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Enjoying Bengali beauty


I am always ready to sahre your any kind of feeling & fantasies.. I am sharing my experience during my initial days, when I just shifted to Mumbai for a job. I was about 22 years, 5.8 inch height, good looking, and healthy, fair skin. As a single person you do not need a flat nor could I afford those days. A common friend introduced me to a Bengali couple who were staying at Borivali in a two bedroom hall kitchen flat with whom I started staying as paying guest. They gave me one bedroom as my room for staying .I managed to get a job of sales man at Fountain in a departmental store. I was happiest person on earth as I got a job and a place to stay.

Normally I used to reach home by evening 7.30 pm after having bath, wearing a fresh lungi and banian used to have my food and going for sleep by 9.30 pm. Normally I used to be in my room only but gradually I became good friend of the Bengali couple ( Mr. Ramdas and Mrs. Ruplai ). We started watching television program /chitchatting about day to day activities. Then only I came to know that they got married just few months back and shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata. Ruplai’s father gifted a flat to Ramdas when they shifted to Mumbai. The idea of accommodating me as paying guest as Mr. Ramdas used to be on tour for almost 12 to 15 days a month. As they were from well to do family and Ramdas was working for one of the MNC Pharma company they had each and every luxury item at home. Rupali was very fond of TV/DVD as she can watch latest Hindi movies as per own wish as husband is on tour and what to do the whole day. I used to avoid the going in drawing room or watching TV when Ramdas was on tour but then slowly gradually I was comfortable watching news or a serial with Rupali in absence of Ramdas too. One day I remember it was Saturday after watching a serial I was about to go for sleep and Rupali requested that lets watch a Hindi movie I was about to say ‘NO’ but she said further that please do not tell me that morning you need to go to office as tomorrow is Sunday. As in past I used to get away saying that next day I need to go to office. Though I wanted to go for sleep but on her wish we started watching Hindi movie. She used comment on many scenes but I used just say yes or no and actually that was the night I got a chance to observe her as she was busy watching movie. She was very beautiful, fair and clean skin in fact she was looking more like a model in purple gown. Her perfect size boobs reminded me of healthy mountains. Suddenly she asked something and I fail to answer as I was busy observing her and not movie. I actually zapped but she did not say anything. Movie was over and I went for sleep dreaming about her beauty. After that Saturday we used to watch movies regularly.

Mr. Ramdas was on tour at Delhi and next day I had a holiday knowing that Rupali arranged for a movie. As usual I had my dinner we sat to watch serials. I could feel something different as she was wearing a light blue transparent gown; probably she was wearing some imported perfume too. She said lets play movie. Since it was a regular thing I said okay and she inserted a DVD in a DVD Player and I got shock of my life as the movie was some English Blue film I just looked at her face and I could see a naughty smile on her face. By that time my cock was standing in my lungi and I told her what is this… before I could say something she just removed my lungi and undergarment and took my cock in her mouth and started licking it like a ice cream I was enjoying, it was really something which I never experienced earlier. I was really excited and started fondling with her boobs while she was playing with my cock she removed her gown and I was amazed to see her beautiful body in a perfect shape of 35-23-36 as she removed her bra and panty too. Movie was still on but I could not remove my eyes from her body. By that time even I could remove my baniyan too. She was playing with her finger on my body and I started playing with her boobs. She started kissing me from my forehead then eyes, ears, chicks, neck my chest. In fact she gave a small bite on my chest with her teeth. It was amazing. Again she went down and after kissing my cock she started puling down my foreskin and tasting my red hot cock in her mouth. With one hand she was shacking and inserting in her mouth. I was feeling something is cuming out but I was controlling. Probably she realized that and she said its now your turn you can enjoy my body. Like a intelligent and decent student learning from love guru and movie which was on even I started kissing her from forehead, then eyes, chick, neck, breast I just really enjoyed kissing and playing with her boobs and she was just moaning and enjoying, I really enjoyed kissing her beautiful naval.

I went down and show a neat and clean inviting triangle waiting for me. I started kissing and with my finger separated her lips and inserted my tongue inside and she was moaning aahhaaa… my tongue was in her pussy one of my hand was on her boob and other hand was on her waist. I could taste a white salty juice. She was really enjoying aaahhha ahhhaha aaouch aaahhaa and excitement she said enough of your tongue pleases inserts your cock now… I started with one hand adjusting my cock’s direction to her pussy to insert… But she was so excited that she said you sleep I will take the top position and just like good slave I followed the order and next moment she was on top of me and inserted my cock in her pussy it was amazing experience and feeling. My cock was in and she started like good horse rider she started pumping my cock was doing up and down in her pussy. My hands were on her boobs and her speed and moaning was getting faster and faster aahhaaa aaahhaa uuuuaahhaa and after 6 minutes of ride she said I am cuming and I could feel liquid on my cock and somewhere even I felt some hot liquid cuming out of my cock and spread in her pussy. She got down and again started licking my wet cock in her mouth it was really amazing even I was kissing her and fondling with her boobs, by that time even movie’s first climax was happening. We went to bathroom took shower cleaned each other’s body and came back in a towel and again started watching movie.

Rupali was enjoying movie and I was quite which she felt and said do not feel guilty as like to normal human being every day you can not have fish and rice only some time you try Hyderabad biryani or Chinese fried rice or south ka curd rice etc. So Mr. Ramdas is my daily ka Fish rice you are mine gujarati khichdi. Do not feel guilty I wanted a change and I initiated it. The movie was on and in another 10 minutes again my hard rock solid sword was ready to plunge in wet pussy of Rupali when my hand were on her tight boobs. We started kissing each other and this time it was her lips and tongue in my mouth we were enjoying each other’s lips and tongue. I removed her and mine towel and my finger was in her pussy and Ruplai was moaning aahahhaaa aahhhahah for better insert I just pushed a pillow below her hips and her pushy was ready for my tongue… I inserted my tongue inside her pussy made it little wet and before she could do anything inserted my tight sword in her pushy she never expected a fast action like that I inserted my cock as deep as possible in her vagina and she was like oh no aahha but by that time I started enjoying the horse ride I removed my cock slowly and inserted again with force and then Rupali complimented me, saying you are quick learner go ahead I am enjoying and for almost 5 minutes again my cock was going in and out my hand were playing with her boobs , movie was on and she was moaning aahha aahhahaaa ouch and I told her I am cuming and I gave my complete load in her vagina and even she said she is cuming and we enjoyed the climax.

After that till Mr. Ramdas came back from tour, every night I was at Rupali’s service.

Posted : 17/12/2010 6:07 am