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Chupke se Choda  


I am Varun, we had got a new maid in d house . She had really big boobs and an amazing ass. Etime she wud cm over to my room to clean in it. I wud pretend to go there on purpose cuz i knew she wud bend and i wud get to enjoy it. I loved seeing her boobs. After she wud clean my room i wud go to d loo and masterbate. Hoping that one day i get to put my dick between her breasts.

I wanted to put my penis between her boobs so bad !

One night. I went to d drawing room where she sleeps and i quietly entered it. Used my phone light to look around. She was sleeping on her back.

I came next to her and took out my throbing cock and started stroking it.

I got my cock near her face and tried to put it in her mouth. She was still sleeping. So i next, took my cock and rested it on her boobs. They were so soft and it felt so nice. I stared to hit her boobs with my cock. Every bang gave me a thrill that i had never experienced before.

I now slowly started to remove her top frm below. And put her nighty all the way uptill her head. She wasnt wearing a bra. I got my one leg across her and was almost sitting on top of her making sure i did nt put preasure on her i used to my knees to take support of d floor. I knw put my penis between her boobs and started swinging.

I did this fr sm 5 min and eventually dropped all my load on her.

I wasnt tired. I wanted to make the most of it. So i went down to her pants. I first touched her pussy frm outside. Then i put my hand into it. I wanted to take off her pyjama, bt thot that its too dangerous.

So i jst jerked off again making my dick touch her pussy frm outside.

Next morning, i went to d servant quarter where she wud bathe. She was already inside. I took a mirror with me. There was sm gap between door and floor. So i put d mirror there to look inside. Inside i cud see her take of her clothes and then she started to feel the stickyness on her chest, which was caused by my mischief.

She touched it and then licked it. And then started touching her self. I realised dat shes equally horny. I thot i shud make d most of now. So i coughed in order to get sm attention. I saw her looking down at d mirror and smiling . She then turned away and starting playing with herself more vigourously. I knew she was trying to please me.

Next i went into the adjoining bathing quarter. I had already made one of d bricks in the walls loose. So i removed dat. And put my penis thru it. I knew she wud react well to it. And she did. I cud feel her mouth around it. She started to suck it like crazy.

I cudnt take it any more. I got out .entered her quarter . Grabbed her. Turned her around and stuck my dick into her pussy. We fucked twice. It was so amazing.

She told me dat she wudve liked it more if i wudve worken her up last night.

Frm dat day on. Enight i hav an encounter with her. Smtmes she comes to my room and starts stroking my cock which eventually wakes me up.

Smtimes when shes in my bathroom washing clothes. I jst enter randomly and take out my cock and ask her to suck it fr 5 mins. No one gets to knw . I get a blowjob atleast 3 times a day. Smtimes she wakes me up with a blow job in d morning.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:11 am