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When two Strangers Meet  


We met,you standing there with your halter top on short skirt and heels on,looking so sexy that i couldnt keep my eyes off you.
The way you stood,in a teasing pose and you knew how hot i was getting.You bent down to pick up your drink off the table and your breasts almost popping out.
I smiled at you as I tried not to take my eyes off your breasts. My pants beginning to grow with excitement. I think to myself, dude, you are going to have some of her tonight.
We talk for a while and I ask you if you would like to go for a drink tonight. You smile and say sure. I pick you up and we drive to a secluded bar,only about one or two people in there. We find a quiet corner that is dimly lit. You sit and the waitress brngs us our drinks.
We talk a while then I feel my leg being stroked by your foot. I adjust my position then I pretend to drop something under the table. Bending down on my hands and knees, I crawl under the table. Pushing your skirt up to the top of your thighs, I notice to my pleasure you have no panties on. Thinking to myself she is going to have one hell of a surprise, I kneel between your open thighs and bury my face between them. Your clit all hot and wet like you were expecting me. My tongue probes your clit and when you feel me touching, you scream a little but with excitement.......
My tongue probing your hot wet clit up and down slowly,teasing you,making you squirm a little but you adjust your body to accommodate my tongue. Your hands now under the table guiding my head to where you like to be licked. My tongue pushing past your lips and deep into your hot clit,flicking you,licking you more and more. The faster I go the more I feel you shiver.
You part your legs a little wider then you push my face deeper into your lovely hot mound. My tongue licking and flicking you faster, wanting you to cum over my face so i can swallow your lovely sweet juices. You squirm and moan a little,trying to pull back. I stop you, whispering dont stop baby, as I push my face deeper into your clit,feeling you give in to your passion. As my face is buried deep inside your pussy, you start to cum again and again,moaning and groaning, your pussy pulsating at the touch of my tongue,making you cum. You tell me to stop and to sit down. As I do the waitress comes over and asks what we would like to drink. So we order champagne, perfect for a night we likely will never forget. She returns and we pay her. As she walks off shes smiles at us both and says,I hope you enjoy! I pour the champagne and offer you the glass. We kiss,letting you taste your own orgasmic juices covering my tongue. As you lick your lips,tasting both your cum and the champagne,you become excited again. You tell me to relax and then YOU slide under the table. I feel your hands running up my thights. Then i feel my zipper being slowly unzipped. You reach inside and startto caress my hardness, running it, stroking it,teasing me and making me moan out loud. You take out my thick cock and kiss the tip,tasting my precum. You moan as you lick it up then start to kiss and lick the head like a hungry whore. Your breath makes me throb even more as my excitement grows in your mouth. You moan at the size of me now as you hungrily lick and kiss down my shaft. I feel your mouth on me and moan even louder,looking around to see if anyone is watching. Then I feel your breath once again on the head of my cock. You slowly take me into your mouth and begin to work me into your mouth. My cock is as hard as it can be and now you begin to suck me harder.. My cock touches the back of your throat as you deep throat me, sucking on me like I am a popsicle. You gag a little as I reach under the table and grab your had, pushing you down on me. You begin to moan. I peek under to see that you are fingering your hot drenched pusshy as you suck me. You seem to be coming close to orgasm but holding back. I feel something warm and soft pushing up against my hard cock, then i feel your hot wet cunt,pushing back onto my cock. I almost scream with pleasure. My cock being fucked now by you as you are underneath the table,pushing back and forth on me. I hear you moaning and feel your juices running over my ball,then realize that you are cumming. I moan, my cock throbbing even harder now. I brace myself as I feel my cum rising and ready to explode into your scorching pussy. You push back and forth harder and faster. Then i moan and you know that I am about to shoot my load deep into you. Your moans become louder and Im sure we can be heard but I dont care as I shoot my load deep into you. You yell with excitement and ecstasy, kneeling there exhausted. Then I feel you pull away but instead of coming back to the table I feel your mouth and tongue licking me clean. I moan once again as you lick every drop from me. Once you have cleaned me up you come up from under the table and you ask if I enjoyed my treat. Before I can answer I hear people at the bar applauding and we both look embarassed, but extremely satisfied!

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:10 pm