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Aunty Made My Day


Hi everybody this is Ryan from Mumbai. I am about to narrate an incident that took place about two years ago. My parents ha gone out of the country and i was assigned the job of attending the marriage of a relative in Nashik. I am not good at keeping family relations, family just make me awkward, so understandably i was uncomfortable with the idea. But what happened at the ceremony changed that completely.

I decided on driving my Honda Civic to the function. Starting late in the afternoon i reached the venue by evening. I was informed that my arrangement for the night had been done at Anjali aunty’s house. I was perplexed as i had no idea who she was. I noted the address and sped off to change. I rang the doorbell twice but nobody answered. i was about to leave thinking i had come to the wrong place when i heard somebody calling my name. “Ryan! Ryan..!” I had no idea who that was but i replied” Yes”. ”

Please wait for a second” and right after that the door was opened by a lady in her 40s. She was steaming and very red from a shower. She was clad in jus a towel which did very little to cover her ample body.Hi Ryan, do you remember me?” she asked the question which usually draws my wicket, “of course you don’t i am Anjali aunty. You used to play with my hair all the time when you were little.” I was to awkward to respond. “come and shower quickly, we have to get to the ceremony” reminded me.

I walked into the house after aunty. She went inside the bedroom to change. I was about to sit on the couch as i heard my name being called again, this time from inside the bedroom. I was quite astonished. I went in cautiously. Aunty still had the towel around and was drying her wet hair. Her head was tilted to one side from which long thick hair was flowing down to her knees. she was using another towel to dry it. The gentle rubbing action of towel on hair with both hands was causing her boobs to jiggle.

That was when i noticed her double Ds. Wow! an slowly i let my eyes loose on the rest of her body. In that 2-3 seconds i became aware of how totally sexy she was. Go and shower fast.” I woke up from my day dream a headed for the shower. Quickly i undressed an showered. I put my hand for the towel but it was not present. I shouted an asked Anjali aunty for it an got a surprising reply “its out here in the bedroom come and fetch it.” Well with no other option, i walked out holing my clothes out to cover the nude parts of my body.

My travelling bag was already on the bed along with a towel next to it. Anjali aunty was fixed front of the mirror. She had changed out of the towel into a blouse and long skirt of sorts. Her saree was lying in a neat fold on the dressing table. She was busy trying ifferent hairstyles. None of them seemed to impress her. I started wiping my body and was dressed in a minute. Aunty ” Ryan dear come here. I can’t figure what style to put my hair in. Help me.” She tied her hair in a plait an looked behind from the mirror to me.

I was already awkward and now i was feeling nervous for being in an unknown bedroom with a lady relative of mine whom i had never seen before and who was immensely sexy. Same thoughts were not striking aunty as she was comfortable with the situation. Next she let her hair loose to one side an glanced back. “No”. Another hair style. I was starting to get turned on standing behind her staring at her ass an her jiggling boobs in the mirror. They looked more inviting than the towel now. Next she tried tying her hair in a bun and that is when i had a hard on. She looked back at me and i smiled back at her.

Okay that does it. All you had to say Ryan was aunty tie your hair in a bun, i would not have had to waste so much time” she joked. She bent down towards the mirror to get a hair rubber and gifted me with a generous look of her valley. She noticed something too and swung around, smiling. Unable to apprehend the cause of this smile i kept looking at her. She came dangerously close to me and i started sweating. Looking at me coyly she asked,” so looking at aunty gave you a hard on!” I was clean bowled.

With no words, i looked at my dick as if to ask for an explanation. Aunty just smiled at me an said to lie down on the bed. I was so nervous, i did as i was told. She was back with a stethoscope. I noticed she was still in the blouse and skirt. Now my face an her blouse had almost the same color- maroon. She came and sat on the bed very close to me on my right. She was sitting such that if i turned my head even slightly to the right, i would invariably be in her boobs. “Open your shirt” she commanded. “Wht?” i yelped “but for what, we are late for the ceremony.” ”

Dont act smart Ryan, dont you know that i am a doctor? I am going to give you a medical check up.” I froze. “But we will get late..”i lamented. “Dr Anjali has everything under control baby.” ‘Baby’ turned me on even more. I opened my shirt all the way. She slid the stethoscope in her ears an moved it to my chest. My heartbeat was so strong that i felt she could easily go deaf. She moved the instrument over my chest, then my stomach an then took it off. Relieved, I started to get up but she stopped me “where do you think you are going darling?” she said an pushed me back down.

I was gazing at her when she stretched a caressing hand on my stomach. That made my cock so hard that a tent was visible in my pants. Dr Anjali was ignoring it totally so i thought it would be over soon and i had decided in my mind of returning to Mumbai immediately. Her hand moved upward from my stomach to my nipples. She held both in her hands an started playing. Now that had to hurt but didn’t. I was getting over my state of surprise and getting more comfortable with aunty. She suddenly bent down and bit my right nipple. “Ouch” i said. “Sorry i didn’t want to hurt you. Now pull down your pants.”

That was the second googly. I gripped my pants tightly and wanted to make a run for it. Instead stared at aunty. “Its okay beta i have seen your dick everyday when you were little.” To help me she put her right hand on my stomach an started moving it across and back. Then wit deliberate slowness, the hand with the maroon painted fingernails disappeared down my pants. I closed my eyes an sighed. She was massaging the portion just above my dick. i felt a tug and found that my pants had left my body. My dick had raised the height of my boxers so much that i figured they were going to tear.

Taking my hands into hers she placed them on her breasts. I was in a frenzy, my head was circling not sure if this was happening for real. I kneaded her balls like dough, the fabric rustling with my attack. She put her arms behind her and bent back giving me an excellent view of her boobs. She was looking at the ceiling with her eyes shut. Thinking she wants me to take over i got up an launched myself at her boobs.

I was sucking the right boob from over the blouse an soon there was a saliva stain there. Her nipples were protruding through her blouse. I touched her hair and it all fell down on the bed creating a waterfall. She looked at me and scolded me” This is no way to treat a lady.” i got scared thinking what i had done to offend her. She smiled then and opened her blouse looking at me while she did it.

Then she held her hair an swung it back. Collecting it in her hands, she tied it in a huge bun very slowly and seductively, still looking at me. That did it. My raging hard cock wanted to spit out every single drop of cum it had mustered. With her blouse on the ground, the bra came next which didn’t take a second. I was gazing at her hard nipples with saliva dripping from my mouth. “Come put your head on my lap like a baby” I followed my orders. Next she held her right breast and shoved the nipple in my mouth. I started sucking like an animal.

Aunty held my head tightly against her boobs as if afraid that if she let it loose, she would lose her excitement. My head was being passed from boob to boob according to her requirement and i as having the time of my life. She then went on to take off my boxer shorts and finally the monster was free. My aunt slid her hand up and down from all sides. I was sucking on her boobs so hard i hear moaning sounds from her. She had her eyes closed and was enjoying the rough treatment her body was getting.

As the moans started rising, she gripped my cock and started stroking it. I had her nipple in my mouth an was sucking it from all angles. The nipple was a good inch out of the body an almost rock hard. I changed to the other boob sliding down a little. This excited her even more and she stroked my dick harder and faster. “Aunty i am going to burst..” i managed to say. “Call me doctor aunty! or call me Anjali”she ordered. “Okay doctor aunty I’m going to cum.” that felt sexy to say.

She transferred her head to my cock an started sucking my balls. She took them in, rinsed her mouth with them an then let them out after one long suck. Moving her mouth to my dick she started feeling my ass. As she was deep throat me she found my anal sphincter an inserted her finger inside. That made me so excited that i pumped my entire load in her mouth. Doctor aunty licked every single drop and my dick was clean in less than a few seconds.

I heaved a sigh of relief and doctor aunty and i lay side by side. “Come on Ryan we have a ceremony to get to” she suddenly announced. We went to the ceremony doctor aunty still had her hair tied in a tight bun and that was giving me a continuous erection. She was talking to everybody and also introducing me, holding my hand and pushing me ahead like a specimen, whenever asked for. Few minutes later i found myself in the ladies’ changing room. “I’ll wait outside aunty” i said an began to leave when she pulled Mr back and bolted the door. ”

We cant do this here, what if we get caught?” i pleaded, “We won’t “came the reply. She was lying on the bed with her legs spread. “Cmon Ryan help doctor aunty get an orgasm baby.” It was more of an order than request. I jumped up on the bed and was sitting between her thighs. I started moving my hands up and down her thighs. Slowly the saree was making a journey upwards revealing more thigh. Finally i reached her panties.

They were totally wet. That got me going. I started licking her feet and gradually worked my way up to her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure already. I was a few inches from her vagina when she started pulling her panties but i stopped her “please doctor aunty, let me.” I kept licking around her vagina but not reaching it. This was driving her to ecstasy. She tried to hold my head and shove it in her pussy but i asked her to be patient. Then slowly i took her panties off. Love juices flooded the bed and an erotic smell filled the room.

I knelt closer and smelt her fresh vagina- it was heavenly. Without wasting any time i had my tongue licking madly at her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure that she had to keep a hand over her mouth to keep the volume down. I licked and fingered her vagina- first one and then two fingers. Her moaning ha reached its high and i was sure she wanted my dick inside. I fished out my already hard weapon and was going to shove it in when doctor aunty said “save something for home darling.” That numbed my brain.

I dived in her vagina again and within minutes, her juices made their way to my mouth and the bed. We dressed again an continued with the function. On the way home both of us were silent thinking about the night to come. But disappointment waited me as the door was opened by a fair girl in a nighty and long hair. She was wearing no bra. “Neha this is your cousin Ryan. Say hi” I followed Neha in the living room and sat down. Doctor aunty came back wearing a nighty as well and the stethoscope.

My mind was racing- were we going to do it in front of Neha as there was only one bedroom. Neha interrupted my thoughts “Ma you gave me checkup last night only. What is the stethoscope for?” “I want Ryan to give me a check up.”Neha look at me suspiciously an then understood. “okay” she said and switched off the TV. followed me and doctor aunty to the bedroom.

Now doctor aunty was lying on the bed while Neha and i had occupied either sides. Neha was holding the stethoscope. Neha undressed doctor aunty quite easily which made one thing clear for me- this was an everyday thing for them and i was in for a treat. Doctor aunty was lying in her bra and panties while Neha was running the stethoscope over her breasts. “Ryan mummy is waiting when are you going to undress?” “Not in front of you” i retorted. Doctor aunty smiled called both of us to stand next to her.

First she undressed Neha completely and then me. Neha had the figure of her mother. I was admiring her long hair and just like her mother she tied it in a huge bun which gave me another monstrous erection. Looking at my hard on Neha said “no wonder mummy has her hair in a bun today” an saying so she gripped my dick. Neha had beautiful 38 boobs that were firm with big hard nipples. Her ass was just as good curving at the right places.

Holding my dick she posed it at the opening of doctor aunty’s vagina. Both of our juices were dripping. Neha bent down near doctor aunty’s vagina and started licking my dick as well as doctor aunty’s pussy. This went on for a while and doctor aunty started moaning. She caught my hand and pulled me towards her. She pushed my face in her boobs and once again i was sucking on her nipples lke a hungry baby.

Her sensitive nipples made her more ecstatic what with neha eating her pussy and me sucking her boobs. I inserted a finger in her pussy and it slid right inside with all the lubricating liquid already in excess. Neha moved from the vagina and took charge of the other boob. Considering this my signal i shifted to doctor auntie’s vagina. I easily slid my dick inside an started fucking in a slow rhythm.

Started fucking in a slow rhythm. Doctor aunty was already in agony as two youngsters worked to satisfy her sexual urges. Ooooh oooooh Ryan fasterr….. she was biting hr lips now an neha ha taken charge of both nipples, saddling doctor aunty. Neha’s ass was right in front of me and i was thinking of filling her cunt with cum later. Doctor aunty was now moving her hips in coordination with the movements of the thrusts. I increased the rhythm and doctor aunty was at the height of her sensation. Moaning wildly she was buckling under neha’s weight and my thrusts. “Ryaaa

an oh ryaan i love you baby …. fuck doctr aunty fuck aunty harder baby.” The ‘baby’ again had the desired effect and i increased my speed. Neha had slid away and was watching her mother moan with ecstasy. She was glancing at me occasionally as if deciding to be my next fuck. Doctor aunty screamed”im coming Ryan im coming……..oooooooh yes yes yes baby go for it….aaaaah oooooooh” and my dick was flowing with her cream.

The bed was now totally wet with three adults dripping their juices. Doctor aunty slid my dick out of her vagina and put it between her double Ds. She applied pressure from both sides an my dick was nicely jammed in the valley of her boobs. She kept her mouth open while i fucked her boobs and each time i went near her mouth, she sucked on my dick. Neha was sitting next to me and started caressing my body which i much to heat me up.

I kept on fucking doctor auntie’s boobs and finally was about to squirt. Releasing my dick from the hold of her boobs i placed my dick inside her mouth and she warmly accepted it. Having sucked me dry, we were all lying on the bed. Neha to my left and doctor aunty to my right. Both of them still had their hair tied in buns which kept my cock semi-hard.

Doctor aunty went to sleep and i followed Neha into the living room. We switched on the tv and sat naked on the couch. Neha sat on my lap facing her boobs an erect nipples towards me. Slowly she slid her hair out of the bun and let it fall to the ground. She gazed first in my eyes and then at the tool that was going to pleasure her. She held her hair in her hands with her head thrown back an seductively tied another bun…..What happened with Neha is another story…

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