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Desi Bhabi Ko Jam Kar Choda


HI am sunny,i m regular reader of O9L ,I m handsome cute guy ,my height is 5.7′,Age 25 color fair, Let me tell u one insident that happen with my bhabi sanchita, She is very georgeous women , this incident happens just few days ago, i m always desperate to have a sex with her ,let me tell u about her she is 5.9′ fair color,slim body, nice form boobs ,her figer size is 32,30 32 she is dam sexy , is naughty to ,as my brother have goverment cervant ,they are just few days ago transfer to nagpur ,i got selected engg. So i have go to nagpur for study , i have deside that i will stay with my brother, bhabi alway looks towods me in diff. Way ,when she wear black sari she looks stunning ,ohhhh god i cant handle myself at that moment and my 6.5′ inches penis get hard rock .I know that my cousin brother is not able to satisfies her because when i always talk with her , I come to know that she is not happy,One day when my cousin brother goes to there office , i don’t have collage so that i m in my room ,talking with my friend on mobile,she came to my room, ohhh got when i saw her i haven’t saw such sex bomb ever before because she wear a white sari white bluse ,pink lipstick ,oh god my penis get erected again its hard rock i stop talking with my friend, ,i ask to her wt happen she replied ” Ravi, Can u come with me to market ,I said y not, & some how i manage that my penis is not expose to her from my jeans, when i talking car key from cupboard ,she said sunny kya hum tumhare bike pe chale i want to ride on u r bike , I mum in my mind replied that i m ready to ride on you also ohhhhh ,when that will come,When we are going to market the people besides roads looks toward us,
I m feeling so proud that I m riding with such hot lady, she seat close to me ,&one hand of her is on my one shoulder, her boobs are touching my back ohhh god i cant have word to describe about that, I m feeling so hot, i park my bike in parking & after that she told me, Ravi i want buy some undergarment can u wait here for me , i said ok after some time she is back with some of polythins ,i ask to her for some drink ,we take it & we will back to the way of house, But steel in my mind i m imagining her naked in white bra & panty, I think she is guess some think from my face& ask me , Ravi wt happen wt are u thinking,I said nothing she said kuch to hai! I think u don’t want to tell me, & she put her hand on my thigh ohhh wt worm touch that ! I said bhabi u r.. .i don’t have dare to say & stop she replied wt ! Are don’t be scare tell me I m u r friend, i said u r looking so beautiful, to isame sochane ki wali kya bat hai, & She said Bus beautiful ,aur kuch nahi !Ohhh I guess she understand my feeling,She put her face lean on my back, wt a moment that & we reach to our flat ,in our flat system the parking is undergrond & no one is there i stop bike steel she is in same position,i said bhabi hum pahoch gaye ! She release her hands around me , gives the sexy smile i think that smile saying me ravi come & hit me i m desperate to have u r huge penise in my chood. I park the bike after that she holds my hand & ask me tumne javab nahi diya,Jis tarah se tum muche dekha rahe the muche kuch aur hi laga, I said apako kya laga ,she came so closer to me, & she said that U need a friends like me with u want to I share u r feeling ,emotion&….
Her lips are just few centimeter away from my lips , then I hols her in my arms & kisses her lips Ohhh God wt a response from her ,I think she is also desperate for this moment, , her tight boobs pressing against my chest & after that i hold tightly to her ,kisses her knack then slowly -slowly to down towords her millky boobs bits on her boobs ,& press her boobs with one hand. I like her face, suddenly i realise that a car coming from entrance & realease her, we move toward the lift.she Holds my hand tightly when we are in lift she is very close to me ,my one hand on her shoulder & pressing her boobs , we kiss again in lift after we reach to fifth flour, she opens the key of flat& close the door & main apane apako Roka na saka I started kissing her lips ,I cant belive that this all happening with me ,I m feeling I m in Heaven,then slowly I moved toward her knack , then I slowly move toward her boobs first I suck her boobs from over the cloth, then I open her blouse ohh god wt a looks , A real beautiful boobs which want to come out off bra, then she open ma shirt, jeans. Then she put her hand in ma panty says, Ravi tera land to kaphi mota hai, aba aur na tadapa ,she put down my underwear & ohhhh at that moment my penis at full swing its hard rock , its so pink like candy, Bhabi boli ravi tu aba tak kanha tha tere bhaiya to bahot chota aur patala hai,she took my penis in her mouth 1st time penis feeling women mouth, I cant have word to say , she sucking my penis so sweetly, she taking it back & forth, after few minutes I come to organism & my penis get erected & started taking it back & fouth in her mouth ,so fastly & at the end I put ma whole penis in to her mouth she shouted &my all cum put into her mouth, she suck all that, even single drop of it ,she never going to west it,after that she again star sucking it so badaly,ma penis get erect again she stop sucking looks toward me I says hey sanchita sory bhabi .koi ba nahi tum ajase sanchita bolao sory kis liye pahale bar kisi mard ka muha mai liya hai nahi to tumhare bhaiya chakka muh me leti hi gir jata hai! Ravi do u know maine tumhe jabase dekha tha tabase tumhe chahati thi, she come close me & kiss me.then I make her necked she wear black panty wt sexy ass and thigh , I started sucking her legs from her feet, towords her cute pussy slowly when I m kissing her legs she moaning ,
I like that ,that make me more Horne & hot I star sucking again, When I reach to her pussy ,her pussy is wet& ohhhhhh that arohma of her puusy make me to naughty I star sucking her pussy,first I don’t like test after that wt a test it is ,her puusy is like teen age girl because she is steel so tight ohhhhhh wt a moment that I feel I m in heaven,when I put my lips in it ,she started moaninnng again,wt a sexy voice ,ahhhhm ravi fuck me come closer When she at organism she hold my head & put toward her pussy so tightly her legs are around my knack its so tight ahhh she leak her sweet fluid in my mouth, I suck that wt test is she then realize my head, & then I kisse towards her boobs , I kiss her , aur vo boli ravi tumne aja muche sirf oral sex se hi satisfied kar diya, She said to me tum ye sab kaise janate ho , I say from sex stories ,she put her head on my chest & massaging my penis , U r so special person in my life ,I said I always masturbeating just thinking of u,she said Ab tumhe isaki jaroorat nahi, we do all this stuff in drawing room then I hold her in my arma & take her to bedroom, She is full necked its like ma dream come true in bed room she star sucking ma penis again & ma penis get erected ,she stop sucking & put some pillow in her back open her legs wt I pink pussy ,I star sucking her pussy & she stop me Ravi aba aur nahi sabar hota please fuck me honey,
I can do anithingbut abhi muche chodo ,she open her leg ,open her puusy lip my hard penis put on door of vagina ,she said dhire-dhire andar dalo ,I push my penis slowly but her puussy hole is small its just 1’ insidei m get exited & push ma whole penis in one stroke in her puusy & she shouted loudly madarchode ,bhadve ajahi falakadega kya. I Wait some timeshe says,isame itana mota aur bada aja tak ,nahi gaya, after few minute I startes stroking her again ,now ma speed is fast she is now enjoying ,she moanining sexy voice,ahhhh ammmmm ahaa ravi cchod de muche itana ki pyas bucha de, she is also at organism,

I started heating her badly I reach at deep of it & realize all ma cum,ohhhh she is also realize her liquied wt a moment I cant explain i fall down on her body.We are in same position for half & hour ,then we started aur second round & third now its 4 oclock we both take a bath & take some snacks, I enjoy sex with each other when we get chance if u like ma true incident.

Posted : 24/06/2011 6:36 pm