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"Hey, Jade, what do you think they are talking about?" My best friend Erika asked me quietly.

Erika and I were soaking in the outdoor hot-tub around the first of June. It was just outside the back patio door of my house.

I looked through the rising steam at our parents who were sitting around the patio table across the pool. They were laughing and drinking margarita's and looked like they were having a great time.

"I don't know, I guess grown up stuff," I told her and pulled my hair out of my eyes.

Erika got closer and whispered, "No...Keep watching, sometimes our dad's look over here and whisper something to each other."

My long hair was limp from the steam, and I pulled the rubber band off and started to put it back in a ponytail, "Here let me do that." Erika told me, so I held my head back while she straightened it and made a new ponytail for me.

"Thanks, that's better!" I told her when she was finished, "You want me to do yours?"

"Sure, keep watching." She giggled and turned her back to me so I could fix her long blonde hair.

Erika and I both had hair that went to the middle of our backs. Mine was black, and hers was golden and sort of curly. Mine just hung straight down like moms. I loved how glossy it looked wet, black and shiny like a ravens feathers.

I glanced over to the grown-ups, and sure enough, Dad and Shaun were whispering something to each other while our moms went to the pool bar and refilled their glasses. I saw them looking at us and then quickly look away while they hurriedly talked about something before mom and Meagan got back.

"Did you see that?" Erika asked me.

"Yeah, I wonder what they are up to?"

"Who knows, but if I know my dad, they are cooking up something."

"Probably planning another hunting trip," I sighed.

My dad and Shaun had been going hunting every summer since I could remember. I guess you could call them modern-day woodsman. Living near Seattle gave them a chance to go hunting and fishing several times a year. Erika, her mom Meagan and Shaun had moved in around ten years ago, and Erika and I had pretty much grown up together. In fact, we'd just graduated from High School and were planning on going to the same college if we got accepted.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Erika replied, "They probably don't want our moms to hear about it yet." She laughed and sunk in the water up to her ears.

Erika and I had been making our own plans for summer. It was mainly to party and have fun before we started college.

"I'm glad we don't have to go back to Thurman anymore," Erika said leaning her head back on the padded edge of the tub.

"Me too!" I told her, "I don't ever want to see that place again!"

I leaned back and soaked in the swirling water up to my chin, and thought about the crazy stuff Erika and I had done our senior year.

We sort of had gotten reputations as being easy. I guess we were a little too easy if the guy was hot, and we'd had a few beers. I didn't see anything wrong with having sex, and neither did Erika. It had been fun for the most part, and only a few of the guys had been jerks.

Erika and I were 18 and enjoying our lives, even if it was a bit on the wild side. We weren't the only ones; there were lots of kids in school that partied just as hard as we'd done! It wasn't our fault the guys thought we were the two hottest girls in school. We didn't know we were all that, but lots of boys did.

The problem was that it made a lot of other girls jealous. And that only made Erika and me that much closer. We stuck together like sisters when things went wrong. We even got into a fight one time at a party with some of those girls, but it didn't last long before the guys broke it up.

Thirty minutes later it was getting too hot to stay in the tub much any longer, so we got out and dried off. I noticed our dad's watching and acting like they weren't, and then talking some more. I could tell they were all getting drunk because our moms were laughing and talking loud.

We wrapped towels around us and padded over to say goodnight.

"About time you gave up the tub!" Dad said, "It's our turn next."


I gave dad a quick kiss on the cheek and then mom. Erika said her goodnights, and we hurried inside because it was late and getting colder outside.

After Erika and I took showers, we spent an hour or two flirting with boys on our cell phones. We were talking about who was the cutest and setting updates for the weekend. It was fun flirting with boys and reading all their nasty comments about what they would do to us if they got us alone.

Most of them didn't realize they didn't have a chance, but we flirted with them anyway just for fun.

Our house was big and shaped in an "L" with the pool and hot-tub tucked inside the back of the "L." My room was upstairs on the short end of the "L," and you could look down and see the pool and the hot-tub tucked under the large upstairs deck.

That evening I'd given up around one in the morning and fell asleep on my bed while Erika was still texting in the dark. About an hour later she shook me awake.

"Jade!" she was shaking my shoulders, "Jade wake up you've got to see this!"

"What?" I groaned and looked at my clock that said 2:23AM in green numbers.

"Come here...hurry up!" Erika told me excitedly.

I drug myself to sit up and rubbed my face, "What's the big deal?"

Erika got down on her knees and walked over to my window, "Stay down, so they don't see you...hurry up come and look!"

I was groggy and a little mad that she woke me up, but I crawled over on my knees and peeked over the window sill, "What?"

"Look at the hot-tub." She whispered like someone could hear us.

All the lights were off, and it took a minute to focus because it was pretty far away and dark. I saw some movement and then saw what it was that Erika had wanted me to see.

Our dads were sitting up on the edge of the hot tub in the dark. Our moms were in the water between their legs giving them blow-jobs!

"Wow!" I murmured and tried to get a better view through the steam.

You couldn't see the details, but it was plain enough to see our mom's heads bobbing up and down in our dad's laps!

I felt like a peeper but couldn't stop watching!

Then it hit me that blonde haired Meagan was doing my dad! And my dark-haired mom was bobbing up and down on Shaun's cock!

"OH MY GOD!" I said to Erika, our parents are swingers!

"I KNOW!" Erika replied, "Who would have guessed that?"

We kept watching, and it got worse!

Our moms got up and held onto the side of the tub as the guys got behind them doggy style and started doing it to them!

It was hard to see, but you could definitely tell what was going on over there in the dark. The guys were standing behind our moms and pumping their hips back and forth.

"Your dad is fucking my mom!" Erika said in amazement.

"SO, yours is doing my mom!" I told her; not being able to break my gaze.

"WOW!" Erika said again, and kept watching with me, "Our parents are kinky!"

"Amazing!" Was all I could think of to say.

When they were done, they all got back in the water, and it looked like they were kissing.

"I hope your dad changes the water tomorrow!" Erika laughed, as we crept away from the window.

We were in our PJ's and got back on my bed under the covers, and laid in the dark thinking about what we'd seen.

"How long do you think they've been doing that?" I asked.

"Fifteen or twenty minutes."

"No, I mean swapping with each other," I told Erika because she could be dense some times.

"I don't know, maybe your dad is really mine and vice versa!"

I laughed, "Yeah right, you've got some imagination girl!"

We laughed and fell asleep without any more conversation. I kept having the image of our moms leaning over taking it from behind and just couldn't believe it! I didn't think people in their forties did shit like that!

The next morning Erika and I found out that wasn't the end of the surprises we were going to get that summer.

When we came down to the kitchen, our dads were sitting at the table with coffee and looking at a map. Mom and Meagan were cooking up pancakes, and a large plate of bacon and eggs was already on the table.

It looked like The Smith's must have stayed overnight like Erika had done with me. I sat down wondering what they had done all night long? It was weird looking at mom and remembering how she had been bent over taking Shaun's cock! I shook my head trying to get the image out of my mind.

"Hey girls!" Dad said, "Hope you're hungry?"

Shaun looked up from the map, "Better fill up, we've got a long flight ahead of us."

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Erika asked and sat down next to me.

Mom and Meagan came from the kitchen with a massive stack of pancakes on a plate and sat down with us.

"You're going on a surprise trip," My mom said with a devious smile as she started putting food on her plate.

The adults all looked at us.

"Where?" Erika asked, scooping some hash browns on to her plate.

"North." Meagan said, "That's all you need to know for now."

Erika and I looked at each other, "North?"

Shaun stopped looking at the old map, "We're taking you girls with us on a trip to the wilderness!" He grinned as I almost dropped my fork.

"I thought nobody was ever allowed to go with you on your secret hunting trips," Erika told her dad.

"Yeah!" I added.

My dad and Shaun had always taken at least one trip a year. I'd wanted to go with them several times, but the answer had always been no. Girls weren't allowed to go hunting. Not even our moms could go with them, so Erika and I were pretty surprised by the news.

"Cool!" Erika said, "So where are we going upstate?"

"You'll see when we get there." Her dad told her, "You better get packing we leave tonight!"

We ate breakfast, but no one would tell us anything else. Mom helped me pack, and I had two suitcases full of warm clothes, and just about everything else, you could imagine.

"How long are we going to be gone?" I asked her.

"Two weeks, so you need plenty of clothes." Mom said, zipping up the last bag, "You better take some tampon's."

"I just had my period last week," I told mom.

"Okay, well you girls are going to have a great time," She smiled, "Your father and I went there when we first got married!"

Before I knew it, we were on our way to some unknown destination!

"This is exciting!" Erika whispered as we sat in the back of dad's Tahoe on the way to the airport.

Our moms had given us hugs and kisses like we'd never come back before we left the house. When we got to the airport, we figured part of it out, because we were flying to Anchorage Alaska. From there we didn't know the rest, but Erika and I figured we'd know soon enough.

It took forever to get the gun cases out of security when we got there, and we finally got a hotel room and spent the night. Erika and I had a room with two beds, and our dads were in the room next to us.

We were exhausted but still excited that first night. Erika kept asking me where we were going. I kept telling her I had no idea, but I think she thought I really knew. We crashed out for the night wondering where we'd be going in the morning.

"Where do you think we're going?" Erika asked me again when she crawled into bed.

"The only thing dad told me was it was wild country."

"Wow, this is exciting!" Erika replied, "I wonder if we'll have a tent or what?"

"Yeah, I guess we find out in the morning."

The next morning after a huge breakfast that was absolutely amazing, we took a cab to the airport. Well, not the big airport we arrived at, a little one that had airplanes on floats instead of wheels. Dad found the pilot, and we loaded up our luggage in the back of this big Cessna float plane.

For the next two hours, we flew over a wild country that looked like no one had ever been in before. Pine trees everywhere, and miles upon miles of snow and not much else. We landed in Fairbanks before noon and had lunch while the plane was refueled, and the pilot checked the weather.

Then it was off again for our final stop. After a long bumpy ride, we landed on a beautiful clear lake fed by the Goldstream Creek. Erika and I had big eyes as the plane taxied across the lake to a big dock and shut down. After the pilot tied the plane, we got out and looked around.

"WOW!" Erika said, and I had to agree it was fantastic!

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was, except for a breeze. I had expected it to be freezing cold, but Alaska had a warm spell. Well, it was warm for Alaska, but the sun made it seem pretty decent, and the smell of pine was almost overwhelming!

"Come on girls, plenty of time to look around after we get unloaded!" Shaun told us, as he and Dad started stacking luggage on the dock from the plane.

Erika and I pitched in, and it was amazing how much stuff we had with us. The dock had a huge stack of gun cases, luggage, and some boxes I didn't even know what was in them.

The pilot and our dad's talked about something as Erika, and I sat on the dock and looked at the wilderness. Erika spotted a log cabin way up from the pier where the woods began.

"Jade, do you think that's where we are staying?"

"I hope so, I hate tents!" I told her.

"Come on girls we have to haul all this stuff up to the cabin," Dad told us.

We each grabbed what we could carry, and headed up the old dock as the plane started his engine and left us behind.

"What do you think?" Dad asked me, as I wheeled my two suitcases over the rough boards.

"It's beautiful dad!"

"I love it up here!" Dad replied, "No people, no rules, just a wild country where a man can be a man!"

"It looks dangerous too!" I told him.

"It is, but don't you worry about it," He replied, and helped me unstick my suitcase wheel where it got caught between two rocks; "Shaun and I know how to stay safe up here."

Just then we heard some howling off in the woods, "What's that?" Erika asked.

We all stopped and listened, "Wolves." Shaun told us, "Long ways off don't worry about it."

"Wolves?" Erika said, "Are they dangerous?"

"Sure are, bears are worse!" My dad told us, and we started off again, "You girls better stay close."

It gave me a shiver, and I hoped the cabin was strong enough to keep the wild animals out!

It took us three trips to bring up our stuff and stack it on this big old wooden front porch. Once that was done dad unlocked the padlock on the front door and opened it up. We all grabbed some bags and went inside to see where we'd be staying for the next couple of weeks.

It was one huge room, well except for a side door that I guessed was the bathroom. On the side wall was a huge stone fireplace with some wood stacked against the wall. The opposite end had a big counter and shelves up to the ceiling with canned goods stacked in neat little rows.

On the back wall were two double sized beds, piled deep with furs and comforters. It was dark inside except for the light coming through the front door. That's because there weren't any windows in the place! I was kind of glad about that because I didn't want a bear to barge through a window and eat me some night!

"We're home!" Dad laughed, "Hope you don't mind roughing it?"

I really had to use the bathroom, and went in and found a built-in outhouse. It was just a wooden hole cut in a big plywood box and painted. It did have a real toilet seat, and I looked down the stinky deep hole before I sat on it. A roll of toilet paper hung from a big nail on the wall, and there was a sink with no faucets, just two big buckets of water sitting next to it.

I realized it was going to take some getting used to as I washed my hands in the frigid water and went back out to help stack all our supplies in the corner. Shaun had started a fire while I was gone, and that lit up the room more, as dad and Erika finished stacking up stuff.

"Looks like we need more wood," Shaun said to dad.

"Yeah, we better get busy before dark!"

I thought it was pretty warm, "How come dad?" I asked.

"It may seem warm now, but tonight when the temperature is below freezing you'll be glad for that fire." Daddy replied.

Dad unpacked this big radio, "Girls this is the most important thing we have, don't mess with it!" He told us, setting the battery-powered radio on a shelf, "It's the only way to call for help if we need it."

I checked my cell phone, and it had no signal. I guess I should have known that, but I was hoping we weren't cut off from the world altogether. Erika's phone was the same way, so we turned them off and put them in our bags as Dad and Shaun went out and started splitting wood from a huge pile by the side of the cabin.

When we went out, we noticed that behind the cabin was a big shed full of tools, and more food. Not to mention several cases of Budweiser beer stacked up by a wall. Dad grabbed a six-pack and took it over to Shaun, "Looks like we have plenty in stock!"

Shaun took a beer and wiped his brow, "Good deal and the Thompson's always stock this place up right."

Dad opened a beer as Shaun grabbed the ax. Working with no shirt on splitting more wood and tossing it in a pile.

"You girls want a beer?" Dad asked us.

"I guess so..." Erika said.

"Don't worry about it," Dad laughed and handed her one, "Ain't no rules up here...or cops to bust you for that matter. Jade?

"Sure," I told him because the air was so dry it made my mouth parched. Besides I'd been known to drink a few beers before even if my parents didn't know it.

I took a beer from dad and opened it. It was still cold and tasted strong, but I was parched and drank some anyway. My dad took off his shirt next, and both of them took turns swinging the big ax and making a huge pile of wood.

"You girls start hauling this wood inside and stack it by the fireplace," Shaun told us, and swung the ax sending wood splinters flying all around like angry bees!

So Erika and I spent the next hour stacking wood inside the cabin and on the front porch. It was hard work, and my hands hurt by the time we finished. I was actually sweating by the time we were done, even though it was only about 60 degrees outside.

Dad and Shaun were all sweaty from chopping wood and laughing a lot. I guess the beer helped with that part, I found myself smiling at the jokes they kept telling and drank another beer with Erika.

I noticed that Erika looked all sweaty too, and I think she was just as tired as me. We sat down and finished our beer watching Shaun and Dad finish up with the ax. I found myself looking at them as they worked.

For forty they both looked trim and fit. I guess from all the time in the woods hunting, and fishing kept them that way. It was sort of mesmerizing to watch the ax swing and wood fly off the big stump they used to split the smaller pieces on. I was just enjoying myself when I felt a chill as the wind suddenly swooshed by.

I'm not even sure what time that was, but I noticed the sun was getting lower in the sky and grabbed my windbreaker and put it on.

Dad and Shaun finished another couple of beers and came over to where Erika and I were sitting.

"Girls there are some towels and soap in the bathroom, go get them. I need a bath."

We ran in and got four towels because we wanted a bath too! I wondered if it was in the shed or further out back.

When we came out with our stuff, dad and Shaun each had on holsters with pistols, "Come on."

Erika and I looked at each other but followed our dads up this little trail. When we walked out of the trees and came to a small pond. Dad said, "You go. First I'll keep watch." to Shaun.


Erika and I stood stunned and watched Shaun started taking off his clothes.

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"Where's the bath?" I asked.

"Jade it's right there!" Shaun laughed pointing at the pond.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Erika exclaimed.

"Nope get those clothes off girl, and get cleaned up." Her dad told her as he pulled his jeans off.

My dad sat there on a rock holding the pistol and grinning, watching our shocked faces.

"It's freezing!" Erika complained.

"You're not getting in the clean sheets until you do!" Shaun said, and pulled his boxers off and stood there naked with it all hanging out, "Don't be so shy girl, I saw you naked the day you were born!"

He waded out in the water as Erika, and I just stared, "Not too bad." Shaun said and quickly dropped down to his neck and then back up to start using the bar of soap.

Erika looked at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders at her. I really didn't know what to say about what was happening.

Erika began taking her clothes off as my dad smiled and enjoyed the show, "Can you turn around or something?" Erika asked Dad.

"Why, I've seen naked women before. I'll keep watch, so a bear doesn't get you!"

"Maybe you should watch for a bear instead of me then!" Erika replied sarcastically.

Daddy just smiled, "I got two eyes don't you worry none."

Erika started pulling her clothes off and stacking them on a rock. She pulled her panties off last and hurried for the water. My dad and Shaun were grinning, and I knew they'd planned this the whole time!

"Damn it's COLD!" Erika squealed, as Shaun soaped up his crotch into a lather.

"You'll get used to it."

"I don't see how that's going to happen!" Erika replied but splashed water on her naked skin.

"It's better if you just dunk yourself." Shaun laughed and lathered up his armpits like he was standing under a hot shower.

Erika dunked herself and came up sputtering, "FUCK!"

All of us laughed as she took the bar of soap and hurried to wash her body, "How's the water?" I laughed.

"Wait till you find out!" Erika yelled back.

That made me shut up for a minute. I'd forgotten it was going to be my turn next!

Shaun sat down up to his neck and rinsed off. Then he stood up and waded back up for a towel.

"Hey, Brian it's cold enough to shrivel my pod!" Shaun laughed as he grabbed the towel and started drying his chest and arms.

He was only a few feet away, and it didn't look like his "Pod" was shriveled to me. It hung down fat and long, curving over a big pair of balls!

I'd seen a few dicks before, but not one the size of his! He didn't mind showing it to us either, and that sort of freaked me out. I wondered what else he'd like to teach me?

Erika came almost running out of the lake hugging herself with both arms and shivering. Her flesh was covered with goosebumps as she grabbed a towel and hurried to dry off.

"FUCKING COLD!" She mumbled.

Shaun was almost dressed, and Erika was rubbing the towel in her crotch to get it dry.

"Be sure and dry that pussy, you don't want ice forming on it!" Her dad told her, and he and my dad started laughing like a couple of loons.

"GOD DAD!" Erika said and hurried to find her panties.

My Dad passed the pistol over to Shaun who sat down on the rock, "Looks like it's our turn, Jade."

I didn't argue and started getting undressed at the same time as him wanting to hurry and get it over with. I wanted to get cleaned up and if I had to show my body "Fuck it!."

I noticed that Shaun was taking a keen interest in me stripping. His eyes taking their time going up and down my body looking at every detail! I'd seen that look before from lots of guy's. The glimpse of "I'd like to hold you down and fuck you all night!"

I ignored him and followed my daddy out into the water.

Damn, it felt like Ice, and I started to shiver right away. When I dunked down to my neck... my nipples got so hard that they felt like they would pop. And when that ice cold water had touched my pussy, It almost made me scream it was so fucking cold!

I stood next to dad and hurried to use the soap on my armpits, and then my crotch and chest. He did the same, and we got done a lot faster than Shaun and Erika.

"How's the water JADE?" Erika yelled at me.

"Shut up!" I yelled back and waded out for a towel as she laughed at me.

I think Shaun was enjoying watching me dry off and get my clothes back on. I hurried and tried to ignore him staring at me.

Even after a fast walk, I was still shivering when we got back to the cabin. Shaun got a roaring fire going, and my dad got a bottle of whiskey out of his bag.

"Here this will warm you girls up!"

My dad poured us all a shot in these tin cups that were hanging on the wall. While Shaun opened up two big cans of stew and put it in a pot that hung on a hook and swiveled in over the fire.

I drank my whiskey in one gulp, and the burn felt nice after almost freezing to death in that damn lake!

When it was bubbling hot, we ate that stew from metal plates, and I swear it was the best meal I've ever had! I'd felt like I was starving and God it was good and hot!

"Guess we better get some real meat in the morning," Shaun told my Dad.

"Yep, bright and early, you girls stay around the cabin, so a bear doesn't grab you."

"Not funny dad!" I told him, "What are we supposed to do while you're gone?"

"Enjoy nature, sit in the sun, you can even use one of those fishing poles if you want."

I didn't like the idea of being left alone, but there wasn't any arguing with my dad.

So we all played cards for a while until Dad let out a big yawn, "I think I'm going to turn in...been a long day."

"Yeah, big day tomorrow too!" Shaun agreed, "Let's unpack the rifles."

There were a couple of old ratty chairs by the fire. They looked like they'd come from the Salvation Army but still stood. Our dad's unpacked their rifles and cleaned them while Erika and I sat sipping more whiskey, and enjoying the heat from the fireplace.

Erika leaned over to me and whispered, "Did you notice?"

"What?" I whispered back.

"My dad has a huge penis!" She giggled, "No wonder mom makes so much noise at night!"

I wasn't going to say it, but I'd noticed it too. My own dad's looked larger than anything I'd seen before, but I wasn't about to say it out loud! Erika, on the other hand, said whatever she wanted most of the time. She'd embarrassed me plenty of times with her big mouth at school.

"Mine too!" I laughed, and pushed her shoulder, "Stop talking about it."

"I know..." Erika giggled, "I peeked at his too!" she said, having to get the last word in.

"Hey, dad which bed do we get?" I asked because the long day and whiskey had made me almost nod off.

"You girls pick who you want to sleep with to stay warm," Shaun said, as he came out of the bathroom in his boxers.

"Huh?" We asked at the same time.

Shaun went to one bed and threw back the furs, "I love Brian like a brother, but I'm not hugging him all night!"

"Me either bro!" My dad said, and threw a bunch of wood on the fire, "Going to get cold tonight...front's coming in."

Erika and I sat there looking at each other and then at Shaun pulling off his boxers and climbing in bed naked, "Good night!"

"Night." My dad replied, and went to the other bed and started taking his clothes off.

The candles were all out, and the only light was the glow from the fire, "Who do you want?" Erika asked me.

"I guess I'll sleep with my dad, I'm not going to sit out here all night."

"Okay, I guess there really aren't any rules out here!" Erika replied with a yawn.

Erika went over to the opposite side of the bed her dad was in and started taking her clothes off. She didn't even dig for her PJ's, and I didn't blame her. I had no idea where my stuff was under the pile of bags in the dark corner.

"Night," Erika told me and crawled into his bed in just her bra and panties.

I sat there for a while until I heard the wolves and the wind started howling. I went over to my dad's bed and got undressed like Erika. I crawled in under those furs, and it was nice and warm. I could hear dad already snoring slightly and covered up next to him.

It felt weird being in bed with him. I knew he was naked and I was almost the same. I wondered what I'd do if he tried something with me?

I didn't have to worry because he seemed to be sleeping soundly.

I woke up hours later, and the fire had burned down to just a dull glow. It was freezing cold, and the wind was howling outside of the cabin. So I got up and ran over to toss some wood into the fireplace and felt like I was going to freeze to death!

I went back to the bed and climbed back into where it was much warmer but still cold. Dad was asleep on his side facing mine, and I cuddled up to his warm bare skin. The fire caught, and the room got lighter, so I pulled the furs over my head and tried to suck up his warmth.

Dad woke up enough to pull me close to him. His arms around my back with my face against his chest, and then he started to snore lightly again. I could feel his huge penis and balls on my tummy. It wasn't hard or anything, and I was too tired and cold to worry about it. I fell asleep as soon as I was warm again.

All I knew was this living out in the wilderness was going to take some getting used to!

The next morning, I woke up early and dad was gone.

I looked over at Erika's bed and saw that Shaun was also missing. Then I remembered them saying they were going hunting. I got up and tossed more logs on the fire and got back in bed. I guess that woke up Erika because she jumped up and crawled into my bed.

"Can I stay with you... it is freezing?"


We ended up hugging each other to stay warm while the fire took hold.

"Hey Jade," Erika asked, "Did your dad try anything funny with you last night?"

"No, did yours?"

"Not really, but I did wake up once, and he had a hard-on pushing on my butt crack!" Erika giggled, "I think he was asleep though."

"This is one crazy trip!" I said, "Maybe we ought to switch beds tonight."

Erika thought about it, "Yeah let's do that before something else happens!"

"Something still could happen," I told her.

"Yeah, but at least it won't be with my dad!"

"Okay it's a deal," I told her.

We woke up an hour later when the room was warm again and found some old stale pop-tarts for breakfast. Erika even found some instant coffee, and we boiled some water and drank two cups each.

When we opened the front door, the sun was out, and it was wet from rain but not frozen.

So we made more coffee and sat out on the deck looking at the empty lake in the sunshine.

"So what would you have done if you're dad had tried to do you?" Erika suddenly asked.

"Tell him to stop...why what would you do?"

Erika sipped her coffee thinking, "I'm not sure...I mean I was so cold I would have done just about anything to stay warm." She gave me a sly smile.

We sat there sipping our coffee for a minute or two before I told her, "I don't think I'd do that even if I were too cold."

"Can I tell you a secret?" Erika asked.

"Of course."

"When I felt his big was sort of getting me turned on."

I laughed, "You're terrible!"

"I know...but it was big...I wondered what it would feel like. If it wasn't my dad that is." She quickly added.

I felt compelled to tell her my story of how my dad's bare cock and balls were mashed on my tummy.

"Did it turn you on?"

"Not really, it was just weird!"

"It's going to be a long week," I added at last.

"Yeah, who knows what's going to happen out here?"

I didn't tell her that the idea of sleeping with her dad later was sort of turning me on. He was a handsome man, and I wondered what I would do if he made a pass at me? I mean I'd slept with guys before that I'd just met at a party just for the sex, and I wondered what it would be like to do it with Shaun.

"I guess we can do whatever we want," I told Erika.

"How's that?"

" rules out here in the wilderness."

"Oh yeah," She said with a smile, "I kind of like that idea!"

"You're terrible!"

"So are you, Jade, you just won't admit it!"

I had no argument for that, Erika knew me better than I knew myself.

The men showed up at noon dragging a small Elk behind them.

"Wow!" Erika yelled, and I followed her over to them.

"We're eating fresh meat for lunch!" Shaun smiled at me, "You girls get the fire going while we skin this critter."

Erika and I ran back to the cabin and got the fire going nice and hot.

An hour later we were eating cooked elk meat like we'd been starved to death. Oh MY GOD! It was so tasty I wanted to eat the whole thing!

The gross part was watching them hang the carcass by its back legs in a tree. There was a rope through a pulley on a high branch, and they pulled it up out of the way of wolves and bears. It looked naked and gross hanging there, but it sure did taste good!

Erika and I burned some meat for super while Shaun and my dad went to the pond to take baths and clean blood off their arms. When they got back, they laughed at us but ate it anyway. We celebrated by drinking cold bud and a few shots of whiskey.

We all had a pretty good buzz going by bedtime.

We were sitting around playing cards with the fire going when Shaun asked us, "You girls want to play strip poker?"

"Why, you run around naked all the time now!" Erika told him.

"Good point, why don't you and Jade just strip down and give us mighty hunters a show?"

"You wish!" I laughed.

Daddy looked at me, "That would be something to see!"

"We brought you food!" Shaun pleaded, "Jade, the least you could do is tuck me in like a baby!"

We were all feeling a bit drunk, "I'll think about it." I told him, and his eyes got big, "I think it's time for bed Brian!"

It was getting cold, so we all got ready for bed. I think my dad was surprised when Erika crawled under his covers with nothing but her panties on. I knew that girl, and I would have bet money she was going to do my dad sooner or later!

Shaun lifted his furs, "Come on in Jade, it's nice and warm!"

I curled up on my side, and he scooted over to me, and I felt his cock. It was already hard, and he nuzzled my ear and made me giggle. I heard Erika laughing on the other side of the small cabin as the front of my bra was unhooked, and a big rough hand began to feel my boobs.

He pushed me over on my back and kissed my nipple, then sucked it into his mouth as his hand ran down my tummy and between my legs.

I kept them tightly together, "What do you want Shaun?" I kidded him.

"I want that nice hot pussy of yours." He told me, "Open up your legs, and I'll lick it for you."

I laughed, "You wish!"

"Come on give me a break, "He said, and rubbed my mound, let me show you how good I am at it."

I spread my legs apart, and he began to rub my pussy with his fingers and started kissing me. I felt his big hard cock on my tummy, so I took hold of it and pumped it up and down. It felt huge, and I started wondering if it would hurt or feel good inside me.

"Mmmm that feels good Jade!" He whispered, and we kissed some more as his hand slipped inside of my panties and found out how wet I was. Then he slid them down my legs, and I was completely naked and pretty turned on.

He stopped kissing me and sunk down between my legs. Shaun pushed my legs pushed apart, and I felt his mouth on my slit, and I let out a groan. I wasn't the only one making noise either. I pulled the fur down over my face and saw Erika's head sticking out of her furs. My dad was under her, and she was on top.

I could see her bathed in firelight humping my dad!

"OH MY GOD!" she moaned, "FUCK!...OOohhhh GOD that's big!"

I closed my eyes and felt a tongue slurping my slit, and then a pair of lips sucking on my clit gently.

"Unhhhh OOOoohhh yeah just like that!" I told Shaun and reached down to stroke his hair while he ate me.

Then I heard Erika yelling really loud and looked over at the other bed. The covers were off of them, and she was on her hands and knees facing the headboard. My daddy was behind her grunting and fucking her hard from the back. I could see his big long shaft going in and out of her as she yelled how great it felt!

"OH OH OHHHHHHH AHhhh AHHHHH AHHHHHH!" Erika yelled and dropped her head to the mattress, but dad just held her hips up and fucked her even harder.

I didn't get to watch much more because Shaun rolled me over on my side and got behind me. He spooned me and pushed my knees up towards my boobs. Then I felt his knob searching for my opening. I could still lay there and watch daddy and Erika as Shaun's knob started to push up inside of me. Damn, it felt huge, and I let out a groan as the tip went in.

Shaun's big hard cock started to slide further up in my pussy and kept going and going. He grabbed my right boob in his hand and began to pump his cock in and out of me once it was wet.

I saw dad flip Erika back over on her back and get between her legs. He pulled the furs up over them and was kissing her as she moaned and let him fuck her some more.

God, I felt stuffed!

Shaun was getting really excited, and starting to pump me harder and faster and I had to close my eyes and enjoy it. He rolled me over on my tummy with that big cock still in me and started licking the back of my neck while he fucked me. I had to cum, and that only made him go faster.

I could feel Shaun's warm breath in my right ear as he was saying, "Damn Jade you have the best pussy I've ever felt!"

His knees pushed my legs further apart so he could get really deep in me, "Shit...I'm going to cum!"

Shaun pushed my legs way apart and grabbed my shoulders and started squeezing them hard as he fucked me even faster. Slamming his cock all the way up in me. I felt his balls hitting my mound and heard him grunting loudly.

He picked me part way up by my hips and held me all the way back on his shaft as it began to throb and jerk in me.

"AH AH...OOOOHHH FUCK!" Shaun yelled, and I felt his cum starting to warm my insides as he came, "Oh yes baby!"

Shaun's cock kept squirting and jerking inside me, and I came again because it felt so good!

"Fuck I needed that!" Shaun said when he was done cumming in me.

He rolled us on to our left sides leaving his cock in me. He held me close and covered us up again, and we fell asleep in just a few minutes, his cock felt good slowly shrinking inside of me, and it was the warmest I'd felt since we got there. The sex had been delicious, better than I thought it was going to be with an old guy.

I'd needed it too, it had been a while since I'd had sex and I guess nature had just taken its course.

When I woke up, I was alone, and Erika was getting out of her bed, "Where is everyone?" I asked.

Erika was naked and did a big stretch facing me, "They went scouting some old gold mine for us to check out later."

She came over and lifted my furs up, "Let me in... its cold out here!"

Then Erika crawled in next to me, "You're warm want to snuggle?" She giggled, and put her boobs against mine looking down at me, "Jade you tramp, did you enjoy screwing my dad last night?"

I let out a laugh, "It looked like you were the tramp to me...yelling all night long!"

"God I know!" Erika grinned, "Brian made me cum a million times!" She exaggerated, "Did you ever think we'd be doing something like that last night?"

"No way," I told her, "I still can't really believe it!"

Then something happened that I least expected, "I'm so happy I could just eat you all up!" Erika said, and put her lips to mine and kissed me so passionately that it startled me.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked.

"I guess I'm getting wild like this place...are you?"

"Something sure is going on." And I felt like kissing her back.

I'd never kissed another girl before, and it was sort of weird at first but sweet at the same time. Erika ran her hand down between my legs and rubbed my pussy, "Maybe we could do each other while the guys are gone?"

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I laughed, "I don't think I'm into that!"

"How do you know if you've never tried?" She asked, and slipped her middle finger in my slit and teased my clit, "Your pussy is nice and wet."

Then Erika kissed me again and the second time was better. It didn't help that she was teasing my clit, I was fighting getting turned on, but I was quickly losing the battle as her tongue slipped into my mouth, and she pressed her nice warm boobs against mine.

"I've always thought you were the hottest girl I've ever seen," Erika whispered, her lips barely pulled away from mine.

"I don't know about this?" I whispered back, but my clit didn't want her to stop.

"Have you done this before?" I asked her.

"No, I would've told you." And she kissed me again harder and ran her hand from my crotch slowly up my tummy and grabbed my boob.

There was no denying that my best friend was getting me turned on! My reluctance was melting away, as she started kissing my nipple and then sucked it gently.

"We shouldn't! I told her in my last ditch effort to stop.

"No rules," Erika whispered, "I want to find out what you taste like Jade...I want to lick your little-wet pussy!"

"OH GOD!" I groaned, letting her have her way.

Erika slowly kissed her way down to my belly button and teased it with her tongue, and rubbed my pussy some more. I found my legs spreading apart to let her between them. Erika started to kiss my pussy lips, and I let out a moan and gripped the furs.

Her tongue licked the opening to my vagina and then slid all the way up my slit, and I groaned loudly, "You taste perfect!" I heard her say before she did it again.

Then Erika started on my clit with her tongue, and it didn't take very long for her to make me cum. I held her head, and my hips bucked up and down as she sucked and licked me until my orgasm was over.

She crawled back up on top of me kissing my nipples with her wet mouth and chin, "That was fun, will you do me?" She asked.

How could I refuse after that?

I never realized how hot and juicy pussy gets during sex. I guess I'd always been so turned on that I didn't notice myself leaking and how swollen your lips get. But I found out as I licked Erika between her legs. It turned me on how she was moaning and squirming from my tongue.

When Erika arched her back and humped my face, I licked and sucked all of the juices leaking out of her. I loved how she moaned and told me how good it felt. It hadn't taken more than fifteen minutes for us both to get off, and we held each other afterword's winding down from the lovemaking.

"I need a bath!" Erika laughed, "I'm a hot mess down there."

"Me too," I told her, "Let's go up to that pond and get cleaned up."

We were about to head out when I remembered the warning about wolves and bears!

Erika said we should go anyway, and I was about to give in when I noticed the rain barrels at each corner of the cabin.

"Hey I got an Idea," I told her, "Get the bucket from the bathroom!"

The sun was almost all the way up as we stripped down beside the cabin and took stand up baths. Soaping each other and dumping ice cold water over our heads to get the soap off. Afterword's I felt clean and frozen, so we stood by the fire until we were warm again.

The only thing left to do was sit on the front porch in the sun waiting for our dads to get back.

I could hear wolves howling off in the distance, but I sure wasn't about to go looking for them. Erika got some beer out of the shed after we cooked some big hunks of Elk meat and ate. We sat there enjoying the wilderness with the breeze full of pine scent rolling up from across the lake.

"How did you like having sex with my dad?" Erika asked me as we sat there sipping cans of Budweiser.

"It was terrific!" I told her, "How was my dad?"

"Didn't you hear me yelling?" Erika laughed, "God his penis was gigantic!"

"So was your dads, I've never had one that big in me before!"

Then she asked, "What if our mom's find out?"

"What are they going to say?" I replied, "They did the same thing!"

"Oh Yeah!" Erika laughed, "I guess they did!"

"I guess we're all a bunch of swappers now."

"Swappers?" Erika laughed.

"Yeah, we all have been swapping partners!"

"I'm a swapper are you a swapper too?" Erika said in a funny voice.

"GOD you're sick!"

We laughed some more until Erika brought up the question that had been flitting around in my own mind.

"What are we going to do if they want us to swap beds again?"

"I'm not sure what I'll do?" I said honestly, "You think that's going to happen?"

"They are men aren't they, of course, they will...I'm sure they will get around to it sooner or later!"

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Remember how they swapped our moms?"

"Your right!" I told her, "I forgot about that!"

"They keep telling us there aren't any rules up here. So what do you think is going to happen?"

Erika had a point, and up here in the wilderness, we kept getting reminded that rules didn't apply like back home.

"What are you going to do if your dad tries to make love to you?" I asked her.

"I don't know?" she replied and took a big drink of beer, "I think it would feel kind of weird him being my dad and all."

"Yea but what will you do?"

"I don't know yet," Erika told me, "Maybe we just swap dad's while we are here."

We sat there with our own thoughts for a while, just enjoying the view across the blue lake.

"Jade this is the craziest trip I've ever been on!" Erika said at last, "I never imagined we'd be doing this."

I knew what she was referring to, "Yeah maybe we ought to just stay drunk and enjoy it?"

Erika started laughing, "You know me, when I get drunk I get horny!"

"You're a tramp!" I told her.

"So are you!"

I guess maybe Erika was right; I'd had my share of parties and guys. Right then I didn't care; I was eighteen and free to do whatever and whoever I wanted!

I think being in the wild had affected me by then. I really didn't know what was happening to me because I hadn't even felt guilty about being with Shaun! If I ended up screwing my dad, it didn't seem all that terrible at that moment. Alaska was changing me for sure, or maybe it was the booze. I really wasn't sure, but I planned on rolling with whatever happened.

When I look back on it, I guess I had started feeling sort of wild just like the land around me. It was cold in Alaska, no T.V., no cell-phone, or even a mall. But it was one of the most exciting times of my life.


"Looks like we're eating Elk again tonight!" My dad said as he and Shaun showed up with their rifles and no food.

"I took a shot at a Caribou but missed!" Shaun told us as they walked up to the front porch.

"What have you two been doing all morning?" Dad asked, slipping his rifle off and leaning it against the porch.

"We took a bath!" Erika told him.

"I hope you didn't go alone up to that lake!"

"No, we did it here with a bucket!"

"That was a good idea!" Shaun said, "I see you've been into our beer!" as he picked up the last three cans and pulled two from the plastic holder.

Dad took one from him and popped it open, "How would you girls like to go see something amazing?"

"Sure, it's kind of boring hanging around here all the time," I told him.

"Good, get some jackets or whatever you need."

Erika and I ran in and got our coats and a roll of toilet paper. Dad and Shaun left the rifles in the cabin and took pistols instead. They packed beer in a backpack and some dry foodstuff and Elk jerky.

I noticed that the sun was warm whenever it came out of the clouds. When it was covered up, it felt pretty chilly because the wind was blowing pretty hard. More so than being back in town for sure. Being in the trees helped, and I loved the sound of the pines rustling when a big gust would blow through their tops.

It took an hour or longer of hiking before we got to this opening in the trees. We walked out on this granite cliff, and you could see for miles!

"WOW!" Erika said, and I had to agree with her.

It was beautiful and looked like no one had ever been there before!

"Let's have a beer and enjoy the view!" Shaun told us.

I sat down with my feet hanging over the edge of the cliff. It looked like it dropped off hundreds of feet!

Dad came up behind me and sat down behind me with his legs spread out around me. Then he hugged me, "Jade, be careful you don't fall."

"I'm okay, I'm not afraid of heights."

Dad gave me a beer, and I took a drink as he put his arms around my tummy and pulled me back to his chest, "What do you think about the view?"

"GOD it's so beautiful dad!" and it was.

Dad had his chin on top of my head holding me tight against him, "Not as beautiful as you!"

"Thanks, daddy," I told him still not tearing my eyes from the scenery. I looked over and saw Erika, and her dad having a conversation further down the cliff face and wondered what they were saying.

"It sure would make me happy if you'd come to warm my bed tonight," Dad said in my ear and gave me a squeeze.

And there it was, my dad, making a pass at me! I had to give him credit for being honest about it.

"You really think we should?" I asked him, "You already cheated on mom with Erika, and now you want to do it with me?...what would mom do if she found out?"

"She's more open-minded than you think," He replied, "We sort of have an agreement for things like this."

"Like when you all traded partners in the hot tub the other night?" I asked him.

"You saw that?" he asked surprise in his voice.

"Yeah, Erika and I saw you."

"Well yes, we've been doing that for years. It keeps things from getting boring."

"Oh dad," I said, and turned to look him in the eyes, "I'm not sure I'm ready to do that unless all you have in mind is sleeping?"

"You don't have to do anything you don't want," He replied.

"I can't believe that mom wouldn't mind."

"That was just sex Jade, men have needs. So do women, and I didn't hear you complaining when you and Shaun were going at it."

That made me laugh because he was right. I didn't have any thoughts about Shaun except how good the sex had been!

"Meagan and your mom know about this place...and how rules don't apply like they do back home."

"They've been here before?"

"Yep, all of us shared the very same cabin years ago."

"So they are okay with that?"

"Like I said, there is a lot about all four of us you don't know."

I sat there leaning back against my dad, he was so strong, and I felt safe in his arms resting on the edge of that cliff. I knew he'd never let anything bad happen to me. I felt suddenly closer to him than I'd ever been before. I guess because he wasn't treating me like a little kid anymore.

I thought about how he'd spent hours teaching me to ride my first bike. The happiness on his face when I opened a huge present he got just for me every Christmas. All the school plays he'd suffered through and a million other things he'd done for me.

The real world seemed a million miles away. The wilderness had affected me in some way that made me glad I had made this trip. That my dad had brought me into his secret world that until now only Shaun had shared with him.



"I wish this trip would never end!"

Dad kissed the side of my face, "I wish we could make love right now."

I couldn't believe he'd actually said that to me! Like a lovesick puppy instead of the strong man, I'd grown up admiring my whole life.

I had to turn and look at him, "That's what you really want?"

"More than anything in the world!"

"Isn't that wrong for us to do that?"

"Is it?"

I just stared into his eyes.

"You have no idea how much I love you, Jade." He added and kissed me on the lips.

I felt all warm inside, "I don't know what to say?" I stuttered when the kiss broke apart.

Before he could answer, Erika came running over with two more beers.

"Hey, let's go see the old gold mine dad told me about!"

Dad got up and helped me to my feet. I felt light-headed from our conversation. It had been so honest and sincere, that my heart ached with love for him at that moment. I didn't know if I could give him what he wanted as I took one last look at the vast wilderness spread out across the horizon.

I felt like it was pulling all of us into uncharted territory, as dad took my hand and we turned and followed Erika and Shaun back into the woods.

All four of us spent the next hour checking out the old dilapidated log cabins of the gold mining camp. There were huge piles of rusty tin cans from food, and even a vast old steam engine tilted and rusting away. True to my word I'd thought about nothing but what dad had said to me on the cliff. I guess any other girl might have freaked out or something, but out here in the wild, it didn't seem so crazy.

I kept wondering what it would be like to have my dad as my lover as we laughed and explored the grounds. I was a little afraid of what might happen when it came time for bed that night. Mental images and strange feelings ran through my head all that afternoon.

On the long hike back dad and I walked together, following Erika and Shaun. He'd take my hand and help me over rocks and fallen trees. One time he picked me up off the ground and carried me over this huge field of rocks.

I felt closer to my dad than I'd ever felt before. No worries about school, his job, or the boys back home. They all seemed forgotten like a bad dream to me, and I was so happy to be in Alaska with him.

By the time we made it back to the cabin I was all smiles, and my spirit felt wild and free!

Later Dad and Shaun were lowering the Elk carcass to cut some meat for stew. Erika and I had the job of putting more wood in the cabin before dark. We made several trips with arms full of wood and got a huge pile just before they came in to make a stew.

Erika motioned me outside with her eyes.

"We're going to get some more beer from the shed!" She told our dads as they cut potatoes and messed with super.

"Okay, bring some for us!"

Out at the shed, Erika looked excited, "Guess what?"


"Dad asked me to stay in his bed tonight!"

I opened a beer, "Are you going to?"

"Oh...I don't know what to do!" She told me shaking her blonde hair out of her face.

"Dad asked me too!" I said, and gave her my can for a drink, "Should we?"

"I want to, but it seems..."

"So wrong?"

"Yeah, but in a good way!" Erika laughed and handed the can back so I could have a drink.

"Jade, what do you think we ought to do?"

"I guess we see how we feel when its bedtime." I told her, "Come on I'm starving!"

The stew was fantastic, and we all ate like a pack of starving homeless people. Food cooked over a fire has this Smokey flavor that is so wonderful! I loved the smell of the forest, the fire, and everything else around us.

After dark, I was feeling nervous about bedtime. I think Erika was too, I could see it in her eyes whenever she looked at me. I asked dad to get out the whiskey because I really needed a drink!

We played a couple of games of gin rummy as the usual sounds of nighttime began. Wolves out in the forest howling their sad songs. Wind rustling through the trees in little gust. The old wood of the cabin creaking as the temperature began to drop. And the crackling of pine burning in the fireplace.

Then it happened, the thing I'd been worried about all day.

"Well, I think I'll turn in," Dad yawned and stacked the cards into a pile.

"Yeah, me too," Shaun replied and downed the last of his whiskey.

Erika eyed me and shrugged her shoulders like she didn't know what to do. I felt the same way and stalled as long as I could.

"Don't you girls stay up all night," Shaun said, "We have a big hike planned in the morning."

Erika and I put more wood on the fire as Shaun and Dad got naked and into each bed. We sat by the fire and had one last beer together.

Before going to the bathroom to get ready for bed, we piled more wood on the fire because it was starting to get chilly.

"I'm going to do it," Erika told me after she finished brushing her teeth and wiped her mouth with a towel.

"For real?" I asked, brushing my teeth.

"Yeah, here I go!" She told me and opened the rickety old door.

That didn't leave me much choice since there was only one spot left, and that was in dad's bed. I had pretty much decided I'd sleep with him anyway, but Erika had just made it easier to go through with it. I hoped I wasn't making a big mistake when I left the bedroom and went over to his side of the bed.

I heard giggling in the other bed from Erika and could see both of them were under the furs. Dad lifted the furs up, and I could see he was naked in the firelight. I started taking my clothes off as dad watched me undress in the firelight. I was going to leave my panties on but at the last second pulled them down to my feet and stepped out of them.

"I'm glad you're here!" Dad whispered and gave me a little kiss.

Dad laid back down flat, and I snuggled up to him because he was so damn warm. He started rubbing my back with one hand and whispering to me.

"Did I ever tell you what a beautiful sexy woman you are?" He whispered.

I smiled in the dark, "Guys have used that line before dad."

"Maybe because it's true!"

Dad was lying on his back, and I was on my side facing him. Soaking up his body heat like a sponge.

"Holding you like this is making me horny." He whispered, his fingers doing little circles on my bare back.

"Men are always horny!" I laughed, and put my right hand on his chest.

"Would you do something for me right now?" He whispered.

"What's that?"

Dad took my hand, and he guided it over to his dick.

It felt warm and was hard as a rock when I wrapped my hand around it.

"Can you stroke it for me? I'd love it if you did that for me."

"Dad, I don't think I should," I told him, but his hand kept mine around his cock, and he stroked it up and down a couple of time.

"Please baby, daddy needs it."

"Okay but nothing else."

I gave in, and he took his hand off of mine and let out a big sigh. I started to stroke his shaft slowly up and down. It felt like it was getting even harder if that was possible. It seemed so strange lying naked next to my dad and playing with his big hard dick!

After a few minutes, my hand was getting tired, and he hadn't cum yet.

"My hands getting tired," I whispered.

"Don't stop yet...Mmmmmm it would help if you kiss it a few times."

I knew what he really wanted, I hesitated for a few seconds just feeling his cock in my hand as I stroked it up and down slowly. Then I stepped off that big high cliff, full of doubt and a little afraid of what I was about to do.

I barely noticed what was happening with Erika and her dad because of what was going on in our bed. I could hear them making noises, but it seemed to be in the background.

"But Dad?"

"Please...I'd do it for you."

I slid my face down his stomach and lowered his big shaft until the knob was at my lips. I could smell his musty penis, big and fat in my hand. I gave it a little lick, and he let out a soft moan.

He put his hand on my head, "Put him in your mouth...for me...Damn that feels so good!"

I gave up trying to fight it any longer and took him in my mouth. It was really big around and filled up my mouth with warm, smooth skin.

Dad groaned and pushed my head down on his cock further, "Fuck that feels good...suck it for me...please don't stop!"

As crazy as it sounds, having my dad's cock in my mouth started to get me turned on. I began to suck it and slide my tongue around it while it was in my mouth. It leaked some slippery fluid when I sucked on it hard for him.

"Yeah, just like that baby," Dad moaned, "I want to lick your pussy baby."

When he said that I got even more turned on, and sucked and stroked him with more enthusiasm. My pussy felt swollen and damp between my legs, and I wanted to rub my clit so bad it was driving me crazy!

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I was getting so turned on that all my fears vanished from my mind. I was enjoying how turned on I made him, and it was doing the same thing to me.

Dad pulled me up from his cock and rolled me onto my back. He grabbed my boob hard squeezing it and sucked on my nipple, and it was my turn to let out a moan. His hand went between my legs and started to rub my pussy as he sucked on my other nipple.

Then he started to kiss me hotly, licking my lips, and devouring them with his. I was getting so turned on because he was rubbing my pussy the whole time he did it.

"You want your pussy licked?" His hot breath in my ear asked.


My dad slid down between my legs and started to eat me, and I loved it!

I held his head with both hands between my legs and kept moaning while he licked my clit with the tip of his tongue. When his rough finger slid up in my vagina, I let out a groan and came all over his mouth and fingers!

Dad sat up between my legs, and rubbed that big warm tip of his penis up and down on my sensitive clit, "Can I put it in you baby?" he asked.

I was surprised by that! Most guys just did it like they owned you.

I sat up on one elbow and reached down between my legs for his dick. He let me hold it and slide it down to my opening.

Once it was there, I laid back down as it slowly pushed inside. I was so wet that his big cock easily slid all the way up inside of me. I groaned and sucked in my breath as that big round tip slid all the way to the top of my vagina.

"Oh my God!" Dad hissed, "Your pussy is so hot and tight!"

Then my Dad grabbed my boobs with both hands and started to pump me. I moaned each time because it went so far up in me that it hurt a bit.

Daddy was looking down at me, his face all full of tension in the firelight as his cock slid in and out of me.

"Fuck you feel so good!" He, told me, " I LOVE YOU!"

My dad got so turned on that he grabbed my legs and put my ankles over his shoulders, pushing them towards my head and rolling my hips up off the mattress so his cock could go even deeper.

"OH GOD Daddy!" I moaned, "I love you too!" I told him, and it wasn't a lie.

I clutched at him with my hands, loving his stiff cock deep in my body!

Dad was all the way in me and stopped, "Baby, can I cum in your pussy?" He asked with a gruff lust filled voice.

My dad had surprised me again; usually, guys just do it and walk away afterward!

I loved him even more for that!

"God yes!" I told him, "Don't stop! I want to feel you Cum in me!"

Dad kissed me and then started to fuck me again.

My hips were almost straight up in the air as he pounded down into my pussy hard and fast and I came really loudly, seeing his big wet shaft in the firelight plunging into my pussy! The back of my knees slipped into the corners of his arms as he held himself up of the bed on his palms. Fucking me hard and grinding his body on my crotch when it was all in me.

"OH FUCK I'm gonna CUM!" Dad moaned and pumped me a few more times.

I held onto his forearms tightly waiting for it.

"Unnnnhhhhhh shit!" He groaned out loud, "Unnnh Unnhhhh, oooohhhhh."

I felt his cum spurting out inside of me as he let out another long groan and jerked his body hard against me. His cock was all the way inside, and I could feel it throbbing and jerking hard.

I felt my vagina tighten around his cock and make little fast contractions when I came again. I'd never felt that before, and it was the best orgasm I'd ever had.

Daddy sat back on his knees, pushing down on my tummy with his warm palm, "Oohhh fuck...I'm still Cumming!" he moaned as he slid his cock back and forth in me, "I want it all in you!"

My vagina felt hot inside, and at first, I thought he was peeing in me. His cock jerked for a long time as he groaned and pumped it every so often.

"Fuck I haven't cum this hard in years!" Daddy told me, moving his cock slightly back and forth, "Thank you!"

It's sad to say, but he was the first man who ever thanked me for what I'd given him!

My legs were tired, and I dropped them flat and pulled the covers back over us. Kissing my daddy as he lay on top of me and told me how much he loved me. His penis still felt hard inside and gave a little twitch as we kissed for a long time.

"Sorry that was so quick," He whispered in my ear, "You felt so good I couldn't hold it."

"It was perfect!" I told him, and that was the honest truth!

I felt the juice running down my butt crack, "And I needed to pee right back!" I told dad, and he pulled out and let me go.

I felt cum pouring out of me and ran in the dark past the other bed. Shaun was grunting with Erika under him, yelling loudly while her daddy fucked her.

I sat on the wooden stool for a long time, listening to Erika Cumming, and wondering how much cum dad had pumped in me. It just kept running out but finally quit. I was glad I was on birth control when I wiped and went back to bed!

I snuggled with my daddy and felt really good all over! I reached over, and his cock was still hard, so I stroked it as we started to kiss again.

"Jade, can I have some more head?" Dad asked.

I was happy to do it for him and dove down under the covers. I put his cock in my mouth as he held my head and moaned softly. It tasted of cum and pussy, but I didn't mind. It turned me on tasting his smooth, warm dick in my mouth and I wanted to feel it in me again.

When I was ready, I crawled up on top of him and guided him back in me. I pushed back, and it slipped in , and he groaned as I started to hump him, taking more and more of his cock up inside.

I sat straight up and took all of him in me. It felt great as I started to bounce up and down and he grabbed one of my boobs that was jiggling and told me to cum for him. Then his thumb rubbed my clit, and I screamed out loud and came really hard! His hips started thrusting upwards fast, and I wanted to feel him cum in me again.

I wasn't disappointed, and in a few seconds, I felt his cock throbbing and jerking in me, as he groaned and bucked hard against me until it stopped. I fell down on top of him exhausted as he flipped the furs overs us. In a little while, I fell asleep on top of my daddy with him still in me.

When I woke up, the fire was going, and Erika was shaking me awake, "Jade!"

"Yeah?" I said groggily.

"Wasn't that the most exciting thing in your life?"

I still wasn't awake, "Where'd dad go?"

"Hunting of course." And she crawled into bed with me, "Tell me everything!"

I tried to wake up, "Let me wake up first."

"I can't wait for tonight!" She giggled, "I want to stay here forever!"

"You know we have to go back home in a few days."

"I can dream can't I?" She giggled and snuggled up to me.

I closed my eyes and wondered what was going to happen when we got back home. I knew things would never be the same after spending time with my dad, Shaun, and Erika in the wilderness.

I held Erika tightly, and we fell back to sleep in each other's arms. I didn't want to go back home either! My home town had rules you had to follow, cities, and too many people!

I dreamed about the wolves, the forest, and my dad.


The next few days were enjoyable. Our dad's taught us how to shoot the pistols, and we felt better when they were gone hunting. We even did a bit of exploring but never went out of sight of the lake or cabin. I kept thinking about how much I never wanted to leave that place, but of course, I would have to pretty soon.

We thought we knew everything about that wild land, but the wilderness wasn't done with us yet.


Erika and I were sitting on the front stoop of the cabin around noon and out of the tree line came four people! They looked like Indian's, and I guess they are more or less. Native Alaskan people called "Alaskan Athabaskans."

Two men looked to be somewhere around 25 years old, and they had two women with them that seemed to be as young as Erika and I were. They were dressed in what looked like American Indian buckskins. With knee-high boots, and pants with fringe on the sides.

They carried new rifles and wore modern back-packs. Not at all my mental vision of what Eskimo's would look like. I expected big furry coats with fur-lined hoods. They didn't seem threatening even though they startled us. I was glad they had women with them, or I would have really been scared. They strolled towards us with the girls trailing behind each one using a big walking stick.

The two men came first, and the taller one with a big smile pointed to himself and said, "Chapa."

The other man pointed to himself and said, "Etu" and then pointed to one girl and said, "Neva" and the last girl, "Ursa."

Erika and I smiled back, and we told them our names the same way.

Chapa pointed to the rain barrel, "Water?"

"Sure, I told him, help yourself."

They looked happy and dropped their big packs. All went to the barrel and drank their fill.

About this time our dad's showed up, and my dad was grinning when he saw them. When they got up to the porch, they unslung their rifles and leaned them against the porch.

"Got company I see," Dad said.

"Yeah who are they?" Ericka asked.

"Athabaskan hunters," Dad replied.

"The indigenous people of Alaska." Shaun said, "We met them years ago. Not these folks but some of their tribe."

Chapa and Etu came over from the water barrel and shook hands with Dad and Shaun. It was more like an arm shake where they grabbed each other's forearm.

Chapa said a few words of broken English that was very hard to understand.

To Erika and my surprise, my dad started speaking what sounded like gibberish to Chapa. Chapa smiled and talked back.

"What language is that?"

"Chipewyan," Dad replied, and then went on talking to them as the girls traveling with them came up and listened.

"Did you know he could speak Chipa wawn?" Erika asked me.

"Chip-i-wyan is how you say it."

"Whatever, did you know he could talk it."

"No idea," I told her and was dumbfounded as my dad talked to all of them.

Shaun just grinned because he must have known already.

After a long talk dad turned back to us, "Looks like we have some overnight guest!"

The natives started carrying their packs into our cabin.

Dad came over and sat down with us, as Shaun stood nearby listening.

"Well, it seems they are scouting for a new summer camp for the tribe. They've been following the changing Elk migrations and just looking for a new spot."

"What's that about them staying?" Erika asked.

"It's a custom to never refuse shelter to a traveler. Because sooner or later out here you are going to need it when things go bad."

"How'd you learn to speak the language?" I asked.

"I spent two summers with them when I was in high school. Dad brought me up here on his surveys, and I just hung out with the tribe. Picked it up pretty fast.

"Who are the girls?" Erika asked.

"Wives not girls."

"They don't look much older than us," I said.

Dad laughed, "They get married young, college is out there in the woods or up in snow country where they are from. They learn how to survive."

Just then the guest all came out talking among themselves, and Chapa asked my dad something.

Dad nodded his head and told Erika and me to get some towel and soap because they wanted to clean up.

"Get enough for all of us," Dad said, "I could use a bath too."

"Yeah you sure could," Shaun told him.

"You don't smell so sweet either."

On the walk up to the lake, Erika whispered to me, "You suppose we all are going to take a bath together?"

"Probably," I told her, "Might as well get used to being naked in front of people up here."

"Yeah, no shit!" Erika laughed, "I want to check out Chapa and Etu."

"Is that all you think about?" I asked.

"Pretty much, just like you do."

I really couldn't argue with her about that one. I had teen hormones that had a mind of their own at that time.

When we got to the lake Chapa, Etu, Neva, and Ursa began to strip without any signs of modesty. We were a little hesitant but not them. Dad stood security with a rifle, and all the rest of us ended wading out to take a bath.

I had to admit that Ursa and Neva were beautiful! Long black hair and dark eyes with skin the color of a good tan. The guys weren't lost on Erika and me either. Lean bodies and tough looking. All of them had sort of Asian features that made them all pleasing to the eye.

I noticed Chapa and Etu checking Erika and me out as well. They didn't cut their eyes when you caught them, they just smiled real big and kept looking. Neva and Ursa had some eyes on Shaun, but they were more subtle about it.

They giggled a couple of times, but I had no idea what they were thinking. When we finished and got out, Dad took a turn as the rest got dressed. I caught Neva and Ursa checking him out too.

When we got back, the men started talking with dad translating and Erika, and I started a stew. We had help from Neva and Ursa, and soon we let them make it since we didn't have a clue for the most part. Neva got some wild spices from her pack, and we watched and learned.

We also taught Neva and Ursa the joys of drinking Budweiser. By the time supper was ready we were all laughing and pantomiming things to each other. It really was fun, and I felt like they were my sisters. Erika was having a blast too, or maybe the beer helped.

The men had been partaking in beer as well. Dad had told us no whiskey because they can handle it. They didn't seem to mind and enjoyed the beer as we all ate together. I have to say the stew was fantastic and we finished the big pot off. Us women eating almost as much as the men did.

Dad translated Chapa's tale of fighting a bear with a spear. I'm not sure how much I believed it, but it was fun. Etu had a story of how he became a man at 16 by fasting and killing an Elk with just a knife. By the time it was bedtime we were all pretty happy and feeling no pain.

Dad found some extra furs and made a huge square bed on the floor between our regular beds for our guest I thought. Seems like I was wrong about that when he pulled Erika and me away for a little talk.

"What's up dad?" I asked as the others were taking turns in the bathroom and getting ready for bed.

"I wanted to let you know another tradition."

"What?" Erika asked holding her beer.

"To show us their thanks for food and shelter Chapa and Etu offered us their wives for the night."

"No shit!" Erika blurted out.

"Yes, and it's rude to refuse a gift."

"Yeah, I suppose that would be pretty rude to turn down an offer of a man's wife," I told my dad.

"I'd be pissed if someone turned me down!" Erika replied.

"Exactly," Dad told us, "This is something they do all the time."

"Sounds like my kind of people." Erika laughed.

Dad smiled, "Glad you feel that way."


"Because it would be rude of Shaun and me not to offer you and Jade to warm their beds in return."

"Seriously!" I asked my dad.

"Yes, but you can refuse if you want. I just wanted to let you know how they live and think."

"Sounds like fun to me," Erika replied with a grin, "I'm down with it."

Not wanting to be the only one refusing I went along with it too. I didn't think about women being objects to be traded or anything like that. I guess the wilderness and a new way of life was taking hold of me.

"I don't mind," I told my dad, and he looked pleased with my choice. Not because he was going to get to fuck a new girl but because I understood what he was telling me about these people. Besides, I liked the way Chapa looked at me.


The bed made of animal furs was a big square. Erika and I didn't even bother with any clothes at all. I have to tell you that the fur rugs on my naked skin felt wonderful. Erika and I got between the furs as dad loaded the fire with wood.

The only light in the dark cabin flickered red as I watched first Neva strip naked and crawl into bed with my dad and then Ursa crawled into bed with Shaun on the other side of the room. I watched as Chapa and Etu got naked and then crawled between the furs with Erika and I.

Chapa had picked me, and he began to kiss me and whisper in a soft voice some words that I didn't understand. I understood what his hand between my legs was doing! I guess sex is the universal language because we all did it about the same way for the most part. When he pushed my head down towards his crotch, I knew he was no different than any other man. They all want their dicks sucked!

When Chapa pushed his dick inside me, it wasn't as big as Shaun or Dads, but it was indeed big enough to get the job done. Erika and I ended up next to each other on all fours with Chapa and Etu behind us. I guess they liked it animal style. They were grunting and fucking us hard and fast.

Soon the room was full of the sounds from 4 girls moaning as we all made love. I was one of them and not the loudest. That honor went to Neva and Ursa. I think it was their first time experiencing a huge cock. I found myself absorbed in the sex. It was great, but then again, the worst sex I've ever had was fantastic!

Chapa got me off twice. The second time was the best when I felt his dick throbbing and jerking as he came in me. I'd forgotten entirely everyone else in the room so it must have been good. He held me close afterward rubbing my back until I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up sometime later or early morning with a hand rubbing my pussy and a warm mouth sucking on my nipple. I thought it was Chapa, but by the time I figured out it was Etu, it was too late to do anything but enjoy it. It seems Neva and Ursa had swapped as well with our dads. The call of the wild was in full effect that night. We all woke up happy and ready to eat a big breakfast that Neva and Ursa were already preparing.

Our dad's headed up to take a bath before the rest of us did. Us women cleaned up while Chapa and Etu were discussing something in their own language. I could tell that Neva and Ursa were interested and antsy about it, but Erika and I had no idea what was going on.

When we were done cleaning up the mess and washing the dishes with buckets of water we grabbed our towels and soap. But before we left Erika and I had to sit on the bed as Chapa told Neva and Ursa whatever it was he'd decided. At least that's what it looked like to me.

"What's going on?" Erika asked as all four talked and kept pointing at, me or Erika.

"I have no idea?" I replied, "Maybe they want to make stew out of us."

"Jesus!" Erika said, "Did you have to put that thought in my head."

"You're welcome!" I laughed because it wasn't very often I could get one over on her.

So we sat there on the bed with the cabin door open and finally something happened.

Neva and Ursa seemed happy with whatever it was. We just wished we knew what was going on.

Chapa and Etu each dug something out of their packs. It looked like a necklace sort of. It was a leather string like a bootlace with some kind of claw for an ornament.

Chapa handed his to Neva and then pointed to me and said something. Neva smiled real big and came over to me and gave me the gift. Ursa did the same to Erika bringing her a similar offering.

Neva curled it into my hand with a big grin on her face. I opened my fist and pulled it out to look at it. It was a Bear claw but had various symbols carved into it. It was very detailed work, and I accepted the gift by putting it over my head and around my neck.

"Wow, this is so cool!" Erika told me and put hers on too.

Everyone looked pleased that we'd accepted the gifts. Then Neva came closer and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and then she looked into my eyes kissed me on the lips! I kissed her, and Chapa seemed very pleased.

Erika and Ursa went through a similar thing, and I figured it was some kind of tradition, so I gave it no more thought as all of us headed up for a bath. We passed our dad's coming back.

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"Just like a hot tub!" Shaun told us.

"Yeah right, dad!" Erika grunted with the thought of ice cold water ahead.

Us four girls took our baths first while the men watched out for us. When we were getting dressed again, I noticed Neva and Ursa had on similar necklaces. I didn't think much of it until I saw Chapa and Etu did too.

I wanted to say something about it to Erika but sort of blew it off not thinking much about it. When we got back to the cabin, our guest packed up their belongings and got ready to leave. Dad talked to Chapa and gave them some elk meat and canned goods.

When they were ready to leave Neva and Ursa kissed our dads goodbye and then to my surprise Erika and I as well. The men shook hands with that forearm thing, and then they left never looking back. I thought I'd never see them again and felt kind of sad about it.

We went back in the cabin, and it was around noon I guess and found an old map on the table with an "X" on it. It was up by the Canadian border and really didn't make any sense to me, so I showed it to dad.

"Hey, this looks like where Chapa and Etu's tribe live more or less. They move around quite a bit."

"Why's it here?" Erika asked, "Is this your map?"

"Nope, they must have left it for some reason. Did anything happen while we were gone?"

"They gave us these gifts," Erika said pulling the necklace out of her coat.

"Let me see," Dad said and studied it for a while.

I showed him mine, and his eyes finally got big like he knew what it meant.

"There the same?" I said.

"No, the carved symbols are different."

Erika came over, and we compared them. It was true they were different.

"What's it mean?"

I think Shaun already had an idea because he was smiling waiting for dad to answer.

"It means your mom is going to be mad. She missed your wedding."

"WHAT?" Erika and I said at almost the same time.

"When the men gave the necklaces to their wives, they were wanting them to approve you becoming a second wife," Dad explained as Shaun grinned.

"I don't like being second anything!" Erika blurted out.

"It's not like that," Dad told her, "You're more like sisters only married to the same man."

"So, what's the map mean?" I asked.

"That's where the tribe will be, come fall. If you want to join the tribe, you show them the necklace, and they will accept you as one of their own."

"Wow!" Erika said looking at her bear claw, "I'm really married?"

"Not legally, Dad laughed, "The natives don't follow white man's law for the most part."

"That's a relief," Erika replied, "I'm too young to get married."

"I think it's sweet of them to want me." I told everyone, "What does a wife do up there?"

"Cook, sew, take care of the men, and have babies."

"No thanks!" said Erika.

"Well nobody is going to come looking for you if you don't show up," Dad told her.

"Your mom sure is going to be surprised you got married," Shaun kidded her.

"Yeah, mine too!" I added, and dad just grinned at me.

I didn't say anything, but I sort of liked the idea. No college or high-pressure job to deal with. Nature and a simple life sort of appealed to me. I guess the wilderness was really taking hold of me. A few weeks ago I would have laughed at the thought of living up here. I tucked the necklace back inside of my top and Erika took hers off and saved it in her backpack.

The last few days we spent exploring and seeing everything we could. Our dads took us on long hikes and the nights were filled with wild stew and hot sex. It didn't matter to Erika and me who we slept with at night. We swapped dads as we pleased because there were no rules in the wilderness.

As we took off in the float plane for home, I could feel the bear claw pendant jiggling between my boobs. It was almost like it was telling me to come back in the fall. I wasn't sure what I was going to do now that I was married.

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