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uncle paul  


when i was twelve, i was sent to stay with my auntie and uncle for the summer as my parents were going away by themselves "for a change".
i was settling fine and getting along well with them all ok, until one monday afternoon i had returned from a new friends house and was bursting for the toilet i clambered up the stairs and ran into the bathroom holding myself to stop from wetting myself, i dropped my trousers and sat the relief was fantastic. i looked up and saw my uncle paul opposite in his bedroom dressed in just his socks, he was rooting in one of the drawers in his room for something, i finished on the toilet and closed the door so it didn't look as if i was watching him, i flushed the toilet and carried on as normal washing my hands. i opened the bathroom door expecting him to have realised i was home and to have put some clothes on but he was no-where to be seen so i decided to go and play in my room, as i walked down the corridor he shouted after me,
"sara? is that you?" he sounded happy and obviously not noticed what i'd seen so i replied "yeah uncle paul it's me" "i'm glad your back could you come in here please?" "erm, yeah sure"
i walked into his bedroom and he was laid on his bed face down wearing (what i assume to be) my aunties bra and knickers, i just stood staring. "do you like my underwear?" he said turning to face me "i sometimes like to wear ladies underwear" "oh" i replied still unsure of how to take the situation
"will you do me a favor sara?" he didn't give me time to reply before gesturing towards a stick on the floor with leather strips attached to it "pick that up and spank me with it, i have been very naugty and need punishing" i didn't know what to do, i assumed that normally my aunt would do this for him but she was working and what if he did something else bad? i picked up the stick and looked at it.
"please just hit me really hard with it i have been having bad thoughts and they need to be beaten out of me" he could see i was confused "i have been having really bad thoughts sara and your auntie helen would normally do it for me but she's not here, all you need to do is hit me really hard five times then all the bad thoughts will be gone" "erm... ok then" i said, i raised the stick over my shoulder "hold on!" he then put his right hand down the knickers and then said "ok do it now" i brought it down hard on his arse and he moaned slightly and his right arm began to move rapidly "count them out load sara please!" he was beginning to sound quite urgent so i did "one" then again "two" "HARDER!" "three" the sound echoed it was really hard that time he yepled a little "that's it sara, beat it out of me!" i started to enjoy this it was funny, his arse was bright red and had fine strap marks from the leather strips i was gonna make the last two really really hard "four" and i really streatched high for the last one as he had moaned quite loudly for number four so i wanted him to scream for number five i pulled up high and brought the stick down harder than ever "five!" he yelled out and then sank into the bed as if released, he pulled out his hand and it was all sticky and stuff dripping through his fingers.
"errrgh whats that uncle paul?" he sat up and pulled the covers upto his waist
"that, sara shows i had a very good time, come here" i walked over to him and he kissed me on the forehead.
this was the beginning of a very different relationship i had ever had...... more to follow

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:57 pm