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family i stayed with: husband, 40 (I called him Bhai, sorry cannot give names here), wife, 35 (Bhabhi), daughter, 11 (Minu) and son, 4 (Rahi). They were a typical middle class gujrati family, with a 2 bedroom house, one of which was lent to me for stay. Well, I am not a playboy by any standards, but am pretty successful with women, especially from my family acquaintances. And I feel I am pretty desirable as none of the women so far have refuted my advances.

My advances have always been discreet, so as not to create suspicion around and jeopardize the lady’s and my reputation. Well, in Baroda, from the beginning something told me that Bhabhi was destined to spread her thighs for me in bed. But she was a chaste woman with good social standing in neighborhood. So i had to have patience before i could afford to pull her panties down her butt. Bhai was a nice guy, taking good care of his family and also me. They considered me as a part of their family, and we generally had dinner together (of course I paid for the meal on monthly basis).

He worked in a local manufacturing company and his job required him to work in shifts. Children were cute and they called me Chacha (uncle). It was about a month that passed without any event sexual in nature. I had blend well with them and even the neighborhood people were well ok with me. I used to get small gifts for kids and took them for outing on weekends or holidays. Bhabhi was a good cook, and i used to praise her for her cooking. She normally used to wear salwar kameez and sometimes saree.

Her butt was broad and breasts small but firm. I used to think of screwing her whenever i masturbated at night. Well, it started once when we went out to a park about 30kms away. Onwards we took an auto 3 wheeler, wherein bhabhi, bhai and kids accommodated behind, while i sat in front alongside the driver (it is common for passengers to sit with driver in a 3 wheeler there). It was already dark when we decided to return and when we tried a hail an auto very few were ready to take us back to our place.

Finally we found one, but the driver said he has a friend who will sit in front with him, so we all had to accommodate behind. Reluctantly we agreed. Bhai went in first on extreme side, bhabhi sat in middle and me on this end. Minu sat on bhai’s lap and rahi on bhabhi’s, and we started. I was literally crushed alongside bhabhi and tried to be really sober trying to push myself away from her, but in vain. Bhabhi was visibly uncomfortable with Rahi on her lap and the bumpy ride. I offered to take Rahi on my lap which she agreed to.

I pulled Rahi on to me, and in process accidentally brushed my palm back on her blouse covered breast. It was brief contact but we both were aware. With Rahi now on my lap, I needed to make more space for me, so I extended my right hand behind on the seat back rest behind Bhabhi, my palm lightly brushing Bhabhi’s back. Other hand I encircled around Rahi’s waist, and my fingers were now in contact with Bhabhi’s left elbow.

She straightened herself, and I pushed my fingers further along her underarms now brushing against the hem of her blouse on sides. Bhabhi adjusted her pallu and we moved along. With every bump, my fingers used to brush against sides of her soft globe, but none of us showed any reaction. All the way we kept chatting and by the time we reached home my fingers were very comfortable nestled against the sides of her left breast globe.

We alighted, and none of us showed any signs of anything untoward. Two days passed, and bhabhi now seemed to care about me a bit more than before. The bedsheet in my room was changed to new, and the room was rearranged tidily. I noticed the newfound attention and was thinking hard how to proceed to next step. It was her husband’s third shift (night) and I was back from my office in the evening in my room listening to my walkman cd player with a pair of headphones. Minu barged in and demanded to hear from my headphones,

I put my headphones on her ears and she exclaimed with joy “chacha this sounds really good!” I allowed her to listen for some time when bhabhi called us for dinner with bhai, he had to leave for work. I shut down the player and told her she can resume listening after dinner, to which she reluctantly agreed. We had dinner and then i came back to my room, with minu following me. Just then bhabhi wanted her to help with keeping the dishes and she called her, but since minu was wearing headphones with loud music, she could not hear.

After couple of calls bhabhi came to my room searching for her and scolded her for not responding. Minu innocently said uncle’s cd player sounds too good. I also said “bhabhi this is new and sounds good, just try a bit” bhabhi smiled and sat on the edge of bed. I removed the headphones from minu and adorned them on bhabhi’s head, carefully adjusting them on her ears. “aah its so loud!” Bhabhi exclaimed and her smile broadened.

I simply nodded but trailed my fingers lower against the headphone cord until it lightly stopped over her saree covered chest, lightly brushing back of my fingers over the top of her breast globe. She didn’t notice at first when she did, she glanced at her daughter and then at the room door. Minu was not at all aware and she kept asking bhabhi how good the player sounded? I kept my fingers over her breast lightly but discussing about the features of cd player, when she said “bhai has to prepare for work, i will listen to this again after he has left” she pulled minu along with her leaving me alone with my thoughts.

At 9.00pm bhai left, and i was then in the lining room watching tv with kids, when minu reminded me of the cd player. Bhabhi also had locked the main door and had come in the room. I said i will get the cd player in living room itself, and went and did so. Bhabhi also sat besides minu, but this time with rahi on her lap. I let minu listen may be for a minute, then i said “now let mummy listen” to which she agreed. I again placed the headphone on bhahi’s head and trailed my fingers lower as intended, but because rahi was on her lap, i coul not get access to her breasts As before. I tried a few subtle maneuvers but in vain.

Bhabhi seemed only engrossed in music and rahi played with the cord. Seeing no luck, i suggested “bhabhi, the kids will get late for sleep. I suggest you put them to sleep by the time i will gather some good songs for you to hear” she as if waking up from trance of music pulled away the headphones and said “kids, come on its sleeping time” and pulled the kids along to her bedroom. I waited for over 30 minutes in the living room watching TV, when bhabhi emerged from her bedroom. “arey ravi,

You are still awake? Did not go to sleep?” “i thought you would like hear some music, so was waiting for you” i said. She smiled and came and sat near me. I took the player in my hand then an idea struck me “bhabhi let us go to my room. I have more cds there.” She agreed and i picked up the player and went to my room. Bhabhi meantime went to the kitchen, drank water and then she too came in there. She again sat on the edge of the bed and i sat on a stool in front of her.

I again placed the headphones on her head and trailed my fingers back on top of her left breast globe, when she interrupted and said “this music is no good. Put in some nice ghazals if you have any” i withdrew, changed to ghazal cd i had, and resumed playing. She closed her eyes swaying lightly to music while i resumed my fingers on the headphone cord brushing on top of her breast over saree. She did not react, and i very slowly trailed my fingers on the cord lower, very lightly brushing my fingers on where i believed her nipples were.

She kept her eyes closed and i slowly started pushing my finger tips further into her breast. This went on for may be 5 minutes, and i was not satisfied with progress. She was still sitting on the edge of bed, and i was on stool, rather uncomfortable. I took a chance, and suggested “bhabhi, you must be uncomfortable. Why don’t you get on the bed and lean against the headrest. That way you will be more comfortable.” She smiled and climbed my bed, stretching her legs and leaning halfway on the headrest.

I too climbed besides her and leaned myself on the headrest too. I adjusted the headphones back but soon realized i could not fondle her breasts again as discreetly as i was able to do before. So taking a chance, i placed the cd player on her thighs close to her navel, but kept holding the player such that my fingers were lightly digging for access between her thighs. At first she did not move, but when i moved my finger tips a few times, she slowly parted her thighs a little. She kept her eyes closed listening to music.

I believed i got a signal. I repositioned myself more comfortable and dig my finger tips between her thighs now deeper along her navel. So as not to make her embarrassed, i hid my fingers between the frontal folds of her saree and continued my mission to access her cunt from over her saree. My fingers were only able to feel a spongy area with absolutely no learning of her vaginal geometries. Based on my previous experience on women’s genitals i tried to position my finger tip on where i believed her clit was and pressed a little.

She immediately sucked in a deep breath and pulled her other leg up on bed folding at her knee, while leaving her leg on which i had my palm stretched. She kept her eyes closed, as if engrossed in music. I felt happy as it was working. I started making light circular movements with my finger tips along her perceived clit, and her face visibly strained, but no sound from her in reaction. First i did this very lightly, later slightly increased pressure of my finger tips on her cunt over her saree.

Her breathing was heavy, and she almost subtly gyrated her hips to my movements. I was cautious, as any abrupt movement could’ve spoil everything gained so far. I was also sweating on my forehead due to excitement, so i abruptly withdrew my hand and sat up straight. She opened her eyes questioningly, i told her “i am going to drink some water in kitchen, will come back” she smiled and nodded. I got off the bed and rushed to kitchen, took some water and composed myself.

When i came back, bhabhi had again straightened her legs, but as i climbed besides her she again folded her other leg as before. The player was still on her lap, and this time i directly placed my palm on her thigh as before and rather forcefully pushed my fingers against her pussy from over her saree. She as if expecting this, kept calm, her breathing was also more or less normal, but i continued my ministrations. After about 2 – 3 minutes, i glanced at her face, and she was looking directly at me.

Her face had a look of discomfort, may be of confusion. I was a bit taken aback, but before she could speak, I gathered myself and looking away from her staring eyes at the door i asked “shall i go put off the lights in hall and close this door?” After some pause, she said, “no, just put off the lights in hall, leave the door open” I put away the player on her lap and walked off to the hall. The kids were fast asleep. I switched off the lights there and came back pulling the bedroom door behind me, but unlatched.

She didn’t say anything and I also switched off the lights in the room before moving to the bed. “Why switch off the lights here Ravi?” she asked. “Nothing Bhabhi, it will be cooler that way, as well we don’t need light do we? There is enough coming through the window so it won’t be very dark in here” I reasoned. She smiled and leaned back on the head rest. I again made myself besides her, the CD player was still in her lap.

I picked it up again and did some equalizer adjustments and placed it back in there, with my fingers again lightly probing between her thighs adjacent to the player “it sounds better now, isn’t it?” I asked simultaneously pushing my fingers a bit harder towards her saree covered pussy. “Hmmm” was all that she muttered, arching her neck a bit up with closed eyes and at the same time sliding down just a little more against my probing fingers. I knew I was getting her aroused, but I was still wary of making any sudden movements.

She was still a chaste housewife, who I was addressing as Bhabhi. If I blew it up, it would signal the end of the game, and our relationships, both that I had with her (and her family) earlier and the one I was trying to forge with her now.I continued the probing with my fingers from above her saree for few more minutes, but was not making any further progress. She just stayed listening to the music and was not showing any active response to my ministrations. I was getting desperate as I knew this cannot go like this for long.

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I had to do something now. Instinctively I pulled my hands back and placed my right hand palm on her left full thigh and squeezed it a bit rubbing my palm towards her knee, squeezing my fingers all along. She, no expecting this, jerked and sat upright, looking wide at me. I couldn’t look straight at her and averted my eyes to her thighs “Bhabhi there are knots in your leg muscles, probably due to long time standing in the kitchen.

This should sooth them down.” She didn’t say anything for sometime, and I kept rubbing her left thigh up to her knee. When she was about to speak, I interrupted “does it feel good Bhabhi?” “Hmmm, it does. Probably I am tired. All day standing you know?” I knew she was trying to reason herself. “Ya Bhabhi, I suggest you lie down completely on your back, I will give some more rub while you listen to the music.” I said same time motioning her to slide down further. She protested a bit “no need

Ravi, you must be tired yourself working in your office. I shouldn’t be bothering you with this.” “Arey Bhabhi, I have a desk job. So I am not at all tired, do not bother. Lie down” I practically pulled her to slide down on her back completely and she sheepishly smiling, silently complied. In process the headphones came off her ears. I lifted her head with my hand and placed a pillow beneath it. Her hair got spread on her face and I instinctively arranged them away from her face, my fingers slightly caressing her lovely cheeks in process.

She was merely smiling. Then I arranged the headphones back on her ears, only this time rather boldly brushing me fingers on her soft cheeks under pretext of setting the headphones right on her. I placed the CD player besides her tummy on the bed on the other side, and arranged the headphone wire such that it ran along her neck over her blouse drooping down to the player from above her tummy. In process, I lightly touched her blouse in the middle, but couldn’t dare to trace my fingers on her fabric encased womanly globes.

Bhabhi again closed her eyes, and lay on her back still. My heart was beating fast and I was surely nervous. I knew I was treading a dangerous path, trying funny with someone else’s wife that could potentially harm my self esteem and my reputation if it were to go wrong.Anyway, I sat myself at the lower end of the bed near her feet, facing her, and gently held the bottom of her right foot in my hands. I couldn’t just dare to move directly to her thighs again, so was playing cautious. I was no professional masseur, but knew what

I’d like to be done on my feet. So instinctively, holding her foot with my fingers I pressed my thumb on her heel and then in the middle, applying pressure with little circular motions. It must’ve felt good because she moaned. It was not a moan of sex but a genuine moan of pleasure of that massage. I too felt good, and continued that for sometime, also on her toes and on her other foot. She had by now really relaxed, her eyes were shut closed all along. Finishing with her feet,

I moved to her ankles and calves, rubbing the back of her calves all along from the back of her knees to her heels. In process, I was freely moving my hands inside the hem of her saree and petticoat, but till then had not pushed them up to expose the area which I was massaging. Her calves were soft like butter and I was really getting mad for more. So much so, that I once pulled her legs up with a jerk and she stiffened and uttered “ughh!” I tried to clam myself down, and continued the rubbing.

She had left her legs loose to my ministrations, and now I dared to fold up her legs from her knees and in process pushed up the hem of her saree and petticoat over them. She instinctively placed her hands between her thighs to avoid over exposure, but didn’t say anything, just lay with her eyes shut listening to the CD player. But little did she knew that although she had successfully covered the front of her thighs, because her legs were now folded, the back of her thighs mostly got and remained exposed, although not as much to reveal her butt-globes or panties. But it was surely a cherished sight for my eyes.

Her knees now folded, I continued rubbing & squeezing her calves with my fingers, and the back of my palm was now rubbing against the back of her thighs. I could feel her breathing was getting heavier, with very short and very feebly audible gasps. I kept rubbing, shuffling between one calf and the other, all along trying to push the hem of her saree and petticoat further down so as to expose more of her thigh’s behinds to my view. I continued this for several minutes, hesitating to decide on further course.

Then I thought of deciding to take the plunge. But I wanted to test a bit more before anything drastic. So I now straightened her legs back as before, of course devouring myself of the pleasant view earlier, as in front still the saree and petticoat covered most of her thighs almost up to her knees. Then I again proceeded to rub her knee caps of both legs, with my one hand each, and then I pushed my fingers and palm inside her saree and petticoat onto her thighs, squeezing & groping the soft flesh between my manipulating fingers.

Bhabhi shuddered, although I knew she tried to suppress it, I asked almost in a whisper “feeling Ok Bhabhi?” “Yes,” she almost whispered back, “it is really feeling good, may be I was too tired.” Then after a pause she said “I may fall asleep, please do not wake me up if I fall asleep. You then go and sleep with the kids tonight” “Do not bother Bhabhi” I said, “you just relax, and fall asleep if you can. I will finish off massaging and go to sleep with kids” I knew inside me we were having an animated conversation.

Neither of us really meant it. But then, it was a game we both were playing. She pulled off the headphone and placed it besides her face.she then took a deep breath, almost sighing, and turned her face to the other side, her body still flat on her back. She also pulled a pillow on her face, as if to cover her expressions from me as I continued to manipulate her womanly sex. Not caring about the CD player or the headphones, I continued squeezing and rubbing her thighs inside her petticoat, both on outsides and also on the top. I only allowed my thumb sometimes to venture on her insides during the squeezing operations.

Slowly, I began inching upwards, millimeters at a time and then backing off as quickly, all the time, my finger-tips trying to feel if they are anywhere near the cherished goal. But, I was still too far away. Those few crucial inches seemed as if were miles at that moment, which I was within me struggling to cope with. Bhabhi now lay still, as if asleep. I knew this was it, this was the moment of daring, for if I hesitated now then I would probably never be able to make it again there anytime in future.

With a firm resolve in my mind, pushing away all the threat and fear in the background, I push my palms forward on both of her thighs, fingers spread wide, my thumbs between her thighs squeezing her flesh. I must have moved half an inch or so, and to my dismay her thighs were stuck joined together disallowing my further upward movement. I pulled back and pushed again trying to gain further access, but she did not move her thighs apart. I pulled back and straightened my palms on the top of her thighs, and pushed and rubbed them long enough that I felt the edge of her panty on my finger on one of her sides.

That was it, and I was not ready to stop now. I squeezed and rubbed the outside of her thighs and in process tried to push them apart, but no success. I then held her right thigh between both of my palms and encircling it with my fingers lifted her thigh such that her right leg bend slightly at her knee. That was it as I now knew how to make way for me between her legs. I concentrated on her right thigh alone, my left hand rubbing on her outside and my right palm on her insides, slowly

I inched till my fingers felt the heat emanating from her panty encased womanhood. Bhabhi still lay quite, her face covered with a pillow, legs bare, some thigh exposed and one leg folded at her knee. I again pawed both her thighs and began rubbing her as before, only this time my thumb having a more free access in the betweens. I moved my palms & fingers in small circular motions and within three or four advances, my thumbs were lightly getting contact with her panty between her legs.

I retracted upon first two or three contacts, then I got bolder as I rubbed further, but taking care that my thumbs do not press or probe her pussy lips from the panty but rather trace the panty line to top of her thighs. Wow, she was practically in fever down there, heat radiating, scorching my thumb tips. Now what? I asked myself. The saree and petticoat still covered all that I was feeling with my fingers. So I adjusted myself and slowly but boldly gathered the hem of her saree and petticoat and pushed the fabric up above her panty covered mound. Bhabhi didn’t object, or made any movements. Her breathing was heavy.

My breathing was heavy. I could now see the Vee of her panty fabric that concealed the warm lovely oven beneath it. I continued rubbing her thighs, my thumbs tracing the hem of her panties and slowly I let the thumb tips slide above the swell of her mound over her panty. Three or four strokes of rubbing, I was now almost blatantly caressing her labia from over the warm fabric. Bhabhi was still quite, probably feigning asleep. I let the tip of my forefinger linger a bit longer over where I thought her clit was, she gasped.

I pulled back but now traced the middle of her folds again, and then again a bit harder. There was no use feigning now. I had already gone too far, there was no point in backing now.
I brought my face near Bhabhi’s face and whispered, “Bhabhi” She responsed “Hmmm” “I am going to pull off your panty, lift your waist up” I almost commanded in whisper and moved my hand to hold the waist band of her panty on her other side. The pillow still on her face, she turned her face a little and lo… she arched her back up slightly.

Happy, I pushed the hem down her thigh, but it didn’t travel far enough before she slumped back. Pulling up myself I staged besides her thighs and caught hold of her waistband on both sides trying to pull down her legs. “Bhabhi, lift little more” I said and she simple complied, arching her back as I rolled off the flimsy fabric onto her thighs, uncovering her sparsely dense but beautifully curled haired fair pussy mound.

Hastily I separated her panty off her, and not wanting to miss an opportunity, I just slid my shorts down my thighs and climbed between her legs. I leaned on her, supporting my weight on my elbows around her, and placed my face besides her rubbing my cheeks with her’s. Wanting to test a bit more, I held her left hand and guided it to my throbbing prick. She rubbed her cheek back with mine and she also held my prick in her hand, so lightly, moving along as if trying to gauge the dimensions. I arched by waist a bit forward causing the head of my prick touch her pussy lips. “Bhabhi, put it in na” I almost pleaded.

She didn’t say anything, just arched again, adjusting a few things and encircled my waist lightly pulling me towards her, as if saying “welcome inside”. So I was, slowly gliding myself within her moist buttered pussy lips, so easily. I pushed in, she gasped and moaned so aloud that I had to muffle her by placing my hand on her mouth. I pulled back and pushed again, this time placing my mount over her’s so as to muffle any sounds off her and also taste her luscious lips and insides.

She was wild, thrusting each time I thrust in, sounds of wet splashing was all around heard while we fucked like no tomorrow. The bout must’ve lasted almost 10 minutes before I gushed inside her, holding her tight almost crushing her ribs in wild embrace.As the heat subsided, we got up, only to find the bed sheet was soaking wet near her butt with her pussy-juices. Her hair was all entangled, I was sweating. Her pussy bush was also wet & glistening.

She was smiling lightly, and I was, well confused at what we had just done. “Bhabhi, you are not angry are you?” I asked her as if to judge myself. She simply nodded, “no one should ever know about this” I nodded, and went to switch on the light.She stopped me and said let the lights be off. “i am not feeling asleep so may be can chat with you a little” she said and walked over to my bed, climbing on it. Only this time, instead of leaning against the headrest, she lay flat with her head on the pillow. I sat besides her and she asked me to lie besides her. I did so and she kept looking at the ceiling.

After a pause she spoke “you must promise nobody will ever know about this.” I encircled her waist with my right arm, pulled her closer to me and nuzzled my face in her neck and said “i promise”. Well, we again had the wildest sex sessions i ever had with somebody else’s wife. We fucked 3 times. I sucked her breasts, lapped up her hairy cunt, and she sucked my cock like a lolly. We fucked in all possible positions and we had a hard time suppressing our moans from getting louder.

For next years of stay, her husband was still bhai to me, i was still chacha to kids, she was still bhabhi (sister in law) in presence of everyone else, but in seclusion with me we were perfect fuck mates. Now i am no more working in that company in Baroda, and have moved to Chennai on new job, and currently staying alone in a rented house. But whenever i visit Baroda, i do visit them, and she accompanies me for shopping stopping by my hotel and we fuck.

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