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The Train  


The Train

The air was very humid sitting in the train
I was looking out the window, wishing it would rain.
I turned and looked ahead, I saw him standing there,
he wore a casual suit and had brown tousled hair.

He was very hot and sweaty;his hair was out of place.
His shirt was opened at the front;he had a rugged face.
Suddenly he caught my gaze, a smile beamed back at me.
I lowered my eyes slowly, as if I didn't see.

I raised my head again, and my heart just skipped a beat.
I found him staring back at me, as he walked towards my seat.
When he stopped in front of me; there was silence in the train,
No noise was to be heard, not even the sudden rain.

He bent down on his knees, his eyes never leaving mine,
put his hand inside my shirt, the feeling was divine.
Gently he leaned over,his hand still on my breast
The kiss was rough and urgent my heart pounded in my chest.

He stopped for but a moment, stood up and led the way,
He pushed my body against the door, without a word to say.
I felt the hardness of his prick; two bodies hot on fire
Hands now underneath my skirt, eyes burning with desire.

I raised my leg and wrapped it round, high upon his waist.
He kissed me wildly out of breath, his passion I could taste.
He uzipped his pants and entered me;he filled me to the core
I met each thrust he gave to me; I could'nt wait no more.

The build up was intense, the climax so extreme
If his mouth was not upon my own I would have surely screamed.
He joined me with his own, the ending now in sight
I kissed him gently on the mouth, and held him very tight.

The train came to a stop, we both hopped off the train,
We smiled a knowing smile as we stood there in the rain.
We shared a tender kiss; we turned and walked away
I know I won't forget this man, or the fuck we had today!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:17 pm