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Fucked By Driver In Car  


Hi, This is Niharika,and am back with my new encounter I am grateful to my readers who are constantly giving there valuable feedback. Some of my readers have expressed that my stories are fake, this has made me more determined to write the stories more realistically.

My job with Rohan’s company was continuing as before. Rohan use to fuck me a minimum of 2 days a week as was finalized with him earlier, and on several occasions he was accompanied with either Raj or Umesh or some time all three, they were close friend and they use to share everything between them. Even I was now feeling comfortable with all three of them and use to enjoy when they use to fuck me.

I was even used by Rohan as his business Escort for cultivating his clients and business associates, but this was not a routine feature. In this story I am going to enumerate 2 of his business associates with who Rohan had arranged my meeting for 3 days at a trot in a nearby holiday resort around 150 kms away from city, but on the way to resort was fucked by rohans driver.

He called me into his cabin, came behind me took me into his arms, kissing my neck passionately and said “Nihar this is very big contract I will be getting if you are able to satisfy them to their heart, I will shower more luxury and money on you.” Then his hands roamed on my body came up to my breast and took them in his palms and pressed, he quickly unbuttoned 2-3 buttons of my shirt and slipped his hand inside and again squeezed my breast.

He took one of my ear lobe into his mouth and sucked. It felt a current going from my feet to head. I turned around in his arms and came face to face to him and kissed his lips and laughingly said “Rohan you had made me a full whore, I also don’t remember how many guys had fucked me till today, In-spite of this you love and fuck me don’t you feel ashamed of sharing your girl with someone else”

Rohan said “ Nihar, your boldness and your readiness o be fucked with 2-3 guys at a time makes me horny and this is the reason I love you and in fact I love watching you being fucked by other guys in front of me” and he pulled me closer, my big breast went flat against his chest and I could feel his hardness just above my groin. He grated his hips and rubbed his hardness against me and held my ass with both his hand and pressed and sucked my lower lip, I held his upper lips between my lips and sucked too.

Just then the phone buzzed and we separated, Rohan picked up the phone, it was his dad on the other side and after a while he signaled me to leave. I came back to my cabin and sat down on my chair. In a few minutes Rohan walked into my cabin and gave me an envelope and said

Nihar I have some urgent work, isleye jaa raha hoon, is envelope me resort ka booking details hai 3 rooms booked hain tumhe aaj 5 baje jana hai, meri car le jana, tum room no. 202 mein booked ho aur 201 Mr. Ravi Maglani aur 203 mein Vikram Sooraji tumhe milenge, who log 3 din wahan rahenge aur tino din tumhe unka khas kyal rakhna hai dono ek doosre ke dost bhi hai,” Phir usne mujhe kiss kiya aur chala gaya. Meine ghadi dekhi 3.30 baje the.

Since Rohan was not going to come before I will leave, I opened my mail and started going through the responses I had received from my reader. I was surprised to read one message in which the sender said the story which I had posted is fake. I smiled to myself and understood that the guy had written the mail in frustration. I chatted for around 1 hour untill I got bored.

Rohan driver Maghu called me up on my cell phone and said, “Madam, mein 15 minute mein aa raha hoon, Rohan Sir ne kaha hai aap ko 5 baje kahin jana hai” meine kaha “thik hai mein 15 minute ke baad tumhe office ke gate par milti hoon.” Maghu reached in 20 minutes he was driving Innova, Maghu was slightly black in colour but had huge body, and was like a wrestler. I was waiting at the gate. I sat down on the front seat and reclined. Maghu asked “ Madam kahan jana hai”, meine usko resort ka naam bataya to usne kaha “Madam yeh to bahut door hai, jane mein 3 gante lag jayenge, aap chaho to back seat par aaram se so jao.”

Meine kaha “Haan yeh acha rahega toda rest bhi ho jayega” mein peche ki seat par jaa kar let gayi, Maghu ne dicky se ek pillow nikal kar de diya. Sham ki thandi hawa behne lagi thi, Maghu ne A/c band kar diya aur window ke glass khol diye, gadi city limits se nikal chuki thi aur medium speed se chal rahi rahi thi.

Itne mein Maghu ne poocha “Madam ek baat poochoon” meine samaj gayi who kya poochne wala hai, lete lete kaha “haan poocho” who bola “madam gussa nahin hona” aur usne car ki speed bahut dhere kar di aur mujhe rear view mirror mein dekhne laga, meine kahan “haan nahin gusa hoongi bolo kya baat hai”

Maghu bola “madam mein aap ko kafi dino se dekh raha hoon magar bolne ka sahas nahin kar paa raha tha, aaj bolta hoon, mein janta hoon saab apko khub use karte hain aur unke friends Raj aur umesh bhi aapki khub thukai karte hain, mujhe ek moka milega, plzzzzzzz mujhe ek moka do mein aapko nirash nahin karoonga. Meine dekha maghu ne gadi sadak ke ek side mein khadi kar di thi aur a/c on kar diya tha aur gadi ke sab windows bhi band kar diye the.

Who gadi se utara aur pehe ka gate khol kar andar aa gaya, Rohan ne Innova apne luxury traveling ke liye modification kiya tha, jisme seat sirf peeche ki taraf thi aur beech mein carpet tha,

Maghu andar aakar carpet par bait gaya aur bola “madam apne kuch nahin kaha” uske ankho mein vasna tapak rahi thi aur who mujhe har haal mein chodne ke liye tayar tha, mein samaj gayi is sonsan sadak par koi meri help ko nahin aayega, aur agar mein nahin mani to who mera rape jarur karega, aur rape ke kyal se he mere badan mein current daud gaya.

Main magho ko boli “tum mujhe chodna chate ho, to chod lena , agar sadak par koi dekh lega to muskil ho jayegi”, Maghu ka chera mujhe chodne ke khayl se red ho gaya, uski sanse bhari ho gayi, aur who bola “madam is road par is samay traffic nahin ke barabar rahta hai, aur mein ab rook nahin sakta” ye kehkar usne apna right haath meri thigh par rakh diya aur sehlane laga, who mere aur karib aa gaya aur apna gaal mere boobs par rakh kar dabane laga.

Posted : 04/03/2011 5:13 am

Usne apni shirt khol di uski choudi chati kale balo se bhari hui thi, usne mujhe kaha “madam yahan niche carpet par aa jayo thik rahega” mein use dekh kar hansi aur man hi man soch rahi thi aadmi chodne ke hamesha tayar raheta hai. Meine kaha “Maghu ek dam tayar lagte ho, abhi tak kitni ladki ko choda hai” usne kaha “Madam sirf biwi ko choda hai aur abhi to who bhi 2 mahine se apne ghar gayi hui hai” yeh kehkar usne meri tange pakdi aur dhere se niche khicha mein car ke becho beech carpet par let gayi, Maghu jhuka uska ek haat mere jeans ke upar se choot ko aur dosra hath se mere boobs ko sahlane laga, aur phir usne apni jeeb se mere lips ko chatne laga.

Usne phir mere pant ka button aur zipper khola aur apna haath meri panty ke andar ghusa diya aur choot par haath pherne laga, phir usne apna hath panty mein se nikala aur mere shirt aur bra ko khol diya, mere bade bade boobs uchal kar bahar aa gaye, boobs dekh kar Maghu ke muh se kilkari nikli aur bola “wah kya mast mast solid chuchi hai, kya mein inko chus sakta hoon” mere kuch kehne se pehle hi mere ek nipple uska garam muh ke andar the aur who usko jor jor se chusne laga, uuumaaaaaa uuuuummaaaaaaaa,

Usne nipple to chusna band kiya aur apni pant aur underwear utar di, uska lund ko dekh kar mere muh se nikal gaya, “oh my god” usne kaha “kyon madam abi tak aisa lund nahin dekha kya, uska khada lund karib 7.5” ka tha aur bahut mota tha, aur sidha hone ke bajaye upar ki taraf se thoda bend tha, apne pant utarne ke baad usne meri pant bhi utar di, mein ek driver ke samne nangi padi hui thi aur who mujhe chodne wala tha, is khayal se hi meri badan mein sansani daud gayi.

Maghu mere upar aaya usne meri tange kholi meri choot ko dekh kar bola “kya jannat hai, aise choot abhi tak nahin dekhi, kabhi socha nahin tha aisi choot bhi milegi chodne ko” who jhuka aur meri choot ko apne ungli se khola aur jeeb nikal kar choot ke andar chatne laga, aur clit ko jeeb se hilane laga, mere ankhe band ho gayi aur muh se halki halki siskari aahh aahhhh aahhhh ooooo ooowwww nikalne lagi. Meine uska sir apne hath se pakad liya aur apne choot ke upar dabaya. Maghu clit ko honto ke bech mein lekar chusne laga, usne apne dono hath ke angootoh se meri choot khol rakhi thi aur choot ko andar tak chat raha tha.

Phir who sidha hua aur mere navel ko chatne laga, chate hue who upar aaya aur mere nipples ko chusa, who jahan tahan mere skin ko apne muh mein lekar chusne laga. Phir who mere pet ke dono taraf ghutne rakh kar mere boobs pakde aur apna lund unpar ragadne laga, mere boobs uske lund se nikal raha precum se san gaya, uska lund mere muh se kuch inches hi dor tha, precum dekh kar mein apne aap ko control nahin kar payi aur uska lund ko pakad liya.

Lund pakadte hi maghu ke muh se ek jor ki siskari nikli aur who bola “Aaah aaahhh memsab aaahhh aaahhh choso choso” yeh kehkar who gutne ke bal jara aura age bada aur uske lund mera honto ko touch karne laga, jaise hi lund mere lips to touch kiya, meine muh khol kar uske lund ke sir ko apne lips mein kas kar band kar liya maghu bola “aaahhh aaahhhhhhhhhhh ooooeeeeee kya garam muh hai tera aur choos le aur choos” yeh kehkar usne lund ko muh mein Dhaka diya uska adha lund mere muh mein ghus gaya, mein halke halke uske lund ko chusne lagi.

Maghu bahut mast ho gaya tha aur bola “wah tum to bahut achi tarah se lund chusti hain, mein pehle mein tera muh mein apna lund khali karoonga uske baad teri choot chodunga, yeh kehkar who seat par bait gaya aur mujhe bola “memsab ab aap meri tango ke beech mein baith kar mere lund choso” mein uske tango ke beech

Mein aa gayi aur uske lund ko apne muh mein le liya, mein ek hath se uske balls ko sehlane lagi, mahgu ne mera sir apne hath se pakad liya, aur mere muh ko chodne laga, uska lund mere gale tak ja raha tha, karib 10 minute ke baad uske badan jor se akad gaya aur usne apne lund mere muh me gale ke niche tak ghusaya aur garam sperms ki pitckari chod di,jaise hi meine sans lene ki liye muh khola bahut sara sperms sans ke saath mere pet mein chala gaya, mujhe jor ki khansi aa gayi, aur baki ka sperms uska lund par lag gaya.

Mein niche baite gehri gehri saans le rahi thi, sperms ka salty taste mere muh mein ghum raha tha, meine dekha uska lund abhi bhi khada tha, aur uske sir par sperms lage hue the, maghu ne lund mere boobs par ragadkar kar saf kiya aur aage bad kar mere boobs ko chusne laga aur apne lund ko sahelane laga, karib aadha ghante nipples chusne ke baad who bola “ab mein tumko kutiya ki tarah chodunga” mein jaldi se boli, nahin nahin aaj gaand nahin chodna, choot jitni marji chod lo, gaand chodna ho to baad mein kabhi chod lena, abhi 3 din to mein yahi rahoongi”.

Maghu khus ho kar bola “haan tu sach bol rahi hai, 3 din tak tu mere se chudagi” to mein boli “are baba, mein yahan 3 din rahongi, jis din time milega tum ko bata doongi to aaram se gaand chodna”, to maghu bola “memsab plzzzzzzzzz mujhe roj chodne ka moka do plzzzzzzzzzz” to mein usko boli “ dekho tum ek kam karma padega, mujhe yahan 2 aadmi milne aayenge aur mujhe chodenge, chodne ka prograame din aur raat chal rakta hai, meri condition aise nahin hogi ki mein uth kar bathroom tak jaa saku, unke jane ke baad tum aa jana aur thoda mere badan ki malish kar dena aur badle mein tum gand chod lena”

Maghu khusi se pagal ho gaya aur bola “memsab maja aa gaya aap ki baat sun kar, chalo isi baat par ab tumhari choot ko chod leta hoon” ye bolekar who meri tango ke bech mein aa gaya aur apne lund ke sir ko mere choot se touch karaya, meri choot se pani beh raha tha, usne apna lund meri choot par ragda aur

Dhaka lagaya fuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhh…… aahhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooo uska mota lund meri choot ko chirta hua andar ghusne laga, adha lund ke ghusne ke baad usne ek baar lund ko thoda nikala aur phir Dhaka lagaya lund phir se choot ko chirta hua andar ghusa, meri muh se aaah aaahh aaahhhh aaah aaahhhhhhh aaah aaahh aaahhhh aaah aaahhhhhhh ki awaze nikalne lagi

Uska lund karib 6” andar ghus chukka tha, phir usne mere sar ke peeche hath se seat ka sahara liya aur lund ko choot ke andar bahar karne laga, dhere dhere uska speed badne lagI aur phir who jor jor se dhake marte hue chodne laga, chodte hue who jhuka aur mere nipples ko bhi chusne, uski ankhe band ho gayi thi, muh se saliva mere upar tapak raha tha, aise mein who mujhe kuthe jaisa lagne laga, jiski jeeb nikli hui thi aur lar beh rahi thi, meri choot is pani behne laga tha aur mujhe bahut maja aane laga tha, lund mere choot ke pani se bilkul chikna ho gaya tha aur bahut aaram se andar ghus aur nikal raha tha.

Karib 10 minute who mujhe usi position mein chodta raha, uska lund bilkul bhi soft nahin hua tha, usne apna lund nikala aur mujhe left karvat lene ko kaha, usne meri ek tang utai aur mere ek tang ke apne pairo ke beech mein lakar choot mein phir se lund ghusa diya, usne meri uti hui tang ko apne kande

Par rakh diya aur phir se mujhe chodne laga, uska lund ab jyada andar jane laga tha, oooohhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhh hhhhhhmm aaaaaahhhhhhhh ki awaz mere muh se nikalne lagi, usne phir mujhe karib 5-7 minute usi pose mein choda magar uska lund soft hone ka naam hi nahih le raha tha, meri choot uske jor jor ke dhake se dukhne lagi thi, magar mujhe maza bhi bahut aa raha tha,

Usne phir mujhe right karvat lekar letne ko kaha aur phir wapas apna lund ghusa diya aur phir chodne laga, dhere dhere uski sans tej hone lagi thi aur uski speed thodi kam ho gayi thi, phir uske muh se jor se Aaaahhhhhhh nikli aur usne ek jor ka Dhaka mara aur lund ko choot me ghusade kar jhatke lene laga aur uske lund aur mota ho gaya aur phir uska garam sperms se meri choot bhar gayi. Usne meri tang niche ki aur mere upar let gaya, uska lund abhi bhi meri choot mein hi phasa hua tha.

Mein uske nechi dab gayi thi, magar mujhe uske niche dabkar bhi acha lag raha tha, thodi der baad usne apna sir uthaya phir hatho ka sahara lekar thoda sa sidha hua aur mere lips ko lick kiya, aur bola “badi kuti cheez ho memsab, chudwane mein tu bahut expert hai, isleye saab tere se chipke rahte hain, abhi tak jitni rando ko choda hoon tu sabse jyada mast hai, tu kya karti hai apni choot ke liya jo yeh itni tight rahti hai, tera badan bhi kya chikna aur solid hai, wah bahut maja aaya tuje chodkar, abhi apni promise bhulna nahin, tune promise kiya hai tu mujhe apni gand chodne degi.”

Mein hansi aur usko lips par kiss karke boli “Maghu tujhse chudkar mujhe bhi bahut maja aaya hai, tumhara lund abhi tak jitne bhi mujhe chode hai un sab se mota hai, aur sabse badi baat yeh hai, tumne jo mujhe 45 minute choda hai usme mere 4 baar orgasm ho chukka hai , itna orgasam mera kabhi nahin hua. Maghu ne phir mujhe kiss kiya aur apna lund meri choot se khicha, meine dekha uska lund choot ke pani se chamak raha tha aur soft ho gaya tha aur niche ki taraf jhul raha tha, jaise hi mein uthi, mere choot se uska spems tapakne laga, yeh dekh kar hum dono jor se hans pade.

Mein car se bahar nikli, sham ho chuki thi, meine Maghu se pani lekar wahi pas ke bushes mein jakar choot aur face clean kiya, phir wapas aakar apne kapde pahen liye, meine dekha maghu neb hi apne kapde pahen liye the aur who driver seat par baita hua tha, mein jakar uske saat front seat par bait gayi, Maghu ne aage badkar mujhe kiss kiya aur gadi start kar di.

Posted : 04/03/2011 5:14 am