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the virgin neice  


When I opened the door, I could hardly believe my eyes. My niece Maria was standing there looking up at me with a expectant smile on her face. What I couldn’t believe was how she had filled out and blossomed into the small, perfectly proportioned, sexy young thing before me. I was almost instantly aroused at the sight of her.

Always a small shy girl, Maria would almost shrink into the background whenever her Uncle Al would visit. Which is not to say, I didn’t notice her. Despite her shy ways, and her diminutive stature, there was always a sparkle in her eyes hidden behind her glasses. That and a very, very sweet little ass which I would pretend not to notice. Adding to her shyness, was that she always seem to be blushing whenever I was around. When in her later teen years, I would gently tease her, she would be reduced to little girl giggles which contrasted with her intelligence and wit when we talked on occasion on the phone.

As she grew older, other things changed between us. She had always cuddled on my lap when she was younger. But while she still fit very comfortably on my lap as she grew older, due to her diminutive stature, my reactions to her began to change.

As she approached college age, I began to have very un-uncle like feelings when she sat on my lap. Her sweet butt had caught my eye by this time, and the feel of it against my cock, was causing a stir in me. She pretended not to notice but seemed to be constantly squirming, further adding to my discomfort as my cock grew erect below her.

I knew this was wrong... she was my niece. I had known her for her whole life. I acted like I had an important appointment elsewhere and managed to end the evening pre-maturely.

When I got home, however, I lay in my bed fantazing about fucking my sweet little niece until I came harder than I had ever done before from just masturbating.

The next day, I resolved to keep my distance from her less the same situation “pop-up" again. My visits had become more infrequent and somewhat strained on my part, although she continued to blush and giggle whenever I was around.

It had been several years, since I had last seen her, when I received a phone call from her asking if she could crash at my place. She was going to be in my town for some job interviews as she explored the many opportunities available to her.

And now her she was. Standing before me and looking sexy, beautiful and confident.

I opened my arms and she dropped her bags and jumped up into them. I easily picked her and squeezed her body against me in what I had planned as an affectionate hug. But the feel of her firm breasts and tight hard body against me, immediately stirred other reactions.

I gave her a little kiss as I held her against me. She promptly through her arms around my neck and brought my lips to her again. My cock began to harden as I held her hips against it.

I put her down quickly.
“Well, that was quite a greeting!” I stammered, “How are you doing Maria?”

“I’m great Uncle Al” she replied smiling brightly up at me.

I just stared at her for a moment before shaking myself into action.

“Well, come on in” I said grabbing her bags, but she had already bolted past me and was already looking around.

“Nice place you got here Uncle” she said admiringly.

“Well, you know, I need a nice place to seduce all the women I see.” I said mockingly. She knew I never dated anyone while my lovely wife was working out of the country.

“Well it works for me” she said smiling directly at me.

Before I could respond, she was off and going through the apartment.

The next few hours flew by as we renewed our old friendship and she talked about school and life and the awards she had won for her artwork.

We had polished off a gourmet pizza we had ordered in and I just poured the last glass of a bottle of Merlot for her.

“I’m not sure I should be giving you all this wine” I said jokingly.

“Well, I may not look it” she replied, “but I’m old enough, besides I won’t tell Mom and Dad if you don’t”.

I raised my glass in a mock toast to her. The wine was beginning to effect my ability to resist the incredibly hot young thing curled up across from me.

“You know, I still remember reading to you all those years ago”, I said, “I always enjoyed that”

“Ohh Uncle,” she said, “I loved our story time”.

“Well I have a DVD already loaded up, how about you come over here and we’ll cuddle up like we used to” I said as my desire for her began to overcome any inhibitions I might have.

“That sounds great” she said and jumped up to come over to me. I held my arm open expecting her to sit beside me on the coach. Instead she plopped herself down hard on my lap.

“Oomph” was my witty response, to which she just giggled and curled up against me.

I started the movie, but I could hardly see it as my mind was racing. I had this incredibly sexy girl in my lap and it was rapidly becoming more difficult to think of anything else.

“So” I said softly, pretending to watch the movie, “Are there any boys in your life, at the moment?”

“No”, she said. “They all just act like jerks, getting drunk and groping at me.”

I almost choked. I was just imagining how good it would feel to move my hand up a couple of inches onto her sweet ass.

“I really prefer older men” she said still looking at the movie.

I could hardly breathe. My cock began to stir again as I her warm body moved against it ever so slowly.

“Maria” I said softly.
“Yes” she said turning to look at me, her eyes burning in their brightness.
“You know I have always liked you......”

I was never able to finish my statement as she suddenly started kissing me. Her mouth opened and I stuck my tongue deep in it, toying with hers. I moaned into her mouth.

My hands immediately began to move her small body, as I attempted to satisfy years of longing in a split second.

“Uncle Al” she gasped and then resumed her lip lock on me.

She was now moving her ass around on my cock now fully hard under her.

“I’ve been waiting for you to do this forever” she whispered to me.

“Ohh Maria” was all I could say.

Without moving my mouth from hers, I picked her up and sat her facing me on my lap..

She was now moving her hips back and forth on the hard cock held in by my pants.

She started making her own high moaning sounds deep within her as the pent up urgency of years of desire was finally being released.

I reached under her halter top and found her naked breasts firm and high without the need of any support.

As I lovingly cupped her perfect breasts, my hands gently squeezed up until her nipples began to harden within them.

I pulled her breast up to my mouth and began licking all around each of them before taking one breast into my mouth. I slowly and gently sucked down until only a now rigid nipple was between my tight lips.

I would have stayed like that for hours. Her breasts were perfect. I repeated it again on her other breast, attempting to take her entire breast into my mouth and slowly sucking down until just her other hard nipple was held in my lips.

Maria’s head was thrown back with her eyes closed as she concentrated on the sensations of my mouth on her breasts and on her clit and pussy still moving against my cock.

I needed more.

I pulled her upright and stood her on the floor, her eyes in surprise as I broke her reverie.

Before she could say anything, I stood up, reached down and scooped her off the floor cradling her in my arms.

I carried her to my bedroom, her mouth open and her tongue gently rolling on my suddenly sensitive neck.

I lay her gently on my king size bed. Her halter top was still pushed up revealing her perfect breasts.

With trembling hands, I unbuttoned her shorts and peeled them down as she raised her hips to assist me. Just her small tight panties remained. I slowly pulled these down pausing only to inhale her sweet fragrance off them before stepping back to admire her.

Her pussy was completely shaved. The mound of her arose from her firm abdomen giving way to her breasts and proud small hard nipples.

She was gorgeous, lying there slowly writhing looking at me with half lidded eyes. I had never seen anything as erotic as the beautiful woman before me.

Poets have no words to describe the overpowering erotic feelings coursing through me.

I unbuttoned my shirt as she watched me. As I reached down and unbuttoned my pants, she suddenly sat up and grabbed my hands.

“Let me do that”, she said, “I have been dreaming of this for years”

She undid my zipper and pushed my pants down my legs, taking my boxer shorts with them. My cock was slowly revealed to her now wide open eyes. And when she pulled the elastic of my shorts past it’s head, my cock sprung up hard, red and slick with pre-cum before her startled eyes.

“Uncle Al, it’s so big”

“No sweetheart, not that big” I replied.

“Oh yes, that big” she said.

I had to smile. I had long since dispensed with any concerns or delusions about the size of my cock. I knew it was fully functional and capable of satisfying any woman I had ever been with and that was all that was required.

I lay down beside her hardly knowing where to caress.

As I kissed first one nipple and then the other, Maria softly whispered.
“Uncle Al?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“There is something, I need to tell you” she said with a hint of worry in her voice.

“What is it, darling one?” I said gazing at her lovely mouth.

“Uncle Al. I’m still a virgin” she said so softly I barely heard her.

My heart stopped. I resisted the temptation to contract my body in frustration.

“That’s okay, Maria” I managed to choke out, “We don’t have to make love, there’s other things we can do”

“Oh no” she said, “I want to make love”

“I want you to fuck me”

I didn’t know whether I was more shocked by what she said or the words she had used to say it.

“No, Darling, you need to save it for someone special” I finally managed to say.

“Uncle Al, you are someone special, I’ve always wanted you to do it to me” she replied with a look that can only be described as panic in her eyes.

I must have looked glum, because her eyes began to water up.

“Please Uncle Al,” she said plaintively, “It has to be you”

My heart was suddenly filled with love for her.

“Shh, Maria, don’t cry, it’s alright, of course I will make love to you” I replied pausing to kiss her wet eyes.

“Will you Uncle Al?” she said reaching her arms around my neck and pulling me closer,

“Will you really?”

“How could I resist you Maria?, you’re beautiful!” I replied.

My cock in complete agreement with this sentiment hardened again against her soft thigh.

I moved my hand down across her body, until it gently rested on her against her pussy. I let my fingertips gently probe around her sweet nether lips as I stared into her eyes.

I felt the wetness there, and brought my finger to my lips,
“Hmmmmm” that tastes wonderful I said sincerely, before returning my hand to her pussy.

I slowly lowered myself down and gently spread her legs exposing her thin shaven lips to me.

I gently started lick at her pussy, slightly parting her lips with my tongue to dip within, The sweet scent of her was intoxicating.

As the lips of her pussy began to turn pink and wet with the actions of my tongue I looked over her body up to her perfect face. Her eyes were closed as her head moved slowly back and forth.

Her hand were at her breasts gently pinching and pulling at her nipples.

I was in heaven.

Spreading her legs further apart with my hands, I began to move my mouth wetly over her pussy, now deeply probing with my tounge. Her clit began to appear, tiny from it’s hooded home.

I swirled my tongue in ever tightening circles around it, as her hips moved sensuously against me.

And when I finally placed my lips against it and began to gently touch it with my tongue, she began to thrust violently against me, almost, but not quite dislodging my insistent tongue.

I placed my middle finger against her wet pussy and slowly inserted into her. God, she was tight. I felt her pussy grip my single finger in it’s velvety smooth wet grasp.

Maria was fully aroused now. Her hips were moving hard against my mouth and finger as it probed within her. I heard her begin to moan louder.
I glanced up at her face and she was staring at me, her face and breasts red, her eyes half shut from the lust she was engorging herself on

I pulled my finger out and went in again, this time with two fingers. She was getting wetter and her pussy was losening up in it’s passion.

As I sucked on her clit I began to piston my fingers into her.

When I finally put three fingers into her tight pussy bunched like a cocked. She gasped loudly, “Ahhhhhhhggh” and began to fling her hips at my intruding digits.

“Fuck me Uncle, Fuck Me” she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. I could no longer keep my mouth on her clit as she was moving below me so violently. I used my thumb to rub over her clit as wave after wave of spasms shook her young beautiful body.

I was in awe of the power my hand was having on her as she writhed and impaled herself on my it.

“Fuck me Uncle... God fuck me “

The time had arrive to make her wishes come true.

I pulled myself up against her and covered her mouth with my own, her own wetness smearing across her face. She was so lost in her own pleasure, she was barely aware of my mouth on hers.

As my hand began to slow, one last deep groan came from her directly into my mouth, muffling it.

I pulled away from her and lay back on the bed. My cock was stiff, dark red and glistening in the artificial light.

“Put the rubber on me” I commanded, reaching behind me to pull one out.

Maria eagerly grabbed it and ripped open the package with her teeth, removing the coiled lubricated rubber.
“Do you know how to do it? “ I asked.

She slowly shook her head, “not really”.

I took her hand and showed her how to place the rubber on the head and then just unroll it down the shaft.

As her hands slid repeatedly down my cock unrolling the rubber, it began to twitch.. This was feeling too good.

“Come here beautiful” I said gently pulling her on top of me.

I kissed her deeply and began to move against her pussy as my cock slid up between the cheeks of her ass against the length of her pussy.

“Uncle, it’s so big” she said softly to me...

“Shh, it will feel just fine” I assured her.

As the motions finally began to effect her, she began to respond with movement of her own against me.

“Mmmmm” was all I heard as she continued to kiss me deeply.

He legs were on either side of me, her pussy lips moving against the length of my cock

I reached down and placed the head of my cock against her pussy opening.

“Ohh” was al she said as she felt it’s insistent presence.

I wiggled the head against her wet lips until at least the tip of it was between them.

“Push down slowly” I said to her.

She began to push against my cock .

“It’s so big Uncle” she gasped.
“Does it hurt? I asked.
“Not really, it’s just feels huge”

“Come here Darlin’” I said pulling her lips back to mine.

My hands were resting gently on her hips, as we continued to make tiny motions against each other

“Ohhhhhhhhhughhh” I heard her gasp, quickly followed by a gasp of my own as the head of my cock lodged into her incredibly tight pussy.

We both held still for a minute letting the sensations subside. Ever so slowly I began to move my hips slightly back and forth,

Maria felt the movement directly on her aroused clit as it rubbed on my abdomen. It encourage her to join in the movement causing more of my cock to enter her.

This time, however, there was no pause.. A deep gutteral sound came from her, as her head began to move back on forth with eyes closed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” came another sound from her as she empaled herself even further on my cock.

She was now rocking herself on me and my cock was starting to go in and out of her.

“Ohhh God you are fucking my Uncle”’

“Ohhhhhhhhuuughhh , you are really fucking me Uncle” she said louder.

Suddenly she started to cum and thrust down hard on my cock”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” she screamed as a pain from a cock too deep in her shot through her body.

We stopped moving as she moaned against me.

“Shhh” don’t move for a second”

“Ohhhh” she said softly.

“That hurt” she finally said.

“You have to be careful, you’re little, You can fuck just fine, but don’t try to take it all the first time”

“Okay Uncle” she said and began to move her hips again.

The sensation of her tight pussy on my cock was incredible, like nothing I had ever felt. It felt wet and gripping even through the rubber.

Her body was still on the brink of another orgasm. She began to rock back and forth on my hard cock being careful not to sit down completely on it.

She was now sitting on me with her hands against my chest as she ground herself on me..

I moved my hands up to squeeze her beautiful breasts now shining in sweat and bouncing in front of me.

Suddenly the pent up erotism of the night began to pulse in me.

Her pussy felt so tight, she was so beautiful, I began to move below her being careful not to go too hard but I was moving all the way in her.

This time there was no denying her hot young body. It knew what it wanted and it took my cock.

Her orgasm began to roll over her as she moved faster and faster on my cock . She started to scream again, but this time with the pleasure of it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhghhgggg” she moaned as she fucked my cock for all she was worth. I had stopped moving and was simply holding my hips up to her as she took her pleasure.

Just as she began to slow, my own cum was upon me

“UHHHHHHHHHHH” I groaned as the first cum came hard through me.

Maria had stopped moving and with her eyes closed felt each pulse of my cum within her.

“Uhhhhh” I repeated again and again a her pussy clamped down on my throbbing cock.

Slowly ever so slowly, we stopped moving and Maria collapsed down on top of me.

We lay there, panting to catch our breath savoring the sensation of my cock slowly softening still inside her.

She moved her hips against me slowly as if to catch one more sensation from our sex.

My heartbeat slowed until I felt like I could talk.

“Are you alright?” I asked gently.

“Oh Uncle” she said softly.

As I held her, I felt tears dripping against my neck.

“Sweetheart, are you alright?” I asked concerned.

“Ohh Uncle,” she finally managed to say. “I’m so happy”

My own tears began to form as I held her gently crying against me.

“So am I, Maria,” I whispered to her “So am I”

Slowly she became quiet and still as she lay wrapped in my arms.

The sleep came to me like clouds rolling in on a summer evening. There was nothing left except to dream.
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