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I can only think what has happened to me, is due to a bump on the head.

I had been at work as usual that Thursday afternoon, nothing was out of the ordinary, it was just a regular day. I do remember that my pen fell off my desk and rolled underneath the drawers. I bent down to pick it up but it was right at the back so I got on my knees and crawled under to retrieve the pen. Once I had it in my hand I reversed out of the desk recess and went to stand up.

Ouch, fucking hell! I managed to stand up vigorously rubbing my head which was quickly developing a bump of golf ball proportions. Jeez Louise, I had slammed my head in to the metal framework of the desk and boy, did it hurt.

Cursing my stupidity I resumed my work until about quarter to six, when I decided that I'd had enough for the day. Logging off my computer, putting on my coat and locking my office door, I set off for the tube home. I work in Kensington and have to take the Circle Line to Victoria before getting a train to my home in Dartford. As usual I had to wait a while for the right train to turn up but I was pleasantly surprised that it was quite empty and I was able to get a seat.

I slumped on to the seat and scanned the sports pages of the evening paper but glancing up to check out what station we had stopped at I noticed a beautiful Japanese girl sitting opposite me. She must have been in her early twenties I guess and was wearing a baggy blue T-shirt, a mini skirt and a pair of those ridiculously thick soled shoes. The ones with about 3" of crepe sole which makes the wearer look like an act out of a circus when they walk.

What really caught my attention was that although she had a small ruck sack on her lap, she was sitting with her legs parted slightly and I was sure that I caught a glimpse of her white knickers. Now in a situation like this you want to look but also know that you'll be accused of being a pervert if you get caught. So I tried not to look. But it's so difficult not to take quick looks. Feigning the act of checking out the passing stations, I managed to have a reasonable perv. I wish she would open her legs so that I could get a better look, I thought to myself.

And she did just that! Blow me I thought as I stared right at her now exposed crotch covered only by a pair of lacy, frothy panties. They were so sheer that I could see her pubic hair through them. I looked up and she was staring at me but showed no emotion. It was as if I wasn't there.

Unfortunately the train pulled into Victoria station so I took one last look at her cute snatch and got up to leave the train. As I sat on the overland train to Dartford I blessed my luck for the coincidence of her flashing me just when I'd wished for it.

Thursday nights are always my swimming nights, so I quickly picked up my swimming gear and headed off to the local baths. I always try to swim 50 lengths of the 50 metre pool. This night I was on my 31st or was it 32nd length when I noticed a cute bottom swimming in the lane next to mine. We reached the end and turned at the same time and I started to pull away. Once I had finished my 50 laps I recovered by resting against the side of the pool and watched the other swimmers burning up their metres.

'Cute bottom' finished her swim shortly after me and also rested. She took off her goggles and swimming cap and dunked herself under the water and back up. Long black tresses of wet hair fell over her shoulders. It wasn't just her bottom that was cute. She had perfectly round breasts, her nipples trying to punch holes in her one-piece. I could see a bulge around her crotch.

I wish I could see if she had a shaved pussy, I thought to myself. Bugger me, she put her fingers down to the crotch of her swim suit and pulled it away as if it was cutting into her and gave me a flash of a hairy but shaped pussy. Twice in one day, that's a coincidence.

I thought for a moment and decided to experiment.

'Rub your nipples' was the instruction I tried to project. Nothing! What a prat I am thinking that I'd suddenly developed special powers.

Still I had really wished that she had rubbed her nipples. And this time 'Cute bottom' lifted both hands to her breasts and quickly rubbed her nipples with the result that they puckered up even harder than they had been. Fuck am I onto something here? I looked around the pool and saw one of the lifeguards sitting in her chair.

A nice looking girl with a blonde bob, she was wearing shorts, T-shirt. and plimsolls. I wish she would jump into the pool. The girl stood up and walked to the edge of the pool and jumped in fully clothed. When she resurfaced, she looked puzzled as if she didn't know why she had jumped in.

I started to shake a little, was it the cold water or was I a bit nervous of what I had found that I could do. It was time I went. I quickly showered and dressed and nipped down the pub for a couple of pints. Jan, the barmaid served me, I had always had a fixation about her big breasts and I thought that I would try another experiment. I was concerned of the reaction from my subject or the other people around so I waited until she came from behind the bar to collect empty glasses.

I wish Jan would rub her tits against me. Walking back to the bar with four glasses in each hand she came to where I was sitting on a barstool.

'Excuse me Mike' she said as she placed the empties on the bar and proceeded to rub her tits up against my arm. It wasn't just a brush, this was a fully fledged up and down rub! She looked at me but showed no emotion. I decided I should go home, tomorrow was going to be interesting, that's if my new powers lasted the night.

I slept particularly well that night and was in my office by 8.45am the next day. On my way to work I had tested to see if my powers were still working and was rewarded with a man hitting himself on the head with his rolled up newspaper, much to his consternation.

I also succeeded in getting a dark haired girl to scratch her bottom lifting up her skirt revealing a black thong snugly sitting in the crack of her arse.

Neither act drew any reaction from anyone else.

When my secretary Melanie, oh so pretty Melanie popped her head around the door to say good morning I asked her to come into my office. She stood in the doorway in her business suit and white blouse, every inch the professional. Her auburn hair brushing her shoulders.

"What is it Mike?" she asked.

"I wanted to ask you a couple of questions" I replied. "take a seat"

I wish that she would be totally candid with me about her sex life.

"Melanie, do you ever masturbate?" I asked nervously, not sure whether my powers would stretch to verbal compliance.

"Yes, probably twice a day at least, in fact I've even done it in the office when you have been out at meetings" she said quite breezily.

"How do you masturbate?" I asked next.

"Oh, sometimes with my fingers but I also use vibrators. I have a really big one at home when I feel like a good stuffing and I carry a small vibrator in my hand bag. I really like to pay attention to my clitty but I also like the feeling of something big and hard in my cunt. I get very wet so I always carry a spare pair of knickers with me" Candid to a point.

I wish she would show me how she masturbated.

"Would you like to see how I have a wank, Mike?" she offered.

"Yes please" I could feel sweat beads forming on my brow.

Melanie went out of the office and returning with her handbag shut the door and locked it. Standing in front of me, she gathered her loose fitting skirt above her waist and slipped her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and drew them down her legs and stepped out of them. Walking over to my high backed chair, she sat down put a leg over one of the arms and lifted her skirt exposing a shaved pussy. Wetting two of her fingers in her mouth she plunged them down to her cunt and started to rub it in circular motions. Not before long she had opened up and thrust two then three fingers into her cleft.

Mel reached down to her hand bag and pulled out a little silver vibrator, turned it on and started to circle it around her clitoris. This drew gasps of joy from her lips. With one hand on her cunt, she used the other to open the buttons on her blouse and started to massage her small but beautiful breasts.

Her moans and the smell of her arousal filled my office. I was spellbound, here was my slightly prim but oh so sweet Melanie frigging her slick cunt.......For me.....I wanted a taste.

I wish she would ask me to tongue fuck her.

"Mike, I really could do with some help here, would you like to suck my cunt?"

Loosening my tie, I walked towards her and knelt in front of her sticky, gaping, swollen pussy and leant forward and licked it from bottom to top.

"Oh that feels soooo fucking good, don't stop, lick my cunt, please lick my cunt" she said and pulled my head to her hole. The perfume of her musky juices filled my nostrils and I stuck out my tongue and licked her fanny from bottom to top, she tasted so sweet.

"Aaaah" she mewed "More, lick it again"

Never one to refuse a lady, I went to work on her wet slit and pussy lips. Using my thumb and forefinger, I exposed her shiny clitoris and started to circle it with the tip of my tongue. At this she bucked her hips into my face and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her crotch. her moans became louder until she suddenly went rigid and climaxed. Her come sprayed my face as she did so.

A knock came at the door and I almost jumped out of my skin. I went over, unlocked it and opened it a couple of inches. It was Sam, that's Sam short for Samantha, the office manager. Now Sam, whilst enormously attractive and very nice, was very staid and would tut at any smuttiness in the office. That didn't stop me from fancying her like mad. She had longer than shoulder length blonde hair, cat like eyes, a cute snub nose and a perky pair of tits trying to fight their way though her tight sweater.

"Good morning Mike, are you still okay for our meeting? she asked cheerfully.

Shit, I had forgotten our meeting to discuss a forthcoming seminar.

"Oh hi Sam, can you give me a couple of minutes, I've just got to finish something with Melanie" I said.

Hold on a moment Mike, I thought to myself, another beautiful opportunity has just presented itself to you. I wish that Sam would like to fuck Melanie. And that Melanie would like to fuck Sam.

"In fact why don't you come in Sam" I said and opened the door wider to allow her to walk through.

Sam's eyes widened when she saw the state of Melanie's undress. Walking over, Sam leant forward and kissed Melanie on the lips. Both of their mouths opened and their tongues entwined. Melanie sat up and grasped the bottom of Sam's black sweater and pulled it over her head. I stared at those perky breasts encased in a flimsy lacy bra. Sam cupped Mel's breasts and kissed her first on the lips and then leant further down to suck her nipples.

Melanie's moans started again and she reached to undo the waistband of Sam's smartly tailored trousers which fell to the floor in a puddle around her ankles. Her peachy bottom was naked except for the thin strip of material of her thong. Mel wasted no time in pulling them down as I in turn wasted no time in pulling my rock hard cock from my trousers and started to masturbate.

Melanie stood up and guided Sam into my chair, getting down on her knees she removed the trousers and thong from her Sam's feet and leant forward and proceeded to lick and suck Sam's pussy in earnest. I decided that it was time that I had some of the action.

I wish that Sam and Melanie would fuck me and be really dirty. Both of them stopped in mid flow and stood up and walked towards me. Melanie kissed me on the lips, I could taste Sam's juices, Sam meanwhile had assumed a hand maidens position on her knees and started to remove my trousers and briefs. Taking my cock in her hand she guided it to her mouth and started to kick and suck my knob.

Oh wow, what a wet mouth and what a dirty tongue. Sam stuck the tip of her tongue in my pee hole making me squirm with pleasure, Melanie meanwhile was wrapping her tongue around mine as part of her very passionate kiss. My cock was throbbing from the oral acrobatics that I was receiving from Sam, it was time that I buried my bone. As it was Mel who was standing, I gently directed her to my desk and bent her over it and taking my hard rod I slid it up and down her entrance and then slowly slid home.

Her velvet cunt pulsed as I started to fuck her.

"Aahh, that feels so good Mike, fuck me hard ooh, that's it, faster" Mel cried.

Never one to ignore a request from a lady, I obliged. Sam meanwhile was sat on her haunches on the floor furiously rubbing her wet pussy, her eyes transfixed on the action in front of her. Getting up she walked towards us and started to stroke my back as I pumped Mel then on one of my out ward strokes she grabbed my penis and bent down and put it in her mouth and licked off the cunt juices then reinserted me. After half a dozen more strokes, she did the same thing only this time she leant over to Mel and shared the juices in a French kiss.

Oh, you dirty girls, I thought. Sam then moved behind me and slowing down my thrusts she parted the cheeks of my arse. I then felt the wet tip of her tongue entering my bunghole. She swirled it around dipping in and out every so often making my toes curl with pleasure. I could feel the pressure start to build in my balls, I was not far off coming. Sam sensed this and stuck first one then two fingers up my arse which proved just to much, and I came like a fire cracker, spurt after spurt of jism shot into Mel's waiting hole. This set Mel off on her orgasm, moaning and mewling, here cunt milking me as she came. I can't remember the last time I came so much!

I pulled my softening cock from Melanie's sticky pussy and it was immediately replaced by Sam's hungry tongue. Oh you really are dirty girls. I watched and caught my breath as Sam licked clean the pouting pussy in front of her.

This really is a useful trick I have here. I wonder who else I can use it on?

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