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Brahmin ki Biwi Kale Kenyan ke Saath


Suman Pai is a very reserved gowda sarswath brahmin girl. She was 26 when she got married. She is a very beautiful girl very fair, soft skin.She married to a big businessman Ranjan he was also a handsome person. He had Export business & he was regularly going out abroad for business purpose. There sexual life was quite good, suman was also happy with her sexual life.

But suddenly sumans life got a turn after an incident…. This incident happened after 8 months of there marriage. Suman was also helping in Ranjan’s business she was also talking with clients and helping in accounts also.One day Ranjan had got an important appointment in Singapore and he had to go. At the same time a person from Kenya his name was Keith came to India to meet Ranjan regarding some business. Ranjan told his wife Suman to take care of him and to discuss and finalize the business things and went abroad.

Keith was a Kenyan guy around 27 6.5 ft Dark color well built body. He came and met Suman in her office they spoke about business. She was impressed with his good nature . She invited him for a Dinner evening at her house. Suman was sent her lady cook to her house after she prepared the dishes for the Dinner. Suman didn’t had anything else in her mind about Keith unless the Business point.
Suman was wearing a black silky saree with black siky blouse.She was looking like typical Brahmin lady.The bell rang Keith was on the Doors she invited keith He was also wearing Black Jeans and Black T shirt with golden thick chain in his neck.. Keith came inside looked at Suman he told she looks beautiful with her costume that suits her very much. Suman told thanks for that. The Cook was already went home so there were nobody in that house except these two. Keith liked the interior of that house soft sofas with soft lights. Aromatic smell in the house. Curtains which suits the color of the wall he told Suman she has got good taste. Suman brought some Vodka in a glass with Pista and Badam nuts in another plate kept in the table.Keith started to take vodka Suman told she wont take alcohol she will take Mock tail. They both began to discuss about the Business and then things diverted into the History if India. Keith was getting good mood. He told he had read Vatsayana Kamasutra it was very exiting. He asked Suman whether she read it… She suddenly got embarrassed by his question but she didn’t showed in front of him she told ‘No.. I haven’t read..’ as alcohol is entering into Keith’s body Keith become more Romantic. Then asked
Suman how is your Sexual life with Ranjan

Suman:( with little confusion)… it is… good.

Keith: In the sense how many positions u vl do?

Suman: m…..( she could not able to give answer)

Keith: I think 2 to3 types isn’t it?

Suman: m… Yaa……

Keith:oh.. No.. Vatsayayana is from your Place but still you are not using his techniques.. Oh what a boring…

Let me teach you some technique…

Suman: No..its..

Keith: Oh common ! Suman darling you dont lose anything … You will enjoy life very much…
Keith touched her soft hair .from there slowly brought his hand towards her face and smudged her face. By this time suman start to lose her control. Keith then spread his black fingers to sumans red lips. Moved his fingers throught sumans lips. Suman suddenly lost her control suddenly held keith’s face and kissed him Keith by this time completely swallowed sumans red lips inside his mouth. For about 5 mnts both continuously kissed. Suman then suddenly got realized something wrong is happening . She said sorry…

Kieth told ..why darling sorry… This is the life you have to feel it. Keith moved towards suman and moved her black sari from the blowse. Then slowly removed her black silky Bra then removed entire sari. Now suman was in her silky black bra and black skirt. And her boobs was shivering with temptation. Keith removed his shirt and he was standing only with his white v underwear.
Sumans vagina started to wet while she saw the huge shape of keiths rod outside the underwear. Keith put his both his hand towards sumans back and kissed her vigorously. It was like black and white picture. A traditional fair beautiful Hindu women was in hands of Black negro guy and she was surrendering her to him. Keith inserted his black rough hand inside sumans bra and squeezed it softly. Suman was moaning haa…mm…
Keith then removed the bra zip it fell down.
Keith was shocked to see mango shaped breast.
Beautifull… Word came from kieths mouth. Sumans nipple is fully erected. Keith don’t want to waste the time. Immediately he brought near his face towards her nipple touched with his black lips. Start to suck it Suman was enjoy Keith’s sucking very much haa…n keith. She was in heaven. She forgot that she is married she is having an husband. Keith put his hand to other breast and massaged it slowly. Suman’s husband was although handsome but he is little fast in sex he wont take more than half an hour then he fells asleep.But Keith was very slow and steady and enjoying every bit of suman’s body which her husband not done. Suman was forgotten her image she is ready to do whatever this black kenyan guy says. Keith played with her breast for nearly 15 minutes after that he stood in front of Suman wearing only that white underwear. By this time suman’s skirt was also came down she was in black panty. Suman was imaging Keith’s cock size by looking at his brief. Keith told.. ‘Common Suman whatever you want to do it me you do it this body is yours’. Suman didn’t want to waste her temptation without any hesitation she moved towards keith and touched his bulged portion. Keiths cock again bulged little more and wanted to come out from his brief. Suman took both her hand moved down his brief….. ..god… She was shocked to see so large sized cock. It was 10 inches balck colored cock. Keith touched his cock and took its foreskin out now suman can see red part of his cock. She immediately put her mouth and started to suck it The juice was coming out from Keith’s black cock she was liking everything.

Suman and Ranjan not done oral sex becouse of there conservative nature in sex.
Suman was enjoying cock sucking of Keith she sucked for almost 20 minute, Keith by this time slept on the floor and enjoying it .. After that Keith got up and turned suman on the floor she was with back panty only. Keith slowly removed her panty now he can see her wet pussy. It was budged little with soft hairs around Keith put his middle finger inside her cunt slowly suman was moaning… Ahh.. Kiith continued it for couple of minutes juice was coming ou from sumans pussy. Keith then bent down and kissed her cunt lips. Slowly entered his long tung inside the pussy. Oh..mmm… Came from sumans mouth Suman was not in the world she was experiencing a feeling she never got in these years. She was telling … Keith darling please don’t stop it.. Do it ..oh…suck my everything ..ah… Do it i will do whatever you say suck it… Keith darling take me to kenya i will be your wife .. Fuck me there as much as you like… . Keith was enjoying sucking of her pussy he was tasting the liquid coming out from her cunt. Suman not allowed him to stop sucking sweat coming out form kieths face gone inside sumans cunt. After more than half a hour keith got back and lifted suman by both his hands took her into the sofa.

Keith held his 10 inches black rod in his hand and slowly pushed it inside sumans pusssy, suman started to scream a little no..oh…. Kieth continued pushing his cock inside suman’s wet puusy. Suman was enjoying the pain. She was in a trans mood. Keith started the pumping ahh.. Oh… No….. Kieth …. Fuck me… Fuck….mmm… Fuck… Your are my love.. I love you… Take me… The words continuously coming out from sumans mouth. She has completely forgot her background. Keith enjoyed fucking for nearly 20 minute.. He was like coming he asked suman … Darling were I have to leak it here only or above your belly? Suman told. ‘Kieth… Do it in my mouth I want to eat your black rods semen . Fill my mouth… Keith immediately shifted his cock into sumans mouth and with 3-4 pumps semen started to sprinkle inside sumans mouth, Suman was tasting his semen she was holding his cock and sucked the whole semen which was in kieths cock… Keith was enjoyed it very well. Both rolled into the floor suman hugged kieth and gave a deep kiss…. And told.. You are a man….

They slept in the floor hugging each other without wearing anything till morning 5 am. Morning both got up wear their cloths. Suman was feeling shy to show her face to Keith. But Keith came near Suman and kissed her lips… Suman told Keith she has to see Keiths cock once .. Keith removed out cock from his pant Suman sat down kissed and sucked his Cock for 10 minutes, got up gave a deep kiss to keitrhs Black lips from her red lips, said bye.. She was in ultimate satisfaction..

Posted : 18/02/2011 1:44 am