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Bus Journey Ended On Bed  


It was chill evening at Pune when I was traveling to Hyderabad. I was trying for train ticket to Hyd but did not get it due to heavy rush. So I decided to go by Bus. I also noticed one lady in age of 30-32 trying for ticket with TC and both saw each other doing desperately to get berth. But due to heavy rush, we both did not get it. She went to teashop to have tea. I also walked. While trying with TC, we both saw each other many times so I just smiled when she saw me coming to canteen. She did not do anything, as she must be upset. I reached near and said " Hello. So you are also going to Hyderabad"
First she was silence for minute and then told " Yes and you". " I am too. Now thinking to go by bus," I told her. She asked me about the bus journey. I told her about the bus and told her that there are luxury buses and it will be comfortable. Since her visit to Hyd was
necessary, she was looking bit confused to decide to go by road. We finished the tea. Finally she told that she would like to go by Bus since there was no option. We came out and took auto to go bust stand. We both were carrying one suitcase only. On the way she asked me about myself. I informed her that I shifted to Hyd one year back from Pune and came here to attend function in friend's family. She was bit relaxed knowing that I am married and 40 years old. She also introduced herself. She, 31 married and her husband is working in Hyderabad. She was in Pune for interview for job in company in its branch office at Hyderabad. We reached Bus stand and we booked tickets with travel office for Hyderabad bus. We finished our dinner too and we both were relaxed and started talking on various subjects. She was wearing salwar Kameez and was very slim and attractive. At 0900 pm bus also arrived and we sat on our seat. She took window and I sat on aisle sit. She was very nice and intelligent. She was also impressed with my knowledge and thoughts. Bus left pune city and it was speeding. Everyone started sleeping and light was put off. She was touching me and I was feeling strange. Though no thoughts were in mind, it was bit feeling to have very attractive lady with nice figure sitting beside you. She opened her hair, which was coming on my face. She was looking out of window seeing shining stars and moon in dark night. She realized that her hair is disturbing me. She told me sorry and tied her hair. She requested me to take her suitcase out so that she can have shawl. I removed her suitcase from upper rack and helped her to open her suitcase. There was strange feeling as we both were very near and could have each other smell. She took shawl and wrapped around her body. Due to road journey we were touching each other. We both were silent for an hour. She was falling on my shoulder and once she realized, she was feeling shy. She was trying to put her head on window. After two hours of journey, she told me about vomiting sensation she is feeling due to jerk. Also her head on window has also caused due to vibration. I took out plastic bag and gave her. I also helped her to drink water. Once she was okay, I told her to relax and not to rest her head on window. She also complained me about headache. I put my hand on her shoulder and put her head on my shoulder. She slept on my shoulder quietly. I was massaging her shoulder slowly and also rubbing her forehead. Because of jerk, she was not comfortable on shoulder so I put her on my lap. She just bent down and slept on my lap covering her in shawl. I put my hand her thigh and another hand on her head cutting her hair. It was so natural and spontaneous and there was no dirty feeling. But it was really strange experiences, which we both were feeling. I was feeling excitement and it was reflected in my body. I was feeling hot in cold weather and was sweating. Even I was feeling erection of my cock. I was fearing , she should not feel it as she was on my lap. She, without any thought, slept on my thighs but now I was really feeling awkward. I was sure, my hard on will be felt and I was trying changing my position to hide it. Bus stopped for refreshment and everyone started getting down. She also woke up and while trying to get up, her cheeks rubbed with my hard cock. Her hair was also found pulled as it got bungled with my belt and pockets of jean pant. I helped her pull her hair and accidentally, she put her hand in middle of my pant while getting up causing her hand to
press my erect penis. She felt like shock and she was red with blush. To ease the situation, I asked her how she is feeling now. She told better. We both got down and went to Dhaba. There we had tea. She washed her face and refreshed herself. When bus started again, we sat on our seat in total silence. After while, I told her if she wish to relax, she can sleep. Since there is no other seat available, I offered her to go in Driver cabin so as she can sleep in the seat. She thanked my gesture but told "It's okay" After half an hour traveling, she told me that she would like to sleep as she may feel uneasiness. She again slept on my lap. Bus was going on its speed and it was bit dark. I put my hand on her waist and was trying to sleep as I was also feeling sleepy but was feeling warmness of her body. I started massaging her waist and with another hand, again I was rubbing her forehead. My hand started moving from her waist to thighs. She had nice curve and I was aroused. I was rolling my hand all over her thighs on shawl. She was also feeling something as there was no movement from her. I put my hand under the shawl and put hand on her bare waist inside her kameez. She suddenly got up as she felt my warm hand on her waist. I hold her waist tightly and put my lips on her lips. I started kissing her and pressing her waist. She was doing very slow resistance. She murmered, "what are you doing? " But I was kissing her. Suddenly I put my another hand on her back and started massaging her back. I told her "If you are feeling nice, let it be. It will be as it will make our journey interesting " " I am married and we do not know each other" She whispered. "That we will think after this journey. You just sleep and relax" I told her. I put her on my lap and she just slept on my thighs. I started moving my hand on waist and stomach. She was having very silky skin. I moved my hand till her boobs and pressed her boobs over bra. She moaned but I put my hand on her lips and started rubbing it. I was getting courage and moved my hand from her belly to her shalawar. I loosened her shalawar knot. She hold my hand to stop it but I inserted hand inside her shalwar placed it on her pussy over her panty. I then inserted my hand in her panty and touched her pubic hair. I started rubbing it and my hand was touching her pussy. It was so soft and warm. I started doing that and with another hand, I put in her bra and started squeezing her boobs. It was going for hour and we both were enjoying. She was also feeling my hard on her face. Finally, she got courage and rolled her hand on middle of my @jeans. She quietly opened the jip and put her hand inside. She explored my underwear and put her hand inside. She took out my erect penis from the pant. She started moving her hand and playing with that. I never imagined that I would have so exciting experience where I would be enjoying very nice female and she would play with my penis and that too in bus. Because of darkness and also since it was shawl, no one can imagine what was going on. After 10 minutes, I felt her wetness and few moments later, I filled her hand with my juices. In complete journey we enjoyed touching each other and exploring each other's body. Morning, Bus reached hyderabad city and in light, we saw each other. First, we felt ashamed but after few minutes started smiling. We both got down from the bus stand. I asked her where she wants to go. She was going in other place but she was looking to me. Because she took Bus she was late and from Dhaba only, she has informed her husband to go for work and not to wait for her. We both were standing to say goodbye to each other. I, with courage asked whether I can accompanied her as since it was 10am, I was also can not go office for that day. Without awaiting her answer, I lifter her suitcase and we both headed to catch auto. In auto we both were silent but understanding each other need. We reached her house and found her husband was not there. She opened the door with her key and we both entered inside. It was lovely house and was well decorated. I complimented her for keeping house matching with her beauty. I hugged her tightly. She told me though she is feeling something wrong but she is enjoying too. I just kissed her for long and took her to sofa. She requested me to have bath but I told her to take it later as we both were need of something else. I broke our shyness and I told her "Main aapse romance karana chahat hoon . Let's make love " I removed her kameez and opened her bra. She was having nice firm but soft boobs. I was pressing one boob and sucking another boob. Slowly I removed her shalwar too. " Mujhe pata nahin kyon par bahut achcha lag raha hai. " She was moaning. I took her panty out. I took my cloth off and threw her on sofa. I took her both leg on my shoulder. She closed her eyes expecting what was going to happen. " Main aapke choot main aapna lund ghusane ja raha hoon " I told her. She just opened her eyes. " aap to gande word bhi bol sakate hain " I put my weight on her She hold me by locking my back with her both hands. Her legs were on my shoulder. I put my lund on her wet cunt and with one forceful stroke, inserted my lund deep inside her cunt. I kissed her and kissed her all over her neck. She was also nailing my back. I put my both hands on her both boobs. Squeezing her boobs, I started pumping her. Closing her eyes, she was responding wildly. I was fucking her on sofa. After stroking her, I removed both her legs from my shoulder, bent it on her knees and put it on her stomach so as her knee was touching her boobs. I lifted her buttocks and put my lund inside. Now I was ramming her cunt by hitting her buttocks .I could do with force by holding her. She started moaning and lifting her buttocks. I was mad anyway seeing her fair and sift buttocks. I did for a few minutes fucking her. Suddenly I turn her. Her back was so good and I kissed her and rolled my tongue all over her back. I put her stomach on sofa and inserted my lund from rear. She was holding sofa handle with her hand. Both legs spreaded as much as she can and was resting on sofa corner. I was stroking her. I was resting on her back putting my both hands on her boobs and was fucking her like wild animal. I was near to jerk my all juice inside her. She had her orgasm as her cunt was totally wet. I removed my lund and told her to lay on her back. On floor keeping her legs straight. I also slept on her locking her leg with my leg. I put my lips on her lips. Her boobs were pressed against my chest. I inserted my lund in her cunt. I was started fucking her by rubbing my body with her body. She was in ecstasy. She told me that this is very unique experience for her. I was rubbing her body with my body as I was moving up and down on her. Her boobs were getting rubbed badly with my chest and my lund was lifting her cunt rubbing it badly. My thighs were having friction with her thighs. My lips were also moving on her face. I increased my speed and she also responded by lifting her buttocks speedily. Now, I was just working over her body like express train. She was also lifting her body. I was removing my lund and then ramming again in her cunt by rolling my body on her body up and then coming down. With every stroke, my lund was lifting her cunt too. And then, I collapsed n her by throwing all my juices inside her. We were breathing too heavily so we relaxed like that for 15 minutes. We decided to take bath and stay for lunch.

Posted : 01/10/2011 5:23 am