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Ahmedabad mein massage service


This is my first posting to this site, so please pardon my language and idea of this posting if u don’t like. Me born and brought up in ahmedabad, completed my mba abroad now doing my own business belong to a business family. I won’t lie like other people about my physical appearance as i a bit over healthy person having good features with all the things a normal 26 year old guy should have.

This is a real incident took place with me around 6 months back. I am a business business man living in ahmedabad, gujarat. One of my distant relative came to my place for a short trip from banglore. She is one of the famous beauticians in bangalore working since more than a decade having many high profile clients. To describe her, though her age is 42 but no one can say it as she got one of the perfect bodies one can dream of. We are very close since my childhood and she really loves to spend time with me.

When she came to my home, i was quite happy as she is not only my aunt but a pal. On the other hand she was looking bit disappointed seeing me. I was amazed and i didn’t find it good aur mene unhe kuch kahan nahi. She casually spent her day with me and family, latter in the night when we went to sleep, (being a bachelor i sleep alone so she use to sleep with me during her visits). During night as well i didn’t talk to her properly, she asked what happen, i told her why u reacted in such a manner in morning looking at me. She laughed and told apne aapko dekho to zara kaun ladki pasand karegi shaadi umar ho gai hai kuch excerise kyun nahi karte, i understood her concern for me and i told her that i couldn’t get enough time for all this as i remain quite busy in my business and it is really going good now a days, she told business to puri life karma hai lekin shaadi bhi to karni hai aur phir achhi ladki nahi milegi to kya faida, from tomorrow onwards we will go for morning walk and till my stay i will teach u many things which will consume less time and will help u to reduce your weight as early as possible, i said ok as i can never tell her no for anything she says.

From next day onwards we have started morning walk and exercises in which she use to help me. This routine continued for around 3 to 4 days and one morning while showing me some exercise she got sprain on her back and neck area. She started complaining about the pain and took some pain-killer for that, in the evening when i came back home i asked abt aunt to mom she told me that she in room as she is still in pain. I went to room and asked her to come and take dinner and than if doesn’t find well we can go and see doctor. After dinner she told me that she will take some hot bath and that will help her no need of doctor. Being friday night (i got saturday and sunday off) she asked me tumhe to kal office ka koi prb nahi do one thing give me massage on back with hot oil this will relief my pain aur muje neend bhi achhi a jayegi kal thik ho jaun to accha hain varna tumhara routine bigad jayega morning walk aur exercise ka. I told thik hai, i came with hot herbal oil, she asked me to latch door, i was surprised, mene pucha kyun to woh boli pagal back mein massage karni hai how can u will massage me unless and until i take off my clothes, i told aunt how can i and you, she cut me in between dekho bête i trust u and again we are more like frnds and this ur parents and brothers also know, so they don’t have any prb if we are sleeping in locked room and rest it is on u, tumhe muje pain mein dekhna pasand hai ya beena kapdo ke. I told her you know my answer, she took off all her clothes living nothing, yeh dekh ke mein to pagal ho gaya though i was not virgin but had fantasy of matured ladies and i never thought that my aunt would be so hot, she got perfect d cup 38 size boobs with around 1 inch nipps, perfect waist and bust, she got cleaned shave pussy which was mix of pink and red and as i told u she was one of the well known beautician she kept herself as well in shape. She understood my situation and to break ice told me take of your clothes too and remain in shorts or else oil will spoil them. I told her ok. Finally she told me look we are good frnds and also got a relation being age difference it is not possible what u have in your mind, i stopped her in between and told aunty mein to kuch soch hi nahi rahan hun, this jst ur beauty which stuck me nothing more than that, she told me gr8 than start with massage,

Posted : 08/01/2011 10:16 am

She was on bed back on upside i took some hot oil and started giving her massage with gentle and sometimes bit strong hands, than i move bit upside towards her shoulders and neck she told me gr8 u know how to do massage and infact my trainee could not to so perfectly, she asked me to give her complete body massage but i told aunty i might loose control, she told i will be in control, tumhara tum jano but if u want i wont say no for anything and tumhe bhi muje kisi bhi jeez ke liye na nahi bolna hai, i started giving her massage on her lower back, on her butts and than on her thighs which ended with her legs, she was moaning in between but the we normally we moan during getting massages she was never trying to provoke me for any act or reaction, she than turn on front side, i told aunty bahut hi difficult hai, she told pehle start karo massage karma control ho jayega think of something else and agar hota hai to hone do, she in banglore we have many male massagers who do give services to ladies without getting in to bang bang act with them, they made good money out of this. Me myself have around 5 guys working for serving my clients. We charge them differently for different services, who bhi accha kamate hai, mein bhi aur , this females also enjoy their massage as male massagers are always better than females. Mene kuch kahe bina oil liya aur massage karma start kar diya, i started it with legs and went up to her upper thighs and also very close to her pussy but didn’t touch her pussy, than i started on her stomach, and than i went to her hands. I asked her aunty massage ho gai she told me kahan hui u didn’t gave me massage on my boobs and also to my pussy, i thought either she playing with me or she is trying to teach me the lesson which she gives to her male massagers, i started massage to her boobs first they were so big to be in single hand mene dono hathon se kafi acchi tarah pehle right aur phir left boob ko massage kiya mene unki nipps jo kafi badi achhi tarah massage kiya, than i went to her pussy i ask her yahan kese massage karun, she told here u have to start from out part and finally u have to finger her pussy and also rub her clit this will help her to relief her tension, i did the same thing and finally when i started rubbing her clit she got excited and told me now this i the point where i am loosing control pls do something as i know it is wrong to go beyond this level. I told her i got a way where we wont cross the line and can also satisfy each other, she asked what, without answering i started licking her clit and she was amazed and i was in heaven she tasted gr8, i licked her for around 10 min. Till she reached to climax and than i licked her gr8 jumbo size boobs for some time.

She told me it your turn to be relief now but i told her aunty now i am also professional no need of this i can control myself unless client need it, i hope u don’t need it, she was quite happy she told that i am a natural massager and has gr8 magic in my fingers and also in tongue she told me to come banglore along with her where i can join her in her this massage services, i told aunty i got good business here i cant live this but this is good idea if it works here in ahmedabad she told kyun nahi. Mein kitne logo ko janti hun jo ahemdabad se bhi enquiry karte hai. Infact when i was coming here there was an enquiry lets do one thing tomorrow is saturday you would be free, let me call her and fix up appointment, dekhte hai if it works out, once you will start it you will automatically get enquiries in groups. Than she wore her clothes and taught me abt different styles and methods abt massage and also about rate structure which they charge to their clients according to their needs. I was really amazed as their services starts from rs. 1000 to 5000 for a single session which have time limit of min. 30 minutes to max, 2 hrs.

Next day she called that lady and fix and appointment for me, that lady was in het late thirties and was living in good area in ahmedabad, i went to her place and explained abt the services and rates she choose the services which was for rs 2500. She enjoyed so much that during the massage itself she told me to upgrade to 5000 one and told me jyare adhi hazar ma atli maja avi to 5000 ma kevi avse, (gujarati). She really enjoyed that session and i also enjoyed that work as i paid with 5000 rs. When i came back aunty really blussed on listening that i gave that lady the massage of rs. 5000 as that was a complete massage i hope u people understand and this way i have started this side business, now i got many clients in ahmedabad itself which i use to thought bit of conservative in culture,

I work daily from monday to friday after 5 in the evening and whole day on saturday and sunday, privacy is must and services are only provided in clients home or in good hotels of ahmedabad. Prices range are mentioned above.

Posted : 08/01/2011 10:17 am