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Winters Passions  


Winter Passions

She is framed perfectly against the new fallen snow garbed in a gown of the softest blue velvet trimmed with white fur lovely pearls encircle her slender neck and adorn her delicate ears, the hood of her cape pulled up allows just a slight peek of her lovely blonde hair as she walks gracefully towards the couple waiting for her. Her companions are dressed warmly the woman in a gown of red satin trimmed with black, with diamonds at her delicate throat and lovely ears, her hood drawn completely back allows a vision of lovely brown hair curled softly and done up sensualy allowing it to cascade in layers down her back. The man dressed in black velvet trimmed in white spanish lace his blonde hair combed back his smile warming her heart. She embraces each of them and kisses each gently, as they walk back to the house with their arms around each other. She has been there only 3 day's and yet their friendship seems more solid now, they feel they have known each other all their adult lives. As he helps the ladies out of their capes he touches each tenderly letting them know he is interested in getting to the evenings activities. The ladies taking a seat on the enclosed veranda begin talking with each other of the day's events both keeping a watchful eye on their male companion as he makes their drinks and neither of them miss his shoulders slumping ever so slightly. After they have their cocktails and talk quietly with each other he takes their glasses and kisses each of them tenderly on the cheek and each smiles a secret smile to him that brings the twinkle back in his eye's. He leaves the two women alone on the veranda and makes his way to the back of the house thinking to himself that this may take some romance to woo the two women into a memorable evening. As he enters the room he absently picks up the lighter and begins lighting the candles around the room and lighting incense that lingers gently in the air enticing the senses and enchanting the mind. Filling the jacquizi sized bathtub he closes his eye's and envisions the two lovely ladies caressing him in way's only the two of them can.He smiles gently as the vision of the lovely brunette (his wife) comes to mind kissing him tenderly as she has done for so long now, he would be lost without her tender touch, her name Venessa always brings him in mind of spring blossoming flowers in beautiful arrays of colors. His thoughts turn to the blonde and her lively imagination and how her smile seeems to make his lovely wife so relaxed and notes to himself the blonde AnnaLies by name seems to help bring out Venessa's vibrant colors with AnnaLies's wild imagination. He is very grateful that AnnaLies's husband finaly relented and allowed her to come visit he can't help but feel that Venessa and himself needed to meet AnnaLies to talk with even if it is for just a little while. As always when visions of the two women come to mind he can feel each of them touching him so sensually that it feels real. Unbeknowst to him the ladies out one the veranda after his departure get up and follow him to the bedroom and watch him light the candles and fill the tub with a wistfull look on his face they whisper to each other softly so as not to let him know he is being watched they know what he is thinking about and do not wish to disturb his fantacy since they know it will benefit both of them as well. AnnaLies snakes her arms around his neck and Venessa leans in and whispers to him "Rick do you mind if AnnaLies and I join you in the tub?" Knowing her husband as well as she does she has no fear he would say no, he turns softly as if waking froma dream and in a way he is he says "I would enjoy that very much." Upon getting an answer Venessa walks behind AnnaLies and pulls her hair to the side to undo the gown, knowing how much Rick loves watching AnnaLies and herself together she takes her time removing the gown and turns allowing AnnaLies to help her out of hers all the while watching Rick through lowered eye lashes, she loves to watch him as she excites him to the point of him licking his lips in anticipation. Venessa licks her lips knowing he can see everything, after her gown is removed she turns to AnnaLies and allows her gaze to linger on AnnaLies's eyes taking in all her eyes can tell her. Lifting her left hand a little Venessa pulls AnnaLies to her as her right hand moves to cup one breast, as she leans in and kisses AnnaLies so passionately that AnnaLies is completely breathless and AnnaLies returns the kiss with ferver. AnnaLies runs her fingers through Venessa's hair as the other hand eagerly explores every curve of Venessa's lovely body taking in the soft fragrance of Venessa's perfume mixed with the excitement, the candles, and the incense all mixed together with the steam from the hot water being run sends AnnaLies into such a heightened state of extacy and she can see the eagerness in Venessa's eye's as well without a word being spoken her hand glides swiftly down to Venessa's wet valley and ever so gently rubbing her excited mound AnnaLIes is delighted to hear a soft moan of pleasure escape Venessa's beautiful lips. Venessa leans into annaLies's arms as extacy wraps it's arms around the two lovely ladies. Watching the two ladies in the throes of extacy instantly has Rick wanting the two ladies in his arms treating them like queens in court.Resting his hands on his hard throbbing manhood he feels it slowly rise watching the two women as they explore each other taking note mentally where each woman is being touched and how from the soft gasps escaping from their lips that he longs to kiss. Watching AnnaLies fondel, and handle his wife so expertly he can't help but to be awestruck of the magnificance of the two beauties in each others arms it is so inspiring that he can't help but think that if these two were ever left to just themselves they might just never leave this room and he was blessed enough to be there at the right time. As he sits there stroking himself Venessa and AnnaLies watch him, hungrily they look at each other for a moment and walk to him Venessa seductively wraps her arms around Rick's neck and kisses him passionately as AnnaLies on her hands and knees crawls between her legs and kisses Rick's navel and works her way down as one of her hands begin to climb up Venessa's legs to once again slide into Venessa's warm valley and as she curls her finger the reach the G-spot more efectively she takes Rick's throbbing manhood inch by slow inch into her mouth letting her tongue flick over the head as a moan passes his lips she has him completely in her mouth and begins sliding up and down his shaft as her free hand begins to massage his balls he reaches up with one hand and grasps one of Venessa's beautiful full breast, as his other hand entwines in AnnaLies's hair encouraging her to continue. With as much as a the three of them talked about it he didn't see much hope of ever seeing AnnaLIes in person, now here she was pleasing him on her hands and knees and never in his dreams did he ever see his wife allowing this to happen yet here they are both as perfectly real as the air he breaths, Venessa reaches down and fondels AnnaLies's breasts and feels Rick's hands sliding between her legs and slide into her and as he does AnnaLies pulls Rick out of her mouth long enough to turn her head and flick her tongue across Venessa's clit causing a satisfying gasp to come from Venessa's lips. Tracing Venessa's lips with her tongue she feels Venessa leaning down to take Rick in her mouth and he moans loudly this time, knowing he has no control over the situation he leans back and lets the women have uninhibited access to him. AnnaLies still massaging Rick's balls can tell he isn't going to last much longer and Venessa increases her speed. AnnaLies slides her tongue into Venessa just as Venessa hits her peak of passion her muscles tighten around AnnaLies's tongue and releases her sweet nectar into AnnaLies's mouth and AnnaLies licks it up greedily tasting her passion so pure. Rick explodes all over Venessa's breasts and watches as AnnaLies climbs up Venessa's front to lick it off and come further up to kiss Venessa tenderly they turn to him and lean down to kiss him just as tenderly, his wife gets down on her hands and knees and turning AnnaLies around she sits her down on the edge of the tub between Rick's legs and taking his hands she places them on AnnaLies's breasts and he starts to massage them working his magic on AnnaLies that works so very well with her. AnnaLies turns her head and kisses him intensely and as she does Venessa notices that AnnaLies is so very wet and Venessa leans in and traces AnnaLies's lips lightly with the tip of her tongue and AnnaLies moans softly. Venessa wanting to stretch this out as long as possible slowly slides her finger into AnnaLies while tracing her lips softly with the tip of her tongue while watching her husband and her friend kiss, and her husband handeling AnnaLies so perfectly has her wet once again. AnnaLies trying to keep control lays one hand against Rick's manhood which is once again hard while the other hand moves to entwine it's fingers in Venessa's hair as Venessa begins to suck on her clit. AnnaLies can keep control no longer and as she releases her passion, she feels Venessa licking up everthing so throughly that AnnaLies looks down into Venessa's lovely eye's and pulls Venessa up to kiss her yet again. As all three of them have had and orgasim they slide into the hot water and sit there talking and eventually getting cleaned up, Rick is first to leave leaving the two women alone for a moment while he goes to get drinks for them all. The two women climb out shortly after him and dry each other off and begin dressing at which time Rick returns to the bedroom and sets the drinks down quietly as he watches the two lovely women dress in free flowing night gowns that just manages to conceal everthing he wants to lay his hands on, and as they are both tantalizing to the eye he smiles softly knowing he has had both and can't wait till he can get them again preferably the sooner the better. As the ladies reach him he hands each their drink and they all sit down on the bed talking softly about the incredible things they just did. Little does poor Rick know that the ladies aren't quite done with him yet they are just giving him time to recooperate and when they both feel he has had plenty of time they plan on ravaging him again but both feel safe he won't refuse another go at the both of them they made sure of that with their choice of clothes when getting dressed again. Each woman taking a moment to send silent signals to Rick, Venessa licking her lips seductively and his eyes open wide, AnnaLies begins crossing her legs slowly and this causes Ricks eyes to open wider now he knows what they are doing and he smiles a knowing smile at both of them. Venessa leans in and kisses AnnaLies and her hand begins to gently trace AnnaLies's breasts letting her fingers tips glide over the nipples causing them to stand at attention as they harden under the material. AnnaLies leans Venessa's head slightly to the side as she leans in and kisses her neck gently and begins to nibble on her earlobe a little whispering words of arousel and pleased to hear her words echo in her ear by Venessa breathlessly. Rick loves watching his wife with another woman and as he watches the two of them kiss each other in just the right places their hands carressing, pressing, and petting the places that send most women into the clouds floating on air and yet both women seem perfectly content on pleasing each other and in watching the two women he becomes aroused and has to move so the constricting of his pants will allow his manhood to increase in size. AnnaLies kisses from the side of Venessa's neck to the front and moves slowly down and brushes Venessa's nipple with the tip of her tongue teasingly and Venessa gasps and leans back a little and pulls Rick to her and kisses him deeply and with such love. Rick willingly goes to his loving beautiful wife wanting to feel his wife's body in his arms with that slight quiver from being pleased immeasurably by AnnaLies, as he kisses Venessa her eye's close from pleasure. Rick wraps his arms around Venessa cupping each breast in his masculine hands gently enfolding them kissing her deeply. AnnaLies watches the two in an embrace so in tune with each other and knowing each others pleasure zones AnnaLies slides between Venessa's legs kissing her inner thighVenessa opens her legs more to give AnnaLies uninhibited access to her love valley, AnnaLies wastes no time and begins licking Venessa's inner thigh and the sides of her clit as she slowly slides a finger into Venessa and hears a pleased sigh pass her lips. Rick is slowly kissing down Venessa's neck and notices that AnnaLies is sliding her free hand between his legs taking his firm member in hand she begins sliding her hand up and down his shaft feeling him pulsing and throbbing she lets her thumb tap the head causing Rick to gasp and moan and she begins to increase her stroking speed. AnnaLies feeling the throbbing speed up lay's Rick down and pulls Venessa up and posisitions her over Rick's pulsing member and helps to lower Venessa onto Rick and Venessa moans softly with pleasure. Assisting Venessa to slide up and down Rick's pulsing manhood watching the pleasure in Venessa's eye's as Rick enters her inch by inch. Venessa maneuvere's AnnaLies over Rick's face and pulls AnnaLies to her knee's gently, Rick eagerly begins licking AnnaLies passionately sliding his tongue around her lips and across her clit pleased to hear a soft moan. Venessa leans in and lets her tongue trace AnnaLies's breasts letting the tip of her tongue linger on her nipples. AnnaLies feeling extacy hit her she gives way to her passion and allows extacy to wrap it's arms around her and whisk her away, she reaches out her hands and enfolds Venessa's breasts as Venessa comes up and kisses AnnaLies longingly. Rick unable to control himself releases his love deep inside his wife and feels Venessa's muscles tighten around him, and AnnaLies her lovely legs tighten around his head and her back arches as she releases her nectar in his eagerly waiting mouth. As each lady lay's next to him he takes each in his arms and holds them close knowing he has each safely enfolded in his strong arms. Laying there for a couple of hours holding the ladies in his arms and talking quietly they get robed and deciding to do something crazy but fun they go out in the snow and taking their robes off lay in the snow with nothing on begin making snow angels and they laugh till their sides hurt. Feeling winters cold bite they grab their robes and rush into the house to sit by the fire having drinks. Laying there in front of the fire all three fall asleep replaying in their dreams the beautiful things that happened that day in hopes it will happen again.

The End Or Is It !!!

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:13 pm