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Adventures of my Elder Sister  


I was 10 then. I'm the only son of a business man from Punjab but
settled in Hyderabad. My sister is 7 years elder to me and her name
is Sindhu. If I have to tell you about my sister, first I have to
tell you about my mom. She was 34 then and a fox...real fox. The last
time I went with her for shopping, I saw her trying a new type bra
with size 36D...! Her name is Deepa. Even now she has a hour glass
figure, and people just drool over her body when we go out or attend
some parties. And she is very lovely...always smiling and mixing well
with people. But don't get mistaken me...she is a prim and proper
house wife, until recently...My dad is tall, almost 6 ft, and quite
well built.

So, there you are. Now you can imagine how their daughter looks like.
She is tall, 5.7' or so...I think that is not common at the age of
17...and she has a demure face...almost a replica of my mom...and a
bitchy body...oh...what a body! I'm not familiar with numbers then.
But probably she should be that time! There's an air of
sexiness around her always...and I noticed when dad's friends come to
our house for weekend drinks...they would just love my sis and mom
to be around. And only a few close friends used to come for
drinks...and we all know them very well. My mom will always be
properly dressed ...but my sis will be in her shorts and thin T-
shirts. We can see her bra clearly through the T-shirt and I think
dad's friends come just to be with these 2 beautiful ladies, and not
really for drinks. And one of them Mehta is too close to our family
that some times when they are having drinks...he will pull my sis
into his lap and talk some niceties in her ear...The scene would be
so lovely! A big girl like my sis sitting in his lap, with her hands
around his neck and talking, while he was drinking. Dad used to joke
some times...that his girl likes his friend more than him and that
makes him jealous...!

I think that gives a picture of our family. Now let me tell you about
myself. Till now I was with my aunt (my mom's sis) in Nagpur, because
they dont have children they wanted me with them. And even my parents
agreed to this, because my mom loves her sis so much. They were more
ike friends than sisters. So, till I was 10 I was schooling in Nagpur
and then my aunt became pregnant and fine day she gave birth to a
baby girl. You should imagine my joy that day...I was so
happy...because very soon I will be going back to my family...and I
just love that feeling.

Even though I come to Hyd only during my holidays, I'm very close to
my sis..and whenever I come for my holidays...she justs spends the
whole time with me...we eat together...sleep together..and go to her
friend's house...we used to enjoy the life. But I never know any
thing about sex that time...and also I never knew that my sis is so
adventurous...! So, when I finally came to Hyd to be with my sis was so happy...but at the same time I noticed that
she was a bit uneasy...! I guessed that some thing is wrong from the
last time...and very soon I will come to know what it is....! It was
not like it used to be previously...when she is at home...she spends
time with me...but she does not take me with her any more!

Chapter 1

"Hey...Avi, why are you silent..?" my sis was concerned...oops I
forgot to tell you my name, I'm Avinash. She just came back from my
neighbour's house where she is attending tuition for Maths along with
her friend Pooja. My neighbour works in a Private firm and around 30,
sitll bachelor. He seems to be very nice guy and my mom and dad also
have a good impression on him. He used to help my sis and her friend
Pooja with their studies (12th standard) for almost 3 hours every day.

I told her that nothing's wrong with me, I was just getting bored.
She was confused a bit and then asked me whether I miss being in
Nagpur. I told her nothing like that...and then I broke and told her
the reason for my being upset.

She waited for a few minutes...

"Avi...It's not that I dont like you any more...I do agree that now a
days I'm not taking you any where out...because now I'm a big

I was surprised and asked her what difference does it make. That was
the time...the time when I entered into a weird world of sex...!

She told me that she still loves me more than any one...but she
thought I may get upset if I find out about her games...yes...she
said she is playing some games...nasty games...!

She told me that if I dont get upset with her...from whatever I see
then she would take me with her...just like it used to be!

You should see my joy that time... I was so happy! I felt like I was
on the top of the world...finally my sis is back to me...I'm her
friend again! That night after we had dinner, we retired to the
bedroom. She was in a very thin nightie and just panty under it. She
doesnt wear bra duing nights. We both sleep on the same bed...still I
dont have one for me and it was very cold...I wanted to ask my sis to
switch off the A/C. But, after she has pulled the blanket and pulled
me close to her...I felt warm. I always sleep like that. But that
night I was feeling strange. I was so happy that my sis accepted me
as her friend I pulled her close to me...and that felt
nice. She was just smiling and planted a warm kiss on my she always do before saying good night.

The next day I came back from school, feeling excited. Mom pushed me
into the bathroom and after I had taken bath, she dried with me a
towel and gave me a glass of Horlicks. When I was about to finish
that I saw my sis coming back from her school in full white skirt and
T-shirt. She always plays Tennis after school and she was very
sweaty, I thought. But she was looking so beautiful in that white
dress. First time my eyes went pas her skirt and I looked at her
milky white thighs. She has gorgeous thighs! Suddenly I felt ashamed
about the way I was thinking...I was so confused that I didnt know
what it was. But I understood one thing that ever since she told me
that she is doing some nasty things, I'm not in my right frame of
mind. I was lost in these thougts until I heard...

"Mom...I'm going to Suresh uncle's house...Avi is also coming with
me"...I immediately switched off the TV and happily joined my sis.
She is in her shortest @jeans shorts and it was so tight that any one
can see her nice curvy ass clearly.

Pooja opened the door at Suresh uncle's house and she was surprised
to see me. Behind her I saw Suresh uncle and he was also surprised
but let us in and was talking some usual things like how did I feel
to be back in Hyd...and stuff like that. When he was talking to me I
observed that Pooja and sis were murmering some thing and after a
while they pulled Suresh uncle into the room inside...probably they
were talking about me. My feeling was
mixed...thrilling...exciting..and then I dont know what else it is.
He has a nice but small flat. Living room, followed by bed room and
kitchen and bath room. He has kept it very neatly.

A little while later Pooja came into the living room and sat next to
me. Pooja is a very close friend of my sis and even though she is not
as tall as Sindhu...she is also beautiful..but a bit plump. And I
think that makes her look more sexy. She is in blue chudidhar and it
looks beautiful on her white body. While we both were talking and
watching TV, I heard some type of moans coming from the bed room. It
looked as if my sis in some kind of pain...! I was concerned...and
looked at Pooja. She felt a bit uneasy...and then went to close the
door. But I followed her and before she can stop me I entered into
the bed room!

I was taken aback from what I saw. There, on the double bed my sis
was lying next to Suresh uncle and he only has the boxer shorts and
his T-shirt was not on his body. That was not what surprised me. My
sis also has her T-shirt removed and she is in her bra and the shorts
were also unbuttoned and the zipper is opened showing her white
panty! He is holding her with his left hand and his right hand had
slipped into her panty. They were frozen when they saw me and looked
at Pooja questioningly. She just shrugged her shoulders.

What bothered me was the look on Sindhu's was as if she is
in some discomfort. Atleast that was what I could understand. Pooja
went and sat on the bed next to Sindhu. I asked my sis whether she is
alright and she said she is just fine. I was not satisfied and asked
Suresh uncle why sis is like that and what he was doing to her.
Before he could answer my sis told that its fine and he is just
making her happy. I dont understand how one can moan like that when
they are happy and I asked her the same thing.

This time I got the answer...not from any body...but from his doings.
He made some motion with his right hand in her panty and immediately
my sis moaned again. This time it was very loud...probably because of
the fact that she doesnt have to hide it any more. Her mouth was wide
open and he immediately took advantage of that kissed her full on the
lips and slipped his tongue inside. I was dumb founded and felt very
upset that I felt she is more close to him than me. She noticed it
from the corner of her eyes and asked me to come near her. I felt
happy and climbed on the bed and crawled to lye next to her between
Sindhu and Pooja. All the time Pooja was laughing and said I'm a cute
and lovely brother to have.

My sis pulled me closer to her and asked me whether I love her.
Ofcourse yes...there's no doubt about it. She also asked me if I
would like her being happy. Oh...hell yes. Why not? She is my lovely
sister and a good friend. Then she told me to just relax and watch
how Suresh uncle is going to make her happy! Pooja pulled me into her
embrace and kissed me on the lips and when I opened my lips with
surprise she pushed her tongue into my mouth and started toying with
my tongue. It was unbelievable and was like an electric shock to
me...! Now she is holding me like a baby in her lap and I'm able to
see all the action going next to us.

Mean while he pulled Sindhu's shorts with quite difficulty and now my
sis is in just her bra and panty. He got up and said today he is more
excited because of my presence. My sis looked at me and winked at me.
Pooja laughed loud and said she is also feeling the same way and
hugged me tightly. For a moment I went crazy because I'm being
smothered with her huge tits and I found something pressing very
hard...probably her excited nipples even though they were tightly
enclosed in her dress.

Now my sis came to a sitting position on the bed with her back to us
and Pooja slowly unhooked the bra and removed it. Immediately she
removed her panty also and fell back on the bed. There she
is...completely naked...her tits are so beautiful and nipples jutting
out like bullets. Her thighs are terrific and so white that I can see
the red marks created my Suresh uncle's hands earlier. He got up and
removed his boxer shorts and his cock was long and semi hard. He came
up on the bed with his legs on both sides of my sister's waist and he
slowly moved up...until his cock came close to Sindhu's mouth. I was
not able to figure out what was going on. But I can see the fire in
her eyes. He slowly settled himself on top of her chest and his butt
is exactly on her breasts. My sis winked at me again...and slowly
took his cock in her hands started kissing it as if it's the precious
thing in her life.

My sis never applies any lip stick and even then her lips look so red
and right now they were just trembling like flower petals. Some pre-
cum appeared on his cock and Sindhu gladly licked that and the taste
might have sparked her and she started licking and sucking his cock
like ice cream. Now its his turn to moan he was running his hands all
over her hair and holding her tightly. Suddenly I observed Pooja was
breathing heavily and she pushed me aside and moved closer to him and
started frenching him on the mouth. He held her tightly and ran his
hands to the back side and started massaging Pooja's huge ass with
both his hands. As I was pused aside I crawled next to my sister's
thights and that was the time I had a close look at her pussey. I can
see him crushing Sindhu's tits with his ass and she seems to be
enjoying and started opening and closing her massive thighs.

I was confused by all this and as I looked at her pussey, my
confusion became more. I just thought that if there's any thing not
great in her body that must be her pussey. Dont get mistaken...theres
nothing wrong. But for me at that age, her pussey looked so confusing
with lot of hair around...!

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I can see that juices are flowing out of her pussey and she started
pushing her waist up and if she is begging for some
attention there. I didnt know what to do but slowly moved my right
hand to her pussey. Nobody noticed this and it happened that straight
away I reached her clit and lightly rubbed it with my little hands.
Thats it...! Sindhu gave a big cry "Avi......aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
and she came like a volcanoe!

It surely might have surprised both Suresh uncle and Pooja...for once
they stopped and looked at me. He fell next to my sis and now 3 of
them were looking at me surprised and I felt very embarassed. Pooja
was the first one to come out of the shock and she pulled me into her
embrace and started kissing me every where on my face and told them
that Sindhu is lucky to have a kid brother like me!

Sindhu was all smiles and pulled me to her and started showering
kisses on my face, but not on my lips...all the while
mumbling.." dear..."

Now Suresh uncle got between her legs and spread them wide. I'm able
to see the full view lying next to my sis with her left hand holding
me tightly to her chest. My mouth was very close to the left nipple
and her breasts are going up and down with heavy excitement. He took
his cock in his left hand and started teasing Sindhu with that moving
it up and down through the crack. He did that for 30 or 40 seconds
and my sis was becoming quite restless and started begging
him..."Uncle...ahhhh...please...uncle..please put it in...ahhhhhhh..."

With a sudden thrust he pushed it inside her cunt....and she gave a
big moan..."ahhh....." and with that she pushed one of her nipple
into my mouth...! I immediately started sucking on it, even though I
was not sure what I wanted to do. Sis went crazy...!

He started fucking her with brute force. He had both his hands on her
hips and started fucking her with long and hard strokes. Pooja was
not silent all the while. She immediately fell on Sindhu and started
kissin her on mouth and pulled her into her lap. I was startled by
this and saw Sindhu's nipple slip out of my mouth and sat there just
watching. Pooja was struggling with her top and removed it quite
ackwardly. Next to go was her bra and now my sis is lying in her lap
with Suresh uncle pounding her cunt without mercy. Pooja took hold of
her left tit and guided Sindhu's mouth to it. The scene was so
erotic. As if she is feeding her baby...(a big baby!) while suresh
uncle is fucking her baby.

The show went on for 10 more minutes and I sensed that it was coming
to an end because of their high pitch shouting. Suddenly suresh uncle
pulled my sis out of Pooja's lap and pushed her on the bed and
covered her fully with his body. A sight to be seen. My big sister is
now completely covered by equally big suresh uncle and he started
fucking her so hard that I thought he will kill her. Sindhu's eyes
were closed and she had both her legs wrapped around his waist and
the expression on her face was sheer joy.

"Uncle...I'm cumming...cum in me...ohhhh...ahhh........" she is in
heaven it seems. Suresh uncle increased his tempo of fucking and came
in her with a big shout. Even after cumming, he continued to stay on
top of her making small movements. Both of them were sweating
heavily.. and my sis was holding his face in both her hands and
kissing him crazily. After 2 or 3 minutes they came into this world
and suresh uncle moved from top of my sister. The look on her face
was pure joy...her legs were still wide and open and I can see the
combined juices coming out of her love hole are wetting the bed. She
was slowly coming to senses and when Pooja handed them a cup of
coffee each, sis got up and thanked Pooja. While sipping the coffee
she again winked at me and asked whether I liked it. I said yes, but
was not whole heartedly. I think she was able to read my mind and
just pulled me closer to her. It felt fantastic, her sweaty and still
hot body and I hugged her tightly and started crying.

Pooja and suresh uncle were confused and were frightened. But sis
silenced them and asked them to go to the living room and leave both
of us alone.

Once they had gone she closed the door and asked me why I was crying.
I said that she likes suresh uncle more than me for which she laughed
and asked me how I came to that conclusion. I told her that she never
did all those things with me and moreover I felt very jealous when I
saw him on top of her covering her body fully and moving. I also told
her that she seemed to like that she was kissing him all the while
with her legs twined around him. For that she again laughed and told
me that she loves me more than any one and it is just sex and that is
common in sex and she loves Suresh uncle when she is having sex with
him, whereas she loves me always.

She asked me whether I wanted to do what suresh uncle has done to
her. I shyly nodded my head and got excited by the thought. But she
said I'm too young to have sex and when she feels I'm old enough to
enjoy sex, she will be the first person to have sex with me and she
said she will take my virginity! Till then I can just watch and enjoy
her adventures.

I was happy again and hugged my dear sister
That night when we retired to bedroom I noticed that my sis was was
thinking hard about some thing. My first impression was that she is
feeling guilty about the day's happenings. But...I was wrong! And
also after talking to her I thought she will never feel guilty about
what she was doing with me...that made me happy!

When we settled well on the bed, I asked her what was she thinking so
hard about. Without answering my question she asked me in turn
whether I liked what happened today. I admitted rather shyly and
wanted to know how these things have started in the beginning. She
said that it was a long story and will tell me later. I hugged her
more tightly feeling the warmness very thrilling. She slowly started
telling that Suresh uncle has asked her for a favour and she was
still thinking about it. I asked her what was it and why dont she
comply with it when she knows he always want to make her happy. Thats
it...! As if she found the solution for a major problem her face has
brightened. And she kissed me lightly on the lips and told what I
said was correct that whatever Suresh uncle does will be exciting and
she would do what he had asked.

When she told me what he has wanted...I was confused! Tomorrow early
morning, his uncle is coming to Hyd and would be staying with him for
3 days. He is not coming alone, both his wife and daughter Renu are
coming to do some shopping in Hyd for his daughter's marriage. He
knows all about Suresh uncle and my sis and wanted to talk to Sindhu
alone for some time in the afternoon. Suresh will be going with his
aunt and her daughter to help them in the shopping and we all know
how much time the ladies need for the shopping and adding to that
they are doing it for the big occassion. So, it leaves his uncle
atleast some 4 to 5 hours alone with my sis and I was not able to
imagine what he wants to do.

After that we both slept without thinking too much about what's going
to happen tomorrow.

It was Saturday and after we finished our lunch my sis took me to
Suresh uncle's home, she was in pink chudidhar. My mom has to visit
one of her friend in the hospital and she has left much early. So,
when we left there was no body at home. Renu opened the door and she
was all smiles when she saw us. Probably suresh uncle has told her
that we will be coming. She is slim and should be about 20 or 21 and
extremely good-looking. Before I saw her I would not have believed
slim girls also will be beautiful. My sis is perfect and Pooja is a
bit plump, so Renu is something different. She immediately pulled me
to her, thinking I'm an innocent little boy. My face came resting on
her cute, pert tits and I was immediately excited. If she comes to
know what I was doing y'day, she will die, I thought.

They were getting ready for their shopping and suresh uncle told us
that Rao uncle is not feeling well and if we want to leave, we can
but asked sis to make some coffee and fill it in flask for his uncle,
as they are in a rush. With that they left. We had not seen his
uncle, Rao yet. Even though my sis was a bit nervous she closed the
door and walked into the bedroom and I followed her!

There we saw him, coming out of bathroom after a bath and with just a
towel wrapped around his waist. Even though he must be in his early
fifties, he looked well built and handsome, but a bit shorter than my
sis, I guessed. He smiled at me and I thought suresh uncle might have
told about me to him.

Sindhu went to him and as a respect she bent and touched his feet. He
immediately grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace saying its
not needed and he is happy that she respects elder people. I liked
what I was old man shorter than my sis holding her in his
embrace with his bare chest and with his hands wrapped around her and
my sis has bent and reclined on him. He kissed her on the fore head,
affectionately! I dont know what's wrong with me, because whatever my
sis does it excites me.

He released her and went and sat on the bed, the same bed where I
witnessed everything y'day.

"Uncle.. I will go and make coffee for you..." Sindhu told him and
was about to move towards the kitchen. But he stopped her saying it's
not required and also told her not to call him uncle and asked her to
call him 'Papa'! He said she just reminds him of Renu when she was
young and attending the school! Sindhu didnt know what to reply and
said "Its too nice of you uncle...I mean Papa"!

He motioned her to come near and sis went and sat close to him on the
bed. I was already sitting on the edge of the bed and quite anxious!
He pulled her onto him and was talking in a low voice like "
sweet baby...papa loves you so much" something like that. Sindhu was
quite confused about how to react, but didnt resist him and rather
reluctantly moved so that she settled slowly in his lap! He started
kissing her...first on the fore head...then on cheeks...and then the
big moment came. He kissed her straight on the lips and then asked
her whether she likes this new papa. I thought she was still nervous
and confused about the whole thing. But I was wrong...!

She was getting excited slowly from the moment she saw him and when
he asked her she just cried..."yes...papa...I love this papa very
much...hold your baby tightly...i love you papa..." and she took the
initiative and started kissing him madly! He was taken aback by her
actions but not for too long. After a few minutes of kissing he
pushed her aside and said he wanted her to do something. He went and
opened the cup board and showed us a packet and asked sis to open it.
While she was opening he started speaking in a trance.

"You know baby...this is Renu's school dress when she was in 10th...I
like her seeing very much in that dress...but as all good things will
come to an end...she has grown up and now she is no more my little
girl. But still I cant forget those days when I used to watch her
coming home in this school without she knowing I had
grabbed a set of her school dress...all included...bra..panty..skirt
and shirt. Even now when I'm not in mood, just feeling them will make
me very excited. Today I can see my girl in please wear this
and show it to me."

This was getting too far, I thought. This old man must be
can he think like that! But neverthless I can see the excitement
growing in me!

Sis was thinking of where should she go and or
living room. But Rao immediately saw her dilemma and told
her "baby...just change here itself...its just ur brother and me...ur
papa...u dont have to feel shy"!

But as soon as she opened the packet, she came to know that its not
of her size...Renu's size will not fit her comfortably that too the
dress was when Renu was in 10th! But, sis was determined to please
her papa...and slowly started removing her dress. She removed the
top...and it was highly erotic. Stripping in front of an old man and
her little brother. I thought she has lots of guts...believe me it's
not that easy, how kinky you are!

When she was about to remove her pants also, Rao asked her to come
near her saying let him help her. Sis came near to him, feeling a bit
nervous. He removed the lower pants in a hurry. Now she was standing
in front of him with just bra and panty and remember even though her
waist is so small, she has a terrific ass and fantastic thighs. He
started breathing heavily...with her so near. Sis tried to put on the
small skirt, but he stopped her saying "No baby...please wear her
panty and bra...It just makes so perfect"!

Now is the big moment. I was just wondering whether she will go
ahead...because it's just too much. But I just didnt know her really!
She agreed for this and Rao said "Wait...let me do it baby...Papa
just loves to help her baby getting ready for school..." and pulled
her into his lap. Now she is sitting in his lap with her back towards
him. He removed the hook of the bra and easily removed it from her. I
was getting tensed...I'm on this end and didnt know what was
happening that just rushed to the other side facing them.
Sindhu just winked at me again!

Now he has removed the bra and started pushing her panty lower! Sis
just got up a little to let him slide her panty downwards and then
used her legs to get rid of that damn panty! Thats it...she is
sitting in his lap like a jay bird with nothing on...and she is
facing me. I couldn't see him ( ) properly because he is a bit shorter
than her and moreove my sis covered my view. Now he took Renu's bra
in his hands and helped her to wear it. Probably that should be of
smaller size...may be 31 or so...and didnt fit well, sis was
struggling to push her breasts into the cups. Again Rao has come to
her rescue...he moved his hands in front and cupped each of her
breasts and tried his best to put them in the cups. Some how he
succeeded. But still a large portion of her lower breasts are jutting
out of the bra. And with great difficulty he hooked the bra on her
back side. I can see the pain of the tight bra in her eyes and also
the pleasure...! Its a mixture of both.

Now he asked her to get up and helped her with the panty. This was
not like what it was with the bra. But still the panty was so small
that most of her pubic hair came out of the panty and I can even see
the sides of her cunt even though she wore the panty. May be even
this should be giving her pain or pleasure... being so tight! Forgot
to tell you, I had to run to the other side of the room to get the
view this time. It looked like I have to run here and there before
this one will finish...!

Now everything is set and she is in Renu's dress...fully...her short
red school skirt and white shirt. It was so tight that for one moment
I thought how they would fit to my mom than my sis. And that thought
made me feel jittery...what the hell was wrong with me...but I
couldnt help myself start imagining my mom in that tight school
dres...and it made me even more excited...almost...I dont know what
it was!

But back here they almost ignored me. Now he has settled on the bed
comfortably and my sis is sitting in his lap facing him with her legs
on both sides of his waist. I can see her sitting exactly on his cock
and he is still in with just the towel! He had both his hands
gripping her hips strongly and I can see him massaging her wide hips
hips slowly but strongly. The skirt is so short that once he had his
hands on her hips, it was unable to hide any thing from my view. Now
he started talking to her!

" did the exam go today...are you going to get top rank in
this again...?" and he just applied more force on her hips.

"ahhhh....papa...ahh....yes...I will get top rank...this time

"Thats my good girl...come give your papa...a nice kiss..." and as if
she was waiting for this...she immediately held his head with both
her hands and started kissing him furirously. He was getting wild and
started applying more pressure on her hips...and some time I can see
her crying with pain...and immediately moaning with pleasure! I
wanted to stop this...but too bad...I was not able to understand
whether she is in pain or pleasure!

Now he pushed her on the bed...and again started talking..."Baby...I
saw you coming with your class mate Rajesh y'day and you were kissing
him before he dare you do it at such an young
thought no body knows about it...what else you did with him..." and
he fell on her completely.

"Papa...I'm sorry...he just forced me...he started kissing me...and I
was unable to stop him...please papa...I dont know what it was...I'm
sorry..." my sis was acting. I know...this is high level
acting...both of them are just trying to do some thing which I cant

They started playing like this for some more time...and mean while he
has removed her panty and just tore her shirt with such force, it was
as if its a rape...but my sis is more than willing. Now, the shirt is
torn but still its not removed and he just ripped her bra off...and
moved her skirt upwards. A classic pose...I looked so
odd...yet so lovely. He stood up on the bed completely and I can see
the tent formed in front of his cock through the towel and with one
swift motion, he pulled it off. I was shocked...not only me...even my
sis...she just looked at his cock with wide eyes! It was the same
length as of suresh uncle's...but it was so thick was thicker than my arm...!

Sis was so excited and at the same time frightened...but she started
removing her dress absent mindedly. But Rao stopped her saying he
likes more with the dress on! All the while event though he has
kissed her many times, he did not touch her breast with his
mouth...and when he lowered his mouth on one of her lips...I was more
excited than sis! The thought that this old man is going to suck on
her young tits was just unbelievable for me.

But he stopped midway before he took her nipple into her mouth and
lifted his head looked into her if she has understood my
sister cupped her left breast with her right hand and pulled his head
with her left hand...offering him the greatest gift he ever had. He
immediately started sucking on it and in fact started biting on
it...I was able to see the teeth marks made by him after their love
session. All the while my sis was chanting "papa...papa"!

And finally the moment came when he got up and settled between her
gorgeous thighs to enter into her be exact...his baby's
cunt! I thought he was not in a he started rubbing her
crack with his cock up and down...and some time it slips to touch her
ass hole...and sis will give a big jerk, whenever that happens.
Finally...getting frustrated with this, sis took hold of his fat
cock...and she was not able to fully cover with her palm. She guided
it to her love love...and looked into his eyes and then
said... "Papa...fuck me...fuck your little girl...fuck your baby with
your fat cock...awwwhhhh...papa...please...mujhe chodhona...please

Thats it...he got what he wanted! With one hard push, he has pushed
his cock all the way into her tight cunt and his balls slapped hard
at her ass!

"Baby....lie perfectly still," Rao said. "I don't want to blow in the
first second. Don't move a muscle!"

"Do you like me that much, Papa?" sis asked as if she doesn't know. I
think that type of talk makes sex more interesting!

"Yes long...its so long..I've been waiting for this." They
hardly dared to breathe during that moment's
crisis. His cock lay embedded in her cunt flesh, pulsing with life
and sending shock waves throughout her body. I think she was unable
to hold her breath any longer. She started to pant, to moan, to
clutch at the bed sheets in frustration. Rao lay on top of her, his
cock buried in her cunt, and he held her by the hips in case she
should make an unexpected movement down there, which will make him to
come without real enjoyment.

"Oh Papa! I'm going to come! I can't stop it, it's so beautiful to
have you inside me. Please hold me, don't come, oh Papa, papa, HOLD
ME, HOLD ME, I'M COMING! oeeeee maaaaa....! AAAAAAHHHHH!!" He kept
her pinned down the whole time even though Sindhu struggled with all
her strength. When the orgasm had passed she felt absolutely spent!

Now Rao swung into action. The first strokes were tentative and slow
but he soon built up confidence. His cock was so thick, so long, that
it stretched her cunt each time it dove down into her depths, and
without much of a transition she found herself happy again. But I was
getting frustrated with not getting a proper view. Some times it was
great...but they are moving so wildly on the bed...that it is
difficutly to watch the whole action without missing a bit! Probably
Rao knew just how to give it to her. His strong arms were wrapped
around her low down so his hands could support her buttocks and
squeeze them at the same time.

"Yes, Papa, that's good, that's good," she huffed. I can see her body
was burning again, ready to give birth to another bundle of passion.
Her hands were on his back and her nails dug into his flesh. She
wanted to give him pain and at the same time she
started squeezing his balls! "More, harder, more! Oh yes, that's it,
that is it! papa! Yes! papa, papa, papa, OH MY GOD, YES! IN, IN, IN,
MORE, MORE, MOOOOOOOORE!!" Still yelling she went under again,
fighting for breath as her passion exploded and tore through her
body. Rao kept on fucking like a man possessed. His cock slithered in
and out of her cunt at a fantastic speed, a machine gun of cock it
seemed. At this point I thought, he was doing better than Suresh
uncle, from the look on sindhu's face!

"Here it comes," he whispered suddenly. His face was very red, his
teeth were clenched, and his back buckled tautly. Now his cock moved
so quickly that she almost slipped out of the bed. "Watch out, baby,
I'm going to blow the lot--AAAARRGH, UNH-UNH-AAAAAAHHHH!!" Rao
subsided, but his cock maintained its pace for a while until even
that slowed down. I felt that she will not venture into this type of
things again.

After their love session...still they were holding each other
tightly...and Rao was kissing the sweat on her face lightly. Suddenly
he looked at me and asked me to get 2 glasses of fruit juice which is
in the fridge. I got angry...but when I looked at my sis...I can see
her plead with her eyes...and I thought..what the fuck...he has made
her happy...and whats wrong in serving him...moreover he may make her
happy again!

When I came back with 2 glasses of juice I heard the
discussion...half of it. When I came to know about that fully that
night from my sis...I was shocked! This is it...he said he is so
crazy about Renu, his daughter...that he will go mad if he dont fuck
her...and she is getting married very soon...that too she will be
leaving to States after that. So I asked my sis what's going to
happen to him. She hugged me tightly and said she liked the new papa
very much...and she will definitely help to fulfil his dream and for
that she will go and attend Renu's marriage, which is going to take
place in another 10 days in a village. The reason why they are doing
it in a village is both the families..that is bride and bride groom
have come from the same village...and they thought it would be nice
to conduct the marriage in their native village. I just wondered how
my sis is going to help Rao!

My sis kissed me full on the lips and asked me whether I got angry
when Rao asked me to get fruit juice for both of them. I said
yes...but then I told her how I thought of helping whoever makes her
happy! She was so overwhelmed by my love...and immediately started
kissing me madly. After a while she stopped and said...I'm the best
brother any girl can get..and she said my happiness is her
happiness...the same way I think of her now...

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:12 am

The next two days were not exciting! I was watching TV and then
suddenly thought how life has changed. Just few days before...I would
have struggled hard if any boday had asked me to explain excitement!
Now, not only I know what it is and unable to let go even one day
without that!

Ok...why I said the last two days were not exciting is...we didn't
get much time to spend in suresh uncle's house. Either they all go
out...or all will be at home. So no more privacy. At last when we
thought they will be leaving...we came to know that even suresh uncle
will be joining he has to take care of lot of things for
the marriage. When finally they were leaving...I can see Rao feeling
guilty. But some how sis found a few seconds alone with him...and
just squeezed his cock through the pant...and gave him a peck on the
cheeks telling she will fulfil his wish. That would have shocked soon as sis let his cock go out of her grip, every one came
into the living room...and he found it difficult to keep the growing
erection out of their sights. He started sweating also...!

Finally they have here I'm just thinking what to do for the
next few days. I saw sis coming back from tennis practice...and her
face was glowing, first time in the last couple of days. I suspected
some thing might have happened...and was anxious to know. I quitely
followed her to the bed room. She looked very tired...because as soon
as she reached the room, she removed her white top and throwed it,
not caring where it fell and unbuttoned her skirt and before that
fell through her legs...she fell on the bed and closed her
eyes..feeling tired.

When I followed her into the bed room the first thing to happen
was...her top came and hit me on my face! The top was very wet with
her sweat and had a strong aroma. Surprisingly it tuned me on...and I
strongly smelled it once more before I removed it from my face. The
sight in front of my eyes is not new to me...but yet it looked so
lovely. My big sis is in just bra, which is fighting very hard to
contain her jutting breasts...and the skirt has just dropped till her
knees and she is lying on the that pose!

I moved closer to her...and started admiring her terrific body...and
when I moved closer, I found some of her pubic hair has come out
through the sides of her panty. The panty is white ...but so
transparent that I can see her bush clearly...and moreover some of
the hair has spilled out. I stood there transfixed...until my mom
came into the room!

Mom immediately sensed that some thing was wrong with me standing in
front of her...and sis in that position. Probably she thought I
didn't know any thing and as if to take care of me from my
confusion...she asked me to go and watch the TV. I was reluctant to
go...but could not stand there also. So, came out of the room and
headed towards the living room. But somehow I was just curious to
find out what mom will do! So, just hid myself and peeked inside the

Mom stood there for a few seconds...probably admiring how big and
beautiful her little girl has grown...and then tried to wake my sis
up. But sindhu was too tired it looked...and moved a bit, opened her
eyes and again closed slowly. Mom shook her again and asked her to
take bath and come to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. But sindhu is
not in this world. So, finally mom gave up and atleast tried to help
sis and slowly pulled the skirt which has dropped till her knees.
While doing that she might have noticed what I had seen...her pubic
hair coming out of the panty...and waited a few seconds and again
shook her up. This time sis got up and sat on the bed...and looked at
mom very angry.

"I should trim the hair..." mom was a bit shy and
feeling uneasy!

"Mom...did you forget...indeed it was we both...who went to the
beauty parlour last week! What are you talking now..."

"It's not that what I are a big" I found
it very enjoyable mom struggling for words.

Finally...sis was able to understand the point in it! She looked at
mom sheepishly and gave a small kiss on her cheeks and hurried into
the bath room. With that I ran towards the living room...knowing that
I will be caught, if I stood there watching any more.


The evening was different from normal there is no tuition
now. Mom seemed to be enjoying spending the evening together with her
kids and was humming...preparing the coffee. Adding to this, tomorrow
will be a national full day...we will be home...and I
just love any other kids! Sis came back from her
shower...and she looked her nighty. She normally wears
the nighty only when she goes to bed. But today, as she didnt have to
go out, she wore the nighty...and as usual...bra and nighty dont go
together well for her! The top 3 buttons were not done...and I can
see her nipples also when she bends. Mom came back with 2 cups of
coffee and a cup of Horlicks...still I'm not eligible for coffee.
Mom, thinks I'm too young for that...! If she only knows...

Dad is always prompt and he reached by 8 pm...while getting rid of
the shoes he told mom that tomorrow morning his friends will be
coming home and I was very happy. Atleast I will have the fun of
Mehta uncle playing with my sis in front of my parents!

Dad went straight to his bed room to get changed and to take bath.
Sis looked at mom and asked "Mom...did u sleep well in the
afternoon?" Mom looked confused and said no and asked why she is
asking like that. Sis winked at mom and said "you look wonderful
today...I dont think dad will let you sleep properly..." and before
she finished that she tried to run away from my mom. Mom's face was
flushed and she chased sis showing mock anger!


That night when we finally switched on the bed lamp, I asked sis
whether any thing happened special that day. There is something...I
can see from her smiling to my question!

Janu teaches Science in the school where sis studies. And she comes
to our house some times and is close to sis. Their relation is not
like teacher-student when they are out of the school. They are more
like sisters and Janu is 27. I wont say she is a knockout...but given
a chance to choose between Janu and a knockout figure...most men will
choose Janu...I think! She has such an innocent face...almost baby
like...and the dimple which forms on the left side when she
smiles...will make any one just die for her! Even though she has a
baby like face...her body is knockout. Yes...when it comes to
figures...she should be 36-28-36, with atleast a D cup! Her husband
works as a medical representative and spends half of the month in
tours. They live just a few houses away...Some times when sis skips
her Tennis, Janu and sis come home together in one auto, after the

Ok...if you are wondering why I'm talking about Janu, sindhu's you go...

Today...when sis and Janu came out of the school and waiting for the
auto, it happened that Mehta uncle was coming that way in his car. He
stopped it when he saw them and asked them to get in. Sindhu
introduced janu to uncle and from the very first look uncle made, sis
came to know that uncle just lost his mind! All the while during
their coming home, uncle's concentration was on Janu, sitting in the
back seat. After she got down, uncle asked sis why she is so
reserved, not speaking even a single thing and moreover he said he
observed that she is so depressed. Sis told him that she will tell
him tomorrow and came back home. Now, I'm curious to find out but
denied by my sis. She said she will tell uncle tomorrow and I can
know during that time. She also told me that it will be a shocking
thing for mehta uncle and she really has some plans now! Wow...I just
cant wait...


It was 11 am in the morning...and Dad and his friends have just
started playing cards in the living room and the scotch will start
flowing freely. They were four. Dad, mehta uncle, another friend who
is in construction business and the last is our family doctor. Mom is
busy preparing the lunch in the kitchen.

Sis is getting ready and was thinking what to wear for the occassion.
She always comes up with some thing mind blowing and I just cant
wait! Finally she has decided on some thing and asked me to follow
her to our parents bed room. She straight away went and opened dad's
closet and chose a black silk shirt with long sleeves, which dad
occassionally wears for the functions. When she finally wore the
shirt, it just covered her waist and any slight movement will make
her huge hips appear from the back side. I was not able to see the
front view. And she had the top 3 buttons undone, showing her
beautiful cleavage and most of her beautiful breast, without bra! She
thought for a few seconds and then went grabbed one particular body
spray which mom uses and applied it on her chest. She said mom does
that whenever she goes out to parties and bent down and asked me to
smell her breasts! It was terrific..! Now she is all set to have a go
at our poor mehta uncle!

I have to tell you some thing, here. Even though sindhu just plays
with mehta uncle, he never suspected that she is so naughty...and
today will be a big surprise for him.

When we both entered the hall, all eyes immediately turned towards
us, except dad. The other 3 just could not avoid looking at her top
to bottom and mehta uncle said "here comes my darling...come here
baby...we need to talk". Mom looked disapprovingly at sindhu, but she
never really made a issue of her way of dressing...she knows she is a
big girl! Sindhu went and sat on uncle's left thigh, sideways with
her legs dangling over his right thigh...and gave a peck on his fore
head, with both her hands entwined around his head. He might have
noticed the spray and said it's a nice one. She moved closer to him
and I can see her left tit is getting crushed against his chest.
Every one is so engrossed in cards and when uncle tried to reach for
his glass of whiskey, sindhu grabbed that and brought it to his lips.
I thought he is a lucky bastard! He took a sip of it and asked her to
tell about Janu, as she has promised y'day evening.

Sindhu looked at me, smiling mischievously and said "Uncle...her
husband is not giving her enough...she is so frustrated and dying for

"What...?"...uncle just shook a bit and every one looked at him for a
moment. He covered his expression with the cards in his hand and
slowly asked what she meant by not giving her enough.

"Oh..uncle..dont act! I know that you know...ok...I will tell you
clearly. Her husband is weak in bed...and thats making her very
frustrated. Since she is very close to me...she tells me everything.
I asked her to try something outside...but she is not that kind...but
let me tell you uncle...she is in right stage to be plucked! If you
want to be the one...we will do it today itself...otherwise the
chance will go to some one else!"

He looked shocked! He didnt know how to reply or what to. But I can
see that he is getting an erection. Adding to his woes, sindhu
decided to tease him further in front of every one and slided from
his left thigh and landed directly in his lap...on his cock, to be

She started making small movements with her ass, probably rubbing his
cock! But you will not notice it unless you concentrate properly.
Moreover...she is crushing her breasts against his chest...if any
body looks at them...the first impression is she is sitting in his
lap and trying to look into the cards in his hand...but a closer
observation will reveal...whats going on.

The situation has come to a boiling point...and he started breathing
heavily...and here...probably we underestimated uncle...He
said " my hand is not good today...lets do this
way...u draw the cards...and we both will play!", with that he handed
the cards to her and grabbed her by waist and drawn her more tightly
towards his cock. Sindhu looked surprised...but liked this welcome
change. She turned with her back towards him and still in his lap and
holding the cards. Now dad and his friends sitting across can see her
full thighs and white panty without missing any thing. But those guys
just seemed to be immersed in the game...and I just wondered how can
a pack of cards will make you ignore a beautiful and a revealing girl
like sindhu to be ignored!

Mom is on telephone in the bedroom...talking to her friend...and god
knows how long she will talk! Dad some times gets irritated that she
will forget the whole world, when she is on phone with her friends.
That's really helped the situation now.

Uncle held sindhu by the waist with both his hands and started moving if he is fucking her from the back. Now its sindhu's turn
to go out of control! I can see the beads of sweat forming on her
face...even in A/C. Now unlce asked in a low tone..."Tell do
I fuck that bitch!" Thats it...sindhu came to the verge of losing
control. I thought any time she will throw the cards in her hands and
ask uncle to fuck her silly! Probably if dad was not around...she
would have dared...I guessed.

But she understood the dangerous situation..and slowly gained
control..and said "Uncle..first of all she is not a bitch in heat.
She is really conservative...its just her frustration which might
help you. Today is her birth day..and her husband is also on tour. No
one is at home. So, if you can break her emotionally...she will be
all yours. Who knows she may become ur whore! I have a plan for that.
Can you please throw this fucking cards and come with me...??"

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:13 am

Everything was set...uncle said he has to leave because of some
urgency...and sis said she will be going to Janu's house and uncle
will be dropping her! They quickly finished the lunch and also me.

The worst part in the whole thing is I will be left out for the first
time, after I teamed up with sis. But she promised me to give a blow
by blow account! With that they left.

I spent some time watching TV in my parents bedroom...but got bored.
So, went back to our room and had a nice afternoon nap. It was 6 pm
when sis woke me up. First she started teasing me...saying nothing
has happened! I was furious...but she was just smiling and did not
tell. After we had our dinner and retired to the bedroom...she
unfolded the story.

For a change, she just removed everything and settled next to me
stark naked on the bed. I was in my pyjamas and befored I made the
move, she held me tightly in her embrace and started unfolding the
afternoon's proceedings.


Sindhu and uncle both went to a saree shop straight away and
purchased one nice saree worth 2000 rupees and went to Janu's house.
Janu was surprised to see mehta but she just asked both of them to
come inside. Her face was flushed...because she just came and opened
the door thinking only sindhu will be there...and she is just in her

She being so fair, that black nighty looked terrific on her body.
When Janu gave both of them a glass of coke, and sat next to sindhu,
mehta started to speak about why he has come.

"Janu...I have a younger sister and today is her birth day. On her
every birth day, I buy her a saree and wish her. But, this year I'm
deprived of that because she is married now and she is in States. So,
when sindhu told me that today is your birth day also, I just thought
atleast I can do this to you. Moreover when I looked at you
yesterday, to tell you frankly, you reminded me of my sister. Thats
why I came here today..." with that mehta game a small sigh...having
acted brilliantly.

Janu was confused at first...but also felt happy...and her feeling
was a mixture of every thing.

"Oh..thank you Mr.Meh..."

"You can call me need for any formalities...!" mehta was
"hmm...bhaiya...thank you very much...but.." Janu was struggling to
find her words. Basically she felt very happy! When she thought that
her life has become so terrible, with a husband who is not only weak
in the bed...but also very mean..always yelling and shouting at her
even for his mistakes, here came a stranger to bless her on her birth
day. This is the first time she felt so happy in her married life of
5 years! But still the whole thing was so quick that she didnt know
what to say.

Sindhu understood the situation immediately and said "Come on sis!
atleast uncle has come here to wish you, did any one wish you frank!"

That's true, Janu thought. She did not receive a phone call from her
husband, not from her parents who thought their duty has finished
after she got married! Now she can see how much it meant for her. She
became more happy instantly.

She accepted the saree from mehta and sindhu said "Come...lets go to
your bedroom...and see how my big sis will look in this new
saree...given by her loving brother!" Janu flushed at her words, but
followed sindhu to her bedroom.

Mehta readjusted his growing erection in the pants...he was surprised
to see how easy it is going. Probably the poor girl has gone through
a very rough patch of life...all good for him and also for her! Now
he counted the time to implement step no.2! And when he thought it's
time, he got up and headed towards the bedroom.

Janu's back is facing the door and she is in petty coat and blouse
and she has the saree wrapped around her and trying to make foldings
to push it in the petty coat. Sindhu was helping her...but being it a
new saree..they were unable to fold it properly.

"Here...let me help...Janu, you are just like my sister...she also
struggles with her new saree. And she always wants her big brother to
help her." Saying so he came near to them and took hold of the saree.
Janu was deeply flushed and tried to say some thing. But before she
can speak Sindhu said " think you can do this...uncle...this
is not an easy job...folding the new saree...and you think you can do
this...huh...sis..let him handle...let's see what he can do!"

Janu was too confused and yet unable to stop the whole thing. Every
thing is happening so quickly that she is just unable to resist it!
Moreover she is getting aroused...she never stood with just blouse
and petty coat in front of any other man, except her husband.

He did a nice job..quite expertly folded it and pushed the saree into
her petty coat! She shook like a leaf, when his hand entered into her
petty coat along with the saree and touched her hot belly! When it
went inside, his fingers came in contact with her curly bush...and he
shivered...probably she is not trimming her bush regularly having
lost the interest in life! He liked it...he always likes the women to
have lot of hair around the cunt...and he became very hot by the
thought that very soon his cock will be searching for the hole all
through the jungle!

Janu regained her composure and quickly finished the rest of the
thing. She is looking beautiful in the new saree...and the smile has
never left on her face..and the dimple on her left cheeck was just a
tease for mehta. He just imagined her lips wrapped around his huge
dick...going up and down...!

He gave sindhu a packet of Jasmine flowers and she twined it in
Janu's hair..and it looked even more alluring. He opened another
packet and took one piece of cake and offered it to her full lips.
She held his hand while she bit half of it and took the rest of the
piece in her hand and offered it to him! She felt the
same time she thought...what has happened to her today..she just
started wondering!

"So, the newly found brother and sister are more than happy to forget
me...! This is too bad...!" sindhu showed mock anger at both of them,
for which Janu started giggling!

Now is the should strike when the iron is hot. Sindhu
knows it very well. "Hey..dont you want your brother to bless you??"
sindhu looked surprisingly at Janu. "Oops...wish me bhaiya.." and
Janu bent to touch his feet. Midway he grabbed hold of her by the
shoulders and pulled her up looking deeply into her eyes. He was too
lost in his thoughts that he did not say any thing but just kept
looking at her. Janu was also transfixed by his looks..and almost
forgot the entire looked as if she just wanted him to look
at her like this.

Now is the big moment, sindhu thought. A small push on Janu's
back...thats it...she fell into the arms of him, and he tightly
pulled her towards him! She doesnt know what came over soon
as she fell into his tight embrace..tears started forming in her
eyes..tears of joy. She never thought this birth day will be so
memorable. And very soon her tears started running down and she
started crying.

Slowly he guided to her to bed and sindhu said " cool her off
uncle. I will go and watch TV" and she left the room..and closed the
door, keeping just enough to see the action inside. Janu felt more
comfortable now and she did not leave him, even when they sat on the
bed! "Bhaiya," she managed to say between her sobs.

"Little sister," he whispered; his hand caressed the raven blackness
of her hair. "What's the matter? What's wrong with my little sister?"

She shook her head, nestling into the hollow of his
shoulder. "Nothing."

"Hey now, all these tears can't be over just nothing." His voice was
gentle and soothing. "Remember ; I'm your big brother now. You can
tell every thing to me."

She sniffed a bit, her head lifting to him. Her eyes were red and
tears streamed down her face, but she managed a little smile. "You
dont know what kind of life I've been going through. And I hope
bhaiya could make things better."

"Janu, I can never claim to be able to do the impossible." He
chuckled, hoping to cheer her. "But I can try to help you whichever
way I can."

"Bhaiya, oh, bhaiya."

Janu broke into sobs again. Her body shuddered violently. He just
held her and let her have her cry. Even though he could have taken
control of her, he is not forcing the matters, sindhu thought.
Probably his exprience has thought to play a bit more, sindhu just
wondered. Even he is not sure when to initiate.

At least ten minutes passed before Janu quieted again. She clung to
him even longer, before eventually easing back. Her head did not
rise. Sindhu thought she should intervene or else this will settle
down quickly...and just wanted to wait for few more minutes.

"Feel better, sister?" he asked, his hand squeezing Janu's.

"Just cried out, bhaiya" Janu said. "There's no more tears left in
me. I was surprised there were this many after this long. I thought
they were all gone."

After this long? Now he wanted to apply the pressure. "Would it help
to talk about it?"

"I don't know if it would help." she was a bit reluctant to discuss
her marital problems with him.

"I think it will help. After all, you are like my sister and I just
love you as I do her." Now sindhu got his point, he is trying to push
her to the edge!

Janu leaned to him and kissed his cheek. "I know, bhaiya. But it's
hard to bare one's soul, even to a brother. Especially when it has to
do with something this personal."

"Your husband?"

She nodded. "How did you know, bhaiya?" she looked a bit confused.

"Just a guess. There are not many things that will make a married
woman lose control and cry. A husband happens to be one of those
things though." He thanked sindhu in the mind for telling him every
thing about Janu.

"I don't know where to start," Janu said. "In some ways, it seems
like this has been going on forever. I wish I should not have married

He just listened. It wasn't that unusual a story, husbands not caring
for wife's feelings. People still think sexual pleasure is only one-
sided and it seemed the majority of those people were men. Her
husband just happened to be one of them.

The usual story was one of possession - a wife is a husband's
property, or vice versa. It's hard to accept one's spouse as a human
being, despite everything lovers proclaim to one another. Marriage
and that legal slip of paper two people sign often is thought to
mean "you belong to me...enjoy...lock..."

"...That's it," Janu said. "I don't know what to do, bhaiya. I've
tried everything I could think of and it's all fallen on its face.
Damn it, when I'm around him, I don't even feel like a woman any
more." she is opening up...sindhu thought and it wont be long...when
she just brakes...!

"You're still a woman, janu" he whispered, pulling her to him and
holding her tightly. "You don't ever have to doubt that, just look in
the mirror. You're a woman, quite a beautiful one." He started
playing cards now!

"Big brother inflating little sister's ego. You seem to be good at
that, bhaiya" janu said, her head lifting to his. "Why couldn't my
husband be like you?" sindhu thought she really meant it...and also
wondered how fast things have changed within 2 hours...!

With that she once more kissed his cheek. Her arms tightened around
him, holding him close.

What exactly happened next Janu was never totally sure of. One moment
her lips were against his cheek in a sisterly kiss, and in the next
instant, her lips were pressed to his. The kiss was far from being
sisterly. Her tongue flicked out and taunted his lips, teasing at
them, cajoling them to open!

His mouth opened and accepted the offering of her tongue as it moved
inward. His arms tightened, pulling her to him, while her tantalizing
tongue dueled over and under his tongue.

Sindhu is unable to resist any further. She just wanted to jump into
the room and join the scene. But, somehow she had a feeling that it
will blew every thing. She thought she will let it take place and
remain silent for the moment. But she slowly slipped her hand into
the panty and started rubbing her clit...!

Beneath the fabric of janu's saree, he could feel the warmth of her
body. His fingertips could feel her slight trembling, a
quivering sensation he was sure was not caused by the coolness of the
A/c in the room. It was the same trembling he now felt within
himself! It's too good to seduce a woman like janu!

Janu's tongue slowly retreated from his mouth. He followed it with
his tongue, delving intimately into the sweetness of her mouth. She
moaned softly, nestling even closer against him as he toyed and
teased, his tongue flicking and probing toward her throat.
He was suddenly aware of the persistent cushion of her huge breasts.
Warm mounds of flesh pushing out from beneath her blouse, rolling
over his chest. And atop each of those fleshy pillows was a hard
pebble-like nipple, each trying to dig small holes in his skin.

This woman, this woman he found in his arms, is thinking about him as
her brother. That made him even more hotter. His testicles tightened
in their sac with the old familiar feeling of want and desire.
Already he was feeling hot with sindhu's teasing in her house. He
knew in that instant that if he wanted her, she was more than willing
to let him enter her body.

They parted. Janu's head tilted back a bit, her dark eyes meeting
his. Her expression was uncertain, filled with the realization that
she had tasted forbidden fruit. But when he made no indication that
their action was wrong a small smile danced at the corners of her
sensuous mouth.

"I wanted that, bhaiya" she said softly.

He didn't answer, except to pull her to him once again, his mouth
covering hers. Passion rose in their kiss. They clung to one another,
brother and sister, man and woman, lovers. Their hands now explored
their faces, caressing cheeks, tracing the lines of their mouths.
They stared at each other, love shining in their longing gaze. They
kissed, then kissed again, losing themselves in their embrace.

"Love me, bhaiya," the black-haired woman who was his new found
sister whispered when they parted again. "Make love to me, bhaiya.
Make me your woman, even if it's only for this moment."

"Yes, my sweet sister..." he said, tenderly caressing her cheeks.

She smiled and eased from his arms. As he watched, she stood and
removed her saree. Next to go was her petty coat and bra. Within
moments she stood completely naked in front of him. Sindhu just
wondered how fast she has transformed from a shy lady into this

She looked so fragile and feminine. Her breasts were white cones of
milky perfection. Perched precariously atop each of those satiny-
smooth cushions were bud-like nipples, dark mushrooms, stiff and
erect with her arousal.

Downward over the sleek flatness of her stomach his gaze moved. For
an instant he probed the sensual well of her navel. Then his eyes
moved even lower, his groin feeling tight and hot.

Between her slightly spread thighs was the thick black bush of her
cunt. The silky strands were shining in the silvery rays of the moon.
And barely perceivable beneath the soft looking fur of her pubis was
the shadowy slit of her sex. She felt a bit shy when his eyes have
focussed on her cunt and tried to cover her pussy with both her hands.

"Beautiful" he said, meaning it. He opened his arms for her to come
to him. "Let me kiss you."

She came, stepping quickly to his side. But before she could kneel to
receive his promised kiss, his arms wrapped around her thighs. He
drew her to him. His lips pressed to hers, but not the lips of her
mouth - the lips of her cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh! bhaiya" She moaned aloud with unabandoned relish.

Quivery thrills of hot sexual desire coursed through her veins. The
warm stream of his breath trickled through the moss of her pubis.
Then there was the damp flicker of a tongue. The tantalizing tapping
of her new found brother's tongue.

"Oh God!" She moaned again, reaching down and caressing his head,
pushing his face into her pussy. "It feels so damn good!"

The moist little snake of his tongue was doing all sorts of marvelous
things to her. He taunted up and down the cleft of her loins,
flicking lightly at the nubbin of her clitoris, cajoling it out from
beneath its fleshy hood.

And when he had every inch of her naked body trembling with fevered
excitement, he licked downward, lapping at the tremulous groove of
her cunt. She heard the smacking of his lips and the wet oral sound
as he sucked away the sudden flood of juices filling the core of her

Abruptly, his tongue darted up into the mouth of her pussy. Her hands
tightened on his head, pressing him even harder against the aching
gash of her snatch. In and out his feathery oral digit toyed with
her. Her knees quivered and shook, becoming as liquid as the womanly
fluids flowing within her cunt.

Suddenly she was no longer able to stand. With a startled cry, she
collapsed. But he was there, catching her and lowering her to the
bed. He quickly let go of his dress, except underwear, before she can
recover and he was there beside her, his mouth on hers. She kissed
him, tasting herself still on his tongue.

Lovingly, he reached out and cupped one of the shimmering domes of
her tits. Despite the almost chilly feel of the cool air coming from
the A/c, her breast was warm, excitingly warm. So smooth and silky
she felt to his fingertips. His fingers traced around and around the
fleshy mound, working upward toward the rubbery button seated atop it.

A shudder of pleasure rushed through her supine body when his
fingertips at last brushed over her stiff nipple. Teasingly, he
tweaked the aroused button of flesh, delighting in the desirous moans
that writhed from her lips. Then his hand suddenly dropped down,
covering her breast and squeezing.

She felt so good, so damn good, just touching her, holding her. She
was so alive, so willing to have his hands on her. That this woman
was thinking him as her brother only added to his arousal.

He taunted and teased and kneaded and played with her breasts to his
heart's content. Then he sucked at them, his tongue licking and
laving over every inch of her delectable titflesh. Her body was so
ready for man, so hungry to be felt and loved, he found it almost
unbelievable that she had not sought an extra-marital lover until
now. That she had waited was his gain.

Downward his fingers crept, circling the well of her navel, then
moving into the softness of her pubic fur. He played there a moment,
delighting as the anticipation mounted in her body. She was ready to
feel him within her, even if it were only a finger. Yet he delayed
tickling up into the socket of her cunt. The longer he taunted the
better it would be when he actually came into her.

Cupping her crotch, he squeezed down on her plump womanly pubis. He
kneaded her mound of Venus as he had kneaded her tits but moments
ago. She was hot and willing and ready. He could feel the warm flow
of her juices dampening his palm. Yet still he taunted, increasing
the intensity of her need.

"aggghhh...bhaiya.. !" She moaned. "You are marvelous ! It's
wonderful, so wonderful!" she is out of her mind now. Then he shot a
finger up into her cunt.

"Agggarrahhhh!" She groaned. Her whole body writhed under his
impaling digit. Inward he drove, twisting and twirling his finger in
the wet haven of her pussy. She moaned and bucked, fucking herself on
his hand. She was hot and flooded with her own lubricants, but he
prolonged the foreplay, giving her a taste of all the loving care her
husband had neglected for
so long.

Then he worked yet another finger into her twat.

Her moaning and writhing doubled. She was tight, but she took him,
screwing around on his palm. She hunched her pelvis like a woman gone
mad. She was oblivious to all, except him, and he knew it, a fact
that only served to increase his own desire.

"I want you,..bhaiya...I need you...agghh.." she whimpered in a
piteous little voice. "Take me, bhaiya. Make me your woman."

He extracted his fingers from the fleshy sheath of her cunt. They
came free with a wet sucking sound. She groaned at the sudden
emptiness that filled her. Her eyes fluttered open, filled with the
burning light of lust.

With her watching him, he stood. Slowly he eased down the underwear.
His cock, long and rigid, jumped outward, jerking and twitching with
its new-found freedom.

Janu's dark eyes widened. A hungry expression moved over her face.
She stared longingly at the thick, imposing shaft of his sex. At the
same time, there was a knowing glint in her eyes - the realization
that his erect cock was for her - her alone!

"Let me feel it, bhaiya." Her lips parted to reveal the wetness of
her tongue. "Let me feel you."

He stepped forward straddling her supine body. Below him on her back,
she gazed up, her eyes frozen on the massive bludgeon of his cock.
Then her arms lifted.

He groaned, trembling at the first touch of her fingertips. Lovingly
her fingers ran up and down the solid column of his sex. Light and
tender she caressed, as though she were worshipping the virile
strength of his cock.

"It feels marvelous," she whispered. "So hard and strong, yet so
smooth and soft. I love the way it twitches at my touch. So hungry
and ready - ready to fuck me - ready to screw your sister. Isnt
it ...bhaiya!" Sindhu was not surprised at her talk...she seems to be
in that class...who once let go will go to any lengths. She just
wondered whether her mom is also in this class! And she just shivered
with the thought and continued stroking her clit..while not moving
her eyes away from the scene.

His balls surged within their wrinkled bag. That's exactly what he
was going to do - fuck her...fuck his new found sister!

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:13 am

"I feel so wicked," she went on, her hands still running up and down
his cock. "I feel like my brother's whore, willing to do anything he
wishes - anything. True bhaiya...i will do anything for you"

Her tongue flicked over her lips, an invitation for him to ask for
her mouth. It was a hard offer to turn down, but his loins were
consumed with need for this woman. He realized that if she pressed
her lips to his cock crown he might just lose the fiery load burning
in his testicles. And at this moment, that was the last thing she
needed and also he!

What she did need was to feel a man's cock shoved up her cunt. She
needed a man, a man to fuck her.

"Fuck me, janu" he said. "I want my sister to fuck me."

"Yes, bhaiya" she said, smiling widely. "Yes!"

Her thighs spread, opening her body to him. With one last squeeze,
she relinquished her hold on his prick.

Slowly, he lowered himself atop the titillating bed of her naked
body. Their mouths met once again, their tongues taunting and
probing. Their hands were moving, trying to feel every inch of their
bodies all at once.

Beneath him, she squirmed a bit. Her pelvis lifted and his glans
nestled in the moist slit of her cunt. He eased forward separating
the plump lips of her outer labia. He felt her tense, her
anticipation growing.

Moving with slow-motion speed, he inched his throbbing wand of lust
into her body. Deeper the swollen shaft slithered. His lust-engorged
cock crown touched, then splayed the scalloped inner lips of her cunt.

He was within her now. The hot liquid shelter of her pussy surrounded
him, bathing each inch of cock he fed into her hungry body. She felt
so good, so hot, so tight. To just lie there atop her luxurious body,
to feel the glove-like tightness of her pussy sheathing his cock
would have been enough.

Enough for him - but not for her. She needed all the pleasure and
release his body could provide. And that's exactly what he intended
to give her.

Abruptly, his hips jerked back. His prick sluiced upward, posing at
the entrance to her love channel. He paused a moment, then drove
down. Long and hard, his piston of pleasure burrowed into the folds
of her steaming pussy.

"Sweet bhaiya!" She groaned under him. "You're so big! So wonderfully
big! I never imagined it would be like this, never in my wildest

Her words hit him like an electric jolt. Sizzling sexual energy
coursed through his groin. His pelvis lurched up and swung down. He
ground into her crotch, making sure her stiffened clit felt the full
impact of his body.

He felt her cunt squeeze around him, sleeving his prick in the humid
recesses of her core. She was tight, so damn tight. It was marvelous.
At another time, he would have liked to just lie there letting her
milk his rod with the magnificent power of her vaginal muscles. But
that would have to be another time. Now he was fucking her, and he
was doing his best to make sure it was an experience she would not
soon forget.

While he drove his prick in and out of the envelope of her cunt, he
swung around a bit atop, just enough for his mouth to cover one of
the mounds of her tits. Then he sucked. He sucked hard, his tongue
slashing across the top of her stiff nipple like a moist little whip.

Her moans deepened, filled with gratification and soaring lust. She
writhed under him, her hips bucking up to meet each thrust of his
crotch. Her pussy squeezed at him, sucking along his slicked length.

She tucked him with unabandoned desire. Her hunger for the pleasures
of a man drove her on at a fervent pace. The harder and deeper he
shafted into the heated hole of her pussy, the more she wanted him,
begged for him. To allow such a passionate woman to suffer as she had
with her husband was a sin, he thought. The man had to be insane.

Suddenly he found himself groaning around a mouthful of delicious
titflesh. Janu wedged a hand between their sweat-drenched cores and
toyed with his testicles. Her fingers lightly kneaded the two heavy
balls, teasing him.

His response was an even harder-plunging cock. He reamed in and out
of her fleshy sheath. His hips twisted and ground into her pelvis. He
hunched, throwing his full weight behind each of his deep-probing

"Close, close" she managed to moan in between his slicing
thrusts. "Close!"

Immediately, he upped the tempo of his relentless fucking. Her
nearness to climax and his own burning need whipped him on. He threw
himself into her, trying to slam the head of his prick against the
ring of her cervix. But it seemed an impossible task. The deeper he
poled, the more her body seemed to open up and accept him.

Faster and faster his cock ramrodded into the juicy slit of her
snatch. Harder and harder, he drove the mighty spear of his lust into
the mouth of her belly. She groaned continuously now. She squeezed at
his balls, creating a fantastic mixture of ache and pleasure.

In and out, the knifing length of his pulsating prick skewered the
juice-flooded hole of her cunt. On and on, she welcomed each probing
thrust of his sex.

Her body was packed with him. His fat, swollen presence dominated her
life. At that moment, she existed for him and him alone. Her body was
no more than a vessel for her new found brother's cock. And she loved
it, loved every hard, throbbing inch he shoved deeply into the greedy
slash of her pussy.

It seemed like years since a man had entered her body. Now all the
mounting frustrations she had felt during her marriage to her husband
seemed to shatter and explode away. This, the feel of a man rooted so
deeply in her cunt, was what she had yearned for. This, the pulsing
hardness of a fat prick, was what she had ached and prayed for.

And now, now that her prayer had been answered, she realized she
could never live without it again. She was a woman, not some doll to
be used, but a woman who felt and had needs. And those needs and
desires needed a man to satisfy them. Her husband could never be such
a man.

Inward his cock rammed, filling her body. She moaned in unabandoned
relish, savoring the feel of his skewering rod. She
squeezed down on his thickness, trying to hold him deeply within the
trembling channel of her pussy.

Out the pulsating shaft slithered, evacuating the edacious mouth of
her belly. She quivered and trembled. She felt each swollen inch as
it withdrew. Then downward his pelvis swung, once again slamming the
rigid length of his prick into her juice-filled cunt.

Higher and higher she soared with every pounding stroke of his
magnificent piston. Her thighs glowed with expanding heat, warmth
generated from the constant ramrodding of her cunt. Hotter and hotter
she burned, consumed by the flames of lust and love for her new found

Outward the glow spread, swirling to meet the desires of her body.
Closer and closer the fiery heat came. Then it was there flaring
within the very core of her pussy. She groaned out loud and long,
surrendering herself to the explosive force of her climax.

Beneath him, her body quivered in tremors of pleasure, tremors that
rapidly became full-fledged flesh quakes. Her fingernails dug deeply
into his back raking down toward his pumping buttocks. The wet sheath
of her cunt contracted around the stiff staff of his prick, sucking
at his length in the moment of her ecstasy.

Her carnal desires satisfied, he then allowed the boiling pressure of
his loins to spew forth. He came, blasting spurt after hot spurt of
sperm and semen into the tremulous socket of her sex.

Thick, white cream fountained from the slitted mouth of his cock,
scalding over the hyper-sensitive surface of his glans. Jet upon jet
of his seed splattered over the pink folds of her love hole. He
drenched her, covering every inch of her greedy pussy with his

Seemingly, he emptied at least a gallon or two of his seminal
reserves into her before his throbbing prick at last subsided and the
flood of his climax ceased. Gratefully, he just laid atop her still
trembling body, savoring the complete satisfaction of their

When at last he rolled from her sated body, she nestled into the
hollow of his shoulder clinging tightly to him. He held her, enjoying
the warmth of her body suffusing along his side. He held her until he
felt her breathing soften to the shallow breaths of sleep. Man and
woman, brother and sister, they both remained motionless untl sindhu
entered into the room.

As soon as janu saw sindhu coming inside, she felt horrified. All the
while she almost forgot that she is also in the house and tried to
grab the saree. But mehta didnt move, he is too tired and moreover he
knows he dont have to, knowing sindhu well. Sindhu stopped janu and
kissed her fully on the lips, and held her like a baby.

"So, did u like my birth day present, dear sis..?" she was teasing
janu, and as expected janu she flushed deeply and grabbed the saree
and ran into the bathroom.

When sis finished narrating that day's happenings my small cock has
come to life! And I held her more tightly not knowing what to do. She
was also going wild with her recollection and started rubbing her
clit with her left hand and pulled my mouth to her left tit with her
right hand.

Before I even sucked on her nipple, she came with a big cry...and I
felt something happening strange in my pants and wetted it. I meekly
slided from her and within minutes lost into deep sleep...The next
day when I got up, I found that sis was already up. Last
night was my most memorable night...because some thing strage
happened...and for me it looked like experiencing an electric shock,
even though a pleasant one!

It should be around 6 am...and we always get up early in the morning,
our parents made it a habit for us. In another half n hour, I'm ready
and went to get my morning cup of Horlicks! The first
thing I saw when I entered kitchen was mom busy with washing last
night's dishes. She has bent a bit while doing that, and she is still
in her nighty. The jasmine flowers in her hair looked a bit always wants dad to buy her fresh jasmines, when he
comes back home in the evening. He never misses that, even if he was
late...and when she has them in her hair, some how I feel like her
beauty seems to increase manifold! But, for me the most lovable sight
is to see her in the morning with the jaded flowers in her hair and
doing the house chores in her nighty. Probably that's the reason for
me getting up early in the morning to catch a glimpse of that sight
in the morning!

When I was lost in admiring her early morning beauty, I didn't notice
when sis came into the kitchen. Sindhu straight away went to mom and
hugged her from the back, a bear hug it seemed. But I can explain
it...after all she loves mom the same way I do!

Mom gave a jerk and when she saw that it was her daughter, gave a
sigh and again concentrated on her job.

" know, right? Avi and my self want to go to Renu's marriage
and did you talk to dad about that?", with that sis gave a little
peck on her right cheek! While she was enquiring, I can see that
sindhu's hands were roaming all over mom's thighs and when they
landed on her gave a jerk and turned towards sindhu and
looked questioningly.

"Come on mom...! I was just checking whether you have changed the
nighty or still wearing the same from last night!" sindhu was smiling
mischievously! Mom was able to guess what she meant...because her
face turned beet root red...and she knows that her daughter was
referring to any marks on her nighty, after their love making!

"See I know that you have grown big! So, I have to really
think hard about what lalitha told me...", mom turned away and
resumed her job again.

"Mom...! what did lalitha aunty tell u...? I don't understand a bit",
sis was furious and I felt she blew up every thing, by her carrying
away with mom.

Later mom started talking. She told us what lalitha aunty told her
and it looked like even mom agreed with her. Basically that is same
old story! Sis is grown up now..and it will not be correct if mom
allows sis to go for tuition to his flat, let alone going to Renu's
marriage alone. Sindhu started fuming when she heard that. But, not
for long. I was surprised by her gaining her senses immediately! May
be that's the reason, why she is able to command all the men who came
to her!

She again hugged mom from the back and started kissing slowly on her
neck, ears...cheeks! Any mom will just melt when her big girl does
that, I thought. And that's what happened here.

" can you think about suresh uncle like that...He will be
surprised if he knows that. He will feel very bad for whatever he has
told about you!", sindhu slowly started moving her hands up and down
along mom's thighs! Now it's mom's turn to get surprised. While she
didn't stop what she was doing, she asked sis what she was talking
about. I can see that mom is clearly confused...probably thinking
what suresh has told about her!

"He always tells me...what a fine woman you are...and if at all he
wants to get married, he wants a woman like you! He some times tells
me that dad is lucky to get you as his wife!"

All the while sindhu was not idle, she started moving her hands
slowly and they are within the reach of cupping
mom's breasts! I was too excited...and at the same time, I was
frightened that it will be too much for mom to handle and she will
make hell lot of noice. But, mom got excited just like me...and she
didn't mind her daughter running her hands up and down...and tried to
kept her cool! But I can see that she is aroused by her thrusting her
back more towards sis!

"He says if he was married to you a woman like you, he will never go
to work...just sits at your...i mean his wife's feet...and treat her
like a queen!!"
That's it! Mom blushed a deep red, and looked very happy! I can
understand...when you have grown up children, and suddenly you know
that there's a secret young admirer for you, no woman will deny their
feelings and mom immediately turned around and kissed sis on her
cheeks and said she will talk to dad about our trip today!
We didn't know how days are passing by and the sunday came. I was
watching TV when sindhu called me into our room. I know that
something is going to happen. I have become so expert in the past few
days that when her voice shakes...I know that some thing's up!
Nisha is her class mate, and so are Anil and Rajesh. Anil is the son
of a wealthy men who donates huge amounts of funds to the school in
which they all study. So, naturally Anil enjoys a special attention
in the school and Rajesh is his best buddy. I don't know when and how
sindhu made friends with them, but now Anil wanted a help from sis.
To help him seducing Nisha!

If you want me to describe Nisha, it will be very difficult. What can
I say...? She is a complan girl! Yes...she tops the school year after
year in the studies and her face is so innocent, contrary to her
name. If Complan wants a pretty and cute model for a girl of 17, she
will beat every one hands down! That's for sure! She lives with her
divorced mom, who works in a top position in a private consulting
firm. Nisha and her mom came to our house once...and I must say that
her mom looks so beautiful and I just wondered what made her husband
to divorice her!

So, it's time for Nisha to leave a bit of her innocense! I believe in
sindhu's capabilities and I just can't imagine how Nisha will blush
when she has her first experience!

So, sindhu will be going to Nisha's house in the afternoon and will
be returning only late during the night. I'm becoming increasingly
frustrated now...this is the second time that she will be going
alone. But, there's no other way and I know one day will
come...when...I can't be denied these pleasures!
I was asleep when sis has returned and it should be close to 10
pm...when she woke me up. And here is what has happened........

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"Don't worry, Mom. I'm a big girl now." Nisha told her mom. Sindhu
was just smiling and she knows that it's common for mothers to give
advise to their girls when they go out!

"You're the only one left now, the only one. Even though your dad is
not with you, I never let you feel that you lack some thing. But I
know that...with Sindhu around, I don't have to worry" and she smiled
at sindhu.

Sindhu couldn't help admiring Nisha's mother. She is a very lovely
woman, with a good figure, smoothly tapered legs, and she should have
somebody to replace the husband which had been missing for six years
now. It wasn't right that she should deny herself the love and
passion of a man, not right at all! Probably she will help her in
that way...

"Well, if you must leave me alone, you can." Mala, Nisha's mother
sighed. "You know that I'm tired and need you to help me."

"I'll be in early, mom, and help you tomorrow. This is the first time
I'm going out and sindhu is also with me. Moreover, we are going to
Anil's house only. You'll be all right this evening, won't you?" Sure
she will, Nisha thought.

"Oh, I realize I'm only being a selfish old mother," Mala said,
smiling. "It's your time to be out and find some happiness. I've had
mine, now better luck with yours. Sindhu...take care of my daughter!"

"You haven't finished yours, aunty," sindhu said sharply. "You're
only thirty-five, and a beautiful thirty-five at that!"

"I know. I haven't finished...and I have my dearest child." Mala was
looking at her daughter lovingly.

"That's not what I meant! I--Ohhh, what's the use." sindhu thought it
was not the right time. Nisha turned and started across the room. "I
have to get dressed now, Mom."

Mala looked at her beautiful daughter tenderly as the almost naked
Nisha walked barefoot into the hall. She was slightly disturbed at
her child, because sindhu had almost spoken...and was no doubt nisha
will be thinking...what she herself hadn't dared to think at her
young age. But she couldn't stay mad or upset for long, and she felt
herself warming with love and affection at the radiant, tanned body
of her daughter...the jet black hair fanning out behind her
head...the way her conical young breasts beat with the rhythm of her
heart, solid and not as large as her own, but then not fully
developed, either.

And Mala had to admire with pride her daughter's smooth flat belly
and cute navel and the gentle sloping to her thighs...where she knew
there was a bed of softly curling pubic hair...slightly thinner than
her own--at the moment covered by merely a wisp of budding hair...and
the pink petals of her still untouched young vagina.

Nisha's tight, almost boyish buttocks swayed gently as she walked
toward her bedroom, and her feet, small, with delicate toes ...
suddenly Mala came to her senses...what has happened to her today..?
May be her daughter going out for the first time made her to think
like this...she tried to reason it!

Still, she couldn't help fearing that Nisha was perhaps emerging into
maturity faster than she should, and that she wasn't experiencing the
joys of childhood. Was Nisha growing up too fast? And then Mala
laughed wryly, realizing that she was being foolish. She was
overprotective, desperately clutching her child to her bosom because
that was all that was left. No husband, , and there wouldn't be

With another long-drawn sigh, Mala lifted herself out of her chair
and began taking the groceries into the kitchen and
asked " you want some coffee?".

Nisha had showered and stopped before the mirror in her
bedroom...looking with satisfaction at the voluptuously curved
body,her attractive mother and father had given her...and again
studied the way her panties outlined her slightly puffy little cuntal

Sindhu kept her coffee cup aside and came towards her and tugged the
panties up with her fingers until the smooth round cheeks of her
buttocks and the thin divide of her vaginal slit were tightly
impressed into the soft nylon...and Nisha giggled with secret

Sindhu hugged the semi nude Nisha from the back and moved her hands
up to grab both of Nisha's cute breasts in her hands and started
squeezing the nipples..."hmm....No wonder, why boys just die for you!
You have such a lovely face...Nisha..", she was nibbling at her ear.
Nisha gave a big jerk and pushed sindhu away...showing mock
anger "I'm not Rajesh...go and do to it?". Sindhu was able
to judge that Nisha is a bit aroused also from her ministrations and
thought it is necessary before the big time!

Nisha slipped into a mini-skirted jumper, the top of which covered
her breasts but still gave the impression that she was naked
underneath. A summer dress, befitting the heat...and good for getting
a boy like Anil all hot and bothered, Sindhu thought. That's the
reason she selected the dress for Nisha for that evening! Even though
Nisha didn't agree for that dress...finally she had to give in...she
too want to be adventurous!

Nisha began to comb her softly waving hair, and again she looked at
herself in the mirror, seeing the way the mini-skirt clung to her
buttocks and was more than half way up her tanned thighs, with slight
creases in front where her legs joined her hips. With sudden
awareness, she realized that she could almost see the lips of her
vagina--was the jumper too daring for tonight? A forbidden thrill
raced through her. She looked at Sindhu and said "Hey...sindhu, I
don't think I can come in this dress" almost pleading her. Sindhu is
not the one to give up so easily...and she just made sure that Nisha
will not back out.

Finally, Nisha shoved her feet into a pair of slippers and ran out of
her room. "Mom!" she called, "I'm going now, Please lock the door!"
and with that Nisha and Sindhu headed towards Anil's house, in
Sindhu's car.


All of them are sitting in the living room and Anil has given them
his family album to look at.

"Sindhu, here, this was me a few years ago." Anil took out a picture
of a boy. "That was me, I swear." Anil, the handsome, muscular boy
was sitting next to Nisha. Rajesh and Sindhu are sitting together.
While handing the photo Anil had to bend towards Nisha and when his
face came very near to her bosom...he just lost his mind. He thought
of ripping her dress then and there and wanted to suck her cute,
little breasts...but he knows it can't be done that way and regained
his composure.

"Hey, you were cute, Anil," Sindhu giggled, taking the photo from
him. "Lover boy, all right."

"Yeah, I think now no one thinks me that way when I started growing.
Well," Anil said, "I would like to have a drink. What about you,

"I...No way...I just thought of spending some time together with you
all. That's all" Nisha was shocked at the thought of Anil and Rajesh
drinking, when they are here. Sindhu came to her rescue and
said " carry on with your drinks. Nisha and myself will
have some coke"...she winked at Anil and went to fix the drinks.
Anil's house has a very good bar set up. The whole house oozes the
richness. Sindhu selected Chivas Reagal for this occassion...and she
carefully mixed the drinks for them. She is not new to the
scotch...some times she takes a peg or two with her parents...when
they are in good mood!

Nisha felt some thing different in taste...but didn't give a thought
for this. Soon, she had completed her third glass...and now she
really started liking the coke!

"Here..." Anil said suddenly. "Listen to me. How'd you all like to
see some real movies? I mean some hot ones!"

"Hot ones?" Sindhu asked, puzzled. She wanted to act before Nisha

"Sure, sexy ones!"

"Not now and here! " Rajesh said. "Any way...Where's your dad
tonight, Anil?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you. Dad is at some business
meeting up in the City, We've got the whole house to ourselves." Anil
lost his mother when he was very young, so he had sent the servants
on leave for this.

"Yeah ..." Rajesh breathed excitedly. "Yeah, that sounds great."

"What are you two talking about?" Nisha demanded.

"Look," Anil said to both girls. "My dad's got some films he bought
in Europe. They're ... a little spicy!. He got a new reel of film the
other day, and I haven't seen it...yet, but I imagine if it's like
the others, it should be a kick. You game?"

"Couldn't be worse than those magazines Rajesh was showing me
Wednesday evening, Anil," Sindhu giggled. "Sure, I'm for it."

"What about you, Nisha?"

Nisha paused, not sure what she should do, irritated at her childish
fears and still she is not in the right frame of mind with that coke
doing wonders to her.

"When your dad gets a Tom and Jerry flick, we'll invite her," Rajesh
said, laughing. "That's her world, Anil.""Listen, I may be younger
than you," Nisha said hotly to him, "but
I'm not that much younger." She could almost bite her tongue off as
the words poured out of her. She wanted to show them she was old
enough...but yet...she'd heard about these kinds of films, about the
nudity and things, but certainly they couldn't show everything!
Or ... could they? A tingle of wicked excitement ran through her in
spite of her reluctance. It would be sort of fun, and it wouldn't
show anything she didn't already know about...The moment she tilted
towards watching...the scotch started taking control of her mind in
full strength...Not want to? Suddenly she wanted to very much!

"Anil, let's see your dad's film. What the heck, a little piece of
film can't hurt anything?...huh"

"That's the spirit, baby," Anil said. "C'mon, let's enjoy!"

Anil grinned at Nisha constantly while he set up the TV and VCD. His
cock swelled in his pants as he thought of what might...what could
very easily happen that evening if he played it smart. Yeah, lewd and
obscene treats were in store for this innocent little virgin sitting
next to him, and once she reached the stage of being too hot to
resist, he was going to turn her every way but inside out! And she
was a virgin...he could sense that just as a hound can smell possum.
He'd have to take it slow...he knew. Slow and easy so he wouldn't
scare her. First time's the big time, he realized...having melted
many a cherry in his day. But one thing is sure...he just doesn't
want this girl to be one among his many prizes. There's some thing
special...he didn't know what it is...

"All right, folks," be said heartily, "name your poison."

"This is the one?" he said. "Says 'Dog Instruction' on the label."

Sindhu was passing out drinks to them. Nisha tasted her drink, and to
her surprise, found it very refreshing!...having had her 6th glass of
coke that evening.

Anil sat down on the couch next to Nisha and put one arm around her
so that she was close to him, and he let his hand drop down so that
it brushed against her breast casually...almost accidentally. "Hey,
baby," he crooned, "I really love you, you know?" He felt Nisha jump
slightly as she heard him, and he squeezed her tighter, pressing his
dangling hand once more against her smooth breast.

Nisha shivered in his embrace, and the alcohol seemed to diffuse
through her system. She pressed her thighs tightly together to
control a peculiar tickle which was worming its way through the soft
sensitive flesh down between her thighs.

Anil pressed his attack, feeling the tiny, bud-like nipple of her
breast harden under the thinness of her dress. Nisha knew she was
going to have to stop him soon...before things got out of control;
she squirmed, moving his fingers away without him noticing it...and
her short skirt hiked up over her hips, exposing her thighs and the
white crotch-band of her panties. She blushed furiously and tried to
pull her skirt down again. Anil laughed. "Leave it alone,'ve got nice legs. Don't
hide what's there, because you have got nothing there I don't know
about! I have a seen lot of them in tennis court!"

That brought a shriek of laughter from Sindhu and more livid redness
from Nisha. The young girl felt hot, but not wanting to let Anil and
the others think she was square, she didn't move her skirt...but
quickly took an extra heavy swallow of her drink. Anil leaned
across...brushing against her body tauntingly, and refilled her glass
from his.

"CD is ready!" Rajesh said, sitting down beside Sindhu on the other
couch and picking up his glass.
"In a moment," Anil said. He slid his hand from around NIsha and
stood up, walking over to the bar again and reaching underneath, to a
shelf along one side. "Before we begin the festival, let's make it a
little better for all of us."

He brought up a tin that English cigarettes are often packed in, and
brought it around to the others. "Here, each take one," he offered,
opening the tin. Inside were hand-rolled cigarettes of a peculiar
brownish texture. Nisha had a sinking suspicion what the odd
cigarettes were.

Marijuana...or some other!

"Light up," Anil went on to say, and pushed the tin in front of
Nisha. "Go on, baby, take one, Dad always has the finest collection"
he urged.

Nisha's mind was wrought with indecision. She'd heard too many
stories and lectures from adults, but she was just as afraid of
looking like she was a kid. She glanced at Sindhu for support and
guidance, and was shocked to see that her girlfriend was already
lighting one up...eyes shut, completely oblivious to Nisha's plight.

"What's the matter," Anil growled, "aren't you game, baby?"

"I ... I never smoked one before," Nisha blurted. She instantly
wished she hadn't admitted that, for now she really sounded uncool.

"A little bit will not hurt anybody," Rajesh said.

"Yeah, don't worry about a thing," Sindhu said, exhaling.

Don't worry ... She'd said the same thing to her mother only hours
earlier, and here she was! Worried!, Nisha thought

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"Ah, I knew she was a baby all along," Rajesh sneered. "Take her
home, Anil, so we can watch the film in enjoyment." Nisha blanched
under the direct punch of his contempt...and rebellious resentment
welled up inside her, forcing her to take a cigarette and place it
reluctantly between her lips. A child, was she! A baby!

"Let me light it for you," Anil said. "Once you're high, you'll feel
things you have never felt before." He lit the cigarette, and
trembling slightly, Nisha drew in her first drag. She coughed.

"Oh, for God's sake," Rajesh said disgustedly.

"Let her alone," Sindhu said. "She'll learn. Remember how I was the
first time? Nisha, hold the smoke down in your lungs. Try again, and
take it slow."

The second inhalation was easier, and the naive young girl held the
sour-sweet smoke down until she thought she'd burst. She exhaled,
looked around with a smile of triumph, only to see that the other
three were obliviously smoking their own joints. She followed suit,
and by the end of her cigarette, she began to float.

"How you feeling now, baby?" Anil asked as he switched off the lights
and started the movie.

"Like I'm on the moon!" Nisha had never felt better in all her life;
she was happy and carefree, without a worry in the world. She felt
warm and close to everyone here, and she turned her blissful eyes to
the screen.

The movie has started. A woman and a bedroom came into focus. The
woman was a statuesque brunette, wearing a clinging black gown
accentuating her body underneath. She slipped the gown slowly
upwards, exposing slim, well-rounded legs, full thighs, and a pair of
silken stockings which contrasted with her creamy smooth skin. Then
the dress was over her head, and in nothing but her stockings, bra
and panties, the woman took the dress and carefully laid it over a
chair. Then she bent forward and slowly, tantalizingly, unhooked her
bra--Nisha heard a sharp intake of breath from the other couch at
this point...and the full beauty of the woman's firm, proud breasts
burst free. They stood high and beautifully formed, their quivering
nipples stood out on the luscious half-spheres. Almost naked now, she
turned and bent over seductively and with her back to them, she drew
the panties down over her curved hips and buttocks, brushing them
sensuously against her smooth thighs and calves and then discarding
them at her feet.

She stretched languidly and teasingly swung around to face the
camera. All her delicious nudity was exposed now, from her high
rounded breasts to the soft dark triangle of her cunt below. She lay
back on the bed, scissoring her legs open and closed to expose the
thin slit of her vagina nestling in the soft dark hair of her pussy,
and she twisted her buttocks against the bed as though she were
trying to bury herself in it. The camera was at her feet now,
catching every detail of her sensual slow build-up into sexual

Nisha gasped with astonishment, for she had never expected anything
like this! Especially to start a film! What could possibly happen
next? She gulped nervously from her glass...and as she did so Anil
lit her another cigarette. Without thinking, she sucked in the
drugging smoke...and she could feel herself become mentally detached,
as if she were another person entirely. The heat and excitement of
the room, combined with the dope and alcohol to stimulate her...and
she squirmed down against the cushion...sensing the round edge of it
push her dress and panties tightly up into her vaginal crevice. She
rubbed herself against it, working the corner of the cushion between
the moist lips of her vulva, her body rocking on it in an almost
indiscernible rhythm in concert with the writhing actress before her,
and she could feel a wetness spreading between her thighs.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eyes at Sindhu and
Rajesh to make sure that they hadn't noticed her, but they were too
engrossed in what they were doing. Sindhu lay back against Rajesh,
dragging heavily on another joint, and Rajesh had his hands all over
her body. The top button of her pants was undone with an inch or so
of the zipper undone...and one hand of Rajesh's was inside
there...clearly rummaging around between her thighs, his fingers
clearly outlined against the fabric. His other hand was inside her
blouse...and Sindhu seemed unaware of either of his hands, for her
mouth was hanging limply open in a strange intoxicated look as they
dazedly watched the movie together.

Nisha leaned back against Anil, careful not to break contact with the
edge of the cushion which was pressed between her fevered thighs, and
she found his hand waiting for her. Without thinking, she relaxed
against it, making no protest when his fingers settled heavily on her
left breast.

His arm feels good, she thought to herself. And it doesn't hurt
anything, I guess ... She looked back to the screen again, and was
absorbed by the lewd perversions flickering in front of her drug-
dulled eyes. She couldn't believe it!

The woman was running her hands over her body as though she were out
of control, her fingertips dancing over the flat, ivory belly and
coming to rest at the vee of her soft, fleece-covered vagina, and the
contact of her fingers on her moistly open slit made her groan
silently and rise slightly off of the bed. She straightened the legs
like two beautifully carved ivory columns above the mattress. Then,
with a deeper groan that Nisha could almost hear it was so real, she
let them fall widely apart, showing the moistly glistening furrow
between. Her fingers crawled to the soft hair-covered lips and spread
them slowly apart until the wet pinkness was fully visible and the
vertical mouth-like orifice up between her thighs opened hungrily.
The half-moons of her firm rounded buttocks shone whitely, divided
sensuously by the hot, softly spreading crevice between them, her
tiny anus nestled mysterious and inviting below the swollen and
gently pulsating lips of her open cunt.

Nisha found herself sympathetically bound to the woman, her own cunt
tingling with anticipation. A soft moan escaped from her lips, and
once again she grabbed her drink to try and quench the fluttering
heat in her belly and loins; the alcohol, mixing with the marijuana,
only intensified the fire inside her. She squirmed down on the sofa
and she felt Anil's hands now groping at the straps of her jumper,
unbuttoning them at the back. Before she could react, they were free
and falling over the swollen slopes of her breasts; his hand slipped
inside, pulling the material free from her brassiere...and she
stiffened, filled with both foreboding and excitement. She tried to
pull his hand away, but her own fingers moved only as far as Anil's,
and then fell back again, and she could only stare with glassy, drug-
dimmed eyes at the movie and submit, thankful that in the darkness
the boy's manipulations would not be seen by her girlfriend, Sindhu,
or Rajesh.

The woman on the screen, her mouth open wide in ecstasy, worked one
finger...then two into the glistening moistness of her cunt hole, and
at the same time stroked the throbbing bud of her clitoris with her
other hand, her face tightening as she masturbated in open
capitulation with her craving desires, her alabaster skin wet and
shining with perspiration, her dark brown pubic hair matted to her
pink fleshy vaginal lips as she strove for orgasm. Her driving
fingers sunk deep up into her widely stretched opening, thrusting
harder and harder, but they were not enough. Nisha could see the
woman's face clenching with frustration and purpose, eyes tight,
teeth gritted, every sinew and muscle in her body spasming in her
longing for release ...

Nisha fuzzily tried to convince herself that she still had control of
herself in this situation, and that somehow she'd be able to stop the
liquor and marijuana in her from overcoming her natural prudence. But
her own face and body shone in a luster of sexual sweat...a trickle
of which ran down between her breasts that her date was kneading and
squeezing. She knew that she had to demand to go home, to shut off
the movie at least, that she'd gone too far in allowing the boy to
fondle her breasts...for now he was snaking his fingers up inside her
thin brassiere, and there was nothing in the way of his probing
fingers except whatever mental resistance she could muster. But she
couldn't seem to move away or to make her body obey the warning bells
in her mind...and she squirmed down tighter into the seat as Anil's
fingers caressed the soft underside of one whitely exposed mound,
then his fingers and thumb were wickedly tweaking her already
hardened nipple. Her breasts ached with swollen desire, and she felt
tiny, unwanted throbs of tell-tale desire pulsing hotly in her belly
and vagina, and she bit her lip to hold back any more of the lewdly
forbidden sensations.

Anil's hand came to rest on her lap now, and though she tried to
fight off his caresses by raising her knees, his fingers moved
insinuatingly closer to her panty-covered crotch...kneading the
softness of her naked thighs and legs which were exposed by the
shortness of her mini-skirt, while at the same time caressing
abandonedly the now open and tremblingly free mounds of her throbbing
breasts with his other hand. She sucked in her breath in ragged,
fevered gasps from the crawling, insect-like contact with her lower
flesh, and guiltily she glanced over to the other couch.

The lewd sight she beheld made her freeze, and the dimly lit scene of
Sindhu and Rajesh together held her in perverted fascination. She
felt as if she could reach out and touch Sindhu, and that if she did,
that Sindhu would not notice: the girl's head was rolling back and
forth in a trance-like limpness, her face as contorted in the same
way as the woman's on the screen. Rajesh's middle finger was
disappearing rhythmically into the soft dark curls of her pubic hair.
Sindhu's legs spread slackly outwards to allow him full access to her
naked young cunt. Her thin white nylon panties were stripped past her
knees so that she could bend them outward. Nisha thought that what
she was actually witnessing live was worse then the movie. This was
her own girlfriend she was watching being...being finger-fucked by a
boy. Nisha tried to blot out the obscene spectacle, but couldn't, for
the lasciviousness of it caused more strange little electric tingles
to run deep in her belly, and the seeping moisture in her cunt to
increase. Her heart beat like a tom-tom, mesmerized as the boy on the
other couch lewdly fingered the nakedly squirming pussy of the girl
who was her very best friend.

God, surely they would go no further. She certainly couldn't allow
Anil to go any further with her own body. But his hotly searching
hand pressed tighter and tighter against the mound of her own crotch,
unable to slip lower because of her tightly clenched thighs, the
pleasures he raised began to break down her will to resist, for it
was so good, so wickedly good, and she turned her eyes once more to
the movie while his fingers teased like tiny squirming snakes in the
crevice of her skirt. She dully promised herself she would force him
to stop if he tried more...but then came the terrible realization
that should she make a scene, her breasts were completely naked and
would be seen by Rajesh and Sindhu if they looked up to see what the
commotion was about. There was no more she could do except squirm
down helplessly against the cushion and squeeze her legs together...!

Then, to her horror, Nisha saw that from out of the side of the film
bounded a large German Shepherd dog. He leaped upon the bed, tongue
lolling, and the woman sat up in shock, her hands still frozen in the
position of her masturbation. The giant animal bared its fangs in a
menacing warning for the girl not to move, his panting head just
above her exposed, defenseless vagina.

Nisha tensed, and only Anil's firm grip kept her from bolting from
the couch. "My God." she whispered. "What's that dog doing there?"

Anil grinned. "Watch and see, baby. Watch and see."

She squirmed helplessly, a blush of shame washing over her at the
sudden indecent pleasure overcoming her revulsion at the presence of
the beast. Anil's hand became still bolder, and he hooked his middle
finger still further into her trembling thighs...sensing her slow
surrender. The woman in the movie was still horrified, moaning as the
German Shepherd lowered its head and sniffed the wetness of its nose
against the lips of her open cunt. Then the dog snaked out a long,
pink tongue and licked wetly the full length, up from the woman's
tiny puckered anus to the little cuntal lips surrounding her
clitoris. The animal wagged its long tail and flicked its tongue
again and again up between her trembling, wide-splayed legs. She
jerked beneath his lewd attack spasmodically and squirmingly raised
her arms in fear and indecision.

Nisha groaned aloud, grinding her buttocks harder down into the
cushion, and as she did so Anil's hand was suddenly up under her
skirt and covering the crotch-band of her desire-moistened panties.
She quivered as her tender young cunt walls secreted more fluids of
sexual excitement around his fingers, and in response Anil moved his
fingers in circled, precise motions which made her vaginal area
pulsate with ever-increasing desire. She was almost out of control
with passion now, and didn't think she could stand another moment of
his maddening tease of her barely covered genitals. She was ready to
spread her legs like Sindhu and allow his touch to quench the fires
which raged through her hotly contracting cunt, and the marijuana and
alcohol boiled through her veins, stoking the furnace of her arousal.

It was too much for the young, drugged virgin to take! In a last-
ditch attempt to stop, she desperately gasped: "No! No, Anil, don't
touch me there! Please leave me alone!"

"Why not, baby? You know you love it."

"I'm ... I'm not that kind of girl, Anil!" she whimpered.

"All girls are that kind of girl...if they're not in diapers," the
boy sneered. "And baby, from what I can feel, you're not in diapers

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"Sindhu," she choked, knowing further argument with Anil would be
useless. "Sindhu, please...please we have to go home!"
Anil thought that was funny. "Are you joking? Look at your hot
pussied girlfriend and tell me if she wants to leave here now."
The young teenage-girl gasped with agony as she saw what was taking
place on the couch now. Rajesh, having brought Sindhu to a whining
pitch of raw nerves, had removed her panties entirely, and they lay
along with her blouse and bra in a useless heap on the floor beneath
her feet. Rajesh was straddling the girl's erotically heaving chest
now, his greedily smiling face scarcely inches from her widespread
cunt, and Sindhu's mouth was open and her eyes were waxy nothings of
drugged lust. As Nisha watched, Rajesh pressed the flat plane of her
stomach and massaged the outer flanges of her vaginal lips with his
thumbs pressing outward to expose the moist pink slit of Sindhu's
pussy with its firm, erect little clitoris clearly in view just above
the shadowed mouth of her cunt...just as Nisha had seen a moment
before in the movie.
Beside Nisha, Anil pressed a freshly lit brown cigarette to the young
virginal girl's lips, and as she unhesitatingly drew the sweet, acrid
smoke down into her lungs, the shock she had first experienced upon
seeing Rajesh and Sindhu was swept away. Her head lightened and she
pulled on the joint thankfully, beginning at last to hazily enjoy the
movie and the lewd seduction of her girlfriend on the couch beside
her. Anil wormed one finger underneath the secretion band of her
and softly grazed the moist, demanding flesh of her gently pulsating
pussy...and Nisha lightened her inner cunt muscles against further
invasion, only making teasing little shocks that much more acute. She
held her breath for fear that some tell-tale sound would escape
through her lips, while her very being trembled as he wormed his hand
up under her flimsy panties...and now she felt more fingers searching
in her warm pink vaginal lips and moist pubic hair, but she still
couldn't pull her eyes from the couch, where Rajesh's head had
dropped and his tongue--like the dog's tongue--flicked teasingly at
the open little cunt before his face. Sindhu jerked at the hot fleshy
contact and her legs clamped tightly around the boy's head in a vice-
like grip as her hips began to slowly move up and down. Soft mewls of
delight rolled from her clenched lips, and she was caught in a
mindless, drugged fit of uncontrollable lust, nothing mattering
except the nerve-tingling licking on her pussy.
"No ... no," Nisha whimpered abjectly, and she somehow managed to
turn her head away, only to again see the screen, the woman, and the
dog. The woman was being nuzzled by the German Shepherd, and what it
wanted as it ground its snout into her salaciously open vagina was
all too wanted the woman to turn over on her stomach! And
the woman, after one wild-eyed shudder of terror, obediently rolled
over and knelt up, elevating her firm rounded buttocks before the
great beast in humiliated surrender. She cowered helplessly before
it, awaiting its lascivious attack...!
Nisha's nerves were shattered, her brain whirled, and her body
prickled with sexual heat. She knew deep in her mind that she had to right now if she were ever going to be free of the warping
influences on her mind, but she couldn't resist the insistent hand on
her helplessly throbbing cunt and the twin lewdnesses of that movie
and what her girlfriend Sindhu was allowing that boy to do to her
body. It was too much for her innocent mind to bear!
"What...what is she waiting for?" the young girl
asked. "She's...she's just hunched over like that. What's the dog
going to do?"
"Why?" Anil chuckled gutturally. "Because the dog's going to fuck
her." "Wh-what?" His obscene explanation burned her soul.
"Fuck her, Nisha," Anil repeated. "Fuck her just like Rajesh is going
to fuck Sindhu and I'm going to fuck you!"
Nisha West almost lost her mind at that moment, and a thin film of
drug-inspired passion glazed over her eyes. She nearly fainted.
Something had to give!
Mr.Varma, Anil's dad has just come back from his business meeting. He
was surprised to see his son Anil's car in the driveway, and there is
one more...even more surprised to notice that while it was there, no
lights were on in the house. He parked along the curb and got out,
scratching his hair in puzzlement. He was about to unlock the front
door and go in, when he reflected what he might be doing if he was a
teenager again and his parents were away...A smile of amusement
crossed his lips, a look of imperturbable amusement.

Varma walked around the side of the house to the garage entrance,
unlocked it, and went in. It was pitch dark, but he knew his way from
experience, and soon he was at the other side of the garage, the
private door which was part closet, part entranceway to the rumpus
room. He glanced around after flipping the light on. He'd been right:
his son was having at it with some local chick, probably fucking her
toes off right at the moment.

Varma crept to the door, listened intently for a moment more, and
then slyly moved a piece of wood away from a special peephole he'd
bored into the door, a large, almost face-sized hole which was
covered on the other side by a mirror--a two-way glass mirror which
had cost a small fortune but had been well worth it. He could see in,
and nobody could see him, and he pressed his face to the glass
eagerly, anticipating what he'd see...

Oh god! It was better than he'd hoped! The light from the TV glowed
around the four young kids on the two couches...and Varma's eyes
bulged at the lewd and perverted scene before him. There was Anil,
grabbing handfuls of tit and cunt, a lovely young girl no more than
sixteen squirming hotly in his clutches...and there, on the other
couch it looked like Anil's friend Rajesh...yes, it was, Rajesh
sucking that other girl's cunt like it was food for a hungry baby!
Varma felt a slight twinge of jealously as he watched their passion-
wrecked bodies, and groaned with desire to be there with them
himself. His own cock burgeoned onto hardness and blood-lust as the
four kids struggled, and beads of sweat broke out on the father's
face as he watched his son and the others being driven mad by their

He had to do something, or he'd cream in his pants right then and
there. Quickly, he dashed back into his study, opened a cupboard door
and took out an expensive German camera which he loaded with special
fast-action night film that he'd used in the past for shots when the
light was bad. He put on a zoom lens so he could catch all the action
and ran back to the two-way mirror. He held the camera up, sighting
through the viewfinder.

"Yes," he said to himself. "That's a good picture-" SNAP went the
shutter. "Now, come on, son...start fucking the crap out of her. All
of you start fucking. Hot damn! To be taking photographs of four
young high school kids fucking while they watch a fuck movie! Doesn't
that take the prize!" And then he laughed, but not loudly or harshly,
for he wanted nothing to spoil the pictures he was getting...

Nisha felt as if she wasn't real. She wasn't certain any longer if
the two writhing bodies on the other, the bodies on the screen, and
Anil's body were figments of her imagination or not, for they seemed
to swim so hazily around in her brain. Time and distance lost their
reality, and her own flesh swayed in tune to the soft pulsating
squeezings of Anil's hands. "No, No ..." she murmured
incoherently. "I want to go home, Anil. Please, I've had enough now."

But Anil continued to stroke and caress her breasts and thighs, teeth
bared over straining lips in lewd mockery of her increasing
helplessness. Nisha spasmed, gurgling deep in her throat as she felt
him slowly rolling her panties down over the whiteness of her
thighs...ever so slowly, inch by inch, and she moaned out her
humiliation as they fell to her knees, down her legs...and finally
off onto the floor. "This is it, baby," Anil whispered hotly into her
ear. "This is what it's all about. Right here, the four of us,
fucking side by side."

The lewd words strangely, and against her will, excited Nisha. She
groaned in drugged surrender as he moved his hands back to her softly
pulsating cunt, spreading her unresisting young thighs open to his
greedily working fingers. Her muscles felt like rubber and she almost
tumbled over, but the boy held her in an imprisoning grip and
caressed her desire-heated flesh and blood-swollen vagina, then
parted her thin pubic hair to open her tender young cunt-lips further
for his coming invasion. Her eyes couldn't leave the screen except to
look briefly at what Sindhu and Rajesh were doing...then she'd groan
and look back at the screen, transfixed by the overt obscenities
taking place on the film.

The woman, still kneeling on all fours, was being mounted from behind
by the huge beast. His hairy paws covered her ivory skin as he hugged
her waist in a lurid pose of bestiality, and the scarlet tube of its
penis slid from its furry sheath and danced in the soft crevice of
the woman's quiveringly up-raised buttocks as the eagerly panting dog
jerked and trembled in its attempt to find the human vagina and bury
its thickly tapered shaft into it. The woman tensed, evading the
alien intrusion, but the dog mindlessly thrust time and time again
until it bared its fangs and growled in frustration, saliva dripping
from its mouth onto the quivering satin back. Nisha held her breath
as she watched the woman desperately reach one slim arm back and
grasp the slippery animal cock, guiding it out of pure terror to the
pink, wet opening between her legs where her open vaginal mouth
flexed invitingly. And then the German Shepherd heaved its massive
loins forward and buried its scarlet penis into her cunt with a quick
wet rush, sinking it to the hilt so that its hairy sperm-filled balls
swung lewdly below her matted pubic hair. A moan of relief seemed to
come from the woman's lips as she began to move rhythmically
backwards to meet the thrust of the panting dog, and she abandoned
herself to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving. Her face
contorted in rapture from the pumping, battering tempo of the dog
cock in her cunt, and her large, taut breasts danced tightly beneath
her writhing torso in time to the skewering long hard rod of
glistening flesh buried fully into her belly.

Nisha's breath was coming in tight gasps and the burning sensation
bubbling in her own little pussy grew maddeningly intense with each
movement she watched and with each fingering Anil was ravishing her
with. Unconsciously, marijuana and alcohol having sapped what little
sanity she had left, she spread her legs wider and leaned back on the
couch so that Anil could have full access to her cunt. Anil was
mesmerized by the breathtaking loveliness of her young virginity so
obscenely displayed, the sleek nubile body of curls and soft
contours, the thin, pink slit running down from the whiteness of her
belly to the full length of her crotch below. He'd fucked a lot of
girls, but never anything so pure, so innocent, so proud. The
helpless, uncontrollable mewlings escaping from those barely touched
lips goaded his cock to rock hardness, and he could feel blood
pounding in its shaft and tiny droplets of seminal fluid oozing from
its sensitive head.

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:15 am

Nisha, transfixed by the woman and dog, heard a wild, wailing moan
from beside her and glanced again toward Sindhu and Rajesh. She
gasped as she saw Sindhu with her legs bent clear back to her
breasts, her whole vaginal area open to the warm night air, her pubic
hair and pink flesh wetly matted from Rajesh's tonguing ... and the
way Sindhu flung her arms out, pleading for more, more ... more. For
the first time in her life Nisha saw a male penis in full erection,
live and throbbing with need only a few feet away from her. It stood
out from his curly pubic hair, and she shuddered as it paused
momentarily above her girl-friend's widespread vagina. He leaned
forward, balancing on his elbows, and Sindhu reached between their
naked bodies to guide his penis between her eagerly quivering thighs.
As he slid it into her cunt, Sindhu moaned just as the woman on the
screen had when the dog began to fuck her. She locked her bare feet
around his buttocks and the two of them started a slow, rhythmic
rocking motion, his thick, lust-hardened shaft sliding out several
inches and then thrusting forward again into Sindhu's burning hole.
Nisha was spellbound by the lewd sight! This was her friend! She had
known that Sindhu wasn't a virgin--or at least had surmised it up
till now--but nothing like this open candidness had ever occurred to
her. Wild-eyed, she watched the tempo build, and the picture of the
locked bodies drumming the couch cushions caused her to groan and
rock on her own buttocks, spreading them open to the ever-increasing
demands of Anil's hands. Her cunt opened and closed tormentedly
around his fingers as they sawed into her virgin pussy, the cords of
her neck standing out as she pulled with all of her strength to
somehow control the enveloping flames of lust.

"Ohhhh, Ahhhh!" the wildly aroused teenager moaned, and she rolled
against Anil, and he moved around, forcing her to sprawl like a
helplessly gasping doe at bay on the leather cushions. She was unable
to stop the crazed course of his attentions, not knowing what she
should do or say, and not even knowing at this point if she wanted
them stopped! She couldn't believe what was happening to her, what
had broken through every one of the searing commandments her mother
and her own morality had engraved upon her! Who was she to have made
those silly vows about chastity only hours previously--and then to be
twisting and undulating her naked body like a little slut beneath a
boy she hardly knew, almost begging him to fuck her. She had to get
hold of herself. She had to--and then Anil unzipped his pants and let
her anguished eyes see his virile young penis and the last remnants
of Nisha's promises shattered into tiny unrecognizable pieces.

It was all Anil could do to keep from shoving his desire-bloated cock
into her right then, impaling her the way he might a more experienced
girl like Sindhu, but the desire to be able to fuck this sweet young
innocent anytime he wanted in the future made him slow his teasing
slightly, to work her into a state where she would always want cock,
more cock, all the time ...He rolled on top of her, his rigid penis
brushing against the dampness of her pubic hair, and planting his
hands on either side of her shoulders, he could look down between
their bodies and see her upturned little cuntal split completely
exposed to his throbbing shaft, and its narrow hair-fringed little
mouth throbbing in lewd invitation. Her smooth inner thighs were held
wide apart by the pressure of his thighs pressing tightly outward
against her helplessly splayed legs.

Nisha could see the boy hovering over her through her passion and
drug-filled eyes, and felt the hugeness of his fleshy hardness lying
the full length of her excitedly quivering pussy-lips, the jerking
head of his cock pulsing, insinuating itself in her in a maddening
tease that caused her to twist her hips up toward it automatically,
her starving young pussy searching desperately for fulfillment.

Anil pushed forward ...

furrow around her now hungrily throbbing vagina opened, and the
elastic tightness of her hymen resisted. Anil flexed again, driving a
little harder at the entrance to her virginity, and then gave a small
surge, the cock-head buried in the clasping grip of her cunt acting
like a battering ram against the thin defensively resisting hymen.
Suddenly, the flimsy membrane split, giving way before the cruel
pressure, and with a pain so harsh that Nisha emitted a high-pitched
scream; she felt the wound of her virginity gush blood. Anil liked
that, liked the whole damned idea that he was fucking a cherry, and
he shoved again, sinking his lust-inflated cock all the way up into
her until suddenly, with a low moaning grunt, he hit the tip of her
vainly cringing cervix at the back of her vaginal tunnel.

The girl screwed her firm rounded young buttocks down on the cushions
in a futile attempt to escape the sudden impalement, her legs jerking
wide, kicking hopelessly up in the air.

"Noooo! Eeeeee! Oh, God, noooo!"

She whined, not caring who heard her so long as the pain which was
burning deep up in her crowded entrails would stop, but Anil pinned
her down with his body and arms, his hard young penis burrowing
farther and farther up inside her belly with each further fucking
motion. Oh God, she thought hazily to herself, it was alive in her.
The smooth rubbery tip pressed hotly against the thinly grasping
folds of her womb and was a part of her, and as her beautifully
formed face contorted insanely with the agony of his tortuous
stabbings, her tongue licking wildly at her slightly swollen lips as
she defensively flexed her cuntal muscles to ease the cruelly searing
pain. But, her actions only incited the now triumphantly grinning boy
more, and he rotated his penis eagerly around inside the vainly
resisting passage while her cringing young pussy walls clasped it
like a warm, butter-filled glove.

Then...magically as he slowed his assault, and began a smooth, gentle
fucking motion between her thighs...the pain began oddly to recede,
giving way to an electric thrill which first started where the head
of his cock was, and then worked its way relentlessly, teasingly,
into every nerve fiber in her flesh, until it was sensuously, and
with unwanted pleasure, rippling her cunt and contracting her belly
and making the berry-like nipples of her breasts harden as never

"Ohhh," she whimpered through bared teeth, as frightened of the new
sensation as she was of the old pain. Anil jerked again and with a
thin, knowing smile on his lips, watched her mouth drop slackly open.

pumping cock expanded and stretched her newly devirginated young cunt
still more. "Ohhhh, Anil! Oh, Anil, ohhhhhh!"

The boy felt the involuntary answering throbs of her cunt walls begin
around the head of his penis, and her thinly bearded little pussy-
lips opening and closing now in a slow, pulsating manner as she
rotated her hips tentatively to his slowly grinding pelvis. Nisha
felt as if her heart was imbedded deep up inside her cunt, and she
and Anil were one fleshy mass of sensation, wickedly pleasurable,
merging magically with one another. "Ohhhhh," she sighed. "Ahhhhhh!"

The young boy initiated lengthy, hard strokes into her hotly steaming
channel now, the full hard shaft of his incited member sinking deeply
up into her ravaged vagina. His shoulders pushed against her and kept
her secured in a helpless doubled over position, but it was
unnecessary now for the suddenly wildly aroused young Nisha was
thrusting up against him, her heavings urgent and faster by the
second, her small white teeth biting hard together as she strained
desperately in response, the juices of her surrendered young vagina
flowing wildly and rivuleting down between the crevice of her
buttocks to pool with the tiny, already drying droplets of blood on
the cushions below.

Goddamn, my son's fucking that hot little pussy good. Varma grinned
proudly as he let the film click through his camera, catching Anil's
hard young cock disappearing between the voluptuously writhing
teenager's widespread thighs. An obscene thrill coursed through the
father, and a half-cruel smile crossed his face as he wondered if
there was some way that he could enter in and get a little of that
hot young pussy he was photographing. His mind spun with a hundred
different plans as he soaked in the lewd sight of the twin teenage
couples fucking almost side by side. He reached down and massaged his
bloated cock which was painfully hard and throbbing in the prison of
his pants, and he could tell that his underpants were wet with the
secretions of his excitement, the pain so excruciating that he was
forced to zip down his fly and allow the white cotton of his shorts
to bulge out to their full limit. And still he kept his eyes glued to
the viewfinder, capturing every erotic second of the lewdly inciting
spectacle on celluloid ...

Nisha's feet kicked out again, but this time in pleasure, not pain, a
whirlwind of delirious sensations tearing through the girl as half-
coherent cries of rising ecstasy tumbled ceaselessly from her open
lips and she locked her ankles to his legs and skewered her hot,
moist pussy up the full length of the boy's virile young cock. Sweat
poured from her, and her fingers raked the pounding cheeks of his
buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper. She rolled in heat, and
the hard young penis continued its powerful surging motions, her cunt
hole stretched wide and becoming accustomed to it now. She let him
fuck her as he willed, wanting to experience everything about sex now-
-especially what she'd heard about the climactic ejaculation when his
white hot sperm would shoot up in her and mingle with her own
orgasmic secretions.

"Ohhhh, yes, Anil," she chanted. "Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh ..."

"Tell me better," he hissed. "Tell me exactly what you want!"

"Oh, Anil ... what are you doing to me? I never thought it could be
so wonderful! Do it! Do it to me!"

"Say it the right way!" he choked impatiently. "Tell me you like me
fucking you!"

"OOOOOh God, I ... I like you fucking me!" she whispered but then he
levered again and she screamed out passionately: "Ohhh yesss; Fuck me
like that! Fuck my hot little cunt!" She didn't care if her
girlfriend Sindhu and Rajesh heard her, not any more, not with the
crazy passion, desire, and lust which ran rampant through her
greedily writhing body. She didn't care about anything or anybody--
except for Anil's raging, surging young cock.

"I figured you'd like to get fucked all the time once you had your
first taste of it," he gloated over her.

"Oh, yes. You can fuck me, fuck me ... Anil you can fuck me any time
you want. Ohhh, this is so wonderful." She was willing to say
anything so that he wouldn't stop the magnificent strokings of his
hardened cock into her newly awakened vagina. She was shocked to hear
what her own traitorous lips were saying, but the only thing that
mattered for her desire-maddened mind and body was to be
be fucked and cum, to reach that apex of ecstasy rising deep within
her belly and loins.

"That's my hot little bitch." Anil crowed, and he surged forward
still harder, enveloping her entire mind and body in pressing lusts
of the flesh. She turned her face to one side so she could suck in
the hot air her aching lungs required, panting with sexual frenzy,
catching in her fevered gaze the thick, pummeling cock of Rajesh as
it fused with her girlfriend Sindhu's hungrily nibbling cunt, sinking
far into her open vaginal lips as his balls bounced with a flat,
rhythmic sound off of her nakedly squirming buttocks. And the
lascivious sight only spurred Nisha on, for she felt a new kinship
with her girlfriend and knew now what had made the difference between
her and Sindhu before, and what a fool she'd been not to have allowed
the bridge of a boy's cock to cross the chasm between being a child
and a woman.

"Fuck ... fuck me ..." she moaned. "Cum ... Cum in me, Anil ..."

"I will. I will." Anil groaned in reply. "Fuck back harder, baby. I'm
almost there. Fuck harder."

Nisha obeyed mindlessly, for she was approaching orgasm as well, and
her sweat-drenched body was more animal than human, twisting and
contorting crazily under the boy's wildly driving penis as she spread
her legs and pulled them back, bending them at the knees so that she
could buck up against the battering force of his iron-like cock
harder and deeper. Her eyes whirled from Sindhu and Rajesh back to
the obscene movie, and she felt just as close to the unknown woman as
she was to her girlfriend, knowing as Anil fucked into her how that
woman must feel with the heaving cock of the German Shepherd sliding
into her from behind. The woman was a quivering mass of sweating,
deranged flesh that begged for more subjugation on the bed, reveling
in the ultimate humiliation of being screwed half to death by this
panting beast before a movie camera. Nisha watched in wicked
fascination, feeling Anil growing harder up inside her and nearing
her climax as the woman churned in her beginning throes of orgasm.
The animal humped eagerly into her desperately waving buttocks, and
then the woman rammed backwards, her mouth open in a soundless
scream, and the dog's cock started to spit its heated animal sperm in
hard thin jets deep into her clasping cunt. Nisha watched wide-eyed
as the woman's smoothly rounded buttocks contracted uncontrollably,
and thick white liquid seeped from the lips of her cunt squeezing the
animal's prick. Thin trails of the sticky cum ran down the ivory
columns of her legs, glistening on her backsides and thighs, and then
she pitched forward on her face, the rapidly deflating dog cock
slipping out from her pink, semen-drenched passage with slithering
liquid finality. The dog stood over the unconscious woman wagging its
tail in obvious appreciation, and in a last act of obscenity dropped
its head to her openly spread cunt and lapped up its own semen which
matted the curls of her pubic hair. It gulped greedily, its muzzle
gently cleaning her ravished vagina and anus ...

Jesus, look at them go, Varma thought in lascivious fascination as he
watched the lithely beautiful girls racing toward their own orgasms
beneath the wildly fucking young boys. Look at those hot little
teenage bitches go--especially that one my son is balling! His
fingers continued to caress the stiffened cock inside his shorts
until at last he yanked the material aside and, like a steel spring,
his cock shot free. He kept his eyes to the camera, but his fingers
continued to stroke the burning cock and he could feel the rising of
his cum in the base of his testicles. His whole fist wrapped around
the hard pole of flesh, and he furiously pumped the rigid skin in
time to the double fuckings his--and the camera's--all-recording
eyes ...

"Cum ... Cum ..." Nisha panted, her body ready to explode.

As if in answer, Rajesh on the other couch screamed out: "I'm there!
Ohhh, shit, Sindhu! Here it comes!" A low banshee wail erupted from
Sindhu's lips and echoed through the room as their two bodies slapped
fleshily together. Her nostrils flared as she pulled back her thighs
until the whole of her pink, cock-filled vaginal slit was presented
to Rajesh to batter and crush, while her stoach and breasts jerked
spasmodically against his belly and chest. She held her breath, only
to expel it a moment later as if she had been hit in the gut, and her
body collapsed limply onto the cushions, her hungrily quivering cunt
still locked tightly around Rajesh's surging cock. All of her fevered
climax had been caught by Varma's lewd camera, and he beat off still
harder at the carnal sight of the young boy's heated young cum
spurting from between the girl's hotly pulsing thighs. Shit ...
shit ... now for my son and that other bitch to cum ... Shit, this is
too much to take.

And then Nisha sensed the muscles of Anil's abdomen tighten against
her flesh and she braced herself. Her first male cum. The first time
a boy had emptied his balls into her belly. She knew in an illogical
flash of thought that it would not be her last time ... and then
Anil's penis expanded and she could feel that the whole tube which
ran beneath the underside of his penis was bulging with white hot
fluid. He moaned and hissed and then thick semen splashed deep inside
her belly, causing her cuntal walls to pulse in time to the
rhythmically throbbing spurts, and she shivered and blindly reacted.

"Oh, Anil ... oh, fill my belly ... Ohhhhhh." Then her cries were
abruptly cut off as she arched her back and clenched her greedy young
cunt-lips hungrily at his cock as it erupted deep up inside her
pussy, and her own orgasmic juices flowed with his sperm and
overflowed her eagerly milking channel, running down over her thighs
and buttocks. She felt completely void of all normal emotions as the
paralyzing orgasm covered her like a warm blanket, deadening her
nerves and bones until she couldn't feel anything but one huge
miraculous joy. Her legs unwound from around him and dropped lifeless
to his sides after her convulsive spasms had ceased, and Anil's cock
trickled out the remainder of his cum as she sighed dreamily, lost in
the newly discovered world of sensuality. She could never return to
her naive, virgin ways; but she had to admit that she didn't miss the
physical proof of innocence, not now, not after she'd traded it for a
better, more enriching life ...

Varma was entranced with every instant of his son's and the girl's
climaxes, with seeing Anil's thin white semen seep from between her
young, taut buttocks as they shuddered and jerked in tiny waves of
slowly dying excitement. He felt as if his own penis was buried in
that girl's tender young cunt, its bulbous head sliding to the back
of the warm throbbing tightness of her wet, hair-fringed ring of
flesh, and then his prick suddenly shot out thin, quick streams of
cum as his imagination and his hand combined to allow him to enjoy
the fiery sensations of climax. His pumping cock spewed heavy
droplets upon the door, splattering against it and then rolling down
in long, slow trails ... In his mind, Varma was shooting far into the
softly flesh of that tight-pussied teenager his son was enjoying. The
wild ache in his loins eased momentarily, as Varma choked back a
gasping sob and fell to the floor, hardly able to hold onto the

But not before he had thought of a devilish scheme to get his way!
Yes! And it would work well, if he knew his son as well as he thought
he did .

Posted : 01/10/2011 7:15 am