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College friend ko pehli baar chooda  


Hello everybody I’m Kabeer. It happens when we were in the first year of college. We were in co-education and I have seven friends with me from my childhood and four of them were boys including me and four of girls.So we have a group of eight persons. Everyplace we use to admit together such as coaching, computer class, and English classes. We the boys and girls always together and doesn’t think any thing of each other but friend.We have experience about sex from the 8th greed of school and specially I have interest of teen girls and we the boys use to read porn magazine, collect porn photo and use to see when we got chance xxx movies but this was between us I meanthe boys we didn’t tell any thing about it the girls of the group but we make funs about the relations and making love of men and women. That was all, girls also have interest about this things they use to see xxx movies when they got chance..if when they got someone’s house is empty and there parents was not in home. I knew it later But when we were together we didn’t say anything like that. Whatever we got a picnic at that time from our coaching center and it was not so far from the city.We have lot of fun in the bus, in the picnic spot, game show, gossiping a lot of fun. After our meal, I entered in the bus for my laptop and one girl of my group entered in the bus with no reason. There was nobody in the bus except two of us.This girl name Lina use to say that she liked me in her attitude but she didn’t say it clearly to anybody and also denied sometime, she was also one of my close friends and only I know that she had a affairs with a gay named sameer.I think that she wants to tell me something alone about that matter. However, she didn’t say anything about it, not a single word just looking at me strangely.Then she said don’t you realize that I like you really very much from the very beginning? And she had tears in her eyes. I was shocked and don’t know what to say, then I told her you have an affairs and you shouldn’t have tell me this kind if words,she then cried for a while and suddenly kissed at my left chick and then to my lips this was the first time in reality a girl kissed me. I was just astonished and then she left the place. After that the total day I was shocked and was with her and in the evening..we reached over a little hill there alone with her our other friends reached there after us she had a camera and requested our another friend Salman to take our picks. She was very close to me sitting like couple and I can feel her hot body and for the first time
I notice that she had a excellent body structure. And then it was down and our picnic was over and we have to go back to our home. So we were in a rush to came up from the hill and I marked nobody with us only we two were there and suddenly she gave me a long kiss in my lips again, you have to realize that I was a gay of 17th at that time and it was the first time I have kiss from a teen girl, I was shaking and I was erected also, but we have to reach the bus which was giving horns repeatedly at that time.So we entered in the bus in hurry and luckily we got a sit together as there was no sit was empty and our other friends were around us and asking where we were been? I didn’t tell anything but she replied that we were on the hill and was not hearing the sound of the bus.As we have game shows and fun all the day long so everybody was tired. Then the bus started and the driver switched off the lights. I’m felling she is coming closer to me and started kissing again this time I was responding her and use to use French kiss which I learned from the xxx movies. We get our tongue sucking and all the sweet juice we were talking each other taste and juice of mouth. We suck each other very madly as there is no tomorrow. And slowly I press one of my hand behind her waist as it was the first experience
Of mine I didn’t know what to do perfectly. And after a few moment suddenly the bus braked hardly and we grabbed each other and I just press her jose boobs with my head and tries to touch it, it was soft like anything I have ever touched and she said ‘do u wana have everything in the first day?’ so I stooped and I was again giving her long kisses and start squeezing her round and sexy ass and I think she has a gorgeous figure of 32’-26-36’. I was very much erected and after sometime feel, that my hand, which was behind her west it was wet, and I didn’t understand first time that it was her cum she is out already. The sweet journey ends at last, we reach our destination, and I have to give her lift for home for that night obviously. We took a oto and start for their house as my home was near her house. In the vehicle we sit so closely that we are feeling each other hotness and this time I squeezed her boobs and she was touching my dick over my pants and I pressed my one hand in her pazama and touch her things over it and I squeezed it, rubbed her pussy and feel she is again cumming and her pazama was wet again and the moment of her orgasm she pressed my dick hardly and I also have my orgasm for the first time and I was feeling I’m in haven. It was the first time I have my cum out in my life practically by a girl without masturbating myself. Then we reached our destination and I feel if the journey never ends forever. She tells me also the same. She tells me that she will come to my house tomorrow evening. Then the next day comes and I was waiting for the evening, then my doorbell rang and I found her in a nice blue dress she was looking sexiest ever. My house there was only my elder sister, my parents were not at home, and my sister will go out for her evening class after a while. My sister went out for her class, I closed the door, and suddenly my phone rang. I got the phone it was one of our friend her name was Shimul and she said as the coaching is closed all of our friends were going to the fast food near by which we meet all-time.
I said I am not feeling good and I will not join with them today and she asked me if I know any thing about Lina, she is not her home and said that she is going to the coaching class. I said I didn’t know any thing about her and may be she is in some of our others friends house or in the fast food already. I asked her if she told her mam that we don’t have any class in our coaching today she said no. So I think it is a great opportunity for me. Then Shimul said goodbye to me and cut up the phone then I turned around and saw Lina was behind me standing strange look in her eyes. I took her to my room and sat on the bed face to face. We don’t have anything to say each other just looking eye to eyes, then she asked ‘kiss me’ I took her face in my hands and kissed to her lips deeply again and again and again, we hold each other so tightly that nothing gona part us. Slowly I moved my one hand on her right boobs it was tight fetings dress and she was looking very much sexy at that dress. She starting moaning ‘umm’ since I was kissing her strongly, sucking her lips and squeezing her boobs not so hardly, then she took out her lips from my mouth and moaned ‘ahhhh took me to the haven and press my boobs hardly as you can umm’ and start kissing me again. I was then start pressing her hardly and sucking her lips. It goes for 5 minutes, my cock was fully erected, and my jeans pant was very much tight at the effect of erection. Then I slowly moved my hand her back and start opening her dress chain she was kissing me horribly slowly I opened the zipper and she just throw the dress from her top and she is now in her lace blue bra and churider only. I found that her breast is may not 32 and asked her what’s her size she replied 34a oh it’s a cute thing I have ever seen.
I started pressing both of her boobs and started to kissing it over the bra and make it wet. Then finally I removed the bra and both of her boobs jump out from the jail, she was white and her nipples were cute pink in color and erected with hot hardness, oh what a beauty I started to suck it, bite it like a baby and press my one hand on her pussy over her churider and found it was already wet and start squeezing over it she moaned loudly ‘take me… I was also feeling her hand on my tight jeans and feeling the same also. It was about to burst out and I know my cock is 7’inch in size. Slowly she unzipped my pant, I was in my underwire, and it was wet of pre-cum she start squeezing it over the underwire. I fill like some one in soft hand mastermind’s me and she now put her hand into the underwire and giving stroke directly and ups and down…ohhh what a feelings I had ever got. Now I removed her churider she is in her blue lace panty which was semi transparent and full wet of her juice. I just put my one finger in her panty and straightly to her cunt which was shaven and very nice to see from outside. I think may be it was pink in color and may be pink inside as like her nipple and I first press my one figure in it, she was moaning so loudly that I have to start a rock music in the stereo set. I am feeling that I am about to cum also because of her soft and fast stroke and in that moment I fill that she was shaking very perfectly and she had her orgasm again may be third time and she start stroke my penis very fast and I have my load realized in her for the first time in her hand. Her hand was covered full of my cum, it is a marvelous experience for me to having it first time in my life.
After that, we didn’t stop because it was the first time we have our sex with opposite gender. We just take one another’s last piece of string from our body. Both of us were in naked now, what a sexy and perfect figure she had. A gorgeous pair of boobs, nipples on the center and a perfect cute navel and a sexy belly with perfect shape a deep cunt who I am gone mad. What a figure and in the backside she had a cute round shape ass. She again start stroke my pennies which is erected again and coming to its perfect shape and I was now start sucking her nipples and then her deep navel and bally, I sucked every where with my tongue, she is moaning again ommma me….everywhere…suck…..and I am feeling she is wet again. Her juice were coming out from her cunt, a nice pussy in pink colure what I think and then I start to suck her juice outside of her cunt it was so sweet and salty and oily. She holds my hairs and requests me not to do that because she is about to cum again. Then she requested me to start the real work, and I was worried that I didn’t have any condom or any protection like that but she knows a lot about it that she is in her safe period. She knew it from books and her one cousin who is married. So I lied her in the bed and she spade her legs as far as she can, then I set my 7’inch cook in her sweet pussy lips, she is helping me and fist I make a soft stroke but it didn’t enter cause it was her first time then I stroke little hardly only the head of my pennies entered and she is now moaning by pain,
Tears in her eyes but she told to stroke again may be she have learned from her cousin about everything of sexual activities. Then I start push again and this time I kissed on her lips and then her erected and rising hard nipples.I bite on them and suck them then we feel wetness in her cunt and I saw blood in there and on my pennies and on the bed-sheet. But this time she said she is now feeling less pain and more charms in her pussy and I’m feeling that she is pre-cum inside,
Then I start stroke and within the 8/9th stroke she is shaking again and hold my back so tightly and pressed her nails in my back and moaning’….my….love……..ommmma…and I start to stroke very hardly because I feeling my cum is about to come. I was shaking laso this is the first time I’m gona have my first fuck orgasm in my life in a teen girls hole,and then the excellent thing happened and I burst my load inside her and it’s like a loaded short-gun it shoot all my semen inside her deep.My pennies was jerking like it has no end, and loads are coming out and out and my hole body was jerking, shaking like a patient and she holds me tightly cause felling my juice she again cum I feel that her cunt is sucking my pennies and taking all the load of mine inside it was shaking and moving inside like a mouth ohoooo……..what a feel……ommm……I was feeling I’m in seventh haven. I didn’t fill any thing like that in my whole life. In addition, I know now why people are after girls pushy. Oh, I have a great experience and joy in my 17th year life. We hanged each other and taking rest in that position for about 20 or 25 minutes. In addition, I feel that my pennies is rising again and she is also becoming hot, and I know my parents will come back within 1 hour. So we have more 1 hour to having that excellent taste and charm again this time I applied something which I had learned from the xxx movies. I started kissing her lips deeply again, we sucked each others tongue and slowly I moved on her boobs, I first suck all her boobs and then the already hard nipples, I feel that it was a rear nipple cause I didn’t seen any girl in xxx movies even those girls are foreigners. So she had that kind of uncommon and cute nipple. Then slowly I moved down and suck her bally and naval also. Then I moved towards her cute pussy, she tried to hold me but I didn’t stop, first I just kiss on her lips, she screamed and moan’….ommma…..’. I then put my hands in her pussy lips and part it and licked it, then I opened it and entered my tongue from the first portion, then the pre-cum was coming out and she was moaning….oh…suck….suck…….bite it eat….it……ommmma…’. I just stroking it, sucking it and fucking it with my tongue, she was shaking with joy and screamed like she never been and her body temperature is like fire hot. And this didn’t last long near about 4/5 minutes she cum with a long jerk and whisper an moan….drink my lovely juice…. Suck ops…….oummmmm..I sucked and drink all her sweet juice is testy like most delicious drink in the world. Then I told her to suck my baby, my pennies, she just hesitate first then slowly she hold it and kissed at the top of my pennies,
Then she start sucking it slowly and I told her suck it hard, she start stroke it hardly with her mouth and hand also she give me a great pleasure when she suck my balls. Then I said stop, she looked to me with a question look, I lied her and entered my pennies in her cunt, sweet smelly pussy, but first time it didn’t entered, she help me cause it was our second time. Then it entered deep in her pussy oh…I am felling heavenly again, then I start stroking her. I increased my speed again and again, she is also moving her west with a rethomic way, which matches with my stroke, and moaning loudly again…ohhh…my….baby…..fuck harder…..kill…….ohhh…..mmmmm. I then feeling she is holding me tightly again, jerking, shaking and screaming again. I feel her pussy is moving and screaming inside and she relized her orgasm. I feel wetness in my pennies some came out from her love hole and I saw the bed-sheet is again wet in some places. And this time I start stroking her very fast the total bed and both of was jerking at that speed. And I feel my orgasm is coming through my rod, and I quickly take it out and placed it in her mouth, she took the total in her mouth and I started stroke her, fuck her mouth she is moaning and then I feel it is coming, opsssss….ommmm…….what a feel to fill up her mouth with my cum. I shoot all the load in her mouth whole, she took all of it, drank all the juice of mine and suck my pennies dry like a lollypop. I am feeling my cock wants again a session but my parents will be back any time,
So we got up and clean up our- selves in the bathroom, dressed up and I bring a color bottle from my art equipments and use to color the total bed-sheet where her blood and juice was marked and threw it in the bathroom. Then we have a French kiss and went out for the fast food where our friends were and act like anything wasn’t happened.

Posted : 21/06/2011 8:40 pm