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Umbridge's inquisitional squad turns out to not be completely incompetent.  


"Only you wriggled out of that one, didn't you Potter?" Umbridge
cackled, advancing on Harry with her wand drawn. "Not today, though,
not now... Crucio!"

Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna all watched as their friend dropped
to the floor. Each held by a member of the Inquisitional Squad, they
were powerless to prevent the torture, but winced nonetheless upon
hearing their friend shriek in anguish. Both Weasleys were too overcome
with emotion to watch, and turned away as Harry writhed and spasmed
under the horrific pain.

At last finding her infliction sufficient, Umbridge lowered her
weapon and ceased the incantation, smiling with extreme satisfaction as
victory drew near. "Warrington, grab the boy!" she commanded wickedly,
stepping aside so the tall Slytherin could approach. "We are going to
see if Snape can somehow weasel the answer out of Potter here."

The two began to move out of Dumbledore's office, much to the
surprise of Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle. They had obviously been expecting
to be a part of this up until the end, and the expression of betrayal
on Malfoy's face was exquisite.

"But what about *us*, Professor?" he asked shrilly, worry peaking
every syllable.

"Well..." Umbridge replied waveringly, halting at the top of the
spiral staircase as her charge continued to drag Harry down. "I suppose
my most trusted students *do* deserve a commendation for such a heroic
display of loyalty to the Ministry." Then, with a devious smirk that
was immediately mirrored by Draco, she pulled her wand out and repaired
the recently-picked door.

"I trust that you'll be finished by the time I return..." she
announced grimly before vanishing, sealing the eight teenagers inside.

Draco brightened up straight away at his good fortune, and trotted
over to Hermione without delay with the most evil grin on his face she
could ever recall.

"It's about time you learned the proper role of a mudblood..." he
snickered, poking her middle with his wand and causing just the
distraction he was looking for. She reflexively drew back, restrained
by Goyle's arms, and exposed herself below the waist. Without wasting a
second, Draco jabbed his hand forward into the cleft between her legs,
savoring the warmth emanating from her concealed womanhood.

At first stunned, Hermione let him fondle her genitals with
impunity. Once anger set in, however, she responded quickly and with a
fury that surprised even him. Though gagged, she spurted out what the
other could only assume were outraged muggle expletives while kicking
forward until her assailant withdrew.

"Now, really, Granger..." Draco answered mockingly. "I was going to
have my way with you first and be done with it. But now I'm afraid
you've made me... lose interest. Looks like we'll have to orchestrate
something to get me nice and ready for that dirty mouth of yours!"

Hermione glared belligerently at him, but said nothing to risk him
changing his mind and violating her on the spot. Instead, she watched
as his eyes sized up both Luna and Ginny.

"I say you let the little redheaded tart do it first..." Bulstrode
interrupted with a snicker, pointing to Ron's little sister.

"Why, yes!" Draco announced cheerfully, turning to his companion.
"You should tell *all* of them what we found out..."

"Of course!" the heavyset girl sang in tune with his derisive tone.
"See, on that first Hogsmeade weekend, I was supposed to follow her and
that Corner kid from Ravenclaw. And you know what I saw?"

"What?" Draco asked dramatically, not even noticing that Ginny's
head was turned to the wall, hot embarrassment filling her face.

"They were... doing it!" Millicent shouted jovially, pointing at
the flushed Weasley girl. "In one of the inn rooms at the Hog's Head!
When the big mess of you got turned down trying to order firewhisky, I
almost wet my knickers laughing, but as soon as the two of them came
back later I just had to investigate!"

Ginny was on the verge of tears now, not even attempting to deny
the story. Ron, on the other hand, had been transfixed by the tale up
until the pause. Now, he turned to his sister, thoroughly expecting to
see a defiant counter to what he assumed was a bald-faced lie. Her
crestfallen face, though, betrayed his confidence in a heartbeat.

"How could you?" he bellowed loudly, enraged with himself the
moment he spoke for losing control. Millicent only absorbed the
emotional outburst in stride, anteing up the narration.

"Oh, yeah!" Bulstrode continued, clearly enjoying it. "I climbed up
to the balcony to get a better look, and there she was! Lying on her
back like a slut while he did it with her!"

Tears began to drop from Ginny's eyes as her secret was let out,
and even Hermione let her mouth drop open at the revelation of such a
private act. Neville, however, reacted in an entirely different fashion
than anyone one else expected.

"Make you randy, eh, Longbottom?" Draco snapped, leering at the
Gryffindor boy's noticeable bulge. "Well, I guess if you want to fuck
her that much, you should go right ahead."

Neville gave his longtime nemesis a curious look as his own urges
began to battle for control. On one hand, he had always had a crush on
Ginny and would have liked nothing more than to slam her silly. On the
other, he knew she would be diametrically opposed to such an idea,
especially under such circumstances.

Ron sensed his friend's hesitation in courageously telling Malfoy
to piss off, and grew steadily angrier at the thought that he could
even be considering the offer. Finally after a few intense seconds, he
could take no more.

"Don't you dare touch her..." the redhead boy warned both
teenagers, stepping forward and snarling just enough so that Crabbe
felt the need to pull him back by the neck.

"Come on, Longbottom..." Draco whispered suggestively, turning his
back on the elder Weasley. "This will probably be your only chance. Why
not go for it?"

Blinded by lust, Neville took a few steps towards Ginny, who had so
far been too busy crying to notice the others talking about her. His
eyes scanned her maroon-accented robes, wondering excitedly what her
exposed figure would look like. And, even with the subtly hidden snide
remark from Malfoy, he found himself nodding, silently thanking Draco
as a servient mongrel.

"Neville, stop!" she pleaded, picking up her head upon seeing him
approach. "Stay away!"

"I'm sorry Ginny..." he babbled, reaching to caress her chest
through the thick vestments. The young girl instantly recoiled at his
touch, spinning out of Crabbe's grip with surprising speed. Malfoy's
big brute had enough sense to reach out with an one arm, snatching a
corner of her robes while keeping a firm grip on Ron with the other.

Though the fiery redhead probably had enough momentum to barrel
down both Millicent and Draco, the sudden pulling sensation stopped her
dead still for a moment. She pushed ahead hard, yelping in surprise
when the tie about her waist inexplicably came loose. Horrified beyond
words, the shocked teenager wrapped her arms about her body as she fell
out of the robe, landing stomach-first on the stone floor wearing
nothing but her pink underwear and bra.

"Oh, Ginny..." Neville croaked, pouncing without a moment's
hesitation. Kneeling down behind her, he lowered his partner's homely
panties and undid his own garments in one fluid motion. Before the poor
girl had any idea what was going on, she was naked, and almost everyone
in the room could see the red tuft peeking out from below her upraised
bottom. Without further delay, he thrust his genitals forward,
miraculously finding the tight, fuzzy opening on first attempt.

Both Ron and his younger sibling stiffened up as she was
penetrated, each too absorbed in the gravity of the event to do
anything more. Had she actually been able to suffer a deflowering,
there would be no doubt that her brother would have lashed out and
fought to the death to protect her chastity. But, the tragic blow of
discovering his sister had already relinquished her maidenhead in a
meaningless fling with a mere crush seemed to have tempered his anger.

"So... warm..." the delirious Longbottom blithered, holding dearly
as Ginny unconsciously moved to her hands and knees in order to
counterbalance the force of his slamming shaft. She groaned as the
realization that not only was someone being intimate with her without
permission, but the most eclectic mix of her friends and enemies were
brazenly watching them go at it!

Neville erroneously took her vocalization for arousal, and allowed
a victorious chocolate-frog eating grin to spread across his face.
Ginny shrieked as his weight began to press further onto her back,
still too flustered to do anything more than grunt and wheeze in time
with their coupling. By the time his hands made their way to her
covered breasts, all the violated female could stand was to close her
eyes and let him have his way with her.

Ron was in as much of a daze as his sister, and in no position to
object anyway. Hermione, however, let out an audible gasp. Being far
from unendowed herself, the bushy-haired wizardress was still relieved
to find she had nothing to fear from her competition. The thoughts
flashed through her mind in an instant, almost unconsciously, once
again proving the wondrous complexity of her intellect. Even in such a
time of crisis, she was still adept at absorbing all useful data.

Ginny's lover took a few seconds to master the clasp which kept her
twin mounds from view, but was finally successful after a particularly
deep lunge which left the fourth-year Gryffindor trembling. The pink
material fell away at once, releasing the teenager's modest, but
beautiful orbs. Crabbe and Goyle in particular took a great deal of
interest in her now completely naked form, their eyes glazing over in a
manner that alerted Draco how perilously close he was to losing command
of the situation.


"Time to up the ante, eh?" he announced suddenly, voice proud and
meretricious enough to tear everyone's attention away from the
debaucherous pair. Turning to his two goons, he halted for only a
moment to silently chastise himself for selecting clods so easily
distracted. "You two can break in the mudbood..."

Hermione had previously been complacent, but now the threat of
losing her purity flared up her most vile mood yet. "If you even think
about it..." she warned, trying instinctively to fetch a wand from her
robes. Goyle was too quick, however, pinning the limber student before
she could even remember that their weapons had already been

"Like I said..." Draco continued coolly, cupping the twin
protrusions in her robe while she turned away in disgust. "Show her a
good time, because *I* certainly won't get that close to a half-breed."

And, before Hermione could even get a word in edgewise, Goyle took
advantage of his boss' liberty. Pinning his stunned hostage to the
wall, he opened wide and planted a very wet and messy kiss on her lips.
She attempted to fight back one last time, but Crabbe was already
nuzzling up from behind, his nose inhaling the scent off the nape of
her neck even as his thick hands began to caress her buttocks.
Realizing the bitter air of defeat, she gave herself up completely.

Draco watched the events unfolding with cautious interest, making
sure Ron was really too numb with arousal to make a move while he saw
to getting his own rocks off. In the short time it took him to cross
Dumbledore's former office, his two cronies tore open and lowered
Hermione's robes to the cold ground, leaving her clad in naught but an
irresistibly demure set of white undergarments.

Millicent allowed herself to step back for a moment, looking on at
her red-haired hostage with amusement. Just as he was about to slunk
down to the floor to console his anguish with the sight of his crush
getting violated in every hole, she whipped her wand out and planted it
painfully in his chest.

"Don't think about trying any heroics..." she snapped coldly,
hiding behind a vaguely apprehensive smile. "We're both going to watch
her get shagged, and there's nothing you can do about it."

The elder Weasley stared back at her, dumbfounded until a growing
sensation of heat began to form in his crotch. He didn't really think
she would dare to use any type of charm on Little Ron, but couldn't
very well risk it, either. "Poor Hermione..." he mused silently.


"You'll do nicely." Draco announced as he came closer to Luna, who
had not even thought of escape since her warder had ambled off to
ravish another. And even though her time to participate was drawing
near, the dotty girl appeared to be more interested in Ginny's swaying
body than anything else.

Malfoy's eyes narrowed at being so ignored, so he brought his mouth
right to her ear. "I'm going to rail you so hard you won't be able to
walk back up to Ravenclaw tower for a week!" he whispered delightfully,
drawing back to watch her expression.

"Okay..." Luna replied dreamily, at last turning attention to her
soon-to-be partner. Without even waiting for an invitation, she untied
her vestments and allowed them to drop, making clear she was one of the
few Hogwarts females who did not feel the need for an additional layer
of clothing over bare skin. The smarmy Slytherin was momentarily taken
aback by the display of such delightful features, and stood stupefied
long enough to fully take in her beauty.

Luna Lovegood was very attractively thin, and had obviously been
hiding a truly breathtaking body under her strange mannerisms. Her
apple-sized breasts were a bit larger than Ginny's, but still unable to
compare with the way Hermione had filled out starting in third year.
However, the intoxicating manner in which her dirty-blonde hair
cascaded down in front framed each mound in an elegant golden flourish.

Down below, her vestal opening was just as amazing. The yellow
flower was neatly trimmed, leaving a mere tuft of fur above the
clitoris with the rest of her dainty furrow completely bare. A small
amount of wetness between her labia accented the scene, hinting that
while its addled master had not been paying attention to the erotic
setting, she was yet unconsciously responding to it.

"Here goes, then..." Draco broke in, addressing himself more so
than his nude mate as he rapidly undressed. Within a few seconds, his
cock had sprang out, looking rather menacing compared to Luna's tiny
slit just a few centimeters away.

"Sure!" Luna said blithely, raiding a leg up in a dazzling display
of agility. "I can't wait to see how it feels!"

Malfoy could only swoon at the thought of being her first
experience. Holding her leg graciously, he grabbed the wall and paused
only to let a wicked smile cross his face before shoving his dick
inside her moist tunnel.

The spry sorceress let out a small gasp of astonishment as her
cherry was taken, but nothing more while he slid in all the way to the
hilt. Instead, she focused not on the slight pain, but on the much more
pressing need of assimilating as much information on this forbidden act
as possible. Emboldened, she placed her hands atop Draco's shoulders,
trying to push back against his thrusts in reciprocation.

"Daddy said I'd be sure to get a boyfriend if I dressed like
that..." Luna quipped aloud, smiling as her nipples began to harden
from the rapid contact with her lover's chest.

Malfoy said nothing as he continued to fuck her frail form,
overwhelmed by the sensation of his member being enveloped in such
exquisite silk. He already knew he'd chosen the best pick of the lot,
and there would be *much* more to do once he was satisfied.


"Please..." Hermione groaned pathetically as her panties were
stripped away. "Don't make me..."

"It's too late now!" Crabbe chortled, undoing her bra and stuffing
it casually into a pocket. "You shouldn't of crossed us..."

"No..." she pleaded, feeling the cool air begin to caress her
sizeable breasts. Goyle had bent down and parted her legs, peering with
undue interest at a sight not often beheld by students' eyes -- the
full, proud, pubic bush so common among muggle-borns. Intrigued, he
allowed his nose to sink into the floral cloud and inhale deeply the
scent of her honey. The enfeebled teenager cringed, but not nearly
enough to shake him off.

Instead, driven manic with lust, the hulking Slytherin stood up to
brandish an impressively large member. Hermione moaned as it began to
prod her vaginal lips, but offered no other resistance, knowing her
defilement was nigh. As the crown passed through her vice-like opening,
she shuddered, each tremble increasing in intensity as the shaft
invaded and stretched her vice-like hole. Finally completely within her
depths, Goyle looked down to his partner's haggard face and smiled.

While Miss Granger had no maidenhead to impede his process, she had
been a virgin up until the massive phallus had bottomed out next to her
womb. Most of the Gryffindor girls had some way to tame their sexual
frustrations -- most notably Lavender Brown's recent crusade to cheer
Firenze up by staying after class and offering her loins to him. Padma
and Pavarti Patil were also well-known for sharing the same bed when no
boys were available to satisfy them. And, of course, there was Ginny
always offering her flesh up to older boys.

Hermione, however, was far too involved with her schoolwork and
constant mystery-solving with Harry and Ron to acquire a relationship.
As a direct result, she was by far the most frequent masturbator in the
entire house. Between lessons, she would sneak up to her room and climb
under the covers before rubbing herself to orgasmic glory. Her showers
in the Tower's basement were always late in the morning, when there was
more privacy to give her intimate parts special attention.

Because of the incalculable intrusions her fingers had made into
the wet recess between her legs, (sometimes clutching a warm, vibrating
wand) the bushy-haired teenager had long since eroded away the symbol
of her chastity. Goyle had absolutely no idea of this, however, and
began pumping his frazzled mate with near-exhaustive vigor.

Trying to force his unwelcome penis out with her vaginal muscles
only served to increase the sensations, and eventually Hermione simply
fell limp, moaning each time her cervix was brushed by the bulbous
head. Her eyes fluttered closed to slits, and mind was nearly at the
point of unconsciousness to sit out the ravaging of her body when she
was rudely jerked back to cognizance by a sudden pressure on her butt.

"Oh, God... don't!" she yelped loudly, but far too late. Her cry of
surprise served only to notify the room's other members that Crabbe was
about to help himself to her rear passage. Hermione clenched her
sphincter tight, but was no match for the intruding brute. With an
exasperated grunt, she felt a second thick rod virtually split her
behind in two, sliding far inside her bowels.


Neville had wanted to bed Ginny Weasley ever since she had first
sidled up to his house's table four years ago. That he had not only
been able to hold out so long for his first time, but also that she
still retained such a remarkably tight tunnel greatly surprised the
klutzy boy. All the same, he was not in any condition to hold out
forever, and the sight of his friend getting double-tapped just a short
distance away was too much to resist.

"Oh, man, Ginny..." he groaned, boldly giving not a whit of warning
that her slit was about to be inundated with creamy spunk. She had long
since stopped complaining about what was going on, and actually seemed
to be enjoying it somewhat now. Her skin was glistening with a fresh
coat of sweat even in such a damp setting, and the tiny nubs capping
her boobs were flushed and hard. Neville could almost swear her hips
were beginning to roll with him in time with each wheezing pant as her
nether opening opened and closed to welcome his pulsating erection.

He felt sorry to leave her hanging by exploding so soon, but it
couldn't be helped. With an exhilarative shout, he grabbed his girl
even closer, squeezing the delicate, hanging bumps as he erupted in her
now-sopping pussy. Ginny seemed to quickly realize that she was being
inseminated for the first time ever, and started softly sobbing as each
load splashed gleefully inside her uterus.

As the wizardring world distrusted any muggle-made prophylactics,
the youngest Weasley had always been careful to instruct her lovers to
pull out at the crucial moment, willingly tolerating a helping of
greasy sperm in her pubes if it meant not studying for O.W.Ls next year
with a child growing inside her belly. Now, Ginny could feel nature's
fire burning within, and a last regret that she had not even been able
to get off herself.

Exhausted and distressed, the slender witch fell back down on the
floor, taking great, heaving breaths as Neville continued to pump her
sopping box with his cock acting as an excellent stopper to ensure not
a drop of cum escaped her snatch. In a last-ditch effort to make up for
the egregious assault he'd just committed, Longbottom turned her over
once he finished ejaculating, not wishing to befoul her seraphic
genitals by allowing them to rest on the dirty ground.

Ginny willingly opened her mouth to receive his tongue just as his
softening member once again found its home in her twat. Soon, their
oral cavities were a mess of mingled saliva as fluids and flesh were
swapped in each other's mouth. Becoming more and more turned on with
each passing second, the budding female threw her final worries to the
wind, allowing a gentle hand to make way down to her starving vee.

Even as Neville continued to thrust his flaccid prick into Ginny's
gooey opening, the horny sorceress started frigging her clit right in
front of him, desperately seeking the orgasm which had just eluded her.
In her agitated state, coupled with the finesse of a practiced touch
and Neville's vain attempts at more sex, the nerve endings in her
exposed privates lit up instantly. Engulfed in climactic halo, she
amorously grabbed his head and pressed it to her bosom, tears of
happiness streaming down both cheeks from the satisfaction.


"Aaaah, this is nice, Draco!" Luna soughed delightedly as the
Slytherin male continued to assail her with rough intercourse. The
sound of their privates slapping together was blatantly clear to all
present, even the two groggy teens who had just gotten their own rocks
off. Malfoy was more than a little bit concerned with Miss Lovegood's
apparent stamina. He had been poking her dainty for close to ten
minutes, and she showed no sign of being close to the knee-buckler he
had expected from such a passion-deprived magician.

She was still graciously receiving every inch of his penis, even
though he would have forced it up her inviting hole were she kicking
and screaming in protest. Unable to see the conjoining of their organs,
Draco knew that her pink lips must have already turned a good shade of
crimson from the relentless pummeling he was inflicting. The thought of
marking his conquest so thoroughly, both inside and out, was enough to
give him a further boost of strength if only to dominate this foolish
Ravenclaw girl. He was determined to make her come first.

Contrary to everything he had so far strove for in this little
escapade -- degrading the little upstarts who thought to even try and
resist Lord Voldemort's increasing influence, Draco began to stimulate
Luna in every conceivable way possible. His hands, formerly devoted to
pinning the lithe female to the wall and keep her accepting his dick,
now moved down. One started tracing figure-eights across her chest, the
other feeling up the side of her slim rear end.

Luna took kindly to the additional attention straight away,
grinning broadly as all of her sacred areas were deliciously probed and
caressed. She responded instantly, blushing and breaking out in a coat
of perspiration to better facilitate their sliding forms. Draco almost
found himself moving in to kiss her, but stopped before she realized
it, and instead placed his mouth close by her ear.

"You're fucking terrific..." he snarled in a fragile whisper. "I'm
going to bang you whenever I want now... won't stand to share a piece
of arse like this with the rest of the commoners!"

"Ooh, a boyfriend!" she replied excitedly, resting her head on his
neck in a touching display of affection. "I knew listening to daddy
would mean good things..."


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While Luna and Draco held out, Hermione was still being shafted,
both literally and figuratively. She was in the air now, supported only
by the two throbbing pistons of flesh that were alternately engorging
each of her unused orifices. "Uhhhnnn..." she moaned woozily, Goyle
pumping her quim so fast that both her thighs and pubic mound were
thoroughly drenched with love juices. "It's so... *much*!"

Each of her captors took particular pride in the remark, knowing
they were well-hung enough to cause females from the other Hogwarts
houses to scamper away with a protective hand over their vaginas. Not
only that, but they were currently responsible for catapulting Harry
Potter's squeeze into the adult sexual world. Thus invigorated, the two
began to pump their frail prize even harder.

A long, drawn-out sigh of approval signified that Miss Granger was
finally seeing another side to the intimate act. As Crabbe repeatedly
slammed his crotch into her butt, Goyle had to adjust stroke to
compensate for the additional force, finally directing his slick pole
to rub against Hermione's previously forgotten clitoris.

"No... not there...!" she thought hurriedly, abashed at feeling
excited from what began as an assault. "If he does that, I'll..."

She never got the chance to wonder what would have happened had he
brought her to orgasm, for no sooner did the notion cross her mind than
Goyle grunted hard, spraying her innards with his seed. Caught totally
off-guard, the spurts of warmth barely registered in her consciousness
until the climax was over, the selfish Syltherin sliding out with a
felicitous smirk.

Hermione had a good mind to tell him off for so rudely refusing her
even the courtesy of pulling out, but Crabbe had other ideas. Before
she could even speak, or think of covering up the sticky mess seeping
from her womb, he turned her to the wall and pushed forward with all
his might, pinning her there while his own dick pulsed and spasmed

With barely enough time to put her hands up and brace herself, the
defiled student could only squirm as more hot cream entered her body,
this time well inside her rear. She tried tightening her worn muscles
against the white flow, but it was to no avail. The spunk continued to
pour into her backside, Crabbe gleefully pounding her ass as he came.

Exiting her depths without fanfare, the Slytherin male simply
panted in exasperation, covering up and joining his comrade a few feet
away. Hermione staggered, acutely aware everyone could see the cum
leaking from both holes. Too frazzled to actually do anything about it,
though, she slunk to the floor, sweaty and panting.

She immediately noticed Ron staring at her exposed privates, and
gave a flattered smile at the realization that he really enjoyed
looking at her body. Emboldened by what had just happened to her, and
fondly recalling the fleeting moment when she thought he might bring
her to a carnal explosion, Hermione allowed her legs to fall open,
revealing the warm, inviting gash that she wanted him to have. She gave
a gentle giggle as she did, giddy from the multitudinous sexual sights
and sounds surrounding her.

Having so far been left out of the afternoon's proceedings, Ron
started off directly towards his bushy-haired crush with a glaze of
lust in his eyes. It pained him a bit to have watched the despoiling,
but this would be his chance to make her right again with the tender,
loving pace of someone she cared for. He was determined to bring her
the gratification she so deserved.

Millicent Bulstrode would have none of that, however. She had been
waiting for just this moment, and fancied nothing greater than bursting
in on the scene just as the two lovers began contemplating taking
matters into their own hands. As Weasley made the first step, she
pulled on the hood of his robes and stopped him dead in his tracks.
Surprised, Ron turned about, only to notice the bulky woman wasn't
staring at him, but Hermione!

She seemed pleased patient to wait until the Gryffindor female
finally looked up at her, then let a smile of exquisite cruelty escape
from her lips. Granger looked up quizzically, and cold horror swept
over her face at what Ron's captor wanted. Bulstrode calmly pointed her
wand once at Hermione, then again at her own crotch, licking her lips
in an acute display of lust.


Aghast, Hermione watched as the large Slytherin directed her prey
to undress her so that she, too, could enjoy the same liberties her
comrades were taking. Both females had their gazes fixed on poor Ron
when a sudden rasp of passion flowed from Luna's lips.

The blonde teenager threw her head back, eyes closed to near-slits
as orgasm rippled through every inch of her loins. Foolishly amorous
towards the boy who very well would have raped her had she not been so
willing, Luna hugged her lover even harder, shuddering as each of his
thrusts made her vaginal tunnel quiver with rapture. Those that were
looking (even Crabbe and Goyle managed to glance over exhaustedly)
couldn't help noticing the Ravenclaw girl's sudden explosion,
especially the profuse leaking from her reddened slit.

Draco let loose a victorious grunt and then began fucking Miss
Lovegood with all his energy, slamming the petite girl so hard her wet
buttocks made slapping sounds against the chambers' stone walls.
Although he was trying not to get too emotional and let his guard down,
the titillating brushing of Luna's pert nipples against his chest was
becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore. Throwing caution to the
wind, he pulled her close to his body as the first spurts of semen
rippled up his cock.

"Oh my..." she moaned breathlessly, resting her head on his neck.
"It's so *warm*, Draco!"

"Yeah, that's it..." Malfoy snarled, returning to his former self
the moment his partner became all lovey-dovey again. "Take it all!"
Whipping a hand between their grinding bodies, he grasped hold of one
of the blonde's sweaty breasts and squeezed hard, bewildered to find
Luna erupt in a pleasurable cry instead of painful retreat as he had

Although not at all displeased in the act, Harry's nemesis was more
than a little taken aback by how easygoing she had been with the whole
thing, and wanted very much to finish up as soon as possible. Slamming
her delicate quim with a few more vicious thrusts, Draco sneered as he
pulled out of her, leaving the poor adolescent gasping in midair for
someone to cuddle with. Even as her sopping hole poured out mixed male
and female juices, the svelte teenager reached out for her lover one
final time as she dropped slowly to the ground.

Luna found herself more tired than she could ever imagine as the
slick cylinder sloshed out of her dainty passage. In the wake of such a
spectacular orgasm, her entire body seemed spent and worn -- even her
lungs ached from screaming so hard. As slumber took her, Malfoy knelt
down and spread the passed-out teenager's legs wide open so that any
voyeurs could see proof of his defiling. It was quite a sight to see a
pussy leaking his cum that had been pristine only a short while ago,
even if it didn't belong the prissy mudblood.

"Not bad at all..." Draco remarked slyly, standing up to stuff his
wilted member back inside his robes. He knew Luna was a little dotty,
but even *she* was ladylike enough to be a little embarrassed upon
waking up and realizing a whole bunch of people had enjoyed a long look
up her slimy cooze. With that fond thought, he turned around, anxious
to watch Weasley's humiliation.


He had expected to see Millicent enthusiastically riding Ron, her
generous bulk oppressively slamming onto his prone form, but what
instead greeted his eyes was an oddly curious display of frazzled lust.
Bulstrode was seated against the wall, cloak and legs open gaily to
reveal a furry snatch that he would think about stooping to shag only
after consuming an unhealthy amount of butterbeer. Hermione was flat on
her belly right there, lapping at the hairy box with grudging volition.

Draco managed to stifle a chuckle at his companion's secret desire,
and was, in fact, quite enjoying watching Granger degrade herself. Her
bushy hair bobbed up and down frantically as its master went to work,
drawing her tongue up and down the wet crack and occasionally stabbing
deep within for a taste of Millicent's pink insides. Hermione tried to
conceal her expression of utter contempt for this act, but did not
manage to fool the watching Malfoy, which served to only humiliate her
further. This was far worse than giving a blowjob -- which she had no
doubt she would be performing ere the end of the ordeal, but the ease
in which her inexperienced ministrations gratified the plump student
was certainly disturbing.

Laughing jovially, the sly blonde male began watching with intense
interest, making Hermione's heart race as her mind pondered what he was
planning on doing to her. Her tongue began moving in an uncontrolled
frenzy, furiously thrusting inside Bulstrode's pussy and eliciting
screams of delight from the rotund lesbian. Just out of the corner of
her eye, however, she noticed Draco's gaze shifting from her face back
towards her exposed rear. It was mortifying to have no choice but to
let him look at her cum-streaked ass, but the only way out seemed to be
bringing Millicent off as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, Hermione discovered what had caught her onlooker's
attention. With a gentle "Sorry, 'Mione..." she felt a hard shaft once
again sheath itself in her dainty front passage, sliding in with little
effort thanks to the copious amount of man-lubricant already deposited
there. She arched her back and groaned, trying to pull away for only a
second before realizing it was Ron's voice and humbly submitting.

"I'm sorry it had to be like this..." she thought lamentably,
gritting her teeth and closing her eyes to ride out the filling
pressure that was repeatedly entering and exiting her feminine chamber.
Bulstrode did not allow this long, and once realizing her sapphic lover
had been stolen away by a man immediately grabbed the back of her
mate's head and stuffed it back between her legs. She couldn't care
less if the two Gryffindors went at it the rest of the day, as long as
she got her own in the very near future.

Thinking along the same lines, Hermione went all out. Propping
herself on hands and knees to provide Ron a better angle for
lovemaking, she positioned her delicate fingers near the gaping quim in
front of her, preparing to take care of Millicent once and for all. As
the large girl moaned from reintroduction of the fleshy probe, her
erogenous soughs reached new peaks when a small army of tender digits
began to massage and stimulate every inch of her vagina.

Hermione lashed out at the other female's crotch with vicious
energy, fingertips gliding across Millicent's fat vulva and gooey hole.
When the sizeable woman started to tremble and quake with approaching
orgasm, she seized the jugular and began flicking the clitoris with
careless ease, receiving instant feedback in the form of an acute,
boisterous yelp of pleasure.

Only a few seconds later, the brunette discovered another of her
homosexual partner's secrets. Bulstrode came hard, her sopping gash
squirting upwards into the surprised bookworm's face. Determined to
complete her task, however, Hermione endured, continuing to lick and
poke until Millicent was but a quivering, satiated mass against the
wall. Her face and frizzy locks were completely drenched in scented
juices, but such concerns were already fading quickly away. She became
aware of the cock still jabbing her fertile womb, and finally allowed
herself to smile.

Ron had been vividly watching his girlfriend performing oral sex,
trying not to blow his was before she could at least feel something.
Now that Millicent was safely out of commission, he could go for broke.
Without any regard for the victimized girl's ravaged passage, which
only too recently had been stretched wide by Goyle's sizeable member,
he plunged into Hermione at nearly double the pace, slapping his thighs
against her behind loud enough to send her careening into a world of
bliss as her womanhood was properly stimulated for the first time.
Already their delirious intercourse was going noticed...


Ginny had been lying motionless for some time now, the sweat on her
body cooling most uncomfortably. She dared not attract attention to
herself, though, or risk getting screwed again by one of the three
Slytherins who would simply love to have their way with a young
redhead. Lolling her head to the side under Neville, who had thankfully
passed out soon after filling her up with cum, she watched her brother
lose his virginity, and couldn't help but feel a twang of happiness at
the sight of the two lovebirds finally get together.

Her peace turned out to be short-lived, however. Crabbe and Goyle
roused at the sound of Hermione getting stuffed once again, quickly
peering around for a unoccupied maiden. Ginny and Luna were in close
proximity, and the only available candidates. With a audible gulp,
Virginia Weasley caught them approaching her and let out a weak sigh of
utter defeat.

Crabbe became her next mate, rolling Neville off with nary a bit of
effort. She guessed he was still dreaming about what had just
transpired, and really couldn't blame him. It wasn't his fault that
they were made to couple, and he *had* really enjoyed her most gracious
gift. Ginny would really have rather Longbottom crammed her twat again
than this ugly brute, but knew it was not meant to be.

He dragged her over to Dumbledore's desk, depositing the naked
teenager at its base like a cord of firewood. Then, accompanied by
Goyle's eagerness, the two rapidly cleared the table of the
Headmaster's assorted odds and trinkets. Now with ample space to fuck
the two young women silly, the pair bent both Luna and Weasley over the
edge on opposite sides, feeling up their proud butts as the two
adolescents came face to face.

"Hi!" Lovegood proclaimed cheerfully, still looking a little tired.
Ginny was more haggard and worn than her comrade but still astonished
at the brunette's nonchalant attitude, as if unaware there was a boy
with a very large penis behind her about to ram his shaft home in her
dripping box. "Well..." she continued thoughtfully. "I've never even
thought about it until now, but *we* might as well enjoy ourselves."

And, before Ron's sister could even father a response to the odd
statement, she found herself unconsciously parting her mouth to tango
with Luna's tongue, swallowed in a daze of confusion as she made out
with the Ravenclaw female. Finally understanding what was going on,
Ginny made a motion to draw away, but Crabbe was holding her fast.

"Oh, come on..." Luna insisted, pressing her lips once again to
Miss Weasley's. "They're starting..."

Sure enough, Ginny immediately felt something hard and strong
pressing into the cleft that none had dared yet enter. She had
foolishly assumed that he would want a go at her used, but still
extremely inviting snatch, and was greatly alarmed to discover her
folly. As Crabbe hammered his dick inside her ass with just his own
seminal lubricant, she could only grip the sides of the wooden support
in earnest and hope to ride out this new abasement. In a desperate
attempt to draw her mind away from the anal pounding, the limber
fourth-year leaned forward as far as she could, this time thrusting her
own tongue into Luna's oral cavity.


Ron was dimly aware someone was buggering his little sister, but
the warm vice gripping his prick was more than enough distraction to
keep the knowledge out of his mind. Hermione was reveling in the feel
of a loving cock in her slick hole, actually meeting his thrusts as he
slammed forward with all possible force.

Lost in feeling for the girl he'd long been infatuated with, the
redhead leaned forward, holding her legs open wider so he could see his
thick pole come into contact with her warm mound. She seemed to like
the amorous gesture very much, cooing most delightedly. Spurred on, Ron
started to kiss the nape of her neck as he continued to make love,
letting one hand drift around his partner's body to cup the magnificent
breasts that had been the subject of his wet dreams since first
arriving at Hogwarts.

Hermione purred as he expressed his love for her, then even louder
as her nipples were excited by the unsophisticated adolescent's
fumbling hands. Already her body was afire with gratification, and she
knew it would be difficulty to hold out much longer.

"I can't... much longer..." Ron groaned, pausing for a second
before resuming the intimate dance.

"It's all right, Ron..." Hermione returned gently, cheeks red and
flushed from the beaming expression on her face.

The male Gryffindor let out a sputtering grunt, and then proceeded
to spasm wildly, driving her easily to the brink of eruption. She let
out a rasp of passion as well, panting as her feminine tunnel gripped
his manhood firmly to coax the life-giving seed out. The two tensed
dramatically, Ron embracing his girl securely as his last bit of
strength gave out. With another virile utterance, he nestled himself in
as deeply as he pleased, jerking uncontrollably as his balls emptied a
load of spunk.

Hermione shrieked jubilantly as she came, feeling the familiar
sensation of her own flooding wetness along with the uniquely new one
she had only discovered that day -- hot, greasy, ropes of sperm
shooting into her previously virginal uterus. The flames in her crotch
eventually died down as their pace slowed, and she managed to keep her
wobbly knees locked long enough to ensure that Ron was finished before
collapsing to the stone floor, gasping sharply as the loving rod was
pulled out of her quim.

"A splendid show, Granger!" Draco cheered sarcastically from his
new perch atop Dumbledore's chair. "Almost makes me really want to
leave you alone this time. But, I think I'll imbibe anyway... just for
old times' sake..." Grinning deviously, he pulled a flap of his
garments aside, revealing a fresh erection for her to take care of.

As she rose to fellate Malfoy, Ron reached over and caressed her
smooth thighs, murmuring a groggy profanity.

"Don't worry..." the cherubic female offered back in a whisper,
bending down and giving him a long, loving smooch. "After today, you'll
be the only one who can have me..."


Ginny was still dealing with a man penetrating her most unfamiliar
area, though, and such luxuries as hope seemed a long way off. She
couldn't help clenching her buttocks together as Crabbe helped himself
to her anal passage, knowing that it was only serving to enhance his
pleasure. Still heatedly making out with Luna, the youthful teen was
only somewhat aware of the pummeling going on behind her.

Lovegood, on the other hand, seemed to have adopted a strangely
blasé attitude towards an unwelcome stranger having dirty sex with her.
Having watched as Draco took her cherry, Ginny was reasonably sure that
Luna was as chaste back there as she was, and was at a loss to explain
her friend's blithe unconcern.

"You're really good at this..." the golden-haired young lady
commented warmly, ceasing the tongue-dueling with Ginny to peck her
quickly on the lips. "Maybe we can... you know, get together... when
this is all over..."

Shocked by the girl's candor, Ginny at once realized what she was
doing, and that there was a world outside of the Slytherins'
debaucherous gang-rape that she would eventually have to return to.
Abashed, she quickly drew back from her puzzled mate and folded her
arms across her chest to conceal her boobs, content to simply endure
the rest of the intercourse.

"Maybe I came on too hard..." Luna pondered idly, holding the sides
of the table as Ginny had done before to steady herself. Her thoughts
were cut short just as crisply, however, as Goyle started to fuck her
extra hard, making a plethora of manly noises as he shot the
youngster's bowels full of semen. "Oooh... there it goes!" she
announced, not missing a beat.

"Uhhh... what?" the embarrassed redhead asked quizzically,
stiffening right afterwards as Crabbe slammed all the way in, nearly
driving the hilt through worn sphincter. Finished as well, he slid out
of her anus and grabbed his tool in a zealous fashion, energetically
stroking himself over Ginny's doubled-over form. Thankful that he was
at least refraining from spoiling her innards, she let her head sink to
the ground so Luna couldn't catch the expression of utter revulsion.

Decorating her backside with white goo, the hulking male blasted
his hot cream all over Ginny's flesh. Most landed wetly on her bottom,
but a few arced upwards high enough to splatter innocently on her back
and shoulders. Sensing the greasy fluid seeping into her skin caused a
shudder of disgust to ripple through the teenager's battered frame.
Exhausted, she leaned to the side and sunk towards the floor, hearing a
similar thud as Luna joined her a moment afterwards.

"Here, let me clean you up..." the Ravenclaw witch offered, and the
youngest Weasley could already hear her crawling over...


"You know what to do, mudblood..." Draco cackled, clutching a tuft
of Hermione's hair just as she knelt down in front of him. Annoyed, but
far from hurt, she simply accepted the treatment, opening wide to allow
his stiffness to pass between her succulent lips. Malfoy moaned
uncharacteristically as his shaft was caressed by the defiled girl,
catching himself only after she had already taken most of the meat
inside her mouth. More angry at himself than anything for losing
command of the situation, he pulled her head even further onto his
cock, grunting as the head plunger even deeper.

Hermione struggled at first to prevent him from fucking her throat,
but just as soon acquiesced. He was much stronger than she was, of
course, and also had a wand held ready in one hand. With great
reluctance, the shy girl relaxed her gullet and let him proceed, nearly
choking just to oblige the long cylinder. Thus affirmed of control,
Draco yanked her thick mane violently, shoving his tool inside hard
enough to force the shapely Gryffindor's cheeks to bulge outwards in
weak protest.

"I knew you'd be good at this..." he snarled, back to his old self
upon seeing Hermione's muffled pleas for him to ease back. He did
nothing of the sort, however, instead continuing to feed her his wicked
instrument and cast his gaze around the room to try and find more ways
of rejuvenating the orgy. All three of his henchmen appeared to be too
depleted to participate any longer, but Luna and Ginny appeared to have
discovered something between the two of them that was rather

The brunette's request to cleanse her redheaded friend's privates
had apparently gone uncontested, for the lithe sorceress had thrown
aside all pretenses of resisting the charms of another woman. Ginny was
sitting astride Luna, gleefully pressing her sparse muff against a most
pleasurable of surfaces. Miss Lovegood was darting her tiny tongue all
along her mate's erogenous zones, seemingly content to merely bring
pleasure to another while her own girlhood went unfulfilled. With a
shout and shudder, Molly Weasley's only daughter let her eyes flutter
closed, mouth open in ecstasy as she poured sweet honey out all over
her first female lover.

"Good show, Ginny!" Malfoy snickered with obvious glee towards the
mayhem his little scheme had set into motion. "Now, go make that pretty
mouth of yours useful and suck your brother off..."

The crimson-haired teenager gaped in horror at his suggestion, the
afterglow of her orgasm quickly souring. Turning to him, she spat back
a look of explicit incredulity. Draco said nothing at first, and simply
drew Hermione's hair away from the side of her face to Ginny could see
a good deal of the lewd union. "Do it, or you'll be next..."

Quickly chastened by the thought of giving head to the domineering
tyrant, she immediately obeyed and sped over to where Ron lay, her
pussy dripping sensually the entire trip. "I hope he doesn't get any
ideas..." she wondered, taking only a moment to lay on her stomach
between her brother's legs before slurping on his flaccid spike.

"Ginny... don't..." the logy male broke in quickly, stirring at
once upon realizing there was a willing female at his crotch and the
perfumed scent below could only have come from one person. "Don't
listen to him..."

"Oh, hush!" she snapped back, consuming his entire length for a
second before pulling away, watching in satisfaction as it grew
substantially from the treatment and tasting just a hint of the
feminine musk that she had come to know from Luna's body. "If I have to
do it, it might as well be with you!"

Groaning in resignation, Ron allowed his little sibling to suckle
his manhood, resisting the urge to force her head down as Draco had
done to increase the building ecstasy. His reward for letting Ginny
take her time and adjust to performing the intimate act was an even
greater pleasure than Malfoy could hope to coerce from an unwilling

"Wow, he's big..." she thought to herself, keeping one hand wrapped
firmly around the base to keep him from moving as she went down on his
mighty staff. "It's more than Michael's!" Ginny had taken care of her
old boyfriend orally for some time before letting him screw her, and
was experienced enough to know what to do. The coating of warm sperm
and Hermione's wetness took some getting used to, as she had never
offered to let the Corner boy finish in her mouth, but Ron's larger
size in comparison to her last fling was even more surprising!

"You've been holding out on me..." she whispered seductively,
taking only a quick break to give him a loving top-to-bottom lick. He
breathed in precipitously, and almost went to chastise her again for
enjoying this act, forbidden above all that had took place over the
course of the day, but the angelic baby blue eyes staring back at him
stilled his voice. With a satisfying murmur, Ginny kissed the head of
his prick and resumed her skilled ministrations.

Meanwhile, Malfoy was more or less primed to erupt from the extreme
friction of Hermione's pharynx exciting his bulging member. She was
still emitting dampened sobs as he rammed her esophagus, but luckily
had not long left to endure. Just as her eyes began to bulge from the
effort it was taking to respire, Draco grimaced and wrapped a second
arm around her neck.

A voluminous load of semen began to deluge Miss Granger's throat,
and she furiously made an effort to swallow it all as he held his cock
firmly inside her. When Hermione started to show signs of choking,
though, he yanked his spasming peter out. Precisely when she thought
the ordeal was over at last, the evil Slytherin impelled on her one
last abasement, smearing white goo all over her face before letting her
slide away.

"Can't even swallow proper!" he teased relentlessly, squeezing his
shaft to let the last bits of cum splash onto her hair. "You could
learn a lesson from those two!"

Indeed, Ginny Weasley was putting on an excellent demonstration, at
least for those alert enough to be watching. She continued to bob her
head up and down, all the while oblivious to the thoughts racing
through her brother's head.

"Uhh... I can't... resist..." Ron gulped, caressing his familial
partner's maroon locks. Ginny beamed as she kept on going, anticipating
the imminent influx of hot spunk about burst out. That merest gesture
sent Ron over the brink instantly, forcing him to shoot wads of greasy
cum down his sister's willing throat. She complied as best as she
could, pulling away and continuing to whack his bulging shaft when the
white cream proved too much to handle. The remainder of her brother's
seed splashed harmlessly on her lips and cheeks, glistening for only a
moment before the eager redhead licked it off herself.

"You were... the best, Ginny..." Ron panted, rubbing her chest
affectionately as she curled on top of him. He was just pondering if
she would let him fuck her to return the favor when the familiar sound
of an alohamora spell being incanted informed the room's occupants that
the revelry was finally over.


"It seems I've underestimated you, Malfoy..." Professor Umbridge
drawled, stepping over the threshold into Dumbledore's former office.
Draco instantly stood up and re-tied his robes, worried that he'd let
the shenanigans get out of hand by participating in them himself. One
of his hands was still firmly gripping a wand, though, and the elder
woman was satisfied in his mastery of the situation.

"For once, you have bought me enough time alone with Mister Potter
and learn the whereabouts of Sirius Black." she continued, trying very
hard to hide how pleased she was with herself. "Though I must say that
he was quite resistant to my own sorcery. I had to draw upon the aid of
another one of your lot, who was thankfully very susceptible to

Umbridge stepped aside of the doorway, and allowed both of her
charges to saunter in. Both looked completely stoned, although Harry
radiated a queer sense of strength even through the drugged haze. Cho
Chang, however, couldn't keep from constantly smiling and pawing at
him. She was clearly out of her gourd, and every slightest movement
allowed her cloak to sway open to reveal the source of her bubbly

The oriental girl was completely nude under that first layer of
clothing, and a thin dribble of semen was dripping down each of her
thighs. Harry's stuporous expression now made perfect sense to Ron and
Hermione, who were both saddened that he had betrayed the Order for
sex, even if it was under duress.

"Well, I see you've made *constructive* use of your time..."
Umbridge went on with a hint of a snicker. "I assume Snape has seen to
teaching you how to obliviate, correct?"

"Yes, Professor!" Draco chimed in, furiously motioning behind him
for his three cohorts to rise and look important. "I'll make sure
everything is taken care of."

"Excellent." she replied dryly. "There is a lot of work to be done
today. And oh..." she trained off, suddenly turning her nose at
something in the air. "Please do something about the smell in here.
It's a bit... unprofessional for a Grand Inquisitor, don't you think?"

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