!!!
Radika     : yes robin, that’s true… :’(  ( she was weeping on cam)
Robin( Me) : hey radika, plz don’t cry…
Promod     : We both love each other so much, we want children…
Robin( Me) : so you want me to donate sperm!!! (I wantedly made this

[align=justify]                   statement to know their thoughts)
Promod     : No no, we want it in natural way, and after reading your story

[align=justify]                 and talking to you for a month, we have decided to take your

[align=justify]                 help and have children
Robin( Me) : oh!! Is radika ok with this idea?
Radika       :  yes  robin, we thought a lot about it, if we approach anyone

[align=justify]                  from family, friends or any known person they can become a

[align=justify]                  possible threat to our reputation as we both are good earns.

[align=justify]                 And we both are ok looking for a stranger, who is faithful, just

[align=justify]                   to his word…

Promod     : that’s true, I am planning to come to Hyderabad this week to

[align=justify]                 meet you and talk on this… if everything is ok will talk further..
Robin( Me) : that’s fine…

With that we bid bye for the day, the next week Promod has come to Hyderabad, he stayed in the hotel in Sed’bad and called me… We met and had talk, I have directly asked him that why would he trust me so much!

[align=justify]To that He said, we are read many stories online, but the way you have treated your previous lady has impressed Radika so much, she likes to be taken slowly, above that you are a stranger yet good and trustful in nature, what more do we need to be safe!!! With that we had a brief talk only condition; once Radika gives birth to the baby we will never meet.

[align=justify]I was like so glad to hear all this from him, first of all the couple they trust me, I get to fuck a beautiful lady,then never to be in touch again. I just said yes yes yes to all his conditions… :yeye:

[align=justify]Then He called up Radika and told  her everything,  He said he is going to call her to Hyderabad as it would be more safe for them to maintain privacy. I said Okye to that…

[align=justify]They both has come conversation over the phone, and because of some office work Radika can’t move out of city for more than a month, then I expressed that I have never been to Delhi, immediately he asked me to pack my bag and come with him to Delhi, I was puzzled and said what about privacy to which he said he will introduce me as his college friends brother here looking for job.. in the night when she is home you can do the job ad in day time take rest and visit places..
We both boarded next plain to Delhi that night of 26th Jan 2013, 27th was Sunday;

[align=justify]Radika is a real good cook and a care taker. She has arranged everything that I would require. And that day we just had normal talks and we went out to places, In the evening Promod wanted to leave us both and go out somewhere, with that Radika got lil tensed though she is open and free with me, I requested him to stay as she is little tensed up and it won’t be good if he is seen outside at these hours while I am here, privacy again!

[align=justify]We three were sitting in the living room, I was sitting on the couch with Radika next to me and Promod opposite to her, he turned on his tv and all three started watching a movie…, I always had a diser to have a wife in fron of her husband so I though, I need to make a move I moved closer to Radika and took her right hand, With my touch, there was a shiver in her body, and her looks changed… she was in sarre, that night, with free hair and her breast is 36d an she has dam nice round ass 😉

[align=justify]i will hold her hand and start kissing her figures looking straight into her eyes.. Slowly heading towards her neck..
she twisted and wiggled in my arms with one hand holding her palm hard and other hand around her shoulder gave her a small love bite little harder on her neck behind her ear by this time she was completely come into my hands..
with my both hands slowly sliding down onto her navel  I have given her and pull it lil..

[align=justify]she let out a morn cry in pain.. that is when Promod looked at us,  then from behind with one hand raising on to her breast and one hand into her skirt I keep kissing her neck.. Pushing her into pleasure and confusion at same time.. at this point i will lift her up and rolled  on the bed... called Pomod  into the room and expressed my wish to which he obliged,

[align=justify]then i went to her feet took her left leg lifted it up and start licking her toes..Biting her feet lil and kissing.. slowly head on to her ties & navel.. put my tongue into her navel hole, licked her white shining hole and tongue fuck her.. While my two hands start crushing her breast.. Slowly took off her pallu and open her blouse... doing all this radika was going crazy and she was twisting her body like a fish out of water…

[align=justify]I stopped a little to check that’s Pramod is up to, to my surprise, he was naked with his handy cam in his hand and shooting! I stopped him doing that as it’s my privacy to… to which not to worry, he is careful not to capture our faces, that was more reliving and also arose me so much.. I resumed on to my lustful act..

[align=justify]All this while radika is in other world, closed her eyes, breathing heavily and making sexy sounds… I moved on to her removed her blouse and took off her black bra… She has round big melons stiff, with pink nipples hard and sprouted out, I became so dispreate looking at them and took her right breast into my mouth and sucked like a vacuum cleaner and lifted my head, that made her cry “ahhh.. ahhhh….” Which made me more Horney;

I started pinching her erected nipple on her left breast…, she was going completely crazy and wild, twisting herself like a snake now..

I have to overpower her to bring her under control, for that I climbed on her and slapped on her face to bring her to conscious..  With that she came into my control, I gave her some water and let her alone to catch her breath...

Promod was soo surprised and shocked that she was never like this all her married her life, I winked at him and made her stand, took her to the dressing table where they had a big 7ft mirror, I have made her stand there and look at herself in the mirror, she was feeling shy and giggling, admiring her beauty I started kissing her nude upper body, her skirt was still on and I did not even removed my t-shirt,, when I started to kiss her on neck, she was closing her eyes and getting into trance, many be it’s the thing of other man touching her in front of her husband made her feel like this!!!

But I told her made her eyes open and see herself in the mirror while I am playing with her, I untied her tug and her skirt fell to ground, she was in black panty.., slowly while kissing on her shoulder and with my left hand playing with the nipple of her left breast, I moved my right onto her panty… she was so wet in her panty that drops were falling from her panty, she hissed and leaned back onto me.., I slowly slide her panty and removed it away..

Lifted her right leg placed it on the chair and I went in between her legs, looked directly in to her eyes, I doubted of she could stand what I am about to do, I called promd for help and told him to hold her from behind, so that she don’t fall..

I kissed her tie looking into her eyes, she was staring into my eyes, then slowly touched her clean shaved rosey beautiful dripping pussy, as soon as I touched her, she jumped and was about to fall.. promod caught her and we both moved her to bed, made her lie on her back and I went between her ties…

I started off  kissing on her ties and headed towards her dripping pussy, when I touched her pussy with my tongue she jumped in exotic and shouted “oieee maaaaaa…, mi margayeee….”, her pussy smelled pungent and sweet… tastes salty because of the love juices…, I started licking her whole length of pussy from one end to other end like an icecream… within few min she scooted cum and it was her first orgasm of the day…,

By this time my cock was also causing me lot of pain and wanted to have a wild fuck.., I got off her and get naked in seconds, went on her, got hold of her tow logs, lifted them to my shoulders and pushed in my full grown cock and slowly started pumping in and out… she caught hold of pillow and closed her eyes tight with pleasure…

As I keep on increasing my speed, she started enjoying, making sounds “ahh ahh.. ahhh ahhh…. “, her breast was bouncing like huge ping pong balls all the time and whole bead room was filled with lustful sounds… promod on the other hand keep on recording our first fucking secession, after about 20min of fucking we both cummed at same time….I lied on her and kissed her lips and locked it, we both kissed passionately for about 10min and while kissing only radika went to sleep… by the time all this finished it was 4am.., me, radika and promod all 3 slept naked with radika in the middle…,

When I got up in the morning, Promod has already left to office, and Radika was still sleeping… Promod left a note on the mirror saying, “I have never seen my wife enjoying so much, thanks robin, I am leaving to office, called up radika’s office and told them that she won’t be coming office for 15days as she is not well, she is all yours, enjoy your time with my love. Promod”

Then I got up fresher and had my boxers on, radika did not get up till 11am, I to did not disturbed as she was dam tired.. She got up and we kissed passionately.. That day after lunch we again had other session.

Even though Radika is a homely lady, she is passionate for sex and very adventurous, we tried every angle possible watching porn movies, I was there for 20days and came home, on March 3rd I got call from radika saying that she has missed her periods and confirmed that she is pregnant.



[align=justify]This is the mail from Promod

[align=justify]Dear Robin,
Yesterday we went of checkup and doctor confirmed that radika is pregnant now.
Thank you so much brother you have saved my my love and marriage, this child is a gift from you..
Will be in touch till she gives birth to the baby as we have agreed.
Thanks once again.
With love,
Promod & Radika
Hope you all enjoyed my experience with this couple, for feedback at mail me to &

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