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Blank Magic - Kala Jaadu


I was busy in reading the newspaper when rahul told me-“hey tapas, go to page 6 I am going to show you something?”
I was irritated and scornfully replied back–“what is there in page 6?”
Rahul took the newspaper from my hand and with utmost eagerness opened the page and show me a news heading,
“Tantrik arrested for enslaving a woman.”
With a deep sigh I replied back –“So this is what you want me to see?”.
I began to read the rest of the content in the news. It seems our local newspaper reporter has investigated the whole thing and found out the involvement of black magic in this.
I looked at rahul and told him-“Spicy story…..good way to make people to buy this newspaper”.
Rahul-“Do you believe in this?”
Me-“What ? Are you talking about Black magic…..come on yaar….the bitch is involved in this”
Rahul-“No yaar….it really exists…I have seen it before my eyes….”.
Me-“ What?”.
Me-“I meant to say …what you have seen”.
Rahul looked restless, his face look redden. It seems he is trying to conceal something from me -“I can’t tell it.”
An eagerness to know his secret begin to grow in my mind but I appear normal to him-“ok leave it, let us discuss on other topic.”
Rahul was absentminded. I tried to distract him-“Hey Rahul…Have you read the stories of the book provided by sanjay….I like the third one where a devar is fucking his bhabhi….it reminds me of my new bhabhi….”.
Rahul smiled back-“hey tapas….your bhabhi is my prey…just stop thinking about her”.
Rahul-“Tapas…you are my best friend….and we have shared many dirty things between us but today….i don’t know why I am saying this to you but I will be sharing something that I have not shared with any one …..i hope you will maintain the privacy of the secret.”
It seems to me rahul is coming back to the same old point of blackmagic.
Me-“come on, I have shared many secrets with you and you have maintained the privacy so why would not I be maintaining it?”
Rahul-“ so tapas before I start saying about the incident I wanted to reveal something that no one knows about me in our school”
Me-“Tell me.”
Rahul-“Auntijy that you know as my mother is not my real mother”.
Rahul-“she is my father second wife….she married my father when I was 12”.
Me-“So where is your mother….does your parent got divorced?…or…she is no…”
Rahul-“No….” and with a pause for a moment he replied back “she went missing when I was 11”.
Rahul-“my mom was very beautiful with big eyes and rosy lips. Her name was rachana. My father married her against his father’s wish. Originally my father’s family has planned to engage my father with shoba, now my step mother and my father go against his family and married my mother. My mother was from a poor Brahmin family and my father family was rich one. Later my grand father accepted the marriage and welcomed mom in the ancestral house. These all incidents happened before I was born and I came to know this from my relatives.
My father has least interest in ancestral land and soon started a business in Guwahati. My father started staying in guwahati during the weekdays and stays at home during the weekends.
When I was 9 year old , my grand father become bedridden. He was suffering from paralysis. A servant was kept to look after him. His name was ramchandra.Everybody in our house used to call him ram. . He was a tall and dark fellow with good body. He was almost bald but has good amount of hair in his body. He was strong and used to carry my grand father in his arm from the bed to the toilet. He used to bathe him and wash his toilet.
After 5 days of ramu’s arrival I begin to feel some thing odd is happening with my mother. I used to sleep with my mother and one night I found her struggling in her bed. She seems to be disturbed in her sleep and something within her making her restless. Her body was covered with sweat and her blouse seems to be getting wet with her sweat. Her hairs were disheveled and her pink lip looks moist. Her breasts were moving heavily.
I pushed-“what happened mother?”.
My mother opened her eyes. Her eyes looked weary. Mom-“Nothing my dear, just a little bit tired. I am going to the bathroom to freshen myself. You just try to sleep”.
My mother clumsily gets up from the bed and went to the bathroom and I went to sleep.

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Next day I heard the conversation between my mother and father. My mom was telling my father that she was asking him to come as early as possible.
That night I found her again struggling in her bed. I was irritated but I say nothing to her about this.
Next day my father arrived.
”rahul , your father has came to home That night my mother said to me after many days and we have not had enough time to spend with each other. So for today’s night I will be sleeping with your father , from next day we will sleep together.”
My father-“you are a big boy rahul ….I hope you will not get afraid for sleeping alone.”
That night I was sleeping alone when I saw a shadow move swiftly across our verandah. I got frightened on seeing this and with trembling feet I went to verandah and follow the staircase attached with my father’s room. I felt like some one is peeking through the window of my father’s room. As I tried to move near the shadow, the shadow disappears. With a brisk movement of the door opening I saw my father coming out of the room. My father cried with a thundering voice-“who is there?” and seeing me standing in the staircase make him more angry.
“Are you peeping through the window? Tell me rahul.” My father asked.
I got so nervous that I could felt my heart beat.
“So Is it rahul standing there?” I heard my mother voice.
“yes.”My father told.
“ I think he need good thrashing.” My father retorted.
With a weak voice I told-“I saw some one “.
My father replied-“Don’t lie to me it was you”.
Then my mother came out of the room with her disheveled hair , saree worn in an improper way over her body , her bindi look distorted.
“Leave him, he is afraid to sleep alone”.
Next day, my father left. Before leaving I heard some sweet words exchanged between my mom and dad. After my father departure I saw my mom crying alone.
That night I was sleeping with my mom when I felt her again struggling in the bed. She was restless for few moments and finally got up from the bed. She looks at me for little moment and believing that I was in deep sleep she left the room. For few moments I slept like a dead worm and at last rose from my bed and went outside in the verandah. I saw the night bulb in my father’s room is on. I went to my father room and begin to peep through the window.
I saw my mother sitting on the bed with her saree lifted to her thigh. She was carrying father’s photo on one hand and with other hand she was rubbing her clitoris under her saree.
I felt some one was coming from the downstair. I hide myself. I saw our servant Ram Chandra entered the room.
Mom cried-“Ram!!! What you are doing here.”
Ram-“Bhabhi…What are you doing is it right? A beautiful woman like you is satisfying by yourself while you have a man like me who can satisfy you to a limit that you have never dreamt of.”
Mom-“what are you saying Ram? Get out of my room”. She quickly rearrange her saree and tried to get up from the bed.
Ramu who was wearing nothing but a dhoti, grabbed mom with his arm and throw her on the bed. He too fell on her.
Mom cried-“RAM!!!”.
Ram was over mom and he was applying pressure over through his body weight. I found mom strangle under his body. She begin to cry but it seems to me no one in the house is listening or it seems every one in the house has become dumb. Further our neighbour seems to be dumb to her cry.
Ram held his hand over my mom cheek and told-“Look into my eye, Rachana” .
My mom slapped him over his cheek. Ram caught holds of both of her hand press them to the bed sheet.
He again said with a thundering voice-“Look into my eyes, Rachana”.
Mom looked into his eyes-“Don’t do this, I am married.”
For a minute there was no movement between them. Both of them are looking at each other and their eyelash remain open whole time.
Now Ram rubbing his groin over her clitoris. Mom begin to breath heavily.
Mom said in a meek voice -“This is wrong Ram, I love my husband”.
Ram->”Rachana , I respect your love for your husband, but at this moment your body needs me.”
Ram started unhooking the blouse hook. Mom-“Please Ram.” But she did not try to stop ram anymore.
Ram opened her blouse and asked her to get up. Mom listened to him.
Ram removed the blouse from her body and threw it in the floor. He told her –“Rachana bhabhi apne saree utaro”.

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