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Dost ki khubsurat bibi  


I am Anjana Shah telling the true story Of my life Here it is: After my marriage I went to my hubby house. He has one the best friend Whose name is Vijay. My hubby and Vijay is very close friend. He means Vijay is very good by nature and very familiar with our family since long. Vijay is living nearby to my house. He always comes to our house… He tells me bhabhi but my sense tells me something else.

After marriage enjoyment of sex, I have seen my hubby could not satisfy me manner in I want to be. He is very shy and could not control himself and so I could not touch the highest pleasure of love making. In the earlier time I have waited for lot but the result is the same .I could not satisfied by him as wife wishes from him I am just 25 years of age with white skin. I have complete body. Rosy lips, big boobs attractive thighs and big nice buttock attractive face like as Kajol. The name Kajol is given by Vijay once when we alone Bhabhiji aap to Kajol jaisi dikhati ho. One day what happened the real story from now VIJAY? One Sunday I went to met my friend Kunal I rang a bell. Anjana opened the door, she received me eagerly. We went in the house. Anjana asked me to sit in a living room. There was no one at home. I asked about Kunal. Anjana told me that he has gone to village an emergency to handle his family problems and expected tonight.

Anjana asked me the tea and before my answer she went to kitchen. She came back very soon with a tray of tea. She took the tray on the table and sat on the same sofa where I was. She was making tea for me and also for herself. I asked her that how she managed the tea as soon. She smiled and told me that I was expected as a routine and she prepared it before. She was trying to please me. I looked her and found her very pleased. She has worn a black colored sari low-neck blouse One important thing is she never wear bra because of big size of her boob therefore I am telling her as Kajol.

We were talking on every topic, Her husband and family etc… She came back and sat very close to me even I can smell her body fragrance. We were talking and watching. Suddenly I felt her hand touched my hand. I couldn’t believe it. But by now she started pressing it. I just shocked and became nervous. She once became calm. I asked her I am waiting.

She told with tears in the eyes I could not live with Kunal. I wondered to see and listen this. I keep silent because I have nothing to say. I glanced her with surprisingly. Then I put her head on my shoulder and said that she is helpless to keep it more secrets from me. Because she couldn’t tolerate it more. Kunal is not satisfied me even on the first night. From the next couple of days I am fall in love with u. I asked her that from when she feels like this?

She replied that from the first day whenever she saw me. And with this she burst into tear and saying Don’t with draw your favor from me. I am really helpless. . I consoled her and wrapped my arms around her, and pushed her towards me. My fingers went into her hairs and moving there.

Now I thought about her on that point, which I never thought about her. She was utmost pretty and was in her mid youth of 25. Her complexion was whitish and had a long black hair. She kept herself fitted and was very slim with a normal height, and God has given to her unique breast and hips. Her breast and hip were too big and on the other hand she has thin waist She has a big black eyes which were fitted on her white colored. Her lips were rosy and were just like a wine cup. My hand was moving on her waist while she was clung to me tight. Anjana have you ever thought about this relation? Yes, why not more than 100 times. But love is blind it doesn’t see. What I should do? Tell me. I do not want to disturb life because I love you. By that time I did not control myself to love her. I put my lips on her rosy lips and she responded eagerly starving. As she has already clung to her breast and me were pressing to me very tightly. She was really so soft like silk. My arms were also around her waist taking her. We were kissing with warmth of affection. I was rubbing gently her waist. And then my hand came to her breast. She slipped away little to give way to my hand as she pressed very tight to me. And it was a signal from her that she is ready for anything. .

I asked her that might I touch her part. She looked up at me, and said, don’t think like this. I am yours. Whole. I told her that this only way to be love. I rubbed her tits. She moaned when I squeezed her boob and showed her response to bitten my lips. Her teats were so cute and firm and I was rubbing and squeezing it. She was kissing me passionately. She gave her tongue in my mouth. I was kissing her mouth parted and my tongue entered into her cavity. I stop it and asked her. Anjana: are we right? I don’t know she replied. But now we can not stop. We go a head. My hand moved down towards her belly. I tried to enter my hand in her blouse but couldn’t found space there because of its tightness; she took her hand behind to lose her blouse and unzipped it. Now her hot breast was in my hand .I pressing it softly. She has a full size milky white breast with a brownish areola, which gave her tit a charming touching. I put my mouth first on it naval and inserted my tongue in it and licked it then my mouth went to her breast. I kissed, licked and sucked them one by one. By this they became so hard and her nipples became erected. She was moaning deeply. She was kissing and licking my neck. My hand was moving on her belly and reached to her pussy over her petticoat. I was creasing it. I untie her petticoat and drag it little down. Oh what a ravishing pussy she had. It was recently shaved and was shinning due to its whiteness. She spread her thighs little wide. I kissed it very soft. My cock was now in its full erection and can not waited more. I took her hand and put it on my prick. She massaged it gentile, than she opened my pant and pulled out my cock. She was creasing it. Touching of her soft hand made my cock throb all the more.

Never had my cock felt so hard. . I untie her Patti cot string and pulled it over… I told her be ready that I am going to fuck her. She opened her leg wide little up and exposed her cunt. I took my cock on her pussy hole and rub it against her clit. This was erected by now. . Her cunt lips were thick and pink. It was a beauty to watch. Rubbing her clit with my cock made love juices started to flow from her cunt in abundance wetting her thighs. I knew that this fuck was going to be the best that I had ever had. As I leaned toward her she guided my cock into her. The head of my dick touched that hot wet pussy and I wanted to drive every inch into her on the first thrust. And I did. I pushed my cock a few inches into her wetting cunt. It was so warm and soft. And then I did not control my cock and inserted it with full stroke in her. She screamed loudly. And said Please little gently. And she deeply moaned. I saw in her eyes full of joy. She was squirming on the sofa and her hands were massaging my neck. I took her hand and placed it under my balls. She played with my balls with one hand and was massaging my ass with the other. I was sucking her nipple. My cock had already traveling in and out in her pussy. She was cooperating fully. And with every stroke of mine she was raising her hip to meet my thrusts. She was whispering in my ear fuck me, fuck your wife, and fuck you wife.

I swore that no one has touched my body except you in my life. I don’t want illegitimate relation with you. I admit you as my husband. I am and I will be your wife. As she became accustomed to my size she pushed up with even more force and I pushed into her even harder forcing her cunt, my balls slapping her ass. We did it more than twenty minutes. I felt her cunt muscles contract around my cock and I continued stroking very slowly while she came in dither. And finished her final orgasmic shudder, I was also to coming, I asked her that weather I cum out. She said no, no cum inside let and me feel you I am your wife not whore. This gave more excitement and I pulled my whole cock out from her cunt and then slammed into her with brutal force one last time, and filled her cunt with my cum .ooh god, you are so good and so deep I said. You not less. Lastly I kissed on her forehead, bit on her tits. We lay on each other for another 10 minutes. She asked me to lets go her to washroom. She raised and cleaned me by her blouse and we went to bathroom where she washed herself and me. We came back from the wash room and I sat on the sofa took her hand dragged her into my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and looks it in my eyes with love. She said this is my dream of life to lay in your lap. We kissed each other for a long. Then she went to kitchen to make tea that I demanded. I went to kitchen behind her, where she was preparing the tea. I caught her from back. She didn’t move. I caught her breast from behind and pushed her towards me close. My cock was now again erected.

I was rubbing it with her ass cleavage. I asked her to let me fuck pussy from behind. She did not say a single word but untied her petticoat and lose it, that result of t his was that it went down to the floor. She bent towards the table and up her hip pointed her rosy pussy hole to me. She applied her own saliva on her hole and my dick. She took my cock and put it in her hole. That was signal for me to push. I pushed it and it went with a bit hurdles in her pussy. I started pushing my dick in and out while catching her breast from behind. She was screaming with pain or joy I don’t know but I was screwing her faster and faster than the first time I fucked her. I fucked her more than 10 minuets this time It is ever fucking I feel I am in heaven. I once again fill her cunt with my juice. I turn out my cock from her cunt. She once again cleaned it this time with petticoat I apologized from her that I hurt her. She smiled and told don’t think about me. If you are happy I am happy.

Vijay and I want to go for another round Therefore Mai doodh lene gayi jab vaps doodh leke gayi tab maine dekha vo so gaye hain. Dooth ko side table per rakh kar ek bar hila kar jagaya jab ve nahi jage to unake bagal mein jakar leta Main nangi thi Ab meri choonchiya ajad thi. Phir thora utha kar maine apani ek choonchi kee nipple se uske otha sahlane lagi aur ek hanth ko chadar ke andar dal kar unke land ko sahlane lagee. Unaka laura sajag hone laga shayad use usaki pyari muniya ki mahak lag chuki thi. Ab meri choonchi ki nipple us ke muh mein thi aur ve use choosane lage the.

Vo jag chuke the. Maine kaha, “vijay doodh pi leejiye”

Ve chhootate hi bole, “pi to raha hun”

“Are! Ye nahi kali bhais ka doodh, vo rakhi hai glass mein”

“jab gori bhabhi ka doodh peene ko mil raha hai to kali bhais ka dooth kyo piyun vijay choonchi se muh alag kar bole aur phir use muh mein le liya. Maine kaha “par isamein doodh kahan hai” yah kahte hue unake muh me se apanee choonchi chhurakar uthi aur doodh ka glass utha layee aur unake muh mein laga diya. Vijay ne aadha glass piya aur glass lekar baki pine ke liye mere muh mein laga diya. Maine muh se glass hatate hue kaha, “vijay mai doodh pi kar aayee hun” es beech doodh chhalak kar meri choonchiyon par gir gaya vijay use apanr jeebh se chatane lage. Main unase glass lekar apani choonchiyon par dhire-dhire doodh girati rahi aur jijaji maja le-le kar use chatate gaye. Choonchi chatane se meri bur mein sursuri hone lagee, is beech thora doodh heech bah kar meri choot tak chala gaya vijay ki jeebh doodh chatate-chatate neeche aa rahi thi aur mere badan mein sansani fail rahi thi. Unake oth meri bur ke oth tak aa gaye aur unhone use chatana shuru kar diya. Maine jijaji ke sir ko pakar kar apani yoni aage kiya aur apane pair faila kar apani bur chatavane lagee vijay meri chootar ko dono hanth se pakar liya aur meri bur ki teet (clitoric) ko jeebh se chatane lage aur kabhi choot ki gahrai me jeebh thel dete. Main masti ki parakastha tak pahunch rahi thi aur uttejana mein bol rahi thi, “oh! Jiju ye kya kar rahe ho …. Main masti se pagal ho rahi hun….. Oh rajjjjjaaaa chato … aur….. Andar jeeebhaaaa dal kar chatoooo….bahut achchha lag raha hai ….aaj apanee jeebh se hi es bur ko chod doo…. Oh….ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh esssss”

Vijay ko mrei choot ke madak khusabu ne unhe madmast banaa diya aur ve bari tallinata se meri bur ke ras ka raspan kar rahe the.

Vijay meri choot par se muh hataye bina mujhe khinch kar palang par baitha diya aur khud jameen par baith gaye. Meri jangho ko faila kar apane kandhon par rakh liya aur mere bhagosthon ko apani jeebh se chatane lage. Main masti se sihar rahi thi aur chootar aage sarka kar apnni ghoot ko vijay ke muh se sata diya. Ab meri chootar palang se bahar hava mein jhool rahi thi aur meri makhamali janghon ka dabav vijay ke kandhon per tha vijay apani jeebh meri bur mein ghusa diya aur bur ke androoni deevar ko sahlane lage. Main masti ke anajane par adbhut anand ke sagar mein gote lagane lagi aur apani chootar utha-utha kar apani choot vijay i ke jeebh par dabane lagi.

“Oh raja! Esi tarah choosate aur chatate raho …bahut …achchha lag raha hai …..jeebh ko andar bahar karo na….hai … tum hi to mere chudakkar saiya ho…..oh raja bahut tarapi hoon chudane ke liye…. Ab sari kasar nikal lungi…..ohhhhhh rajjjjaaaa chodoooo meri chooooot ko apani jeeebh se…..”

Vijay ko bhi pura josh aa gaya aur meri choot main jaldi-jaldi jeebh andar-bahar karte hue use chodane lage. Main jor-jor se kamar utha kar jijaji ke jeebh ko apani bur mein le rahi thi. Vijay ko bhi es chudai ka maja aane laga. Vijay apani jeebh kari kar ke sthir kar lee aur sir ko aage-pichhe kar ke meri choot chodane lage. Mera maja dugana ho gaya.

Apane chootaron ko uthate hue boli, “ aur jor se vijay. Aur jooooor se hai. Mere pyare raja. Aaj se main tumhari mashooka ho gayee esi tarh jindagee bhar chudaun gee ohhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaa ohhhh ..uiiiiiii maaaaa” mai ab jharne wali thi. Main jor-jor se siskari lete hue apani choot jiju ke chehare par ragar rahi thi. Vijay bhi puri teji se jeebh laplapa kar meri choot puri tarah se chat rahe the. Apani jeebh meri choot mein puri tarah andar dalkar ve hilane lage. Jab unaki jeebh meri bhagnasa se takarai to mera bandh tut gaya aur jijaji ke chehare ko apani janghon me jakar kar maine apani choot vijay ke muh se chipaka diya. Mera pani bahane laga aur jijaji mere bhagosthon ko apane muh mein daba kar javani ka amrit ‘raspan’ peene lage.

Isake bad main palang par let gayee. Vijay i uthkar mere bagal me aa gaye. Maine unhe choomate hue kaha, “vijay i! Aise hi aap didi ki bur bhi choosate hain” “han! Par itana nahi. 69 ke samaya choosata hun par use chudane me jyada maja milata hai” maine vijay i ke laund ko apane hanth mein le liya. Vijay ka lund lohe kee rod kee tarah sakht aur apane pure aakar mein khara tha. Dekhane me etana sundar aur achha lag raha tha ki use pyar karne ka maan hone laga, supare ke chhote se oth par preecum kee bund chamak rahi thi. Maine uspar ek-do bar upar-neeche hanth fera, usane hil-hil kar mujhase meri muniya ke pas jane ka anurodh kiya. Mai kya karati, muniya bhi use pane ke liye bekarar thi. Maine use choom kar manane kee koshish kee lekin vah muniya se milane ke liye bekarar tha. Ant mein main sidhe let gayee aur use muniya se milane ke liye ijajat de dee. Vo mere upar aa gaye aur ek jhtake me meri bur mein apana pura lund ghusa diya. Main neeche se kamar utha kar un dono ko apas me milane me sahayog dene lagi. Dono es samay es prakar mil rahe the mano ve baraso bad mile ho. Vijay nekas-kas kar dhakke laga rahe the aur meri bur niche se unaka javab de rahi thi. Ghamasan chudai chal rahi thi.

Lagabhag 15-20 minat ki chudayee ke bad meri bur harane lagee to maine gande shabdon ko bol kar vijay ko lalkara, “aap bare chudakkar hain… chodo rajaaaaa chadoooo … meri bur bhi kam nahi hai….. Kas-kas kar dhakke maro mere chudakkar rajaaaaaa, phar do es sali bur kooooooo, jo har samay chudane ke liye bechain rahati hai… bur ko phar kar apane madanaras se ise sinch dooooooo ohhhhh maaaaa oh mere raja bahut achchha lag raha hai chodo chodo chodo aur choddoooo, raja sath-sath girana ohhhhh haiiiiiiiiii aa jao. Mere chodu sanam hai ab nahi ruk paungeee ohhhhh mai mai gayeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Edhar vijay kas kas kar dochar dhakke lagakar sath-sath jhar gaye. Sachmuch es chudai se meri muniya bahut khus thi kyo kee use laura chusane aur pyar karane ka bharpoor sukh mila.

Kuch der vijay mere upar se hat kar mere bagal mein aa gaye. Unake hanth meri choonchiyon, chootar ko sahalate rahe main unake seene se kuchh der lag kar apane sanso par kabu prapt kar liya. Is tarah puri raat maine vijay se chudvaya.

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