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Delirious in Fever


I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.

The incident, which I’m going to narrate, was happened when I was about 19 years of age. Lokman Mama (my seventh maternal uncle among ten) served in a Sugar Mill at Pabna. I heard that Lokman Mama suddenly got married with a beautiful lady and is living in a hired quarter. Meanwhile my university remained closed for about two months for political unstableness. So I decided to visit Lokman Mama’s house to see his ‘beautiful’ wife. I was feeling an extra excitement that Mama had married the lady after wooed for two years with the lady.

I prepared for spending there about one month period and packed my luggage and went out for the destination. After reaching there I found the quarter and at the first sight I had to agree that the lady was really beautiful. She was about 5’-6” tall with an average physique. Her complexion was extra fair and her appearance was slightly tallish with lustrous eyes. Her pearl-like teeth were well-bonded and when she laughed, she looked like a fairy. The most attractive part was her cone-shaped stiffed hill-like breasts. Her body construction was about 34C-24-34.

Within a short span of time we became free and easy to each other and she cooked my favorite dishes. I was enjoying the place that there was no sign of town but around the factory everywhere were agricultural lands and the environment was rusticity. I was habituate in urban live for dwelling in town for a long time, so the rural touch gave me another enjoyment. I played ludo and chess with Mami for passing time. Mama served from 8 AM to 5 PM, only at noon he got one hour interval for having lunch.

One day, after passing my one week there, Mama told Mami “Sonali, Moni may be bored and is suffering from monotony. Take him to visit your father’s home, thus he could see a new place, know some new men, he would enjoy.” Mami proposed me about visiting her father’s house and I agreed to visit a new place. Over the crops-land, Mami indicated by stretching her hand and show me a village about 3 kilometers far from there. She informed me that there were two ways to go there, either by Chader Gari (a motor-driven light vehicle which produce heavy sound) or on foot.

Chader Gari would travel a long distance and took enough time to reach there because the highway was not short-cut. But we could go on foot through the crops field in short-cut process and it will take lesser time than Chader Gari. I agreed to go on foot because it would be a pollution-free journey and walking is good for health. That day afternoon we went out towards Sonali Mmai’s father’s home. It was the month of July and when we started the sky was sunny and I was enjoying the gentle breeze flowing over the crops field.

When we crossed about the half of the way, suddenly the environment became dark and I noticed that the sky had been covered with black cloud. In that time of the year, it was natural. The wind was blowing faster and within few minutes it was starting to fall raindrops. Mami told me to run but there was no shelter within the crops-field, so I thought that running is unnecessary. We have to drench. So I impeded Mami and told her that it would not bring any result from running, so let the rain come.

A rush of heavy rain was running off towards us and soon it passed us and we totally drenched. We were walking on the demarcation boundary line and I was not habituating for that, moreover the road became slippery for the rain water. I couldn’t walk easily and my foot was slipping. Mami told me to grab her hand and we started walking by grabbing each other’s hand. The rain was continuing and it was an extra excitement for me. Suddenly Mami’s foot slid forward and she was about to falling backwards. I soon grabbed her tightly by placing my left hand under her back and saved her from falling down. She was then laid on my left hand and her right hand was in my right hand.

Mami became so astonished for the incident that she was not able to talk anything. Her face was towards the sky and the raindrops were falling on her face, her lips were slightly parted and the pearl-like front teeth were visible. Her cone-shaped tiny mountains were completely visible because the wet shari smudged with the body and the actual size of her breasts was guessed. I desired to kiss on her lips and bend my head downwards, Mami may imagine something like that and she closed her eyes, it was a positive sign to accept my kiss. But at the last moment I broke my decision and pulled her to stand and we started walking again. After about half an hour we reached at her father’s home, I was then totally damaged with rain water and felt cold.

I was not habituating with rain water, so soon I caught cold and at dinner time I felt colder and I understood that I was going to be ill with fever. After having dinner I called Mami to check my temperature and keeping her palm on my forehead she shouted “your body is burning in fever”. She called her father and explained the situation. Her father told her to make bed for me immediately in the ‘Mehmankhana’ (guest room). Mami’s father, who was the leader of a farmer family, entertained me as far as he could. He had a larger home which was contained about six tin-shed houses. The guest-room was also an independent house slightly far from the main houses.

Mami made the bed for me and I lain there soon, because I couldn’t hold my body to stand or sit. It was a remote village and I thought there was no hope for getting treatment because the village doctor may not be agreed to come in that rainy dark night. I was feeling sicker gradually and was shivering in fever. Mami rapped me with a blanket. Her father came to see me and chatted with Mami, their conversation was such:
Mami’s father: what is his condition?
Mami: The temperature is rising, it happened for drenching in the rain, he is not habituate.
Mami’s father: “remember, he is my guest, you wouldn’t be any harm to him.”
Mami: “dad, I am afraid, he is the only son of his mother and his mother is only sister of ten brothers of your son-in-law”
Mami’s father: “don’t worry my child, he would be cures soon. Rap him properly.”
Mami: “he is shivering, I think the fever is rising.”
Mami’s father: “someone must have to be accompanied him in night, it would not fair to leave him alone at his condition. I’m calling your mom to accompany him.”
Mami: “no dad, mom would feel uneasy with him because he is unknown to her. Don’t think dad, I would take care him.”
Mami’s father: “could you nurse him properly?”
Mami: “Yes dad, I could, don’t worry, you go and sleep tensionless. I think he would be cured soon.”
Mami’s father: “Okay, close the door and locked from inside, if you feel any difficulty, call me at once.”
Mami: “Okay dad, don’t worry, bye.”

I was not sleeping, so all the conversations I heard. Mami closed the door and bolted from inner side. I was feeling bad but tried to tell Mami to sleep in her room inside the house, but she didn’t care about it and told me to try to sleep. The village house wasn’t electrified, so a hurricane was burning for the source of light. Mami dimmed the hurricane and took set a chair beside the bed and began to apply a strip of cloth with several folds and soaked in water on my forehead for the relief of temperature. I may went in a nap for a short time and when woke up my temperature raised high and my body was shuddering in cold. Mami was sleeping sitting on the chair.

I have a peculiarity while I get high temperature from fever. While my temperature of fever rises, I feel severe sexual arouse and gradually it increases. When I begin to shudder with the temperature, my sexual craving increases as well and without ejecting semen my condition becomes severely worst. Naturally, when my temperature rises high, I have to sex with my wife even five times in a night to reduce the temperature.

I have no sense at that time that what I am doing, all happens within my unconscious mind. At that day while Mami was sleeping on the chair I felt strong desire for having sex and began to groan. The desire rose at the highest point to see Mami’s sleepy face otherwise it shouldn’t be so high. My penis erected hard and became rigid like an iron rod and I seemed either I should have to eject or it would be burst.

Mami woke up and hearing my groan she kept her palm on my forehead, she murmured “the forehead is burning like a frying pan on the stove”. I was shuddering so seriously that she perplexed and couldn’t decide what she would do then. I had no intention to coerce her to the adultery but I had no way then. I grabbed her hand and dragged slightly. Sitting on the chair she descended her head near me.

I whispered into her ear “Mami, I am going to die, please save my life”. She innocently asked “but I couldn’t understand that what I should have to do”. After a pause I told “if you want to survive my life please get up on the bed immediately and hugged me tightly snuggling me.” She hesitated for a while and she was so perplexed that she soon took her decision and acquiesced in my proposal. Mami stood up, thought for a while hesitatingly and then got up on the bed.

Then she entered under the blanket and hugged me tightly with her chest. When I felt her touch for hugging me tightly, my sexual urge reached at the highest. I was not in my sense and nothing I could have do to without what I did then. I also hugged Mami tightly and her cone shaped breasts were smashed with my chest. I saw a beautiful face near my eyes and a pair of libidinous lips. My strongly erected penis stiffed upward and was poking Mamis abdomen. Mami realized that and hesitated a little.

I understood her hesitation and told “yes, I should have to go in now immediately. Either you allow me to do it or let me die.” My 7.5” long and 1.75” diameter penis erected so hard that I think that time I could make a hole through the wall with my penis. I hooked my lungi with my toe and dragged downwards to remove. My erected hard penis was poking on her pussy over the shari. At first Mami became bewildered about my act and her body hardened but then she relaxed and began to respond.

Mami dragged her shari upwards along with the petticoat and uncovered her pussy. Nothing would be seen because we were under the blanket but I felt some pinching sensation and bare skin at my penis head. She lifted her one leg on my waist and let my penis get more access at her crotch. I grabbed her pussy and I felt some trimmed pricking pubic hairs there. I felt the fleshy lump of the clitoris and began to rub it to stimulate and soon it became hardened. I pushed her to lay her on her back and parted her legs wider.

Then I set my body in between her legs and adjust my circumcised strawberry shaped pointed penis heat at the orifice of her pussy hole, which was already slicked with her oozing pre-cum juices. Then I mercilessly thrust my penis through her tight pussy, the pussy canal was quite narrow but for my heavy jolt the pussy engulfed my penis till its base.

She was screaming and wanted to release from me but grabbing her shoulder I was pumping my penis through her pussy. Mami was screaming “ooh ooh it is hurting, it is hurting, ah ah oh oh uuuuu”. Then I began to knead her breasts and sucked her nipples, I bit on her nipples and breasts. My fat penis was grasped tightly by her narrow pussy canal but it was running fluently for the rigidity of my penis and lubrication.

My hand found her plump breasts and I grabbed those and began to smashed seriously, she was getting pain and making sound iiiiissss iiiissssshhhh ooosshhh. The heavy rain started again and heavy chatter-patter sounds were producing for the rainfall on the tin roof. Then I began to drag her blouse and about to tear that, then Mami unhooked her blouse and removed from her body, I dragged the bra and removed to uncover her boobs. Then I began to smash with both of my hands. Heavy rain falling on tin roof was producing loud sound.

I felt seriously sexual arouse and bit her nipples and breasts hard-heartedly and Mami was groaning iiissshhhh iiiissshhh oooohhh ooohhh aaahhhh ooohhhh aaaoooo. Stooping my body I took her lips into my mouth and began to suck. I was sucking her lips vigorously and inserted my tongue within her mouth and she began to suck my tongue. She stretched her tongue and inserted into my mouth and I began to suck her tongue and drank her all sweet saliva.

Meanwhile Mami habituated with my penis and instead of groaning she was then moaning ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah amm mm mm mm oo oo ooo oo o o oo o oo oo o aah aah aah aahh aah uuh uuuh iiissshhh aaah ooaahhh. I was continuously pumping my penis through her pussy and loud thappat thaapat sounds were producing. I had no sense what I was doing but I enjoyed the tightness fucking with my penis only.

Mami told “I seem you have inserted a total bamboo inside me, oh oh oh i’ll cum now, aaaah aaaah”. Within 6/7 minutes Mmai reached at her orgasm and she locked me with her legs and began to sway her waist and began to scream loudly aaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaahhh oooohhhhh ooohhhhhhh and with some jerk she ejected. I need more some time to finish, so I was continuing the fucking.

My body was sweating and I threw the blanket from our body and then I could see her breasts fully, the cone shaped breasts were stiffed upwards like hills and the top two inches were black, at the top there were stiffed long nipples surrounded with the black aureole. I again took one nipple into my mouth and began to suck and the other breast was in my palm which I was smashing vigorously.

I enjoyed the every pass of my penis through her tight pussy and the touch of her womb with my penis head. I was running my penis about 150 km/hour. There were heavy rainfall sound at the outside and pokkat pokkat pokkat fotch fotch fucking sound with aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah oooohh ooohh oooohh aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah oooohh ooohh sounds at the inside the room.

I stretched my legs backwards and lain down on Mami’s body, her little mounds were mashed with my hairy chest. Then I began to drive my waist up and down and my iron-hard penis was crashing her tight pussy. The friction of my penis with her tight pussy hole was giving me immense pleasure and was enjoying the every scour of my penis with the pussy wall.

I was feeling it with my heart and soul and my brain was collecting all the enjoyment form the act. Then I rolled Mami’s body and laid her on her left flank and squatting on her left thigh I lifted her right leg towards the roof and hugged the leg tightly and then began to fuck her again. My penis was roaring to do something hard and I was getting heavy energy.

My whole body was sweating and the drop of sweat was dropping from my head and face on her face and I was hissing like a python and my penis was boring the pussy cruelly. My pubic was crashed with her pussy lips and made thap thap thap sounds. About twenty five minutes had passed and Mami again reached her second orgasm and was impatiently swaying her waist and she was uplifting her waist with the rhythm of my fucking and groaning loudly, that time I felt some spasms within her pussy wall and she spurted her ejection again. I also came to the end and hugging her tightly I was thrusting heavily and at last I thrust my penis in her pussy by force and ejected my entire load inside her pussy.

Then I snuggled alongside her and caressed for some time, she was crying in pain and I saw her both breasts were full of scars of my bite and nail. She then got up and was going to wear her blouse but I impeded her and requested to remain nude. I covered her with the blanket and slept. After about one hour my temperature again began to rise and my body was shuddering again.

Mami got up and hugged me tightly. I whispered her ears, “don’t try that way, I need the medicine again and it would reduce my temperature.” Mami smiled and told “you have discovered a nice medicine to reduce your fever, so let me help you to apply the medicine.” That night I totally fucked Mami four times and every session she ejected twice, so she ejected eight times in the night.

At the last night I slept deeply and in the morning I awoke feeling a cold sensation on my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw Mami was standing beside the bed keeping her palm on my forehead. She bathed in the morning and looked like fresh flower but some tiredness was in her appearance. I felt that had no fever and I was then fully cured. I slept nude and my lower part was covered with my lungi. I remembered the whole things happened in the last night. Mami smiled and told “good morning, you are now fully cured, I’m enthralled”.

I stretched my hand and she stretched her, I grabbed her hand and told her to sit. She sat on the chair and I asked her “are you okay?” Mami frowned at me and told “shoytan cele, amar pura shorir tolodhuna kore feleso” (you naughty boy, you have shredded my body like last night”. Her tone was like she was scolding me but she was smiling. I told as I felt distress “Mami, please forgive me, I had no sense in night and I think I have taken some undue privilege from you, please forgive me, I have done a great mistake.”

Mami sat beside my head and caressed on my forehead and told “yes, you have done very big crime with me last night and you should have to be punished for that, I wouldn’t forgive you.” She was smilingly talking and bending her head she kissed on my lips and told “your punishment is, you have to obey me until leaving this place, what I would tell you, you must have to do that, agree?” I smiled and told “Okay Mmai, agree”. She then told me “ get up and be fresh, you are fully cured. I am astonishing about your medicine for curing from fever, wow, awesome, but the only matter is making me worried.”

I asked “what is that Mami?” She twisted my nose and told “Don’t call me Mami, naughty boy, you have ejected several times inside me, I am frightening that you may impregnate me for that, I would be in worry till my next menstruation.” We stayed her father’s house for three days and every night I fucked her. Returning from there, I had to fuck her with her desire at day time if Mama went for his day time duty and fucked for whole night if Mama performed the night duty, every day I fucked Mami minimum thrice after one hour interval. Lastly I left the place and took a huge memory.

Later I contacted Mami and came to knew that she had no chance to be pregnant, because she was a barren lady. That Mami couldn’t combine with Mama for a long time. After two years she fled away with another guy leaving Mama alone, I never meet Sonali Mami.

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