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Choti pyari bahen


Well this basically happened went I went for a visit back toahmedabad on 2nd of October which is this month. Went I got to Ahmadabad everyone was there to welcome me, I went for a visit to many of my family members who haven’t seen me in like 12 years, I was at my mama’s place and since my childhood tit crush is her sister, she was over as well, she saw me came over and complimented on how I had grown up to be a handsome fellow, anyways, the flirting and mild jokes went on for about 2 days, in those 2 days she had flashed me a couple of times, because she remembered from 12 years ago as how I used to stare at her juggs. She would bend over in front of me with her shirt bottoms undone to ‘pick up stuff’ when no one else is around and obviously when she did my eyes would fall to get a peak of her cleavage and her boobs, the 3rd time she saw that she is like ‘what r u looking at?’ I was kind of embarrassed and I had to hide my 8.5 inch erection as well. The same day she did it again. I just furious because it was hell on my balls. I decided to do something about it. And it so happened that a marriage was coming on in about 2 days and everyone was invited since the wedding was in the weekdays the kids had to stay home. We were at the kitchen table having lunch when my mama decided to show everybody the dress she had gotten herself for that wedding. Everyone left the table except me and her, I got up to get myself a glass of water from the sink. When I turned around to get a peak of her boobs when I saw was that she was undoing 2 top bottoms of her shirt probably to entice me that thought burnt my balls again and my meat was hard again. This time instead of trying to hide my buffed up dick I just walked to the table she looked at me and her eyes rested on the swollen head of my dick, looking at the hard on she is like ‘looks to me like the weather is hot in the kitchen.’ and smiled.

As I sat down beside her where I was before, she dropped a fork between our chairs and asked me to pick it up, I refused and told her pick it up herself. She smiled and removed her scarf from her chest and bent over, I could clearly see her cleavage, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I just grabbed her by her arm and picked her up and took her to the room adjacent to the kitchen when is their storage room. When there I left the door open so that I would know if someone is coming or not. I undid my belt buckle and the zipper of my pants and pulled my throbbing dick out my underwear, she just looked at it in awe, her eyes were wide open and her jaw dropped. Taking advantage of that I just grabbed her and in 1 quick movement pulled it to her knees, she just stood there against the wall still staring at my dick, I pointed my dick to her cunt and mercilessly plunged it in her wet pussy, she squealed but before she could let out a scream I put my mouth on hers, I saw tears rolled down her cheeks, but didn’t care she cried little, and after she was done screaming I pulled it out until only the head was in her cunt and released her mouth from mine, she looked relived but I pushed it back in all the way, this time she didn’t squeal or anything, she is like ‘kuta, kamina, matherchod, meri phudi ka phuda bana diya, mujhay sirf apnay husband say chudwanay ki adat hai, chota sa 5 inch a lund hai uska, meri choot kay saray parday phaar diay tunay.’ and to that i said ‘phir kyoon apnay mammay dikha dikha kay maray balls pay bura waqt lati thi?’ and she is like ‘kyoon kay jab tu chota tha to maray mammon ko ghorta rahta tha, aur us waqt taira lund bhi to itna bara nahi tha. Mujhay kya pata tha kai jab to canada say wapas aiy ga to itna lamba aur itna mota ho gya ho ga.’ by this time i could hear people coming out of my mami’s room she was done showing them her dresses. I pulled my dick out the same way and pushed it back in again, and said ‘befiqr rah, abhi tujhay nahi chodnay laga mai, yai tuhay sirf itna batanay kay liay tha kay tujhay main 2 dinoon main chodoon ga jab sab shaadi main hoongay.’ and she is like ‘laikin shaadi mai to main bhi invited hoon.’ i just cut her off and said ‘jaisay teri choot phaari hai waisay hi teri gaand a surakh bhi bara kar doon ga agar jai gi to. 2 din main tayaar rehna.’ saying that i pulled my dick out, there was some blood on it from her pussy we pulled our pants back on and went into the kitchen and finishe our food. Everyone got there and by that time we were having a casual talk, but she did have some signs of pain and pleasure on her face. Well… After 2 days when the wedding was i went over to my mamu’s place and when we were about to leave i faked a migraine headache attack. And just lied down. My mami is like oh dont worry she is going to be staying home for her son and stuff if u need anything just let her know. Everyone left. I lied down on the bed and she was in the room across from me with her son and 2 other kids with her. Her son on 1 side and the other kids on the other side. She was facing me. After about an hour when all the kids were asleep, i got up and called her a couple of times but pretended to be sleeping. I just went to the washroom and came back with a bottle of coconut oil, stripped, sat down on the bed naked and started lubricating my dick with that oil. I could tell she was watching. I was sure that my dick was wet enough to enter her asshole without causing my any pain or anything i just walked up to her and called her again. She still pretended to be sleeping. I grabbed the bottom of her salwar and just pulled on it. All of it came off. She just sat down and she is like ‘dekho na karo, bachay so rahay hain, jaag jain gay.’ and i was like ‘uthjaa tujhay kaha tha na mainay kay mai tujhay aaj chodoon ga? Aram apnay kapray uttar aur chal maray sath.’ she looked at the kids sleeping beside her looked at me and my throbbing dick just got up took her shirt, her bra and her panties off and walked with me to the other room. I said ‘we have a clear view of the kids if they wake up u can go tuck them in again.’ at this point i dont think she cared about anything, she just leaned in on me and started kissing me, we made out for about 20 minutes and during that time i started playing with her massive 36dd tits, as soon as she released my tongue from her mouth i went to work on her tits, i sucked her left tit another 20 minutes and she finally said ‘doosra bhi choos na, aahhh… Doosra choos ab.’ i started sucking on the other one. After about 10 minutes i went back to her mouth again still standing i pulled her to me, now she was in my arms, her massive tits against my chest man was i loosing it. I started playing with her soaked cunt, she was moaning in my mouth she pulled back a couple of times but went right back in. Held my dick in her hands and started stroking it, still kissing she pulled me by my dick towards her pussy, and started rubbing the head on her pussy, i could literally feel the heat of her body, that is how hot she had gotten, another half an hour of kissing foreplay and stuff, i pulled my tongue out of her mouth and she is like ‘ab mujhay chod bas tu..’ but before she could finish her sentence i pushed on the bed spread her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy, appearently she had never had her pussy sucked she was amazed, she is like ‘ yai tu kya kar raha hai?’ and i said ‘kyoon maza nahi aa raha?’ she said ‘main khood ko nahi rok sakti, pehlay apnay itnay baray lund say meri phudi phaar di, aur ab nakhray kar raha hai.’ i said ‘dekh jab tak teri choot puri tarah say gili nahi hoti aur mera lund steel ka nahi ho jata main tujhay nahi chodoon ga.’ saying that i climbed on the bed lied donw on my side with my dick in her face and said ‘choos isay’ she is like ‘kaisay?’ and i am like ‘apna muhn khool main isay taray muhn mai dal doonga aur phir is lolypop ki taraha choos.’ she opened her mouth i pushed my dick in it and she started moving her head up and down, she really didnt know wat she was doing ’she bit the head a couple of times, after another 15 minutes i pulled it out of her mouth, and she is like ‘kyaa hua? Maza nahi araha?’ and i said ‘abhi thori dair pehlay tu chodnay ko baiqarar thi, kyaa mera lund nahi chahiyay tujhay?’ she smilled spread her legs and said ‘jaisay 2 din pehlay aik jhatkay main pura ander dala tha waisay hi dal, mujhay kuti ki taraha chood, apni gushti bana lay mujhay.’ i was about to comply when we heard her son cry, and as soon as he cried the other 2 kids woke up aswell. Holy shit so close, i couldnt believe it. She is like ‘aik minuted theher jaa, jaldi kar kapray pehan, agar bachon nay humay aisay daikha to hoskta hai kay kal woh sub jo bata dain.’ she had a point. We got up and got dressed immediately. Her son walked into the room we were in with the other 2 kids. And saw us sitting together watching tv. It was 10:00 pm in the evening. She is like ‘kya hua uth kyoon gaiy tum log?’ and appearently her son got tired of sleeping he wanted to watch tv with us and stuff. I cant believe it he was along with the other 2 kids until 12:00 am in the morning, and during that time whenever i got a chance i grabbed her tits or shoved my down her salwar on her pussy, she didnt mind, she kept on doing the same thing to me making, this was kinda our way to prevent each other from cooling down. At 12 in the morning the kid is like i want to play hide and seek. I am thinking to myself wat the fuck man? Kid go sleep i want to fuck ur mom. She agreed with a naughty smile on her face. She like u guys go hide and my and ur uncle will look for u, at the point i kinda caught on to her idea, that is a huge house with so many rooms, so we told them that they could go to the roof of the house and hide their basically whereever they wanted to go, and until they r found they r not to come out of their hiding place. I kinda liked that idea. Everyone went hiding, we started counting and as soon as we were alone she is like ‘ab maza ai ga, ab to main chaat (roof) par bhi chodwaon gi tujh say khulay asman kay nichay.’ that got me excited my dick was hard again but i didnt want to loose any more precious time. I knew that nobody was coming home un like 12 in the afternoon next day so i wanted to make the best of the 12 hours we had remaining. I had her back towards me which she was constantly rubbing on my dick while counting.

I just unzipped my pants pulled my semi lubricated dick out pulled her salwar down a bit and looked at her she was looking at my dick, as soon as she said 10 she is like ‘ ab dal dai hum thori thair mai niklain gay unhay dhoondnay ko’ i push my dick against her pussy and then with a single thrust pushed it all the way in, her pussy was hot and wet, we started humping now, her pussy was grabbing on to my dick like anything. It was soooo tight, man did she have a nice jiggly ass, with every thrust it would jiggle and make me even more horny, while fucking she is like ‘ok,.. Chal ab unko dhoondnay chaltay hai, bas apna lund meri phudi mai say na nikalin.’ it was kinda difficult to walk like that so i said ‘daikh aisay hum kuch nahi kar sakain gay, na maza ai ga aur hum stairs say gir bhi saktay hai. Aisa kartay hain kay main apna lund bahir hi rakhta hoon kisi jaga pay ja kay unko dhoondain gay agar we wahan nahi hongay to hum dono wahan per 10-15 minute chudai karain gay. Theek hai?’ and she happily agreed, we went to the roof and looked around there was nobody there. I just push her against the wall and inserted my dick in her wantin hole, while fucking her i lifted her shirt and carried her on my dick, started sucking on her tits. After like 5 minutes she started saying stuff like ‘aaaaahhhhhh, meri ankhoon mai ankhain dal kay chood mujhay, mmmmm meri phudi aisay chood kay isay bs taray lund kay adat par jai aur kisi kay saath maza na ai, zoor zoor say chood mujhay, mammay choos maray, maray nipplon pay apnay dantoon say nishan bana thay.’ after another 5 minutes i am like ‘ok, chal ab kahin aur chaltay hain’ and she is like ‘nahi pehlay mujhy chutnay thay… (let me cum first).’ and i pulled my dick out saying no, not just yet. She cried alittle but anyways we went to lower level and found them hiding in the storage aread, damn halted again. She was furious bcuz she wasnt getting the fuck she was craving now so she yelled at all of them and told them to go to bed or else, anyways we had to go put them sleep they were tired too so they went to sleep rather then i was thinking, in the next 5 minutes she came to me just took off her clothes and we just went at it, i was on the bed on my back she just jumped on top pushed my dick in her pussy and started riding it like crazy, every 5-7 minutes we were changing position so that it would like longer, and every time 1 of us was about to cum we would change the position again, i pushed her face in the wall so she had her ass infront of me, i started fucking her while standing she was enjoying it, she is like ‘gushti ka bacha saala harami, meri phudi taar taar kar thay, khoon nikal meri phudi ka phir say, janwaroon ki taraha chood mujhay, randion jaisay slook kar maray saath.’ she kept on screaming and i kept on fucking then i pulled it out, made her face me and inserted it again, pushed her against the wall again, we did that wall position for about 20 minutes and then she is like ‘mai thak gai, ab mai khari nahi ho sakti mujhay lita kay chood.’ and i am like agar lita kay choodoon ga to teri gaand bhi maroon ga. Theek hai?’ and she is like ‘ok oil laga kay chood mujhay.’ i made her kneel by the bed facing it and started fucking her in that position. She was cussing and screaming and i was fucking her with all my might and speed, after that i told her to lie down on the bed i applied some oil on my dick and her asshole and told her to brace herself, and then i pushed it in ther gaand, but it was too tight we were both in pain, she was like ‘hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Matherchod gaand phaar thi meri, meri phudi mai say to khoon nikala tha ab gaand kay parday bhi phaar diay, hi mar gai, gaando bhanchod, saala kuta.’ the more she swore the more i got excited and started screwing her ass like crazy after some time she started enjoying it too. She was like ‘bohut maza araha hai, zoor say chood meri gaand puri taqat kay saath.’ then i told her to ride it like she did with her pussy she jumped on top leaned back a littled so i could hold her and started riding it, the room was full of all sorts of different noises, our sweaty bodies smaking each other her swearing, moaning and screaming and the noise my dick and her asshole were making, then i pulled i out and lied donw on her in missionary position, it was like 3 in moring now we had been fucking for 2 hours, we were too tired to go on. I said ‘mai bohut thak gyaa hoon bas ab jaldi hi teri phudi apnay juice say bhar doon ga.’ and she said ‘zoor zoor say chod mujhay apna sara juice meri phudi mai choor day.’ another five minutes and she arched her back and i could tell and she just had an orgasm her body was shivering, and soon after my balls tightened u and i pushed my dick as far in her pussy as i could, and starting shooting load after load in her pussy, there was so much cum that even with my dick still inside her pussy my cum was oozing out of it. She just looked me in the eye and said ‘mujhay aaj tak maray husband nay kabhi bhi aisay nahi chooda, woh 5 minute me chod kay apna juice nikal kay to chala jata hai. Meri phudi aur gaand dono mai dard ho raha hai lakin mujhay bohut maza aya.’ then she asked how long will i be in pakistan for. And i said for about 12 days may be and she said ‘un 12 dinoon main mai har rooz tujh say choodwaon gi.’ and kissed me. We made out for another half an hour and then she just got dressed wen to sleep beside her son again. The next morning when everyone came back they asked me how my migraine was and i said never better. We fucked like farm animals for the next 12 days, and the night before i was boarding my plane back to toronto we fucked for another 4 hours straight, but i must admit those 4 hours i couldnt done it without viagra. Please tell me what u think of it and again any girls or aunties from toronto can contact me at

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