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Chadramukhi was just one of the ladies around, during my school days until my 9th std. But I had heard some of my cousins talking about her that she is not a good lady and she has affairs with her father in law. So, I had a little less respect for her. But as my sexuality bloomed, I started observing her and wanted to hear from my cousins about her affairs. One of my cousins told me that she tried to seduce him and forced him stay at her home when she was alone. By the way, her husband was working in Dubai at that time and used to visit Kerala for approximately one month in a year. According to my cousin, Chadramukhi was very fond of sex and tried to use every opportunity. Now, about her body. I don't know her measurements. But she has big boobs and big ass.

Now, about me. I was famous in my family circle as a very successful student. Now, I told that here because Chadramukhi makes fun of me by saying, "study well.. you will get a beautiful girl". Somehow, that awoke strange feelings in me towards her. I felt that she admire me for bring a good student, though that was not really true. I am just trying to recollect the incidents that made me interested in her. Sorry that this is not structured, but I wanted it to be spontaneous but not of a usual structure of most of the stories here. Another incident that I remember is this. Chadramukhi had given birth and one day when I went to her house, she was feeding her baby in her bedroom lying on the bed. There was no one else at home. When she saw me, she started asking me about school. I was a little shy and wanted to come out. At the same time, I found my heart-beat rising and my strong desire to look at her half-naked boobs. She was too careless and that helped me get a good view of her puffed up (because of that posture) left boob. Her nipple was dark and large. I knew my cock was growing. Remember, I was a 9th std student then. I was in my shorts and somehow I felt I shouldn't hide my hardness. I am not sure whether she saw my hardness, but she kept on talking to me, giving better glimpses of her boobs and stomach. Later she told me that she was enjoying being in control and that my face was totally blushed and I was staring at her boob with wide open eyes. I was thinking that I was acting very well that I am least interested.

Two more incidents happened where she seduced me. Mind you, she was not trying to get me to bed, but was just enjoying my stares and attention. Once she was bathing her baby boy. She took him in her hands and lifted him in the air above her. She swayed the baby in her hands with his small prick brushing her lips. I didn't know anything about blowjobs then, but was excited to see that. I don't know what I asked, but after that she did it vigorously and told, "when you were a small boy, I used to do this".. I don't think so, because she was not married to my cousin then. But later she told me that she was trying to give me a good time and wanted to make me helpless with lust. I was not exposed to masturbation then, but had wet dreams.. once I dreamt that I was combing her hair looking into her eyes. Her sharp and soft boobs were touching my chest. Her crotch was touching my hard cock. I had great pleasure and I saw my underwear wet when I woke up.

When I told about these things to one of my friends he taught me how to masturbate and experience that pleasure whenever I wish. I was afraid to try it out, so, kept postponing. Those days in the pretext of seeing her baby, I give frequent visits to her. Especially when she is alone. In the afternoon, I went to her home. She was washing clothes. Ladies fold up their sari and underskirt together and insert it up on their hips, while they wash, in order to avoid their sari getting wet. She had done that and was washing clothes. I held the baby in my hands and went near the washing place and started talking to her. She was enjoying my attentions and decided to give me a good show. After washing a couple of clothes, she turned around and started walking towards me, to hang the clothes for drying in the sun. She didn't care to lower her folded up sari or to adjust her pallu. Her fair and fleshy legs were visible to me almost upto her thighs. I had an instant hard on. Her pallu was shrunk so much that her the roundness of her boobs were very visible. She intentionally made jerks so that her boobs jumped in her blouse. That drove me crazy with lust. She wanted to take it higher and to make my life miserable. After putting the clothes to dry, she came near me and showed me her back and told me, "can you please scratch me here.. it is itching so bad.."- when I think about it now, it is nothing, but that was sufficient to make my bulge grow to its full size and I badly wanted to masturbate. The best part was, she has a very sexy voice.. and when I scratched her back, she whispered.. "hmm. that's nice".. that did it. After doing that, I almost ran to my home, locked myself in the toilet and tried my first masturbation. It was just great. I came in approx 3 mins. I wanted to do it again and again.. When I came the third time, I called her name: "Chadramukhi ." and that increased my pleasure a lot.

Because of my frequent visits to her home, she started asking me favour for going with her for shopping etc. Once it was raining when we reached near her home. It was daytime. Mind you, this is not the usual, rain.. wet.. sari.. pallu.. fuck.. stuff.. a real thing. There is a walking distance of approx half km to reach her home from the mainroad. We had only one umbrella.. I was holding the umbrealla. I was trying to show that I am decent by standing a little away from her. She obviously wanted to make it pleasurable for me. She, with her left hand held me by my hips and pulled me into the umbrella.. telling. "Don't get wet, abhi." - my elbow brushed on her left boob every now and then and sometimes she let me know how soft her boobs are, by pressing them on my hands while walking. It was pleasurable. After leaving her things off at her home, I rushed home to jack off. I shooted many times that day. I noticed that my semen was getting thicker.

Then came the most memorable day. I was playing with her baby, looking for a chance for some entertaining acts from her, to think about and masturbate later. She came in the room, with her carelessly worn sari pallu, jiggling her boobs. It was now a usual scene. I ogle on them and she shows them. She came in and said,

"hey.. I had a strange dream yesterday".

"what ?" - I asked.

"Don't tell anyone, will you?"- Chadramukhi.

"No.." as I said that, I could feel my bulge growing.

"Ok, I will tell in your ears".. she said and came near me and started whispering in her sexy voice to me. My nerves were on fire smelling her feminine body smell and her warm breath falling on my chin and earlobes.. her sexy voice sending shivers through my spine.

She said: "I dreamt of me lying down on the bed in my nighty and u coming to my bed. You offered to take care of the baby. But the baby peed on my nighty. You were so loving.. and offered me help to change it. I had too much of itching here.. (she touched her pussy).. and you offered me to scratch there.. you scratched a lot.. but my itching didn't go. Then you said, you will scratch with your teeth.."

By this time, I started breathing heavily and started trembling.. you know, it was too much for me to handle. I didn't know anything about cunnilingus but what she was telling was driving me crazy.

" scratched me with ur teeth.. up and down.up and down.. and at last I got relived."

After telling this, she looked into my eyes, and held my trembling body, on my shoulders.

"What happened abhi?..look at me.."

My gaze went down. It was too much for me. My dick was straining in my underwear.

"I am sorry for making it so hard for you, abhi."

In a shaky voice I said, "It is ok".

I mustered some more courage and said, "Thanks, I enjoyed it".

She said: "Really?"

I looked into her eyes and smiled. I am sure there was a lot of lust in my eyes. I can still smell her. She was very close to me. She patted with her hands on my cheek. Then I knew she just had some plan. She gave a devilish smile and slapped on my cheek softly, Not taking away my gaze into her eyes, I smiled back.

She asked: "You like it, don't you, abhi?"

I nodded my head yes, looking deep into her eyes and smiling. That turned her on and she slapped me harder this time and told: "You dirty!!"

I was enjoying it a lot, in spite of the pain. I had a strange sensation and involuntarily, I held her chin in my hands and squeezed them. Then I slapped her back on her cheek. All these time, we were looking into each others eyes. My body trembling stopped. I think my sexuality was ready to take this big thing.

"Is it still itching there, Chadramukhi?" I asked.

In a squealing voice, she said: "ya, will u please.."

That was enough for me.. I looked around to see if there was anyone. No one. I raised her sari and underskirt together and inserted my hand inside to scratch. Her pantie on the way. I lowered it a little and started scratching. I was surpised. It was too bushy. I really enjoyed playing with it. I could hear her sigh faster and faster. In the meantime, she came closer to me, made me sit on the bed. She was standing up near me. She held my hands in her arms and drew me closer to her boobs. With a pull, she pushed my face in between her boobs and almost lost my breath. I kept scratching her. I didn't know how to play with her pussy. I didn't even know that such a thing existed. But she held my hand and guided it to a wet area and told me to rub and pinch on it. I did it for sometime. She slapped me and whispered in my ear" "faster strokes, abhi".. my arm was aching, but seeing her getting wilder with every rub, I kept on doing that. After sometime, her body stiffened. She squeezed me head as if she was trying to break it.. and after a short while, almost fell on me. She bit me in ear and hissed in my ear: "Thank you, abhi, thank you."

By then, my cock was very hard and I could feel some wetness at its tip, due to pre-cum. She looked at my hard cock and gave that devilish smile again. As if she was a very rude girl, looking into my eyes and smiling, she opened my shorts and took out my hard one. She seemed to admire its strength and size. She ran her smooth fingers on it. Pumped it a little with both her hands and asked me:

"Do you do this?"

I said, "Ya, I think about you"

She smiled as if she knows. She made a ring0like structure with her left thumb and index finger and held the base of my cock with it and played with the head with the right hand fingers. It was very erotic and totally new for me, of course. She spread my precum all over the head. Then she spat on it and pumped it again faster and faster looking into my eyes.. she would stop pumping everytime she understood I was close and then tease it with her finger tips and nails.. It was incredibile. Finally, she said, "here we go.." and pumped it faster than ever. It was like dying for me.. I lost my breath. I lost everything.. and I came in many spurts.. I wanted it to go on for ever. but after some spurts it stopped and my legs felt weak..

Posted : 20/06/2011 5:31 am