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Another thriller story by a virgin boy  


Hi O9L readers.i am harry again with anther fantasy .i am 20 years old boy from the story starts.I have always fantasized about beauties of my college and neighborhood but this incident that took place with me has made me interested in the married aunties (Of course selected one’s). This incident is about my sister’s weeding planner, Riya, whom I helped during my cousin’s wedding. She was a perfect sex goddess to give an erection even to the most impotent of the men. Once the wedding was over I thought I would be deprived of the joy of being with this instant erection device. But it happened that a week after the wedding my mom once asked me to go to Riya’s house and have a look at her PC as I was our family’s comp expert. I was totally excited to go to her house.

When I went to her house, again the same feelings and instant erection was experienced by me even standing at her door steps when she opened the door. She was looking gorgeous as always in her inviting outfit, noodle strap bra-like blouse which was cloth only around her breasts, and a transparent pink saree to seductively show off her body. Her long and partially blond hair left open was like cherry to her cake like fair complexion body. I entered her house and made myself comfortable at the sofa. I found out that no one was in the house except for we both, her parents had gone out, and that made me more excited but I knew I could do nothing with this formal lady. She gave me a cold drink and to my surprise sat on the same sofa besides me turning towards me and her hand resting on the head of the sofa behind me. As I finished the cold-drink she directly asked me in a bit serious tone “how do u look at me and what are ur feelings”. I suddenly realized that all these days my intentions and looks towards her were being realized by her and now I am going to pay for it now. I was quite. But I realized that her body language doesn’t go with her serious face. And I was again mesmerized with her beauty and sex appeal. She again repeated the question again in the same serious tone. I thought that this might be a test for me and should take a chance here. To make my intensions loud and clear I took a bold move. Sitting besides her I just unzipped my the chain of my jeans and lowered the underwear from the portion of the zip and out popped my 8 1/2 inch long and 2inch round manhood, and I told her “My little one says it all”. She was totally taken aback and her eyes wide open. She ran outside the room at once. I thought that all was over and I had failed and will lose my respect and status in the family now.

Suddenly she ran back in the room and sat on the sofa in the same position and asked me again “is this what u think of me”? This time I was a bit afraid and was going to start pleading but she moved her hand on my manhood and was feeling it. Bingo the ploy had worked. She now started giving me a gentle hand job exciting me more. She stared at me now right in to my eyes “why did u not make the move for so many days then”. I was totally speechless. Here she was a divorcee deprived of any sexual pleasure for about 5 years now ready for me to go to bed. I thought this is going to be interesting afternoon. I gathered my self to look at what was happening. She then stood on her knees and took my manhood in her mouth had started giving me a mouth job this time quite vigorously and moaning loudly now uummhhhh…uummmhhhh. I could see her cleavage and see her giving me mouth job, exciting me more and more. The sex had totally taken me. I just caught hold of her noodle straps of blouse and tore it apart making her bosoms to topple out and give me a complete view of her melons for the first time after longing so much for this act. I told her “suck me dry uuhhh… I am cumming … Uuuuhhh haaa uuh “and I came inside her mouth and she devoured it all like a thirsty bitch. After I had again stopped cumming, she licked my dick clean and again started taking it in mouth. I stopped her, lifted her and took her to her bed room, made her to lay down. She was topless with the pallu and her saree around her waist and I was with my clothes on but the erect rod hanging out of my pants. I quickly undressed myself completely and put a hand from the bottom of her saree to reach her clit. Her vagina was already wet and still leaking. I started to put primarily one and then two fingers in the pussy and she closed her eyes and was moving like a snake on the bed moaning with pleasure. With the other hand I started to unwrap her saree and my mouth was kissing her unclothed body at the top. The passion was so high that she herself tore her saree apart I helped her to remove the underneath petticoat to make her completely naked. Now I started to take her melons in to my mouth and sucking them for juices while pressing the other by hand and putting the other hand in her pussy. She was now moving my rod in up and down motion by both hands. She said “Common on u can do much better than this common make me feel like a slave getting punished in a hard way. C’mon mount me on please”. I then moved her legs apart by both my hands and was kneeling between her legs ready to push the 8 1/2 inch shaft in her love hole. I moved the rod half in to her and she cried out as that hole was not closed for last five years. I slowly started moving it in and out. But the sex kitten was so excited that she throbbed heavily in the direction of my body. After swinging my rod in her for 5 minutes, she was enjoying it and cried out “**** me more hard screw me up till I fell unconscious.” Then I lifted her catching hold of her hips and back and rested her back against the wall and I decided to have sex in the most vigorous way as I had never done before. I was now ramming in to her with full force and with each force getting more and stronger, she cried out “uuuuhhh aaahhh ahhhhhhhuummmhh….” she had it the way she wanted and after 5 more minutes she came and my legs were filled with her juice that was dripping down.

Then to I continued to ramming in to her till the time I came in her she had till that time came twice, arching her back and biting my neck and ear. Then we both fell in the bed and were lying there for about half an hour. Then she again came back onto me and started kissing me passionately moving slowly down towards my now snake-like penis. She again started taking the bone less mass into her mouth and to my amazement the snake was again turned into rod in no time at all. She wanted to again wanted to experience the pleasure that she had been longing for. I decided to take her doggy style this time. So made her bend to rest her body on her knees and palms. Then I started to insert the rod in her depression, when 3/4th of the length was inserted, I started thrusting in forcefully. Riya now started to enjoy it and said “Oooh god just thrust as hard as u can uuuummmhhh oooo mmmmhhhhh hhh …” These words really turned me on and I embraced her from the back around her stomach catching her boobs in my hands and making my grip tighter around her hips by my elbows and I started thumping in will full force now as if I wud tear her clit apart.

But Riya was enjoying it and a screaming “Ahhh that’s the way… **** me hard like a bull, insert in full ahhhh uummmhhhh… ” . Then we both came simultaneously and fell on the bed with my rod inside her. Although Riya was drained out of energy, she was still giving light throbs to my rod with her ass. Then we separated and rested on the bed for more 15-20 mins. Then I suddenly realized that I had to fix the PC and I told her about it. Then She told me that ” You have already fixed the PC (pyasi choot) for which I called you!!!” Then I asked her why she had ran out of the room when I had shown my manhood to her. To that she replied that she ran out and closed the door!

Posted : 03/07/2011 10:08 am