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He paused, looked around at them, waiting for his admission to sink in and then continued, "I'm the one who leads them here or let's him know when some sweet thing is coming this way. We're a team. Tourists check in at my office looking for maps and guides, like you girls did, and if I see something nice, I let Josh know and the rest is like taking candy from a kid!"

"You're in this with him?" Rachael was incredulous.

"Yes, doll face, I'm in this with him!" He mimicked her then continued, "Ten fuckin' years now so we've got it down to a science. They've been looking all over this mountain and nothing; not a trace. Fucking losers! And the real kicker is that there's an endless supply! They just keep coming every year. Now I have to admit that we'd hit a dry patch the past few months but you girls make up for it!"

He was unable to keep the smug satisfaction off of his face, relishing the superior 'better than thou' feeling and couldn't contain himself. He continued to brag.

"It was me who told him about you in the first place. We were planning to come after you together but you happened to cross his path while he was hunting and Josh could never pass up a cunt like you!" He looked directly at Rachael.

She felt her face flushing at his crude reference. The women huddled closer finding comfort in numbers.

"Dora Mayer, did you grab her?" Daniel asked edging closer to Cooley. He had been with the volunteers looking for Dora when she went missing.

"Dora Mayer, that black girl, of course! All that brouhaha in the news! The fuckin' press, especially the English press got close, one of them even made it to the caves but that's as close as he got."

Then noticing the giant inching over, he snarled, "Now you back up or I'm going to cap her little ass!" He pointed the gun at Sarah who was nearest to him.

Daniel moved back reluctantly and Cooley continued, "She was too good to pass up. A real tasty piece of ass with her cute accent and all! She moaned like a whore when we fucked her! She liked it so much that she actually begged for it! She'd still be around if she hadn't tried to get away!"

And while he was talking, salacious images ran through his mind. The first time they had abducted someone was by sheer chance. They were tracking a bear when they came across a young couple. She couldn't have been more than twenty. Red hair with milky, pink skin and freckles so light you had to look carefully to see them; a ripe plump and juicy strawberry. She had flirted with them and turned out to be a hypersexual bitch. Josh and he took them to the cabin and tied the husband up and made him watch while they took turns fucking her. That was before they built the shed.

It was Josh's idea. He derived pleasure from the voyeurism and delighted in making the women cum while their boyfriends or husbands watched. It was as though the physical act of their orgasms wiped the slate clean, eradicating blame from his conscience. He'd lick them tirelessly; lapping at their cunnies, sucking their clits until their bodies reneged and gave in to the persistent stimuli, eventually succumbing to the pleasure. And as the waves of velvet thrills broke down their mental resolve, they would thrash and moan, making them, in his mind, complicit in the sordid act.

Cooley had to admit that it even turned him on. The memory of that redhead was so intense, it felt like only yesterday they had done her. The reminiscence of her hair flaying wildly as she tossed her head from side to side while she rode his friend's cock was burned indelibly on his brain. She had begged for her life, willing to do anything, but in the end they had tired of her. He felt himself twitching and getting hard as he began to index through the many women they had abducted often accompanied by their boyfriends or husbands. However, killing them and feeding them to the bears had been Josh's idea but it made sense and it had given him a thrill -- a sexual thrill that only Josh had understood.

They enjoyed killing and watching each other fuck but especially killing; they had discovered that particular proclivity in Sangin while they were together with the 5th Battalion in Afghanistan. Under the cover of darkness, they would infiltrate behind enemy lines on clandestine raids that proved deadly for unwary Mujahideen rebels. Their covert killings had struck fear in the heart of their enemy and earned them the agnomen: La Peste Negra, The Black Death, by the South American Mercenaries who fought alongside the Moslems. But it was when they got lucky and abducted a female Mujahideen fighter that their sovereign bond was forged. They had taken her to a desolate outpost to indulge their warped predilection and had kept her there for hours, raping her repeatedly, before cutting her up in pieces. This vicious act, baptized in the blood of the enemy, had cemented their relationship forever. Cooley was now fully hard.

Rachael was stunned. The fact that they were faced with a tag-team of trained killers working in tandem was frightening. The thought that Like was in danger suddenly bludgeoned her senses!

'Luke, Oh God, Luke please come back!' Her mind reverted to the one person that made her feel safe.

"What is he ..." Rachael asked, "What is Josh to you?"

The question jostled Cooley back from his temporary rumination and his eyes refocused and he answered without hesitation.

"We are brothers; brothers in arms! Special Ops, bitch! You wouldn't understand." He pulled the top of his shirt aside revealing a skull's head tattoo on his upper pectoral with the words 'Semper Fidelis' under it -- Latin for 'Ever Faithful'. "We were together in Afghanistan, you know, doing the dirty work so people like you can wander through these mountains without a care in the world! Well, it's time to pay ..."

"You're not going to get away with this. This madness will end and it will not go well for you!" The big man announced.

Luther Cooley shrugged, "You're entitled to your opinion, Jocko, but we've been at this for a while. We've had so many women I can't remember them all. The only reason you're alive is because Josh likes an audience. He's a freak -- it turns him on. He likes the men to watch while he fucks their women. It keeps him going. Two years ago, there was this couple from Atlanta, a rich old fart with this beautiful, young blonde. Josh must have fucked her a hundred times that week with her husband watching. It was amazing. Every time he looked, there she was, his pretty, young wife, moaning loudly, riding this stranger's cock right in front of him!"

Cooley let out a laugh savoring the memory and then addressed the giant, "He'll want you to watch him fuck these bitches ... especially that one!" He indicated to Rachael, "And if you try and close your eyes, he'll carve your eyelids out! He is a sick bastard when it comes to shit like that."

He let out a howl and then turned serious, "Okay, enough of the chitchat. Let's take a walk - I'm going to lock up this fuckin' ape!"

No one moved.

"I'm not asking again," he said, a sinister hiss.

They remained still, defiantly staring at him, calling his bluff.

Cooley shrugged, turned his gun towards Sarah and pulled the trigger. It took place so quickly that no one had a chance to react. The gunshot sounded like a cannon in the tight confines of the room, reverberating with deafening and unexpected clarity, startling them all.

Sarah was thrown backwards, falling over the bear's head onto the rug, the blood spurting from her left arm near the shoulder.

She screamed in pain, grabbing her wound, curling up and grimacing, "Oh God, it hurts ..."

"The next one will be between her eyes!" Cooley said casually, "I really don't give a damn if it's two or three - I just need a cunt to fuck! And she's not my type anyway!"

Rachael and Kyla were bent over Sarah trying to stem the bleeding. They looked up at Cooley in disbelief. This couldn't be happening. This is just plain madness.

"Relax, it's a flesh wound. She'll be fine!" He said then added with a menacing tone, "Now move or she's dead!"

"Don't go! Don't let him lock you up ..." Sarah said firmly, her face etched in pain.

"You're a feisty little bitch! I like that." Cooley interjected moving sideways so that he was farther away from the big Canadian and closer to the women, "But I guess I'm going to have to shoot you and that's too bad; the feisty ones always fuck the best!"

"Okay, you made your point," Rachael said helping Sarah up, "let me clean the wound and bandage it. She's bleeding ..."

"You can do that later." He cut her off, "Now, we lock the gorilla up!"

He waved the pistol towards the door and herded them outside.


Making up for Lost Time

"Bring the ropes and biners," I said to Andrew, "also some anchors and draws and leave the rest behind. We'll travel as light as possible."

"Okay, Luke, how about water?"

"One bottle. There's a spring on the way where we can refill."

Andrew was going to need help getting up Mother's Hell, the rock that was Danny's nemesis, and the less we carried, the easier it was going to be. I was hoping that the scabbing around the knife wound to his abdomen would hold. The last thing we needed was for him to aggravate the injury. But I wanted to be with Rachael and decided to chance it. I was also concerned about Cooley and wondered what he was doing at the waterfall.

We began the trek back towards the cabin making small talk and chatting about inconsequential stuff but after some time the dialog tapered off and we fell quiet. My mind was filled with thoughts of Rachael and some of the outrageous situations we had been in before the rift. She was normally quiet and even a bit shy but then, contrary to her tacit demeanor, she would surprise you by doing the most outrageous things.

There was this one time when I was cramming for exams that Rachael came to see me. She had never done that before. Since she didn't have a car, it was always me rushing over to be with her.

I was in the library when she finally found me. She came up behind me, cupping my eyes with her hands and whispered, "Guess who?"

I knew instantly who it was but decided to tease her.


There was a short silence, soft giggling and then in a fake voice, "Unh-una, nope!"

"Tracy? No, it's not Tracy. Mmmm, wait it's that perfume, I got it, Annie?"

"You're hopeless!" She said and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I stood up and was about to pull her to me when I saw the girl next to her. It was her friend, Andrea, who must have driven her over. She was a tall girl, a bit taller than me, sort-of-cute but with crooked teeth. She was also the best Volleyball player on Rachael's team. She was good enough to have been recruited by UCLA on a scholarship.

"Where's Kyla?"

Rachael and Kyla were inseparable and the three girls made a formidable front court for their team.

"She was going to come with us but her dad wasn't feeling well." Kyla's father was a volunteer firefighter. He had hurt himself while training for the local fire department. Kyla's mother, who was from Spain, was in Madrid visiting with her parents so it was left to Kyla to take care of her dad.

The girls had skipped lunch so we went down to the local burger joint. Rachael sat next to me while Andrea sat across from us. Under the table, Rachael had her leg wrapped around mine. After we had ordered our burgers, Andrea excused herself and went to the ladies room which gave us some privacy.

"What do I owe this to?" I asked, kissing my sister quickly. I loved the soft fullness of her lips and the taste of her mouth.

"I missed you," she replied.

"I missed you more and I want you baby, I haven't been able to concentrate on anything ..." I leaned into her, my hand on her lap, prying between her thighs, "... we need to lose her for a while!"

Rachael giggled and squeezed my hand pressing it into the V of her sex. "Lose her? That's going to be difficult!"

"You know what I mean, Rach, I need --"

"It's that time of the month. I have my friend," she cut me off, making a face, "so you had better behave."

"I don't really care. It doesn't bother me. You're beautiful, baby, no matter -"

"Yuck! I do care and it matters to me." She interrupted again.

I could never figure it out. Around her period, Rachael was especially sexual, 'in heat', driven by hormonal estrus but she considered herself to be 'dirty' and 'unclean'. Go figure! She avoided sex -- that is, conventional sex and became hyper-oral instead. She wouldn't let me touch her but she would suck me off several times a day. Not that I was complaining but it just made me want to fuck even more.

I was about to say something lewd when Andrea came back from the restroom and we resumed our mundane conversation. We chatted about volleyball and martial arts. I was surprised to learn that she had taken some classes in Judo and knew quite a bit about MMA. She wasn't pretty but I was beginning to like this girl.

After a while Rachael, who took her turn disappearing to the ladies room, returned and made a suggestion, "Hey, let's go for a movie!"

"A movie? I have exams coming up!"

"Come on! A break will do you good." Rachael insisted sitting down next to me and snuggling up against my arm, "And, we are both broke so you're going to have to treat us!"

Andrea seconded that notion, "Yeah, that's what brothers are for! And there are a few good movies playing now."

I felt Rachael's hand running up my thigh and all consideration for my exams went out the proverbial window.

"Come on, give me a break! You'll want to see some chick-flick and I'll end up sleeping through it!" I protested, "I might as well study!"

But they were persistent and I caved. We got the local papers and the choice came down to Collateral with Tom Cruise or Troy. I was glad that neither one was a soppy love story. I let them choose and they went with Troy and Brad Pitt. Apparently, girls prefer blonds too.

While we were standing in line for the tickets, I kidded them, "Hey wake me up when it's over, okay?"

"It supposed to be good," Andrea tried reassuring me, "It's about the Trojan war. You'll like it, you'll see!"

"Yeah, right, if it wasn't for Brad Pitt you girls wouldn't be watching those friggin' Greeks waving their swords around!"

Andrea laughed, "I actually prefer the dark, mysterious types like Tom Cruise or -"

"I'm going to tell him," Rachael interrupted and then turned to me, "Luke, she thinks you're cute, short but cute!"

Andrea gave me her snaggletooth smile. She was obviously very self-assured because it didn't bother her at all. But, I was six two and except for these two fuckin' Amazons, most girls thought I was tall.

"That's not fair! You gals are giving me a complex! If I'm short what does that make Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? They're midgets then!"

"Very cute midgets!" This was accompanied by more giggles.

"That's it! Now I'm going to have to watch the movie and quiz you both afterwards!"

Rachael looped her hand through my arm and whispered, "Don't worry, darling, you won't be watching the movie, trust me!"

I felt her pressing against my side and had no idea what she meant until the movie started. She wouldn't try anything with her friend there, would she?

It was a week day and a matinee so except for a few other couples the theatre was pretty much empty. Rachael picked a pew towards the rear and sat in the middle with Andrea and me on either side of her. Andrea had the aisle seat on Rachael's left and I was sitting on her right. As soon as the theatre darkened, I felt Rachael's hand on my lap, feeling for me under the jacket I had taken off. Now I knew what she meant about not watching the movie! It brought back memories of the Garden Rookery, the first time she had indulged her sexual games in public.

I gave my sister a sideways glance but she was staring at the screen, her face expressionless. She had a hold of me and was squeezing my cock through my trousers. Just having her touching me was intense but having her doing it with her friend right next to her was insane on another level!

She waited for the main feature to start before she tugged at my fly, slowly unzipping me, and releasing the one-eyed monster from its solitary confinement. I was just hoping that the muffled sounds didn't catch Andrea's attention and as soon as I popped free, I could feel Rachael, impatiently groping for my cock. She was still for a while, just holding me tightly but when she felt me squirming, she began pumping me. She used a slow steady rhythm, up and down, up and down, her fingers feathering the flared coronal ridge of my glans, spreading the precum over the bloated head. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes, suppressing the moans that were building in the back of my throat. I waited, my fingers gripping the ends of the armrests, my knuckles white, knowing that it wouldn't take long. I was certain that sooner or later Andrea was bound to glance over but she never did. She was engrossed, watching the movie. Every so often, without looking, she would methodically grab a handful of popcorn from the giant tub on Rachael's lap but other than that she seemed oblivious to what was going on beside her.

"Popcorn?" Rachael whispered, lifting the large tub and bringing it over between us, blocking any view Andrea might have had, and then she pushed my jacket back exposing my cock.

Her eyes glittered brightly, icy-blue chips, glimmering in the reflective light of the giant screen, brimming with urgency. We looked at each other and she smiled a naughty, pixie smile. I was about to cover myself again but she pushed my hand away and shook her head, glaring at me, mouthing a silent, "No!"

She returned the Popcorn to her lap and began stroking me again except now she was watching her fingers riding my cock unconcerned about Andrea and the possibility of discovery. I was amazed that her friend didn't hear the soft susurration of Rachael's hand brushing against my trousers or the slippery 'clicking' of my foreskin as she stroked me: sounds that thundered in my ears above the din of the movie. My sister was expert in prolonging the agonizing pleasure. Each time I got close she would stop and remain still until the feeling passed before resuming with her sensual commission. She continued, bringing me to the edge and then backing off, letting me cool down again, before renewing her lewd caress. It reached a stage where my entire body had been reduced to a raw, tingling nerve, begging for release. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I leaned over to her, "Please, baby, finish it!"

Just then Andrea got up and left for the ladies room. If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn that it was contrived; that they had planned it. As soon as she had gone, Rachael scooted over and knelt in between my legs and without a word sucked me into her mouth. But by then, I really didn't care if the whole fuckin' world was watching. I leaned back and closed my eyes allowing the pleasure of her mouth to take over and waited for the release I so badly wanted.

I loved the feel of her tongue, swirling around the head, rubbing the underside while she sucked on the head with deliberate skill. And, when I looked down, I could see her cheeks hollowing, her lips stretched over the distended dome, her head bobbing in time to her fingers shagging the base of my shaft. The visual stimuli along with my sister's oral proficiency was too much and I could feel my cum beginning to churn.

"I'm close, baby, I'm going to cum, oh, soon ..." I whispered.

She pulled her mouth off of me, "Give it to me, give it to your sister, baby, cum in my mouth. I want it all. Now!" and she did something she had never done before.

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She squeezed the root near my pubic bone as tightly as she could, distending the mushroomed head so it swelled up like an angry, purple gargoyle. Then using her other hand she caressed the slippery dome with her fingers, rubbing her palm up and down and around the flared ridge sending intense surges of pleasure ricocheting through my body, sensations almost too pleasurable to bear. I doubled over, groaning loudly, when I felt her lips wrapping around me again, sucking wildly as she released the swelling fluids and in one ruptured effusion it flooded thickly into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, draining the viscid ejaculate down her throat as my cock pulsed and jerked in her dainty fingers. She kept on sucking; drawing me in and out of her mouth, teasing my ravaged cock, until there was nothing more and then she looked up at me and smacked her lips like a satisfied kitten.

She kissed the tip of my semi-turgid prick, tucking it back into my trousers and stood up. She was standing in between my thighs, her back facing the screen and that was when I noticed Andrea, in the aisle, by her seat. She was sipping a soda and watching the movie. She remained standing until Rachael slipped out and went to the ladies room. She didn't once look over at me.

After the movie we stopped at the local Starbucks for coffee.

"What did you think? Did you like it?" Andrea asked me.

It was weird. Both girls acted perfectly normal, like nothing had transpired.

"It was okay. I thought Brad Pitt did a good job." I replied trying to remain noncommittal.

"He was being Brad Pitt. Hector was the hunk!" She replied and smiled, flashing her pronounced cuspids.

They kept chattering about the movie and I swear you'd have never guessed that my sister had missed most of it.

We finally arrived at my dorm where they had parked the car. I could see the guys checking Rachael out and felt the same jealousy begin to build.

"Do you want to come up?" I asked, "I can order some pizza or Chinese if you'd like?"

My sister loves Chinese food so I was surprised when she declined.

"No. I'm stuffed and we do have to get back." Rachael said and gave me a big hug holding onto me a bit longer than was normal.

I bussed Andrea briefly, kissing her cheek and giving her a quick, friendly hug.

"Hey, it was good seeing you." I said stepping back.

"Ditto! And thanks for lunch and the show." She said smiling.

"Not a problem." I replied, wondering about the choice of words. I watched them get into the beat-up old Volvo and went over to the passenger's side.

"Call me." I said to Rachael, waved and headed for my room.

I wasn't back in the room but five minutes when I heard someone knocking.

"I'm coming!" I called out and wondered who that could be. My roommate had gone for a party with his girlfriend so I wasn't expecting him back until late.

It was Rachael and before I could say anything, she pushed me in closing the door behind her.

"Hurry, I don't have a lot of time." She whispered and dragged me into the bedroom.

"Where's Andrea?"

"In the car. I told her I wanted to pick up some CDs."

"Rach, I'm sure she saw --"

"Sssshhh," she shushed and pulled me to her.

We kissed and I could tell from the urgency of the kiss exactly what was coming next. She fumbled with my best and jerked my trousers down, pushing me onto the bed. I lay back at first but then elbowed up to watch her. She dropped to her knees, in between my thighs, and without any preamble sucked me into her mouth. The warm wetness of her sent waves of pleasure shooting through me. I groaned and eased back, closing my eyes, a wretched slave to my sister as she sucked the very life out of me.

When she was done, she got up and kissed me then grabbing a few music CDs off my desk, she left. I don't think I had lasted two minutes.

"Now, that's a record!" she yelled and slammed the door.

I was never able to find out whether Andrea knew about us and Rachael never talked about it.


Hercules in Chains

"For one moment our lives met, our souls touched."

Oscar Wilde

Cooley had them walk towards the shed in a single file. He kept Sarah close in front of him, the gun pointed at her head.

"Hey, I'm curious, where the fuck did Josh go?" he asked , then immediately blurted out, "Wait, don't tell me, let me guess -- he's gone to take care of the little man and your brother, Luke, right?"

Rachael was walking a few steps ahead of Sarah and didn't say anything. How did he know that Luke was her brother?

"He doesn't look like you but there's a family resemblance," the tall man offered. He chuckled and then continued, "I feel sorry for them. Josh is one wicked motherfucker!"

Rachael felt her heart pounding.

"Don't worry, missy, Luke will handle that scumbag, not to worry," the giant reassured Rachael.

But despite his assurances, Rachael felt the knot growing in the pit of her belly. This man terrified her, there was something about him, a sick, cunning self-assuredness that was frightening, and once again her mind began to cloud over with trepidation. She felt herself begin to tremble.

"You wouldn't say that if you knew Josh, Jocko, he's about the baddest dude I've ever run into and I've run into plenty! Your weekend tough guy is not going to cut it. One dead motherfucker. D-e-a-d!"

And he laughed.

The remainder of the walk to the shed was done in silence. When they got to the shed, they bunched up again and waited anxiously.

"Open the door," he instructed.

Kyla unbolted the latch and pulled the door open.

"Now stand back and you, yeah Godzilla, you get in there," he barked at the big man.

Daniel had to duck but he complied and waited just inside near the entrance.

"Okay, you two, yeah, you're next," Cooley said, pointing at Rachael and Kyla.

Once they were all inside he lit two portable lamps near the door and then instructed Rachael and Kyla to shackle the big Canadian to the single station with the new chains.

"Make sure he's secured real good or I'll put a bullet in his foot!" Cooley hissed.

The legcuffs barely fit around the big man's ankles and the women struggled to engage the locking mechanism. The giant had to reach down to help them.

"Is it too tight?" Rachael asked looking up at the giant, her voice revealing her concern.

"It's okay, missy."

"Shut the fuck up and lock it!" Cooley snarled throwing a set of keys at her. The legcuffs were the Cup-Lock variety with built-in locks.

When they got to his arms, held up crucifix style, the manacles wouldn't fit.

"They don't fit," Rachael said quietly but with satisfaction, "they're too small for him!"

Cooley came closer dragging Sarah by her hair and examined the braces. It wasn't even close, they were smaller by over an inch.

"Goddamn, boy! You're a fuckin' freak! Hey, but that's okay. There are some nylon ropes in the corner. Get them and tie his wrists to the anchors. Make sure it's tight. I'll be checking them!"

There was no way to make the leather neck restraint fit, it was also too small and no amount of tugging could get the end into the buckle. But the harness for the body had enough slack and fit snugly around the big man's waist.

"Now, her," Cooley said pointing to Kyla, "she's next."

Once Kyla was restrained it was Sarah's turn and then finally he pushed Rachael towards the center station.

"Okay, sweet thing, it's your turn!"

He shackled her with practiced efficacy and once he made sure she was completely secure, he went around making sure that the others were all securely tied down, testing the manacles and leather braces and adjusting them to his satisfaction. He re-tied the ropes that were around the giant's wrists using figure eight knots and making them tighter. Then finally satisfied, he stepped back and admired his work.

"There now, I'm sure you are all a lot more comfortable. Okay, it's party time!" He smiled walking over to Kyla and lifted her face with the blunt edge of his knife. It was a marine combat knife made by Gerber. The tempered three and a half inch blade was sharp enough to cut through steel cables.

"Leave her alone, you bastard!" Rachael hissed at him, "Leave her alone!"

"Okay then!" he smirked turning to Rachael, "I was going to let Josh have you but maybe I'll break you in! Get you wet and ready for him!"

The giant struggled against the ropes but they held. He grunted and tried again but Cooley only laughed and taunted, "No way, Jocko, not happening! You're going to have to watch me fucking her. You might as well enjoy the show! And if you're a nice boy I may let you fuck the little one!"

Using his knife, he nipped the first two buttons off of Rachael's Snap-On sweater and proceeded to unzip it. She was wearing a t-shirt with a climbing tank under it. He quickly sliced through both making a clean cut right down the middle. Then he carefully cut the straps of her flesh-colored sports bra and ripped it off of her and tossed it to the side.

"Now, that's much better!"

He then parted the clothing, holding it open with the tip of his knife.

"Nice tits! Let's have a better look, shall we ..." And he pushed the tops past her shoulder so they stayed open.

"Wow! You are a beauty! This is going to be more fun that I thought."

He stood admiring her for a moment then reached out and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and then pinched it. Rachael let out a soft cry of pain and struggled but she was helpless. And despite the embarrassment, her nipples began to harden.

"Yes! That's it, baby! I'll bet you're getting wet!"

"Please don't ..." Sarah cried, "Please, mister, use me ..."

"Don't do this. Please. Please don't hurt me ..." Rachael pleaded softly, her voice trembling.

"I'm not going to hurt you, baby, I'm going to fuck you! I know that's what you really want! Believe me, you will. They all do!" Then looking over at Sarah he jeered, "Patience, Little Miss Muffet, you'll get your turn. All of you will have plenty of turns!"

The giant tested the ropes again, twisting his arms exerting as much force as he could. The veins in his neck popped visibly from effort but the restraints were well designed. He had only one thought - he needed to save this woman. He knew, as sure as life itself, that it was the reason for their meeting -- karma.

Cooley glanced his way and then the animal carnality that had been building in him took over. He stopped the game-playing and acted quickly. He unbuckled her belt then fumbled with the top button of her corduroy jeans and unable to undo it he jerked the waistband in frustration, snapping the button loose. He unzipped the fly and pushed the pants down to her knees. That was as far as it would go. His breathing was heavy and his eyes were hooded and bright with lust. He pulled the shirts farther apart and bunched them around her shoulders so that they were trapped behind her leaving her body fully exposed. He ran his fingers deliberately over her pink panties, along her slit and felt the instinctive jerk.

"Oh, yes, baby ..." he hissed leaning into her and kissing her neck.

He continued caressing her cunt whispering lewdly into her ear before finally stepping back.

"Hold on, honey, I'll give you what you need ..."

He shed his Gortex Shell jacket and the shoulder holster and placed the gun on the ledge in the corner before releasing his cock. It was thick and exceptionally long; the head, a huge acorn knob, glistening like the pointed tip of a spear. He came up and tried to kiss her but she closed her mouth, clamping her jaws tight, and moved her face away. But that only served to excite him further. He grabbed her face and twisted it towards him and mashed his lips against her but she kept her mouth shut and jerked her face away again.

"That's okay, you snotty bitch, you'll be begging me to kiss you! You just wait and see!"

She felt his fingers again, thick and rough, pressing into her slit, running up and down, trying to find her clit.

"Umpfffff ..." she gasped as his finger probed her core. Then she felt him press himself against her, his cock throbbing salaciously against her belly while he bit her neck gently, sucking hard, and leaving a trail of hickeys.

He hooked his fingers inside the bridge of her panties and pulled it callously to the side then reaching down he rubbed his cockhead along her slit. Up and down, up and down ...

"Feel that, bitch, feel my cock ..." he muttered incoherently, "... feels good, unh? Yeah, baby ..."

His breath was hot and smelled of garlic and mint; a sickening odor that repulsed her. She felt her body shaking with disgust and fear, unable to reconcile her thoughts with the inevitable and shut her eyes as tightly as she could, wishing it to all to go away.

She felt helpless and lonely like a little girl in a bad dream, a nightmare she couldn't wake up from. In some distant other-world, she could hear Sarah and Kyla, screaming and crying and in yet another physical one, his mouth was on her breast, slobbering and sucking on her nipples. There was the odd incongruence of disgust and pleasure that confused her until he bit down. The pain and panic shot through her body in a white, electric charge of helpless recognition as he continued rubbing his cockhead along the length of her slit, furrowing the tip inside the irriguous cleft of her cunt. And then, almost unbelievably, she could feel the slippery pre-coital juices wetting her, his cock head spreading her pussy lips while he searched for her opening.

"I knew it! You're wet, baby! I knew you'd want it! Oh fuck ..."

He grunted and thrust his hips forward attempting to skewer her but she shifted slightly and his cock slid up her gash, innocuously pressing against her belly.

"Ohhh ..." she gasped as his cock rubbed slickly over her clit.

She struggled frantically against the body harness but she was anchored, her thighs spread, arms immobilized. And just when she started to sob she heard the snap. It was like the breaking of a large twig.

Cooley's reaction was immediate. He recoiled, stepping back and turning around, his cock, red and bloated, wagging lewdly in front of him. And what he saw shocked him: the giant had ripped one of the anchors right out of the wall and was eyeing him with fury, a look that sent bolts of fear through his lust-addled brain.

'Impossible!' his mind screamed, 'fuckin' impossible!'! He was paralyzed; his mind unable to process the sight or comprehend the immense strength that it had taken. And as he watched the big man untie himself his cognitive reasoning returned and he rushed into action. His cock had lost its ardor and was unarmed, flaccid, hanging like an impotent appendage, a harmless piece of rubbery flesh. He made a mad dash for his gun but in the urgency of the moment and filled with anxious fear, he knocked it to the floor.

"Fuck!" He screamed and bent over groping blindly for the weapon in the darkness of the corner.

By the time he had the pistol the giant had busted the chains and wrenched free of the ankle braces -- Hercules unchained! And as Cooley stood up, raising the weapon, the big man charged in. The first shot broke the giant's rush but only for an instant, a slight hesitation in midstride. Then there were two more shots in quick succession before the humongous hands were on him. Cooley was jerked like a ragdoll and smashed against the wall, again and again. He heard the clatter of the pistol hitting the floor but couldn't recall releasing the weapon. He was dazed. How did he lose the gun? He tried moving his arms but had lost all feeling. And the last thing that crossed his twisted mind, before he slid to the floor, was that this was not how it was meant to end.

The giant looked at the prone body and snarled then stomped down on the unconscious man's face. The tremendous force of the big man's foot crushed Cooley's skull like a melon. His left eye popped out of it socket and a grimy soufflé of blood and brain squirted out, oozing thickly from the vacuous cavern.

The women instinctively closed their eyes, trembling as the sound of crushing bones, grated with sickening persistence, rattling their sensibilities. And when it was over, they knew that Luther Cooley would never hurt another woman.

The big man came over to Rachael and adjusted her clothing. He did it with gentlemanly discretion, looking into her eyes while he zipped up her pullover. He pulled up her trousers and buckled her belt then stepped back.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded and then noticed the blood that had soaked through his clothing, "You're bleeding."

"Just a nick, missy, I'm fine." He replied, "Where are the keys?"

"On the ledge, there, in the corner."

Rachael hugged the giant as soon as he had unshackled her, holding him tightly to her. It was his incredible strength and determination that had saved her. She was certain now that he was her Guardian Angel sent to protect her. She could feel his heart thudding against her and the ripples of his muscles, the very strength of his being that offered her a sense of security that she desperately needed. They stood, holding each other, until Rachael felt the sticky wetness of his blood seeping through her trousers.

"I'd better look at that," she murmured stepping back, holding him at arm's length.

"I'm okay. Take care of them," he replied nodding towards Kyla and Sarah, "I just need some air."

And with that he walked out, his steps, studied and deliberate.

Rachael hurried over to Kyla and Sarah. She knew deep in her heart that the giant was hurt a lot more seriously than he let on. But, in the dim lighting of the shed she hadn't noticed the trail of blood he had left behind. She couldn't understand the apprehension at the thought of losing him, it bothered her deeply and she couldn't understand why. She wasn't really that close to him despite his affirmations to the contrary. Her feelings for him were bundled in a confused mass of attraction, affection, friendship and something else; something intangible. He was an anachronistic hero that seemed to have stepped out from another lifetime and into her life, her knight in white armor.

She freed Kyla and hurried out of the shed. Now, in the open, in the flickering twilight, she could see the bloody trail leading to the giant.

He was kneeling on the grass, his haunches resting on the back of his ankles. His eyes were shut and his huge head was bent over in prayer, or so it seemed. His hands were on his thighs and when she looked carefully she could see the blood pumping out from between the fingers of his left hand.

The first shot had done the most damage. Cooley hadn't aimed; he had fired in reflex, in fear and haste -- it was a lucky shot or more appropriately, an unlucky shot. The Teflon-coated, hollow point had ripped through his thigh severing the femoral artery. The second shot had gone clean through his side above his hipbone. It was the least damaging. The third shot had ricocheted off a rib and punctured his lung.

He was hemorrhaging internally and bleeding profusely from the severed artery. He was dying.

She rushed over to him, kneeling down next to him, prying his hands away from the wound.

"Let me see ..."

The trouser leg was soaked and the grass around him was covered in a pool of blood. And with every heartbeat, his life was literally pulsing out from him.

"I need to rest a bit and then, I'll be good as new."

He slid slowly to his side and then lay back on the grassy knoll, his face to the sky.

"Beautiful ..." he whispered.

She went over and with Kyla's help placed his head on her lap. She was overcome by a feeling of helplessness, not sure what she should be doing, if there was anything she could have done. But instead she focused on him.

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"Don't leave me," she whispered.

She had no idea why she said that or why she felt this constriction in the middle of her chest but at that moment he meant everything to her.

His eyes flickered open, "Ah, my little angel, I shall never leave you. Never. I'm going away for a while -- that's all."

He reached up and cupped her face with one huge palm. He did it so gently that it surprised her. She held on to his hand in both of hers, kissing the back of his palm and then pressed it to her heart.

"You can't ... you promised to keep me safe," she was crying.

He smiled and closed his eyes.

"Tell Luke ..." his breathing was shallow and ragged now, "... he's a brother I never had. And you, you my darling, you don't ever worry. I'm with you always. We'll dance, I promise, in another life ..." his voice was fading, "I promise, missy ..."

"Shhh, baby, shhhhh ..."

She leaned over and kissed his forehead first and then gently on his lips; a sweet, tender, lingering kiss. He looked up at her, his brilliant sea-green eyes shining again for one fleeting moment, an evanescent iridescence, before dying out. Then, without a struggle, he was gone.


Losing a Brother

And that's how I found them; Rachael sobbing with Daniel's head on her lap and Kyla and Sarah by their side. And, I knew, the instant I saw her, that my friend was dead. It was the most heart wrenching moment of my life. It left a void in me that I couldn't comprehend until my son was born a few years later.

Rachael rarely spoke about those final moments but she did tell me once that the sky had turned a darker shade of pale and the trees had screamed in agony, their leaves hissing within the turbulence of an impromptu breeze. She heard wolves howling and dogs baying and even caught a glimpse of a huge bear in the distance. It seemed to her that the Mountain and the Northern Wind were paying tribute to their gnostic son, the reincarnation of Paul Bunyan. And I knew it to be true.

What it taught me, no, what it taught us was there are no guarantees in life. You had better live now and love those you do with a passion and that hate, with all its baggage, was a waste of time and energy, engendering only more hate. Josh Woodard and Luther Cooley have never again entered my thoughts.

So, as soon as we got back, Rachael and I moved to Colorado and moved in together. We told Mom but felt it best to keep up appearances for Dad's sake. Rachael told him she was going to finish school at Fort Lewis College in Durango, which she did but that wasn't the reason we moved. And as far as he knew, I was still in Chicago. It didn't serve any purpose to upset him with our endogamous arrangement.

Two years after Bella Coola, Dad passed away and Mom came to live with us. It was perfect. She was a not only a wonderful babysitter for her grandkids but a big help in our embryonic business. We opened a small convenience store catering to the needs of outdoorsmen and women. It also offers guided treks through the San Juan Mountains, with Rock Climbing and Rafting and fishing junkets along the Animas River. Rachael and I are blessed that we can make a decent living doing what we both truly love. It was Dad's gift to us -- the love of nature and adventure.

We have two kids. Our oldest is a girl, Danielle Margaret Meacham, a beautiful child with bright blue eyes and golden hair like her mother's. A year later, we had a boy and named him Benn Thomas Meacham. Now this is where it gets strange -- my eyes are light brown and Rachael's are blue but this boy has fists the size of Texas with curly brown hair and the brightest Aquamarine eyes you'd ever see.

No one in our family that we know of has eyes or hair like his, no one, that is, except Daniel Benn.

The End

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