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Doctor bhai ne didi ko choda  


Hi i’m 24yrs.old 5’11′,we r 6 (4sisters+2brothers)i m youngest among all,& a doc by now.this is my 1st story which gave birth 2 the sex relation b/w my 3rd sis & me.a short intro is needed,my sis preeti is 30yrs.old and married.this started way back when i was a teenager i was getting horny day by day when i 1st ejaculated in my shorts at the age 0f sis was a sheer beauty.i was growing fast under my elder sis’s&bro.we used 2 play,sleep & have lots of fun but my man under my pants had another ideas 4 let me describe preeti (34-28-34)5’4″in ht.i was mesmesmerised by my sis beauty & may be this was the cause i could not keep myself quiet.

I was always involved in sports and was a bright face allover.this made me strong and a proper creature.preeti was very close 2 me i left no chance 2 have her close touches,getting on my shoulders was her favourite,i use 2 enjoy her boobs at my back & sometimes press her boobs softly in the mornings when she was in sleep without knowing her.i masturbated n no. Of times in name of 18 i got selected to medical college,preeti was so happy that i made everyone proud.then i got busy with my studies and came back after 2yrs.(2nd yr.)I had become tall handsome and muscular.returning home late was my personal decision nonetheless everybody was cool.everybody appreciated preeti was bowled over my personality and had xtra shine in her eyes.later we went in her room,i couldn’t keep eyes of her.she was wearing a white top and blue jeans & was she was getting naughty i enjoyed it reasonably…2days later ganpati festival came and we left for immersion on the next(11/2) was to crowdy preeti was weearing a kesari chuddidar she was behind me & sometimes front & i was protecting the meantime we were sticked together many a times,after immersion mom dad 4thsis bhai went walking and we drove back in bike.on the way back it started raining heavily i stopped the bike 4 shade but preeti insisted on to go to our old house.i had the keys with me both were badly wet,we went in.the room was small kept 4 sale water was dripping from top.their was a easy chair in the room ,i asked preeti 2 sit but she refused her clothes were wet & the clothes were sticking 2 her i was getting a hardon and my 6.2″lund was throbbing in my pyjama.she said ab kya kare(? 2 do)i said lets wait 4 sometime then go.

I took of my kurta and sat on the chair & seeing this she became naughty & said bhai kya dolle shoole aaa,i said aur kya don’t i need them.she said nahi re and sat on my lap,my lund was poking her ass she didn’t mind.she said u looking handsome,i replied o yes ,aaj bahut masti ke mood mein lag rahi ho…aap ki khubsurti ke samne meri kya majaal.i said ur the most beautiful lady i have seen.accha my bro is studying this in college.i suddendly had a itch in my crotch and jumped up 2 itch ,preeti was misbalanced a little and turned and 2 her surprise she saw my protrusion & was quiet standing i got up and said didi….we stared eachother her breathing was getting deep.wasting no time i hold her hairs to wipe the water drops,she hold many hands & kept her hands over my muscular chest.preeti said prasuooo and i sat with her on my lap on the chair i was getting hard as never squeezed her in my arms & she planted a kiss on my was so erotic we started deep kissing until we were out of breath i pressed her boobs,ass and what not i was going wild.preeti was moaning prasooo make it today which u were dreaming all these years,i felt ? Did she know she said didi knows everything.she got up and pulled me over her and both were rubbing eachother i said didi ur a real sis she caught my lund & started playing,i left no clothes on her kee gud kee doodh(? A ass ? Boobs)i was licking kissing all her parts she was moaning & crying pls prasoo pls her lovely vulva was like badam her pink pussy was getting wet with her juices & i was licking her pussy and clit badly wanted 2 get my whole mouth & suck ,it was a fantastic virgin experience.preeti was demanding 4 more she was wet and exploded her juices with a shiver,my lund was bright red and pulsating in her palms and her hold was tightening with movements.prasoo pls amaiy choodo(pls fuck me)i wasted no time and got on top of her and inserted lund she was a virgin,with a powerful thrust i entered her vaginal canal and she cried i stopped 4 a moment and started fucking her with increasing force.preeti was getting mad,happy and wild and was enjoying every thrust.fuck me harder harder kill me i was in 7th heaven my semen was boiling 2 spillout but preetiz moans made me more powerful.i turned her and she jumped over 4 the horse ride her body was so voulptous.i was about 2 cum and made her sit on knees and was rubbing my cock in b/w her breasts and came of with splash and she licked it.we were so satisfied we stayed there 4 sometime and made a call at home& before leaving promised 2 apart never from such a divine she’s married and we still love eachother.

Posted : 12/06/2011 11:28 pm