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Farzana ke zindagi.  


My story start in (1990) when i am 14year’s i saw my parent’s from
Key hole my dad fuck my mom but that time i don’t know chudai may
Kiya maza my family i have my dad bussnesman my mom housewife
My brother nasir with dad business and myself farzana 2nd year
Student from lahore pakistan.

At collage time i am 18year’s best friend is shazia.we are in
Same collage same standard and she is also my neighbor. I know her
From two year’s we are like sister’s.

One day we are study at my house and we are chatting so many things
Suddenly she asked farzana i have one problem can you help me.i say
Ok what happen.

We are same age same height 5.6 ft but you have good figure like
(34.26.36) and i have (27.21.29) why like this ???? I smiled and say
Yeah eak raaz ki baat hai.

(shazia) raaz ki baat who kiya ??? This is very long story you forget
This all and study.

(shazia) no no no first you tell me what is raaz ki baat ?..? Ok
First you give promise you don’t tell any one she say ok ok don’t
Worry about that thrust me i am your best friend.ok yeah raaz lund or
Choot ka hai mainay apni choot ko hamesha lund kae pani say sahrah
Rakha.(shazia) lund or choot who kasy?.?

One friday our parents go wedding anniversary at and my
Bhaijan alone at home i have no school homework and i read sexy
Novel.this gave my friend nadia.i am very hot and my long finger is
In my choot after some time i am relax after i go bathroom clean my
Cum and take shower and i wear thick nightie because that cold days
And i go kitchen make a cup of coffee and comeback i take some
Biscuits and eating with coffee.suddenly i listen some voice from my
Bhaijan room this voice is amir bhaijan friend.some time he yah yah
Nasir or zor say ah ah ah??.! I am thinking what are they doing
There.our rooms have one ventilator (roshadan) i take a small table
And stand up on it and see from ventilator i shocked my bhaijan and
His friend are naked at bed and my bhaijan ka lund amir ki gaand may
And he take enjoyment when bhijan is near to finish he take lund his
Mouth and drink all cum and say nasir yaar tumhary siwa kisi or say
Gaand marwany ka maza hi nahi ata last week at khala kay ghar gaand
Bhi marwai or choot bhi mari (bhijan) gaand kissay marwai or choot
Kis ki mari (amir)gaand khala kay larkay say or choot apni baji hina
Ki mari (bhijan) who kaisay.

One day we are sleeping same room my bed near to hina bed at midnight
I open eyes and turn to hina bed but i saw hina is not their i listen
Voice and i slowly see my sister is lay down and she is and a gay is
Naked 69 position saw that gay is khalid (khala ka larka) same our
Age.after some time (khalid) kiya ijazat hai.

(hina) ijazat kasi apki apni chees hai jibhar kay chudo he smiled and
In one strok his lund in hina choot (hina) khalid aaram say maymar
Jao gi but he not stop and fuck her very hardly i saw that all and
After five minute i getup and say khalid they turn and see me
Shocked and stop fucking i say khalid mari baji ko chod doo woh
Marjay gi but suddenly hina say amir tum sojao mujhay kuch nahi hota
I look her and go back to my bed.

Next day at breakfast i saw khalid and hina they looked very fresh
After breakfast khalid come my place (khalid) amir tum raat ki baat
Kisisay na kahna

(amir) who kiyou

(khalid) tum maray dost hona or may tum ko 500 rs bhi doun ga

(amir) magar tum ko mari aek baat mani paray ghi bolo mano gaay
(khalid) ha mano ga bolo kiya baat hai (amir) tum ko mari gaand mari
Pary gi

(khalid) theek hai lunch kay baad hum dono mary room may jaey gaay

(amir) or khalid nay mari doo dafah gaand mari magar us ka lund chota
Tha 5″ka. (bhijan) or chudai (amir)doo din baad khala or khalid
Bazar gaay may or baji tv drama dhakh rahay thay

(hina) amir tum nay khalid say kiya karwaya

(amir) kuch nahi baji

(hina) tum jhoot boltay ho khalid nay kaha kay tum nay os say gaand
Marwai hai or 500 rs bhi liyay hai (amir) baji mujh ko maf kardo abhi
Nahi marwao ga

(hina) eak sharth par kay tum mujh ko apna lund dikhao gaay i say ok

Hina has opened my pant and my lund is come out it not hard and
Looking only 4″

(hina) khakid nay kaha tha kay tumha lund buhat boto or lamba hai

(amir) baji jab charge hoga to mota or lamba hoga

(hina) acha to yah baat hai and she sucking my lund very hardly like
Hangry sult.after some time my lund is full charge

(hina) yaah to wakaahi khalid say mota or bara hai she smiled and say
Amir khbhi kisi ko chuda hai

(amir) nahi baji

(hina) to tum aaj mujh ko chudo

(amir) baji tum mari bahan ho

(hina) bahan ho to kahti hon mujhay chudo she open her shalwar i saw
First time my sister choot very beautiful shape and full with hair.
She say kiya sooch rahai ho ghabro nahi mary pass ao.she take my lund
Her hand and keep it at her choot and say amir lund ko mari choot may
Dalo and in one strok my lund is in my sister choot.i fuck her two
Time and she is very happy with me.we went from khala house and agan
Fuck her last night that is gaand marwae bhi or choot bhi mari.

Bhijan nay amir ki teem daffa gaand mari or may doo daffa thandi
Hoi.they are wear his clothes and amir promise to bhaijan he send his
Sister for chudai tomorrow morning and i go again bathroom and take

Posted : 12/06/2011 8:59 pm