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Zoeys Party  


Zoey was very popular in school but was never the stuck up bitch that everyone would have thought. She was head cheerleader and dated the captain of the football team and made high honors. she was perfect! Zoeys parents had gone on a vacation for thier anaversary and had permitted her to have SOME friends over. So that weekend after the victory football game, she had a huge party.
Zoey was a virgin and tonight she wanted to give it away to her boyfriend Jason. They went up to the bedroom together and started passionately making out. Just as they were about to rip off their clothes.... Jasons cell rang and he had to go because his sister had gotten into an accident. He kissed Zoey goodbye, apologized and left as well as the rest of the party except for the cheerleading squad.
Once everyone was in their pj's, they sat in a circle and talked about the usual...Sex and Boys.
Every girl their was still a virgin and straight for the time being. But once the stories had gotten hot and heavy because the squads fantasies had been revealed... zoeys best bud Cait suggested that the gurls have a little fun. Everyone hesitantly looked around at eachother and all gave an excited nod. The girls had had a few "porn partys" in the past where they all sat around watching one of their fathers porns, giggling, and secretly all fingering themsleves under thier sleeping bags. But this time, they were all in this together. Zoey ran up the stairs and grabbed a few toys which she knew her mother had, they included a strap on, a vibrator, and a double sided dildo. All the girls looked at the toys vigorisly but they all had rejected and decided to stick to oral sex.
The fun had begun!! All the girls had paired up and started kissing each other, except for Zoey and Cait who were already pantyless and fondeling eachother. Cait then through Zoey back and spread her legs and dove toungue first into Zoeys already wet pussy. the other girls watched and got turned on that they all coppied cait and zoey.
Caits toungue seemed to kno just what to do, lapping so fast and hard in and out of her pussy and then she would suck on her throbbing clit. Zoeys living room was filled with moans and pussy juice. After everyone had came, they still longed for more. Every girl soon was laying on their side with their left leg held high in the air eating someones pussy while haveing their wet fuck hole toungued at the same time. The huge circle was groaning with their mouths full of cunt. When someone was close to orgasming... it set off a chain reaction because they started to eat harder and faster and so did the next and so on. The group was now sqirming and ready to burst! Zoey ate and loved the taste of her teammates pussy that she burried her head so far in her cunt that her forehead was rubbing caits asshole. All at once.... the team had reached their final cumming and lay their exausted and still very horny but too tired for more.
Cait leaned over and said to zoey that this was the most fun they had ever had, and Zoey replied ..."just wait till next weekend when my parents go to new york for a business meeting".... everyone then looked and her and started giggling with anticipation.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:06 pm